Magic Roadshow 183

Magic Roadshow #183
January/February 2017

Hello All…

Welcome to the January/February issue of the Magic Roadshow. This is not a once-every-two- months issue.. It’s the January issue that’s late. If this is your first issue.. then WELCOME to the Roadshow. I hope we give you sufficient reason to come back next month, or better yet, to sign up to receive a notice when each new issue publishes. We won’t spam you!

I’ve had a lot going on… personally. Nothing life-changing… just trips here and there, almost every day it seems. I did make it to Charlotte for the Charlotte Magic Expo, sponsored by Penguin Magic. Danny Garcia was the featured performer for the one day event and was complimented by a bevy of interesting performers. I think they have another in Charlotte in June and I’ll probably be there as well.

If you keep up with MAGIC NEWS, and I hope you do, you’ve probably noticed a lack of magic news. December and January have been slow.. the holiday season and all.. and I look for things to pick up shortly.

I will be putting ALL past issues of the Magic Roadshow into a PDF format in the near future. I have allowed the site to disappear, as it was confusing to some and a pain for me to upkeep. I should have done this some time ago, but….

Keep in mind I’m always interested in you guys sharing your magic with me.. so I can share it with others. Effects and articles are always Welcome.. and you retain ALL rights, although you benefit from the copyright (C), establishing a firm creation date for your effect should a question ever arise.

I’m going to keep it short and sweet this month.. and get on to the magic!

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****  – Magic Roadshow 183 –  This issue as a PDF…  36 pages and 10295 words…


  • Telepathic Spectator – By Paul A. Lelekis
  • Aces By The Number – An Effect – Frank Garcia, Bob Longe, Rick Carruth
  • How To Receive Thousands Of Dollars In Free Publicity & Promotion – Instruction
  • Tricks Without Names – A Mathemagical Effect from Werner Miller
  • Magic Variety Pack 1 – Review – An Ebook from Paul A. Lelekis
  • The Journey – Matt Johnson – A Review
  • The Magic Of Al Goshman – Magic History – David John O’Connor
  • Keep Calm And Do It Yourself – A PDF by Michael Lyth
  • Jumbo Nesting Wands – Instructional Video
  • Humor Us – Comedian Alex Gaskin Interviews Comedy Magician Mike Williams
  • RSVP Magic presents – Jamie Allan’s WTF ACAAN for free..
  • Impromptu Magic With Patter – Free PDF
  • Lives of the Conjurers, Volume Three – Free PDF by Professor Solomon
  • Here is Everything I Know – Chris Ramsay on Youtube, Magic & Branding
  • Kolby King – Gospel Magic Videos and Tutorials
  • The Pitchman – Mark Mason Interviewed by R.Paul Wilson
  • Classic “Svengali Pitch” – Dave Tice “America’s Pitching Coach”
  • 25 Tricks With A Svengali Deck – Video Tutorial
  • 10 Top Easy Ways to FORCE a Card – VideoTutorial
  • 3 Cards: Amazing Simple Card Trick Revealed!
  • From Engineer to Magician, Turning Passion Into Your Career | David Lai | TEDxUTP
  • Free Reverse Cell and Landline Phone Lookup – Resource
  • Magic Trick Reviews… Free to Everyone Facebook Group

We need to stop shopping for lightning bolts. You don’t win an Olympic medal with a few weeks of intensive training. There’s no such thing as an overnight opera sensation. Great companies don’t spring up overnight…every great thing has been built in exactly the same way: bit by bit, step by step, little by little.” Seth Godin

The door of opportunity is marked, “Push!” unk.



By Paul A. Lelekis

This effect has been a special “pet” of mine for many, many years. I have performed it countless times whenever I table-hopped in restaurants or at corporate shows, home shows, festivals, etc…but it is NOT for the “faint of heart”.

It’s not that difficult to do, but it involves some work to smooth it out…but the result is like no other trick you’ve ever performed. Your spectators will be floored! The wife (girlfriend or mother) will be in SHOCK…guaranteed!

EFFECT: Two selections are made, preferably, by a husband and wife. The performer first reads the mind of the husband and tells him his card!

Next the performer has the husband “read” the mind of his wife – sure enough, he tells her the name of the card she is thinking of! WOW!

PREPARATION: You only need to make sure that the woman is on the performer’s left side and the man is on the performer’s right side.

METHOD: You will begin by performing two peeks for the selections – first of all, the husband, who should be seated to the performer’s right. Riffle the outer right corner of the deck and have him say, “Stop!” as you retain a fleshy break, below that card, using your left pinkie finger).  (Fig.1)  

The Glimpse:
As you turn to your left to address the wife, glimpse the husband’s selection: I do this by using taking the deck into right-hand Biddle grip and retaining the break below the selection with your right thumb.

Next, my left pinkie engages the inner right corner of the bottom half (below the peeked card).  (Fig.3) I then pivot the short end of the deck that is closest to your body, over to your right. The pivoted bottom half will be hidden beneath your right hand, still in Biddle grip position. (Fig.4)

The 1st selection will be “angle-stepped” at the inner left corner and the corner of the selection will be very visible for the next step.

I then perform an all-around square-up of the cards and you’ll find it an easy matter to glimpse the selection! Remember this card. Say it is the AS. (Fig.5)

Don’t be intimidated by this easy to do glimpse…EVERYONE will be watching your hands, which makes the glimpse super easy to do!

I then either perform a Pass or merely undercut the deck to bring the memorized selection to somewhere near the bottom of the deck. The reason for this is so that the wife doesn’t accidentally “peek” the same card.

I now perform another peek for the wife as I turn my head. I often use a ploy that I find extremely effective!

I make sure she has seen her card and then I “accidentally” let my right finger “slip” as though I lost the card. This ploy is something I call “The Lost Peek”.

Of course, I retain a finger break as I apologize profusely for letting the card slip! I quickly ask her if she saw the card – and she will say “Yes!”

Let’s say the card is the QH. Everyone thinks you’ve lost the card!

Perform a Pass, or undercut the cards at the break so that the second selection is now at the face of the deck…now table the deck!

Patter about ESP, etc. and say that you (the performer) will see if you can read the husband’s mind. There is a lot of room for by-play and comedy at this point, so engage the spectators.

The idea is to make it seem as though you are trying to guess at the husband’s selection. But then you come up with the selection with no problem whatsoever! Announce the “Ace of Spades!”

Pick the deck back up. The QH is still at the face, so don’t accidentally let either party see it!

Continue with the following patter:

“Now as incredible as this may seem, you’re probably thinking that I’m the magician and I’m supposed to be able to do this!”

“But what if your husband (or child or boyfriend) could read your mind? I believe that if you two are as compatible as I suspect, there might be some deeper connection! Here’s what I want you to do.”

As soon as you finish the above patter, you want to reverse fan the deck! DON’T GET ANXIOUS! This is easier than you think and you plenty of time!

Since the man is on your right and the lady on your left, it is an easy matter to turn to your right, facing the man, blocking the woman’s view.

Performing the Reverse Fan:
Hold the cards with the face of the deck, toward your body, left thumb at the face along the outer short edge and left index finger along the outer edge on the back side of the deck. The deck is held vertical! (Fig.6)

Then turn your RH, palm up and the right index finger touches the lower left corner (of the short end of deck!) and applies pressure as the right index finger moves to the right (counter-clockwise) in a semi-circular motion, to fan the deck. It may not be a good fan, but you are in no rush, to adjust the deck. (Fig.7)

The deck will still be facing your body – out of view! Look at the fan and adjust the fan, so that any indices that might be showing are now covered.

NOTE: Take your time! You will be pattering as you adjust the Reverse Fan, and the spectators are only thinking that you merely adjusting the fan of cards to make it easier to see! This is really easy to do!

While you do this, address the man on your right and say, “Sir – I assume you are not used to having to read your wife’s thoughts! After all, who among us can claim to be able to read any woman’s thoughts?”

“I am going to show you this fan of cards for only a couple of seconds! Then I want you to try and read her thoughts!”

(Fig.8 and 9)

“Ma’am, I want you to project an image of the card that you are thinking about right now, to your husband. O.K.?”

Show the fan for about two seconds to the husband (tongue-in-cheek!) and the only card he will be able to see, of course, is the QH! The rest of the deck will appear blank!

Close the deck and pass or cut the QH to the middle as you ask, “Sir what card are you thinking of?” He will say, “The Queen of Hearts!”

Turn to the wife and ask, “…and what is your card Ma’am?” She will respond with a look of total shock! This effect is VERY, VERY strong!

NOTE: In all the years that I have performed this, almost EVERY SINGLE TIME, the woman on your left, will have a look of shock on her face, and then she’ll ask her mate, “HOW did you know that?!!”

The ONLY two responses I’ve ever heard the befuddled husband say, was either…#1- “It was the only card I could see!” or #2 – “I don’t KNOW!”

You will be tipped…and tipped BIG! I guarantee it!



You can view ALL of Paul’s many books in ebook format at: .. They are, undoubtedly, some of the best values in all of magic.. Look for Paul’s latest .. ‘Powerful Poker Routines (for Magicians)’, which I reviewed in issue 181.. and Magic Variety Pack 1 (reviewed in this issue, and Magic Variety Pack 2.. which is newly offered at All are a very nice collection of original thoughts and classic effects.


Aces By The Number – An Effect
Frank Garcia, Bob Longe, Rick Carruth

This is a classic four Aces effect, introduced by the inimitable Frank Garcia, popularized by the highly underestimated Bob Longe, and re-introduced with a different conclusion by myself.

Begin with the four Aces on top of the deck. Now, you’ve got to get 15 indifferent cards on top of the Aces. You can begin with the deck set up properly -or- if you can begin with the Aces on top, show the bottom card and thumb off eight cards. Say..” Mixed..”, and move these eight to the back of the deck – on top of the Aces. Thumb off seven more and say.. “Mixed..”, and move them to the back on top of the eight. Now fan and show a handful of additional cards, saying ” Still mixed..”, and close the fan. This is an easy, impromptu way of getting 15 cards to the top right under the spectator’s nose.

I’m not going to write about patter. Every magician eventually creates their own patter to fit their style. You can use your wit and wisdom to do the same. The essence is.. you’ll select a spectator who, in turn, will select a series of numbers. Cards matching those numbers will be set aside.. and will eventually be revealed to be the Four Aces.. You can approach this, patter wise, from a dozen different drections.

Lets assume you picked Carolyn to assist you.. Ask her to name a number between 15 and 20. It must be ‘between’ the two numbers, as your Aces are at the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th positions. Lets say she chose ’18’. Fan (or thumb) off five cards and lay them face down (as a packet) on the table.. calling them “Five..”. Fan five more and lay them down as a packet to the right of the first packet. Call them… ‘Ten..’. Fan out a third packet of five cards, call them “15”, and lay them to the right of the second packet. Lastly, fan off three cards, calling it.. “And three makes eighteen..” and lay them to the far right.

Say ” I dealt off Five cards..”, pointing to the first packet tabled, and casually place the remainder of the cards in your hand on top. ( This is important)

“Then Ten “.. pointing to the second stack..

“Then Fifteen..” pointing to the third packet..

“And then three more to total your Eighteen..”, pointing to the stack of three.

Say ..”Let’s take the 18th card and lay it to one side..” as you take the TOP card of the packet and align it, face down, above the other packets. If you fan the cards off the top of the pack and lay the three directly on the table, the top card is actually the 16th card in the deck.. not the 18th.. but because Carolyn see’s three cards she totally believe’s you. If she had picked any of the four numbers available to her, because you fanned the cards off the top, the 16th card will always be the top card. If she picked 16, so much the better…

If there were a 17th, 18th, and/or 19th cards.. pick them up and drop them on top of the FIRST packet, the one to the far left. Now, drop packets Two and Three on top of the First packet in no particular order. ( Check: the three remaining Aces are now positioned 11th, 12th and 13th in the deck..)

“Carolyn, please select a number between Ten and Fifteen”..

Let’s say she picked “12”.. Fan off five cards just llke before, calling it Five, and setting them on the table. Fan off Five more and repeat.. setting them to the right of the first packet. Finally, fan off two cards, calling it… “..And two makes Twelve”.

Take the remainder of the cards in your hand and again drop them on top of the first packet.. “Five”.. Touch the second packet.. “Ten”.. and the third packet.. “..and Two makes twelve.”. Take the top card of the last packet and place it beside the first card atop the packets. Again, it doesn’t matter whether Carolyn said “11”, “12”, “13” or “14”.. If there are still cards in the last packet, place them on top of the first packet. Then, place the Second packet on top of the first. ( Check: Your last two Aces are now at the 6th and 7th positions in the deck..)

“Lastly Carolyn.. pick a number between Five and Ten..”

Fan off five cards and lay them down.. Then, fan off the number of cards matching the number selected by Carolyn. Lets say she picked “9”.. Take the top card of the second packet and tell Carolyn you’re going to take the 9th card and lay it to one side.. with the other two cards (Aces). Do it…

The top card of the second packet is the last Ace. Now it’s up to you to force this card on the spectator. Lay the remainder of the deck to one side, limiting yourself to manipulating only the two packets on the table… You can pick up one packet with one hand and one in the other.. and knowing how many cards you have in total and that the top card in your right hand packet is an Ace gives you a LOT of leeway. Ask Carolyn to pick a number between One and, in our example, Eight.. ( You put the Ninth card with the other two Aces..) If she says “Five” for example.. drop the five in your left hand and say.. “That leaves us with Three..”. Force the Three.. Or, if she says “Two”.. put your right hand cards on top of the left, deal off two cards, and discard the rest.. Then, in either case, force the proper card with a magicians choice. If she says “Six”.. putting your right hand packet under the left puts the Ace in the sixth position.. There are SO many ways to force the Ace.. I’m sure you have a favorite.

Bob Longe recommends asking Carolyn for her lucky number.. and hoping she picks the number Seven. Create a packet of seven cards, adding one or two from the main packet if you have to.. Make sure the last Ace is in the sixth position. Ask Carolyn to perform an Australian Deal.. dealing one card ‘down’ (on the table) and one card ‘under’ the packet.. Repeat. Repeat.. and the last card in Carolyn’s hand will be the last Ace. Remember.. first card Down and next card Under (Down Under). Let her place it along side the other three cards (Aces).. and your work is done. All you need now is some hardy patter and a nice reveal..

The idea that the spectator selected four random numbers.. and they were revealed to be the four Aces in a very fair manner is strong stuff. Patter is strong stuff too.. particularly if you make it funny or believable… Try this, and you’ll like it…


How To Receive Thousands Of Dollars In Free Publicity & Promotion – Instruction

Over the past several months I have been addressing several of the most important and crucial areas to establishing and operating your live entertainment business. Last issue I mentioned the entertainer’s “secret weapon” for marketing and promotion.

This is something that will change the way you look at marketing and promotion, while generating interest and credibility for your entertainment business. It also one of the real-world, time-tested secrets for getting some of the most appealing, reaching and beneficial marketing that can directly progress and impact your business. Most of all, not only does it create positioning and the desired perception you want for your business…IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE!

This is something that is available to performers and entertainment businesses on all levels, from beginners to top working pros, and works fantastically in small towns, major cities here in the U.S. or throughout the world.

This “secret weapon” I am referring to is press and media. That’s right television, radio, newspapers and magazines – major media. Sure, this may also include online media, social media and virtual media, but these are really just enhancements to proper press and media.

There are many misconceptions about the press and media, as many think press coverage is reserved only for top working professionals or celebrities. Yes, this is a misconception, as many attitudes and perceptions are regarding press and media.

The reality is press and media is something available to all working performers and yet remains greatly unrecognized and misunderstood by most.

Every day each and every one of us is influenced by the media. Radio, television, newspapers, magazines and the Internet are among the most popular and influential media formats.

The press and media help inform, educate, entertain and influence what we think about, accept and believe. They influence us to create our own thoughts, insights and opinions based on their input to our consciousness.

The media is powerful. It is authoritative. Most of all, the media is persuasive, influential and credible. In today’s world the media creates authoritativeness, perspective and credibility.

However, in a much bigger picture, the media is also a business tool, a resource and an opportunity for business. Press & media are tools that every entertainer and entertainment business operator on any level can benefit from once understood.

The press and media are resources that can be highly beneficial to any entertainer and entertainment business when properly utilized. There are many benefits to the entertainer that can help to position, grow and offer credibility to your entertainment business.

Entertainers have utilized the press and media to:

– Introduce their entertainment business to the community
– Inform and educate the community
– Announce new products, services and releases
– Introduce and present new employees and performers
– Create perceived value
– Promote events and performances
– Sell out venues
– Brand and position their business within their community or targeted markets
– Generate leads, creating new business
– Expand their business from local to regional, national or international
– Associate their business with prominence, celebrity status and credibility
– Stay in front of their targeted audience
– Serve their community

So what does all of this mean for us as performers and entertainment business owners and operators? It means that we need to learn several things.

-First, is to realize and understand how the press and media can offer a variety of benefits and value to your entertainment business

-Next, is how to utilize the opportunities that are offered by the press and media in ways that directly benefit your business

-Finally and most importantly is how to monetize these benefits and opportunities to create positioning, customers, bookings, sales and revenue

In short, how to take advantage of the press and media in as many ways as possible to benefit and create value to your business.

The most effective way to contact, inform and utilize the press and media is through the use of a Press Release. This is the method created, used and preferred by the media.

One single, properly created Press Release I sent out to only nine media contacts landed me a front page, feature cover story with photos in a newspaper and two radio interviews in the same week. The newspaper feature alone was the full cover page and then was continued on another page. I received fantastic feedback, created excellent awareness for the show and venue being promoted and it resulted in a well attended, profitable sell-out run of shows.

If I had to pay for the amount of advertising space that the feature story utilized in the one newspaper which ran the story, the cost to me would have been $12,000. The two radio interviews that I landed from the same Press Release were also very beneficial, not to mention fun. One was about a seven minute interview, and the other was a full half-hour guest segment.

Upon learning what it would have cost to purchase that amount of air-time and produce advertising, promos and tags for the same amount of time I received on these radio stations, I discovered it would have cost me $10,000.

That’s a total of $22,000 in adverting and promotion that I received absolutely free. It all happened with the use of a single Press Release.

Do you think this could benefit your performing business?

Just at first glance, can you see how having this full-page newspaper story could benefit the event or venue which you are promoting?

Can you see how having this full-page feature article as part of your promotional materials or included on your website could create benefits and credibility for you long after the promoted event is over?

Can you see how your competition would feel when they see this feature story about you and your business in their marketplace?

Can you see the credibility and perception this feature story would have to the
general public in your community?

I hope by now you are beginning to see the picture. I hope you can see the value of such an asset to your business. I hope you are beginning to get excited about the possibilities that this can present to your performing business and the impact it can have to your success on many levels. I hope you can see the value in taking the time to educate yourself and to learn about this properly and proficiently.

In my book Press & Media For Entertainers I help you to understand the press and media and exactly how they work. How press and media offer greater benefits to entertainers than most others. How to generate interest and coverage from the press and media, how to become media-ready, and how to be a good media guest. You’ll also learn common mistakes, some that are detrimental, that many performers make with their press and media appearances. The right way to approach and execute press and media, over 40 ways to benefit from and monetize press and media appearances, plus samples, templates and much more.

These are the same methods, techniques and that I used in my over twenty years in radio and television featuring over 3000 celebrities, guests and interviews. These are the same techniques I have used in my own media appearances nationwide for four decades and still continue to use to this day. These are what led me to appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, MTV, All My Children and hundreds of local and regional media appearances across the country.

Understanding the media from the inside out allows you to speak the language of the media and know what appeals to them to get the coverage you desire. I truly believe that press and media should be approached as its own performance market.

So many make the mistake of finding an outdated press release template on the internet and falsely believe they just need to fill in the blanks with their information and send it out for results to happen. Again, as I said, there are many misconceptions. There are specific formats of press releases, especially for entertainers and the results we desire. Then there is what to do with them once properly created. How do you insure they will get to the right person, then be read? Who is the right person or contact to send them to? You need to understand the nuances and differences in types of media outlets, as radio is much different than newspapers, and newspapers much different from television. Live media is different from prerecorded.

There are many other ways to benefit from press and media included in the book in addition to press releases. You need to learn how to be a good media guest and how to best optimize your media segments and appearances.

How many times do you see a magician on television that is stiff, can barely talk fluently and looks like a deer in headlights? It happens more often than not, typically because they approach their media appearance uninformed, unprepared and and often from the wrong perspective.

It may sound like a lot but once it is broken down into easily understood and implementable steps it can become one of the easiest marketing and promotional resources available to your business.

Press and media offers you and your performing business a world of benefits and opportunities than can be enjoyed for years to come. Press and media are something that should be a part of your marketing and promotional plan and effort continually.

This is truly exciting. While trends come and go, the press and media have endured as their prestige remains as strong and credible today as it was in its earliest incarnations.

Next month, I will address a topic that is one of the most frequent questions I am asked on a daily basis from entertainers and entertainment business owners and operators. I am constantly asked many questions about agents and agencies. Do I need an agent? How do I get an agent or agency. What do agents and agencies want? How do agents and agencies work? What are the benefits to working with agents and agencies? And of course the many misconceptions that are so common that misinform performers about agents and agencies. I’ll address all of this and more next month!

MIndpro is a professional entertainment business specialist that has been coaching and consulting entertainers in entertainment business and press and media for over 30 years. He has enjoyed success as a full-time entertainer, owner of three entertainment agencies, as an international talent broker, producer and promoter, as well as being a press and media coach and consultant after 20+ years in radio and television. He has helped many start, grow and master the art of entertainment business.

He has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, ABC-TV’s All My Children, CBS, ABC, CNN and FOX News as well as being a frequent guest on many various television and radio shows throughout the country.

Throughout his career Mindpro has worked with a virtual who’s who in the world of entertainment including Tom Jones, Willie Nelson, Phyllis Diller, Don Rickles, Steve Allen, Michael Jordan, Tony Danza, John Stamos, Loretta Lynn, Kenny Rogers, Tom Petty, Billy Joel, The Monkees and The Beach Boys.

His Entertainer’s Success Series of professional business resources for entertainers and entertainment business owners, including his Press & Media For Entertainers ebook are available at


TRICKS WITHOUT NAMES – A Mathemagical Effect from Werner Miller
(Another Mathemagical Medley of Semi-Automatic Tricks)

Trick #13
Strip an ESP deck down to 20 cards by discarding one symbol set, but keep the usual cyclical stack of the symbols.
Invite two spectators to assist. Each of them gives the deck a complete cut, then you deal out two packets, one in front of each spectator. Deal the cards face down singly off the top, first a 6-card packet (a), then a 7-card packet (b) emphasizing the various numbers of cards. A block of 7 cards remains; this is your packet (c).


Introduce two versions of “random sorting procedures”, the Under/Down Deal and the Down/Under Deal, but avoid using these terms (unless you are performing for fellow magicians). Instead of that give a short explanation and demonstrate the basics with packet c: Start an Under/Down Deal, stop after the fourth card (the second “down” card); place the “down” pair back on top of the in-hand cards (thus seemingly undoing the sorting); start an Down/Under Deal, stop also after the fourth card (this time it’s the second “under” card, of course); place the in-hand cards on top of the “down” pair. (Justify the cut short demonstration with the simplicity and monotony of the procedure that, once understood, can be easily applied to any number of cards.)
Situation check: Let’s assume that, after the spectators’ cuts, the order of the symbols is 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 and so on, from the top down. If you followed the above instruction, the symbols’ order in your packet is now 5 – 4 – 1 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 (d). The top five symbols are irrelevant; not the bottom two: They are matching the bottom two symbols of packet b, and replicas of them can also be found third and second from the bottom up in packet A.
Let one of the spectators decide on either sorting procedure , i.e., ask if the first card has to be dealt out (“down”) or shifted to the bottom (“under”). Then have this procedure simultaneously applied to all three packets à la Do-As-I-Do, with the two spectators following step by step your lead. Finally the top card of each packet is turned over: The three symbols match! In the depicted example they all show either symbol #3 (if Down/Under Deals were carried out) or symbol #2 (if Under/Down Deals were carried out).

For more (and more elaborate) math-based magic by Werner Miller visit:


Magic Variety Pack 1 – Review – An Ebook from Paul A. Lelekis

This is Paul Lelekis’ latest ebook on I think the total of his purely magical ebooks is now almost 40. “Magic Variety Pack” is a complete compilation of effects, ranging from card effects to coin effects to visual magic with scarfs and wine bottles. Plus, Paul now includes detailed tips and performance info for those who want to ‘up’ their performance level. (The descriptions in parenthesis are directly from Paul’s page.)

Professional Tips – Make the spectators a part of your magical universe!”
Paul enjoys making the reader more than privy to his secrets. He enjoys explaining both How and Why something works. He also enjoys sharing inside tips that eventually separate the professional from the amateur.

E-Z Cards Across – A great effect for from close up to stage!”
The ‘Card Across’ is a classic of magic, having been performed by Leipzig, Al Baker, John Carney.. and everyone in between. Unfortunately, the standard version includes more than one palm, which is NOT a popular move with the average magician. Paul has created a method which cuts out all but one simple palm, well covered and easy for everyone. This is definitely one of the highlights of Magic Variety Pack..

Close Up Color Changing Silk – A great classic of magic brought full-scale to the close-up scene” I saw Jeff McBride mesmerize a room full of magicians with a color changing silk very similar to Paul’s. I learned an important lesson – if you can make it easy enough and visual enough – you can fool not only an audience, but a room full of pros. Perfect for walk-around.

Accurate Prediction ( 2 Methods) – 2 great methods for an ESP miracle!” The magician writes a prediction on a card. A Spectator selects any card from a shuffled deck. In two methods almost too simple to comprehend.. they both match. Try this one on one of your magician buddies and watch his reactions…

Two Coins – A two coin routine that will dazzle everyone…with a BIG surprise! Learn some really cool sleights.” This one comes with two videos from Paul to make the ‘sleight’ part painless. I love the surprise ending.. and your audience will too.. In my opinion.. the standout effect.

E-Z Torn & Restored Card – This is an easy to do torn & restored card.” Why complicate life? Paul’s handling is super easy and can be mastered in minutes. You’ll not believe how simple a torn & restored card trick can be until you try it. Afterwards, you’ll wonder why you spend so much money and time learning other methods. Easily worth the price of the ebook..

Wine Bottle Production – Take out a large foulard, show it both sides and instantly produce a wine bottle!” It’s amazing what a small ‘utility’ can accomplish. I’ve never performed an effect with a wine bottle, but I will after reading Paul’s handling… And all that’s required is something everyone has plenty of on-hand.

A Comedy Card Reversal – You are going to LOVE this amazing effect.” A selected card is placed outjogged in a deck. The magi announces he is going to reverse the selection in the deck. Instead, the entire deck, except for the outjogged card, reverses… You can do this..

Deluded Dunbury – Paul’s easy-to-do version of a Charlie Miller creation..” Can you say ‘double’? A simple and quick effect where you read your spectator perfectly.

An Updated Marlo Miracle – Paul’s version of a Marlo underground miracle! This is a lesson in performance!” Created by Marlo and perfected by Michael Skinner and Paul, this tutorial on the Biddle Switch includes all the subtle moves and handling. Paul details the possibilities with the Biddle Switch and the Biddle Steal. I particularly liked adding Harry Lorayne’s HALO Cut on a off-beat moment to increase the miracle factor..

Quickies – Twelve more quick tricks to dazzle your spectators.Included are pages of performance advice for all levels of entertainment!” Can you say “Top Change”? In depth considerations of the possible uses of a top change and the best ways to perform it. This is a powerful weapon to add to your arsenal. Also, turnovers, changes, switches and other revelations are explored in a straightforward and intelligent manner for the average joe..

This ebook is available at for $10.00 . You absolutely can’t find more for your money. All of Paul’s ebooks are a thorough study in magic and magicianship. Written in an easy manner, making it understandable for all of us, I recommend you check MAGIC VARIETY PACK out. ( 45 pages )


THE JOURNEY – Matt Johnson –  A Review
Murphy’s Magic $39.95

“A single deck of cards is sitting on the table. A spectator is asked to name a card; they are then asked to name a number from 1 to 52. The cards are removed at fingertips from the box and handed to the spectator.

One by one the cards are counted down to the spectators chosen number. When the card at the chosen number is turned over it is the spectators freely chosen card!…”

Matt Johnson has mastered ACAAN. ( Any Card At Any Number) Although its origin is not truly known, ‘The Acme Card Trick’ by Chas. Shepherd in March 1908 issue of Sphinx seems to be the basis of what many consider the Holy Grail of card effects. I’ve seen many different versions, most of which use some form of trickery requiring manipulation or preparation. I can’t say Matt’s versions are truly unique in this aspect, but I can say his versions are as close as one will get to the real thing without selling one’s soul.

I think one of the fascinations with ACAAN is the effect it has on fellow magicians. They understand the difficulty and the complexity. They ‘get it’ when you pull it off. Not that they get the method.. but they get the work and handling involved in a version that fools magicians. They are immediately jealous.

Matt has produced a DVD with not one.. but five versions of this classic. Each version is distinctly different, although two use the same basic method and three use a second method.

Without wanting to give away too much.. the first and second versions use the JB Card Cop, devised by John Benzais and popularized by Harry Lorayne. If you’re familiar with this sleight… good for you… as you’re halfway there. If you’re not, Matt goes into great detail to explain it and make sure you thoroughly understand how it plays into his handling. The video is quality work, and you should come away feeling confident with the handling. Version two uses the same cop, but also uses a gaffed deck, also thoroughly explained. The handling is easier, but you must deal with a pre-set deck. If you’re comfortable with this.. I suspect this will become your go-to method.

Version three requires a special (prepared) deck. Its inspiration comes from several sources, including Marc Paul and Berglas, plus a Joshua Jay Equivoque. Again, I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say these three methods use a crib card.. indiscreetly slipped into the cellophane of your deck. These are provided, pre-printed, and read for use. Also, they make the ‘magic’ possible. Matt has the deck for version three on the table -before- the effect begins. Once the card and location is named and the deck removed from the case by the performer, the spectator can then deal down to the card. He considers this his favorite of all the versions. Once the deck is set up according to Mark’s specific instructions.. I agree. Although version one and two are closer to the ‘true’ idea of the classic ACAAN, the dealing must be performed by the performer. That’s why Matt has provided five different methods.. to give you a specific method to suit your style.

Versions four and five are similar to version three, in that a prepared deck is used, but they both use multiple decks. Naturally, having the option of secretly introducing more than one deck reduces the complications. There is less ‘thought’ on the part of the performer, and less possibility of something going wrong.. not that that’s a real problem anyway. If you follow Matt’s instructions, you should NOT have a problem, regardless of the road taken. The spectator is asked to name a card and a position in the deck BEFORE the deck is introduced. After the two are selected, the performer brings out the ‘proper’ deck.. which seems totally fair.

Virtually every ACAAN known to man includes one or more ‘method’ that requires either mathematics or manipulation… There’s simply no way around it. Matt has included one of each, and his methods are as effective as any I know. If you want to master either, you’re going to spend a little time either perfecting a sleight or perfecting a handling. But.. once you do.. you’ll posess one of the greatest tricks known to our marvelous art. If you’re serious about ACAAN, I recommend THE JOURNEY…

Available from Murphy’s Magic, through dealers who sell Murphy’s products.
$39.95 (DVD and gimmicks)

Rick Carruth


The Magic Of Al Goshman – Magic History
David John O’Connor

History of Magic: Albert “Al” GoshmanThe name Al Goshman may not be as familiar with laymen as it is with magicians around the world, but he certainly made his mark in the history of magic as he left us a real heritage in the art of close-up magic. Born Albert Goshman, Al was born in New York on the 6th of December 1920. While doing some research on his family roots, he discovered that he had an uncle with the surname Goshminski living in South America. It became obvious that his father had changed the family name when he arrived in America. United States customs officers had difficulty pronouncing and spelling foreign-sounding names when large numbers of European immigrants began arriving at Ellis Island, so it became acceptable to change the names to a more English sound and spelling.

Al Goshman, a highly skilled table magician whose performances were both entertaining and dexterous, began his career as a baker in a Brooklyn Bakery and was known to make great bagels. When he started to dabble in magic, he performed using the name “The Baker That’s a Faker” or “Fakir the Baker.“ During World War II, while working in a defense factory, he discovered a small magic book of coins and pocket tricks and he began to study them.

After the war, Goshman began to haunt the many magic stores in New York City where he met up-and-coming magicians before relocating to California in the early 1960’s. By 1963, he had performed at the new famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and began making a name for himself as a close-up sleight-of-hand magician.

Unlike many of today’s younger magicians who perform informally, Goshman began to create specific routines with his magic. Many of today’s aspiring magicians purchase the latest magic tricks advertised by magic dealers and end up with certain skills but fail to follow through by routining. These fellows usually perform a couple of tricks either in the bar or on the street, and seem to be more interested in ‘wowing’ the spectators than in building a proper act. Magic is not about self- aggrandisement but entertaining others. Goshman showed how important it was to build an act that had impact and continuity and still remained entertaining.

Video  –

Albert Goshman developed a number of clever effects always carefully routined and he was a master of misdirection and timing. He was almost in the same genre as Slydini was. Some of his notable routines were his Four Cards from Newspaper, Coins through Table, Card in Purse, Benson Bowls and Winged Silver. Probably his most remembered effect was Coin under the Salt Shakers. This was performed while seated and used clever sleight of hand, timing and audience participation. The coins would appear from a purse frame (the metal frame that fits around a small leather purse). He would also use the metal purse frame to produce sponge balls, cards or bills which always created some humour. Once the coins appeared, they would vanish and appear beneath a salt and pepper shaker, seemingly without Al touching the shakers. The routine involved the interaction of two spectator participants, with Goshman guiding and misleading them as only a good showman can. This particular routine became a trademark of Goshman magic. He was also adept at card magic and he was one of the few magicians who made use of the Nudist Deck and other trick decks. Part of his close-up presentation included his Rising Card where the chosen cards would rise mysteriously from the deck on command.

On December 7th 1985, Al Goshman gave a special magic presentation at a secret London location hosted by Ron MacMillan who ran the International Magic Studio in London. The secret venue turned out to be the Kennedy Hotel and the event was attended by 200 magicians. It was by special invitation only and took the form of a lecture/demonstration. This remarkable event became famous for the content and sharing that Al Goshman presented during that night. The full lecture/demo originally recorded on video is still available on DVD from select dealers. It became and remains one of the finest teaching tools available to magicians even today.

Nick Lewin, a magician colleague of mine who was a former columnist for the IBM Linking Ring Journal and a busy professional American magician, relates a fascinating story about when he first met Al Goshman. Nick had just completed his performance at the Magic Castle when he ran into Goshman outside the Close-up Gallery. Nick performed the Ken Brookes Sponge Ball routine using Goshman Sponges he had purchased years before. Goshman stopped Nick and suggested he purchase a set of new sponges as they looked a bit grubby to place in a spectator’s hand. Nick is probably the only magician to have ever been chided by Al Goshman.

Al Goshman’s magic was very different. It was smart, organised and very well-executed, but somehow Goshman always tended to look a little scruffily dressed. One evening he was booked to perform for an elite, upmarket group where the event planner wanted Al to look his very best. Al’s wife sent him off to the Castle in a spotless tuxedo and nice accessories including white cotton gloves. For once he looked smart and elegant just as his magic did that night in the Houdini Room where he wowed the crowd with a superb display of clever close-up that included his classic Coins under the Salt Shakers and Jumbo Coins.

Albert Goshman sponge balls and purse frame. We are fortunate that Al Goshman developed and set up the manufacturing of beautiful synthetic sponge balls and sponge and foam products. These include such items as Multi-Coloured Balls, Ball to Square, Sponge Bunny, Clown Noses, Chick and Dove Pan Cakes, 3-D Sponge Rabbits, Coin Purses, Purse Frames, Multiplying Rabbits, Foam Dog Bone, Foam Brick, Foam Dove, Foam Eggs, a string of Foam Sausages and a realistic Foam Hotdog. All these products are made from high-quality, super soft sponge and the business is now operated by Goshman’s son Steve.

During his lifetime, Albert Goshman was honoured with the first Association of Magical Arts Award for the Best Close-up Magician in 1968. In 1975, he was awarded the AMA Award for Magician of the Year and Best Close-up Magician. He participated in many trade shows and was guest performer at Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s Samuel Goldwyn’s 84th birthday party.

Much has been written about Al Goshman, including the wonderful book by Patrick Page titled Magic by Gosh. Gradually Goshman became ill but he continued to perform. He passed away in Los Angeles on February 12th 1991. He left us a wonderful legacy that is as as valid today as it was then, a real tribute to our wonderful world and history of magic.

*Grateful thanks to Nick Lewin for providing extra information about Al Goshman at the Magic Castle.

David J O’Connor is a semi retired professional mentalist and children’s entertainer. He has performed throughout South Africa, New Zealand and aboard cruise liners. David is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and loves mentoring young people in magic.


Keep Calm And Do It Yourself – A PDF

Michael Lyth is offering these ideas for free, but asks for a donation to an animal rescue center or other animal causes. The amount is up to the readers own ability and willingness. The ebook is dedicated to Jeremy Le Poidevin.

A DIY Wand
Chop Cup Idea
Coin Trick
Her Majesty’s Birthday – coin routine
Magic Painting – with a difference
Woolly Stretchy Wand
1st edition 2017, 15 pages.


Jumbo Nesting Wands – Instructions

And here’s a very nice nesting wand.. as made by Danny Orleans and modeled after Bev Bergeron’s Multiplying Wands. The instructions are very straight-forward and very easy to follow..
Check it out…


Humor Us – Comedian Alex Gaskin Interviews Comedy Magician Mike Williams

The Comedy Magician Mike Williams Reveals How His Grind Is Every Artist’s Grind (Just, Y’know, With Cool Illusions).

Welcome to Humor Us, our column in which Dallas comedian Alex Gaskin interviews other area comedians about the ol’ funny business in order to help introduce DFW at large to the burgeoning comedy scene blooming right under its nose.

There are so many to choose from, but if I had to pick my favorite way to doubt myself, I’d go with the looming question, “What makes me stand out as a comic, or as a writer?” Convincing people they want to see me, and not just any stand-up comic, or getting them to be more interested in an article when they see my name attached to it, is a daunting task. It takes considerable time, effort and insight just to become competent at a craft; coming across as unique or irreplaceable can feel almost impossible.

I wasn’t surprised to hear “Magic” Mike Williams address that same sort of concern during our interview, and I was impressed by the succinctness with which he was able to define the matter.

Williams isn’t just trying to stand out in his chosen medium – as a comedy magician, he practically is his medium in Dallas. Magic is further from most people’s entertainment radars than live comedy, or music (or a movie, or a night in on the couch, and so on), but he’s thrived as a performer here. He enjoys steady work, including a weekly show at the Addison Improv, and he’s appeared on Good Morning Texas.

As a comedy magician, Williams stands apart from what conventional comics are doing, but there is an observable tradition that informs what he does – it’s no surprise that he references Steve Martin’s act as an inspiration for how he’s developed as a performer. Williams uses charm and one-liners to get laughs, but he likes to produce humor by drawing out the tension audiences can feel while waiting for him to execute his tricks.

It takes a wealth of charisma, discipline and moxie to put together any act, but Williams’ hybrid performances call for a formidable degree of mental and physical dexterousness. Keeping the attention of a crowd full of people who can – and will – check their phones if they lose interest is tough. Williams is making those people laugh, dazzling them with his tricks, and doing it with the occasional added chaos of raucous kids on the stage. I spoke with Williams about how he got traction as a performer, how comedy informs his work, and what it’s like to be a performer in DFW. You can see him at his weekly all-ages show, held Sunday afternoons at the Addison Improv… Read the interview and watch videos at:

Humor Us.


RSVP Magic presents – Jamie Allan’s WTF ACAAN for Free..

This video has been around (free) for about three years. Regardless, there are many folks who have not seen this video or explored Jamie’s method for performing ACAAN ( Any Card At Any Number). This is a very commercial method, using a number force technique, the deck stack and the displacement method, created by Jamie. This is also one of the more controversal methods.. as more than one other magician has published commercial versions claiming this as their own. I could name them, but some of you will recognize the techniques and know who they are.

This was, as best as I can remember, first offered by Penguin. Then, for a variety of reasons, Jamie decided to release it for free. His loss… our gain..
Running time is about 23 minutes..


Impromptu Magic With Patter – Free PDF

Written in 1922 by George DeLawrence, this is a classic example of magic in the first half of the 20th century, particularly that represented by Harlan Tarbell.. who provided the illustrations for this book.

Look for:
The Possessed Match Head
Coin and Glass of Water
Four Coin Trick (matrix)
Dime and Penny Trick
Parlor Mind Reading
Thought Foretold
Burlesque Mind Reading
The Fortune-Telling Jack

Among many others… This is a well written book, not any more difficult to read than the Jinx, and has a number of effects that can be easily adapted to 2017..


Lives of the Conjurers, Volume Three – Free PDF
Professor Solomon

• HOUDINI (Part I) The story of the escape artist who became the highest-paid performer in vaudeville.

From his early days as a newsboy, to his years struggling in beer halls, sideshows, dime museums, and other
lowly venues, to his success as the Handcuff King, to his rise to international fame.

(His fateful encounter with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and spiritualism, and subsequent campaign against fraudulent mediums, will be the subject of Part II.)

• LARRY WEEKS A master juggler, he dwelt amidst a chaotic collection of magic memorabilia—including the sole surviving copy of The Grim Game, Houdini’s lost film.

• MARTIN SUNSHINE Every summer for 35 years, he donned a fez and performed at a resort as Kismet the Magician.

• LUNG TUNG Once the Court Magician to the Empress of China, he had been reduced to passing the hat in hotel lobbies. But he could still hear the sounds of the court and the reverberations of the gong.

127 pages. Illustrated. Free download of entire book at: (6 MB file)

( Thanks to Michael Solomon for the link! )


Here is Everything I Know – Chris Ramsay on Youtube, Magic & Branding

Here is an informative video, almost 1 1/2 hours long, from the very popular Chris Ramsay. It was filmed at Youtube Space Toronto, and is the full Q&A from his recent panel talk celebrating his 100K subscribers. This is NOT a magic lecture. It’s an informative video on the branding aspect of magic, how to get subscribers, how to film successful videos, and how to use social media to boost your career. If you post anything to Youtube.. you’ll profit from this video.


Kolby King – Gospel Magic Videos and Tutorials

Here’s a link to take you to a page with about 25 gospel magic tutorials. I know some of you perform gospel magic regularly.. because we’ve talked! It’s hard to find links to good, concise videos.. but here you go..

Look for videos with flash cotton, flash paper, balloons, change bags, wands, slush powder.. and a variety of other objects. If you watch a video without a tutorial, the tutorial is generally a separate video..
Thanks to Michael Lyth for finding this link for me..


The Pitchman – Mark Mason Interviewed by R.Paul Wilson

“Mark Mason is “The Pitchman”, magic’s best salesman. He started out working as a carney, running mock auctions and pitching merchandise around the UK. Now he develops and markets effects for amateur and professional magicians, often hosting the most successful and entertaining booths at the world’s biggest magic conventions…”

If you have a love of carney games and pitches.. this is a good telling by the very popular and very talented Mark Mason, argueably the best ‘pitchman’ in all of magic…


Classic “Svengali Pitch” – Dave Tice “America’s Pitching Coach”

Mentioning the carnival makes me think of guys like Don Driver, who could make a living selling Svengali Decks. I’ve seen a couple of really good pitches, and both made me want to run home and dust off a deck..


25 Tricks With A Svengali Deck – Video Tutorial

A good variety of Svengali tricks if you want to develop a pitch or just learn a few good effects. MagicZylinder, thankfully, is not a Youtube kid.. but a legit teacher who has a legit amount of knowledge. I’m fairly sure I linked to this video a couple of years ago.. but that’s OK. It doesn’t hurt to watch it again..


10 Top Easy Ways to FORCE a Card – Video Tutorial

This video by Rich Ferguson begins with the most simple of methods and progresses to more complex… I am always looking for convincing methods of forcing a card. So many great tricks depend on it. If you don’t have a sure-fire go-to method, this video is for you..


3 Cards: Amazing Simple Card Trick Revealed!

A couple of double lifts and a flushtration count or two can accomplish minor miracles. For those of you who like the looks of Oil and Water and Ambitious Cards.. but don’t have the proficiency.. here’s something you can practice a little and have yourself a nice effect.


From Engineer to Magician, Turning Passion Into Your Career | David Lai | TEDxUTP

In this talk, David, who is an alumni of the university, tells us how he managed to shift from engineering to magician, David is passionate about magic and have always been and in this convincing talk, he shares his journey and urges the students to turn their passions into their careers.

David Lai’s age belies his experience and mastery of the mentalism — a subdivision of magic that employs manipulation of the mind. His mind-boggling feats have drawn him fans the likes of former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir and AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes; perform for such clients as Mercedes Benz, Nokia, Apple, Maxis and Hyundai; as well as being invited to shows in Cairo, Dubai, Jordan, Amsterdam, Beirut and across Asia.


Free Reverse Cell and Landline Phone Lookup – Resource

I know.. these sites either charge or provide no real information. This one seems to provide more information than most… and it’s free. Spy Dialer does give you the option of obtaining additional information from a second site, but it’s not necessary. If I enter my phone number, I get my first name and the town of my residence. There are some names that don’t come up.. period. But I’ve found it to be useful on toll free numbers, particularly when I’m in a position where I don’t want to answer the phone at the moment. I can check the number later and see if it’s one I want to call back… or disregard.

This resource will not change your life… unless you happen to check a frequent number on your wife’s phone and it comes back to a phone owned by your best friend. Good luck with that….


Magic Trick Reviews… Free to Everyone Facebook Group

Please consider joining us at ‘Magic Trick Reviews’ on Facebook. You’ll find a very nice selection of reviews, particularly by our friend, Jim Canaday, who is now reviewing for Big Blind Media as well as Murphy’s Magic. Check it out…



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