A Special Notice for Roadshow Readers..

My friend, Paul Lelekis, and I crossed paths this week, and I failed to get the following in the last Roadshow. My bad..  He is running a very special sale of ALL 48 of his ebooks on LYBRARY.. Here’s the text..

From Paul…. “I had an Ad the first week in Feb. through Lybrary.com, featuring all of my 48 e-books at that site…50% OFF of ANY e-books you wanted. The sale went extremely well!
But I normally arrange my sales through my dear friend, Rick Carruth, and the Magic Roadshow – the finest magic periodical on the planet!

I asked my buddy, Rick, if we could run this same Ad through his Magic Roadshow #191, and he graciously agreed! I will run this Ad for four more days, from Thursday, February 8th, through Sunday, February 11th to give Rick’s Roadshow readers a chance to obtain ANY of my 48 e-books for 50% OFF!

Check out all 48 of my e-books at the link below, with complete descriptions of each e-book – Click on: http://lybrary.com/paul-a-lelekis-m-163788.html

Do NOT buy these sale-priced e-books through Lybrary.com…THAT sale is over – this is a special sale for Magic Roadshow readers, only!

Here’s how it works…find any e-books that you might want at the link above, then write to ME at SpellboundLelekis@yahoo.com, and I will send them to you directly (with any included videos) so you MUST give me your e-mail address.
You must send me your monies through PayPal.com using my e-mail address, SpellboundLelekis@yahoo.com.

NOTE: PLEASE use the option, PAY OR SEND MONEY…then use the option, “Send Money to Friends and Family” and enter the total. Thank you!

I PROMISE that your e-mail address will NOT be shared with any other companies or Ads…on my word! I will send them to you within the hour…or shortly after.”