Pasteboard Revelations – A Review

PASTEBOARD REVELATIONS is like the big brother of the past several ebooks by Paul Lelekis. Certain books strike me certain ways, and Pasteboard Revelations strikes me as one of my very favorite of Paul’s many magical ebooks. There is definitely something for everyone. The ebook begins with an effect that, when performed properly, will stand

Potter & Potter Auction featuring Freakatorium..

Potter & Potter Auctions’ Can’t-Miss Late Fall Sales Event To Present The Full Contents of Johnny Fox’s Freakatorium. Fox’s Barnumesque museum featured natural and unnatural oddities, many related to circus sideshow performers and attractions, as well as historical objets d’art, stage illusions, photographs, and tabloid style ephemera. Chicago, Il, – Potter & Potter Auctions is

The Wealthy Magician – A Review

The Wealthy Magician: Manifesto for Professionals by Richy Roy Master the Business of Magic I’m a marketing junkie. I’ve published articles and newsletters for years detailing marketing techniques. That said.. when I received The Wealthy Magician, I couldn’t wait to dig in and see what Mr. Roy had to say about marketing and magic. Here