Magicians Exposed as Time Travellers

Thanks to Scoop Culture Independent News and the New Zealand Fringe Festival for the following: Ever wondered how magicians perform their miracles? Nopera Whitley and Niko Nash-Krippner are no ordinary illusionists, and claim to perform their feats through manipulation of the time-space continuum. Written and directed by Whitley, Time Travellers premieres during the NZ Fringe

Penn Jillette’s Original Pilot ‘Street Cred’ is Green Lit by the Travel Channel

Teller will have his new show “The Tempest’ in a matter of days. (see post in archives).. Now, Penn will have his personal showcase.. a new hidden camera show on the Travel Channel.. To quote from the article by Andrea Domanick for the Las Vegas Sun…   "Rio magician headliners Penn & Teller know how to keep