MR LIFTO – A Review

MR. LIFTO – by Ryan Schlutz
Murphy’s Magic

Created by Ryan Schultz and Big Blind Media, this virtually self-working effect is suitable for all skill levels. Here is the promo…

“MR LIFTO is a self-working slab of uber visual magic. A card is selected and lost in the deck. A heap of random cards are taken from the deck and piled up on the table. You gently rub your hands together to ‘generate some static charge’!

Then you place your hand on top of the stack of cards, and slowly, incredibly as you lift your hand upwards, THE CARDS ARE STUCK TO YOUR HAND!

There is no visible means of support – yet the cards are stuck. Suddenly the cards drop to the table. All except one. Their selection. Powerful, visual magic that is super easy to perform.

Comes with special gimmicks included. Just a grab a deck and you’re ready to go!
Simple setup that can remain in place all day, waiting for a chance to perform
No I.T. or complex setup
Super easy to perform”

First, it’s very safe to say the promo is very accurate. Your performance will be as described, which can be a rarity in todays world of magic. Everything you need to perform Mr. Lifto is provided, including almost 20 minutes of video instructions on DVD. I’m sure they could have stretched it out to 40 minutes.. but I appreciate that Ryan kept everything straight forward and simple.

You will generally need a table to perform Mr. Lifto. I do know that some performers will try to align the cards in a spectator’s hand, which isn’t impossible, but it’s probably a challenge that can be avoided. Other than a table and a deck of cards.. and the provided two gimmicks.. you’re set.

As with most effects, the ‘story’ is vital. Yes, you can place your hand on a stack of cards, say ‘watch’ and make it levitate… but who the heck wants to? Ryan has concocted a scripted effect that permits the simple gimmicks to perform way over their head. He not only utilizes the conventional pick-a-card routine, but brings the effect to a very successful conclusion by using a real natural force that the spectator understands, one that explains why the cards stick to his hand, but not how the spectators card is magically singled out from among the mashup..

If you think you know how Mr. Lifto works, you’re probably correct. There are no methods involved that will leave the magic world stunned and amazed.. But Mr Lifto isn’t intended to win FISM… It’s intended to entertain your audience, make them laugh, surprise them, and make them stick around for more.

Ryan teaches all the methods you’ll need to make everything work. The production values are very good, typical Big Blind Media, and you should have no problem performing Mr Lifto within 30 minutes of receiving it. For the money, it’s well worth the value -IF- you’ll use it and make it a part of your routine.

I would recommend it for street performances and walk around, assuming you have the surface. Restaurant work would be a very good presentation platform. Mr. Lifto is fun to perform and your audience will sense your enjoyment. A wise performer noted many years ago that when a performer smiles, the audience smiles back.. and when a performer enjoys his performance, the audience increases their enjoyment proportionally. Give Mr. Lifto a try… For $22.00 you can’t afford not to…

Available at dealers carrying the Murphy’s Magic line of quality products..

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