Chris Randall in World Championships of Magic

By Brock Radke (contact) at the Las Vegas Sun Chris Randall is a rare find: An entertainer performing nightly on the Strip who just happens to be a born-and-raised Las Vegas native. But that’s just the beginning of the story with Randall, one of the stars of “Masters of Illusion” at Bally’s, the ensemble magic spectacular based

Magic Roadshow #194

Magic Roadshow #194 June 2018 Welcome to a new issue of the Magic Roadshow. This is issue 194, and we never thought we could publish this many issues. Actually, we couldn’t have published 194 issues without the help of great friends who have contributed so graciously. If you have something you would like to share

OMEN – Chris Congreave – A Review

OMEN, by Chris Congreave, is a multi-faceted effect that achieves a goal.. and then presents a kicker that is the true stunner.. One spectator is asked to think of a card.. and name it. A second spectator is asked to cut to a card in a tabled deck, and following a fair reveal of the

Blink Of An Eye – A Review

Blink of An Eye – By David Luu – A Review Rick Carruth $9.00 This is a super quick and very visual card change that occurs while a card is extended from a deck. Here is the ad copy from the download.. Description: Instantly change the faces and the backs of your playing cards —