PUSH – A Review

PUSH by Sultan Orazaly The Ad Copy… PCTC Production presents A signed playing card through a bill! Imagine being able to have your spectator freely select and sign a playing card. Next, you ask to borrow a bill (ANY currency). Then, without ANY switching of the card or bill, you VISIBLY PUSH the signed card

17 Secrets of Magicians

Interesting article in Mental Floss by Judy Colbert…… Whether they’re performing a big illusion that makes a tiger disappear or showing off card tricks on a table, magicians spend years perfecting their performances. We spoke to several from across the country (and beyond) to find out how they learn their trade, the type of resource

Magic Roadshow #193

  MAGIC ROADSHOW #193 Hello Friends.. I hope this issue of the Magic Roadshow finds you well. I am so pleased to share this issue with you, and I hope you find something to nudge your love of magic in a positive direction. Everyone I know has sinus problems. The pollen rules. When I was