The ZODIAC – A Review

The Zodiac
$25.00 at  Murphy’s Magic

Reviewed by Rick Carruth

First, lets read the ad copy for THE ZODIAC to get an idea of what the effect claims to do:

“With this little innocent-looking book, which fits perfectly in your pocket, you’ll be able to perform a complete mental act. You will divine instantly the sign, day, and month of birth of any spectator. You’ll also be able to divine the spectator’s aura, their personality trait, and the spectator’s lucky card. You will know everything immediately, without touching or coming near the book and without any fishing or questions. THE SPECTATOR NEVER WRITES ANYTHING. You’ll also be able to divine a freely chosen word from the book. This book allows you to do a complete routine with divinations, predictions, coincidences, ACAAN (Any Card At Any Number), calendar card, etc.”

“The spectator never writes anything, You never touch the book, Always ready and repeats instantly,  You never ask any questions or fish for information, no anagrams, new method and self-contained,
A complete mental routine, It includes a specially designed pocket book, written instructions, and a video download.”

That seems like a LOT of features for any magic product. I have the book, I’ve read the instructions and watched the online video. One thing I did notice is The Zodiac video states from the beginning that it is based on a product they (Vernet) released twelve or thirteen years ago called “Astrological Sign” by Eduardo Kozuch and Vernet Magic. I think Devin Knight also used a version in his dictionary test called “Word Sight”.

That may give you an idea of the very basic methodology, but it certainly will NOT reveal the guts of The Zodiac. This is a new, simplified method of performing the earlier effects. If you are familiar with Astrological Sign, you know that, although it performed as advertised, it was not easy to learn all the nuances to make it convincing. Vernet has released an effect similar to Astrological Sign, but definitely different enough to NOT be called a re-release.

Many of the basic reveals in The Zodiac are easi

ly learned. You can pick up on star signs, earth signs, and related playing cards in very short order. The method is really simple. To get into the specifics of your spectator’s personal traits is going to require some memorization. Obviously, if Vernet is offering you a complete mentalism act-in-a-pocket it’s going to require more than simply opening a package. I will say.. the effort is worth it. Just like a great stacked deck, the effort is paid back many times over.

Folks love to hear someone tell them about themselves. Knowing facts, star signs, traits and features are reputation makers.. IF you can pull it off.. and The Zodiac certainly gives you a great launching point. I have to say I agree with the sales copy, as diverse as it may sound. All you need to perform most of the feats is your vision. Memorize the finer points and you DO have a complete act. I would not say you’re ready to go onstage.. but I would say you’re ready for walk around and parlour performances. You can get a solid six to eight minutes from Zodiac and keep your audience thoroughly involved.

There are both written and video instructions. The written instructions are not deep, and are more like note sheets for learning the basics.. The online video includes a performance and how to

discover all the basic information. It run about 20 minutes.

If you have an interest in mentalism and enjoy engaging your spectator, I recommend The Zodiac…
$25.00 From dealers who sell the Murphy’s Magic line of products..

IMAGINATION BOX – by Oliver Pont

IMAGINATION BOX, by Oliver Pont, is a unique utility device for magicians. I’ve got a lot to say… and a wide range of thoughts. The device itself is nothing but a card box.. but it is a highly prepped card box that offers you a wide range of possibilities. First, I’m going to quote the ad copy.. and then give you my take on both the copy and the device itself.

“Think outside the box by transforming one object into another, making items appear or disappear at any time, change a bill value, turn a drawing into reality and more!”

I can’t argue with this. You can take the box and make items appear, seemingly out of thin air. You can also use a piece of drawing paper (provided) to make reveals or fulfill predictions. Unlike many effects that are designed for specific situations, a creative performer can develop many uses for the Imagination Box and personalize it in ways that might make him or her the only magicians around performing in that particular way. Flexibility. Perhaps that’s a good way to describe it. Like an Okido Box, for example, you are free to use it in any way space and size allows. Coins, cards, small objects, pictures, business cards.. any of these items, and many more, can be vanished or produced.

“I am impressed and very pleased with all the possibilities..” quote from a well known magician.

Can’t disagree at all. Just as you can vanish and produce many different type items from gimmicked magical props, you can do the same with Imagination Box.. with an exception – You can actually produce items that appear too large for a card box. One of the ads show a cherry and stem being produced.. and yes, that’s possible. The methods and moves are taught, and once the concept is understood, you do have many, many possibilities.

“Discover an endless flow of creative possibilities!”

Like I mentioned earlier, the creative magician will have his hands full with all the possibilities. I don’t say this lightly.

Now, the one potential downside. I differ from some magicians. I am not a big fan of DIY effects. I understand that a great deal of time and effort can go into developing an effect. And way more time and effort can go into actually making the effect marketable. Time and effort means money and increased cost. You must assemble Imagination Box yourself.. and it is not something you can do in a couple of minutes. All the directions are included. It’s not that it’s particularly hard.. it’s time intensive.. and I don’t have the patience I once had. Maybe that’s my fault, and I’m certainly NOT laying blame here, because I don’t view it that way.. I’m just more of a straight-out-the-box kind of guy. I would have paid ten dollars more for a finished version.. but that’s me.

Building it yourself gives you a thorough understanding of the working and enables you to tweak and repair anything that happens. I know some of you prefer this, and don’t view this as a negative. I wouldn’t let this stop me from purchasing Imagination Box.

Everything you need to build the device is included.. except the card box. You furnish the box. The instructions are easily understood and are available online. I encourage you to go to Murphy’s site and watch the video. It’s a very good representation of what’s possible. ( .. and I’ll tell you this .. the hand holding the box DOES remain totally stationary. The ‘magic’ happens in a fraction of a second.)

Once the device is constructed, any level of performer can use it. You’ll need a quick bit of practice to perfect the handling, but it’s not a consideration.

If you like this type of in-the-hand productions, and I do, you’ll like the possibilities Imagination Box presents.. Available from dealers who carry the Murphy’s Magic fine line of magic products.
Cost.. $29.95

Review by Rick Carruth

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