Can Physicists Find Time Travelers on Facebook?

Can Physicists Find Time Travelers on Facebook? Two researchers just completed what was perhaps the most comprehensive search for people from the future so far.

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Twitter and Facebook have been asked to save journalism and overthrow autocrats. Now, two physicists have proposed an application even more ambitious: Can social media find time travelers?

Robert Nemiroff and Teresa Wilson, two researchers at Michigan Technological University, thought they might. In a study released online last week, the two scoured Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and a few other websites to find “prescient information”—that is, tweets and statuses about current events posted before the events became current. The only way someone could write such a post, they reasoned, is if they were visiting… from the future.  Read more….

Invisible Triumph – A Review

Invisible Triumph (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)

Jim Krenz and Murphy’s Magic have created what we can fairly call.. ” The worlds easiest Triumph.” This new version was described as both..’virtually self working’ and designed for beginners. The first time I saw the video.. I couldn’t understand how it could be either.

I’m going out on a limb here and admit that I don’t review products I can’t speak good about. That may not sound like the best policy, but there are plenty of reviewers who love to bomb new products, and I don’t. Most magicians work very hard to get their products to market, and I enjoy talking about the positive aspects of magic. That said.. I have to say that thinking of good things to say about some products isn’t easy. It’s not that they’re bad.. it’s just that being ‘really’ positive isn’t easy. I am so grateful to Jim Krenz and Murphy’s Magic for making THIS review easy…

If you have a good, basic understanding of magic and card magic, you are familiar with Triumph. Cards are mixed.. some are turned the opposite direction and mixed again.. leaving the deck in a clearly jumbled state. Some cards are face up.. some cards are face down.. and ultimately, the cards are magically righted. Dai Vernon published a popular version. So did Bob Farmer, Daryl, Ron Bauer, Oz Pearlman and Marlo… to name a few. Theodore Deland published perhaps the first version way back in 1914. So, it’s safe to say Triumph has been around for over a hundred years.

Deland’s commercial version utilized a gaffed deck consisting of half the cards being double backers. From one side, the cards appeared to be alternating face up and face down. When the deck was closed and reversed all the cards were magically facing the same way. Nice, except you certainly couldn’t let the spectator get a good look at the deck.

Jim Krenz’s version is almost as simple. Really, if you spend a short time studying the online instructions.. (less than 20 minutes) you could perform his version straight out the box. I would recommend practicing a little, but we’re talking theoretical here. The cards are normal in appearance. They ARE prepared, making the final results possible, but you would not know they are prepared from looking at them.

The spectator is given a packet of about 12-13 cards and asks to select one. The spectator mixes the cards. The remainder of the deck is divided into three more packets.. and a second packet is mixed into the spectators packet both face up and face down. The two packet mix is spread on the table, showing both sides and showing a fair mix of up and down cards. The third packet.. and then the last packet.. are mixed up and down into the spectator’s packet. You can’t get more fair.

With a bit of magic and flair.. you spread the deck on the table… and show every card face up except one.. the card selected by the spectator. If you followed Jim’s instructions on the video, there is no need to show the deck at this point. The spectator has clearly seen both sides of the deck on at least two ocassions. I recommend going to the link at the bottom and watching a video to get an idea of the fairness of Invisible Triumph..

Two versions are taught in the instructions; a version using a forced card, and a second version using a card mentally selected by the spectator. The second version is totally impromptu, but the first version is perhaps a bit stronger, in my opinion. I recommend INVISIBLE TRIUMPH  to anyone who enjoys the Triumph premise and wants a super easy method of entertaining your audience.

You can buy the gimmicked deck and instructions from dealers who carry the Murphy’s Magic line of products. Cost.. $ 30.00

Reviewed by: Rick Carruth

Bob Solari’s Psychic Card Paddle – A Review

Bob Solari’s Psychic Card Paddle – A Review

Psychic Card Paddle

I like pocket tricks. I particularly like pocket tricks if they are actually worthy of a place in my pocket. Bob Solari’s new PSYCHIC CARD PADDLE aptly fills the bill.

Now, I don’t carry traditional paddle tricks.. they didn’t appeal to me, although I have carried Hot Rods from time to time. I like the basic paddle move, and feel it’s one of the more deceptive moves in magic. When performed with skill.. it kills. That said, I’ve seen too many paddle tricks in kids magic kits to risk it.

When Bob Solari contacted me about Psychic Card Paddle, I was intrigued because I know Bob, I know how he thinks, and I knew it had to be something outside the norm. When I actually received my paddle I was still intrigued because it veered away from the traditional use and employed a card trick.. of sorts. Most of you are familiar with the Princess Card Trick I’m sure. The spectator views a layout of six playing cards… thinks of one.. and after pressing a button or flipping a page, the thought-of card has vanished. Psychic Card Paddle uses the same principle, placing images of six small cards on one side of the paddle. After the magi shows ‘both’ sides of the paddle, he asks the spectator to privately think of one card. After appropriate patter, the magi shows the paddle again, both sides, and the selected card has vanished.

I can think of a number of possibilities for Psychic Card Paddle. It can be used as a stand-alone effect, it can be used as a magic prop to help the magician achieve an end, or it can be used as a tool in conjunction with a card effect. Because of its unique nature, you’re open to a gaggle of possibilities.

Most of all… it can be used as a Psychic Card Trick. Just perform it as Bob intended, and you’ll fool the heck out of your audience. I really like that it can be performed for adults and kids alike. I know kids have a problem with playing cards sometimes.. but all you need to do is tell them what you WANT them to do. They don’t have to name the card, so the pressure is off.

Psychic Card Trick is a new product in conjunction with Trickmaster, and comes complete with everything you need to perform it out the package. Careful instructions and illustrations, not only of the use of the paddle, but of the paddle move itself are included.

I can’t resist mentioning Bob was a staple in the New Jersey magic community and operated his shop and mail order business successfully for years. He recently moved to sunny Myrtle Beach, SC.. I’m sure in part to get away from the harsh winter weather. As I write this.. Myrtle Beach is preparing for a major winter storm… snow, sleet, ice and very cold temps. I’m sure Bob will be teaching the southern boys how to drive in it… and working on another cool magic effect.

I recommend Psychic Card Paddle to all my friends and gracious readers. It’s so easy to perform and makes even skilled magicians say.. ” let me see that..! “….

The cost ? $14.95
The site…

Reviewed by.. Rick Carruth

Johnny Fox, Sword-Swallowing Showman, Dies at 64

Johnny Fox, a showman with a taste for the macabre and an appetite for swords, died on Sunday in Damascus, Md. He was 64.

The cause was liver cancer, said Marc Hartzman, who included Mr. Fox in his book “American Sideshow: An Encyclopedia of History’s Most Wondrous and Curiously Strange Performers,” published in 2005.
Though Mr. Fox’s array of talents included sleight of hand and hammering a spike into his nose, he was best known for sword swallowing, a skill he displayed all over the country.
His cancer was diagnosed early this year, but he was performing as recently as October at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, where he had been a regular for 37 years.
From 1999 to 2005, Mr. Fox also ran the Freakatorium, El Museo Loco, a small museum on New York’s Lower East Side that harbored artifacts including clothing worn by Tom Thumb, the P. T. Barnum performer; a mummified cat said to be from an Egyptian tomb; and a glass eye that supposedly belonged to Sammy Davis Jr.  Read more…. 

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