A Special Notice for Roadshow Readers..

My friend, Paul Lelekis, and I crossed paths this week, and I failed to get the following in the last Roadshow. My bad..  He is running a very special sale of ALL 48 of his ebooks on LYBRARY.. Here’s the text.. From Paul…. “I had an Ad the first week in Feb. through Lybrary.com, featuring

Magic Roadshow #191

MAGIC ROADSHOW #191  –   January 2018 Yes.. I’m back. If you read my last email, you know how and why. My goal to get to 200 issues took a sour turn.. and then corrected course.. and here we are. Two things.. First, I want to thank our friend Werner Miller for compiling page after page

Quidnunc Plus – A Review

Quidnunc Plus – Paul Gordon Paul Gordon’s latest release is a two DVD set titled.. QUIDNUNC PLUS. Many of you know Paul from some of his past works, including The Gold Dust Trilogy, Quidnunc and Article 52. DVDs include Live In Action, Gold Dust Live 3-DVD set and Quidnunc Plus 2-DVD set. Plus, lecture downloads