Derek DelGaudio’s Genre-Bending Magic Show

By Sam Schube Photo by Matteo Mobilio Derek DelGaudio is, technically speaking, one of the best magicians in the world. But he’s spent the last few years putting on a mind-blowing stage show that’s equal parts conceptual art and social experiment. Here, with a little help from fan Stephen Colbert, director Frank Oz, and collaborator

North Korea’s Mysterious Magic Industry

Now you see it… From  ” The Diplomat”.. By Tae-jun Kang In April’s inter-Korean summit, North Korea indulged South Korean people with a somewhat bizarre display: a magic trick. The North Korean magician, who performed at the dinner venue after the summit, reportedly received a big welcome and loud applause when he demonstrated his skill by changing a 50,000 South

The Timeless Project – A Review

The Timeless Project Russ Stevens, Bill Thompson & Gary Jones The Timeless Project is a very sophisticated multi-effect deck(s) that takes card magic to a higher level. First.. let’s read the creator’s ad copy, then, we’ll go from there. “Welcome to The Timeless Project featuring five amazing routines utilizing the hidden secrets of the RSVP