Dynamo vs David Blaine: Who is Street Magic’s Undisputed King of the Kerb?

David Blaine or Dynamo? Who deserves the title of “undisputed street magic king?” Marijke Cox and Chris Britcher write a very nice article for yourcanterbury.co.uk, exploring the differences.. and similarities.

 "When it comes to street magic, there can only be two contenders in most people’s mind – young Bradford star Dynamo and America’s finest David Blaine. But who is King of the Cards?

It’s a debate which rages in homes and offices…so we thought we’d put the two head-to-head – with supporters of both men putting forward their case.“

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Hugh Jackman withdraws from Houdini Broadway musical

CBS News Canada is reporting that Hugh Jackman has withdrawn from the role of Houdini in the Broadway musical.. To quote…

Hugh Jackman is pulling a disappearing act, with the star of stage and screen withdrawing from the lead role in the upcoming Broadway musical Houdini.

The actor, best known for major Hollywood films such as the X-Men series and Les Misérables as well as for his theatre performances (The Boy from Oz, A Steady Rain, Hugh Jackman: Back on Broadway), cited a busy schedule as the reason for his withdrawal..


MERRY CHRISTMAS Folks! Just in case I don’t get to post before Wednesday, here’s wishing you all the eggnog you can drink, all the candy canes you can eat, and all the presents you can possibly open. I choose these two pictures because we used to decorate with holly, as we had a huge holly tree in the field behind our house. And the wife and I were recently in Rockefeller Center, and I took a couple of pictures from roughly the same spot this photo was taken. We have always wanted to spend Christmas in New York.. but it won’t happen this year. We WILL enjoy Christmas in the comfort of our home though, minutes from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Spartanburg SC. Wherever you may be, may Santa find you and Bless you…

Rick & Carolyn Carruth

Raleigh Housing Authority Head Uses Comp Time to Support Magic Hobby

The newsobserver.com is running an article that seems to make fun of magic – and one of it’s foremost practitioners. Steve Beam is the director of the Raleigh Housing Authority, and if you are familiar with card magic, one of the leading writers/performers/lecturers in our craft.

I have met Steve a number of times, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is highly competent in whatever he pursues – professionally or recreationally. I also thoroughly understand politics and the elected officials who give politics a good name. You do not hold a position the length of time Steve has held his unless you are capable of making a number of these ‘officials’ happy, year after year.     

 I would encourage you to read the article – and then comment, assuming you know Steve Beam, the quality of his work, or his standing as a business professional.


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