The Illusionists Extravaganza Proves a Tricky Business

Nice article by Stephanie Bunbury for the Sidney Morning Herald about the upcoming performance by the Illusionists..

“How on earth did they do that? It is the immediate response to a decent magic  trick – be it a fiddle with some cards or British hypnotist Derren Brown’s  magic-whispering some upright citizens into staging an armed robbery – but it is  the question no magician will answer. How you saw a lady in half, how you make a  motorbike disappear in a blast of firecrackers …   silence on these matters is  part of the craft. The thrill of magic, according to the fraternity, lies in its  impenetrability.”

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Penn and Teller have a lot on their plate..

Mike Weatherford
Las Vegas Review-Journal

“It’s that time of year when it’s starting to be more interesting to talk about what could happen next year, including a super-team of magicians, a Teller-directed “Tempest” and a more-like-the-movie “Spider-man.”

Penn and Teller were off to Los Angeles Tuesday to film their third TV pilot of the year. The only details volunteered were that it’s a magic competition that could involve other local performers.” Read more…..

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