A New Magic Roadshow – Journal of Magic.. Free to Read

Magic Roadshow 171 IN THIS ISSUE: Paul Lelekis brings his ‘A’ game with ‘The Three Ace Trick’. You’ll love it.. ‘Double Vision –  An Impromptu Effect’ has re-emerged from the depths of our Archives.. Werner Miller’s Trick#9 in ‘Tricks Without Names’ is maybe my most favorite.. I’ve reviewed Solari’s Miser Miracle, my favorite version of

A New Magic Roadshow..

A new issue of the Magic Roadshow Journal of Magic has published. For those of you who don’t know, this ‘little’ newsletter is the largest free newsletter in all of magic. This issue is 28 pages and 10,000 words long. Here’s the table of content… – FINDING EEYORE  – Propless mentalism by Mick Ayres– Flipper