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Happy New Year !!  MagicNews.org, StreetMagic.info, and MagicRoadshow.com all wish you a very prosperous and exciting new year. Thank You for your continued support of MAGIC NEWS… Our New Years resolution is to publish every magic related story.. and publish it First. There is nothing auto-published on Magic News.. Every story is hand selected, hand published, and carefully edited for your enjoyment. What do we ask in return? Simply enjoy it.. and pass our site along to other magicians you feel may enjoy our content.  If you would like to link with, or advertise on, Magic News.. contact me at Rick@MagicRoadshow.com  

Best Wishes..    Rick Carruth 

MERRY CHRISTMAS Folks! Just in case I don’t get to post before Wednesday, here’s wishing you all the eggnog you can drink, all the candy canes you can eat, and all the presents you can possibly open. I choose these two pictures because we used to decorate with holly, as we had a huge holly tree in the field behind our house. And the wife and I were recently in Rockefeller Center, and I took a couple of pictures from roughly the same spot this photo was taken. We have always wanted to spend Christmas in New York.. but it won’t happen this year. We WILL enjoy Christmas in the comfort of our home though, minutes from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Spartanburg SC. Wherever you may be, may Santa find you and Bless you…

Rick & Carolyn Carruth

Thanks for the Support..

Despite being a brand new site, we have just earned our first badge from tumblr… Congrats to MAGIC NEWS ! I’ve had some nice articles to report on, and they are not just US related magic. I’ve posted magic stories from Australia and Great Britain as well…. Hey, I’m not going to discriminate. Magic new is magic news…