Lectures Around the World

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06/09/18 Nick Lewin Lecture, Jasper Theater at Magic, Inc., Chicago, IL

06/14/18 Chris Capehart Lecture, Denny & Lee Magic Studio, Rosedale, MD

06/19/18 Jason Ladanye Lecture, Houston Magic Club, Local 51 Meeting Hall, North Freeway, Houston, TX

06/19/18 R. Paul Wilson – Ask Me Anything, Tannen’s Magic, New York City, NY

06/21/18 Tom Dobrowolski Lecture, Magic Masters of Chicago, Social room – Tinley Park United Methodist Church, Tinley Park, IL

06/23/18 Paul Vigil Lecture and Workshop, International Magic Shop, Casa Italiana (2nd Floor), London, UK

06/27/18 David London Lecture, Midwest Magic, Franklin Park, IL

06/30/18 Shin Lim Lecture, Fantasma Magic, New York City, NY

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