Latest Magic Roadshow

Latest Magic Roadshow

Late Summer 2021

Hello All

Welcome to a new issue of the Magic Roadshow. This is Special Issue #9.. or actually Issue #209.. depending on how you look at it. I quit publishing at issue 200.. but, because I have a magic bug of my own, I didn’t want to quit altogether. So.. I continued to publish, but called each subequent issue “Special Issue # whatever”. I should just call this #209 and be done with the silliness ..

This has been another unusual summer. Covid still reigns supreme.. and it feels like walking on egg shells. Some days I don’t feel motivated to go out, and I think that carries over to my Roadshow endeavors. Maybe that’s why I’m a little late this time. Sounds like as good an excuse as any..

After computer problems in early July, I decided it was time to get all my magic stuff together, online, in one secure place. I’ve always had a fear of losing everything to some nefarious virus. Being the brilliant computerist I am.. I decided to move everything from my desktop to ONEDRIVE in my quick access bar.. assuming that would put everything in a safe ‘cloud’ location. Five days and over one terabyte later, I was finished.. only to realize I had simply moved everything from one partition on my laptop.. to another partition on my laptop. That’s five days I’ll never get back. A wiser soul advised me I needed to create a OneDrive account online to move everything into the cloud. That involved five MORE days of endless transfers. Afterwards, I spent another two days downloading everything onto an external hard drive.. just for good measure. Now, I only have about 300 gigs of odds and ends on my desktop.. and I’ll be good to go.!!

I’ve published several mathemagical effects in this issue. Thought I’d go ahead and throw that out there so half of you can turn and run. Don’t… Magic is magic, and mathemagic is simply another method of getting from point A to point B. I understand the difficulty some have with calculating in your head. It doesn’t happen as easily for some as it does others. I have a mind for numbers and appreciate their use in magic moreso than others. On the flip side of the coin.. I couldn’t read simple Dick and Jane books when I was young. My first grade teacher threatened to ‘hold me back’ a year because I was so far behind my classmates. I could physically see the words.. but I couldn’t ‘see’ the words in a way that made sense. Finally, midway through the second grade, in a period of about a week and a half, everything came into focus.. and I began to understand and associate ‘what’ I was seeing with what the writing represented. By the end of the second grade, I was above average on my reading skills.. and I’ve never looked back. Bottom line… Don’t give up. Don’t say ‘I can’t do math’. I suspect everything you need to know is bouncing around in your noggin’ somewhere. Find it…

If you’ve watched GAME OF THRONES, you’re familiar with the amazing actor Peter Dinklage.. who played Tyrion Lannister on the HBO series. Peter addressed Bennington College’s Class of 2012, and gave a memorable speech.. full of humor and truths. Definitely worth your time..

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** Issues are always available as a PDF.. for those who like to save it and read it offline.. or print it out. This issue is 68 pages and 13,200 words.



Comedy Reveal – A Psychic Mathemagical Effect
Strike Three – An Effect – Paul Lelekis
Sunlight In A Silent World of Magic – An Effect and a Special Offer
Lucky 13 Spelling (Ace to King) Card Trick – Effect
Pseudo Gilbreath Principle – A Complicated Sounding, but Very Simple, Effect..
Calendar Cards – A Set-Up for a Reveal
Read Your Mind.. A Polite Diversion
Public Domain Magic Books – Over 300 FREE Downloads
Jay Sankey Teaches 6 Secrets of Coin Bending – Video Tutorial
How Entertainers Get a Residency on Las Vegas Strip (w/ Banachek)
Dan Harlan – Lengthy Interview at Talk Magic
Penguin Magic Podcast – A Discussion feat Mac King and Roberto Gobbi
Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic – Article – By Todd Jones
Houdini Found Footage – Amazing New Discovery – Video
BRAIN GAMES 1 & 2 – Harvey Raft – A Review
The Vault – Boneless by Sultan Orazaly – A Review
The Vault – Presage by Ethan Zack & Michael Blau – A Review
Moon Mission ESP Test
The Vault – The Ogawa Opener by Shoot Ogawa A Review
The Vault – Illusory by Ziv – A Review
The Vault – Juxtaposition by Devonte – A Review
The Vault – Ambitious Aces by Chris Wood – A Review
Appearing Business Cards (Celebrity Pack) by Sam Gherman – A Review
The Case of the Missing Hare – Bugs Bunny & Ala Bahma
Harmonica Man – A Short Movie
Sign Up for eJury – Resource
Magic Video Tutorials: Hundreds of hand-picked magic tutorial videos..


“Glory lies in the attempt to reach one’s goal and not in reaching it” — Gandhi

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing” — Walt Disney

“You know what they say about men with big feet and big fingers… they make great clowns.” Unk.

“The Constitution is not a document for the government to restrain the people.. but a document for the people to restrain the government.” Patrick Henry



Comedy Reveal – A Psychic Mathemagical Effect

This is a quick and potentially funny reveal, if you work it right..

Begin with a dry erase board or writing tablet with the number ‘3367’ written on it. Again, be creative. You could begin with a deck with a 3, 3, 6, and 7 on top. Perform a few false shuffles or actually shuffle the deck but maintain the top four cards. Then, deal off the top four cards and ask a spectator to write the four numbers down as one on your board/pad. Call them out as you turn them over… ” Three, Three, Six, and Seven “. It doesn’t matter how you get the number on the board… just get ’em there!

Ask your spectator to think of a number between 1 and 9. Have them take your trusty calculator and multiply it by ’33’. Always by 33…

Have them, without revealing their original selection to you, write their total -beneath- the 3367 that you (1) dealt at random off the deck, or.. (2) selected using psychic powers on the drive over.. or.. you get it.

Now, have them multiply 3367 x their sum..

For example.. They picked ‘5’.

5 x 33 = 165
3367 x 165

It doesn’t matter whether they do the math or you do the math with their help… tell them that you are going to use the sum of 3367 x 165 to help you divine their original chosen number. Promise not to cheat. Reveal how it took you months of diligent practice to be able to properly ‘read’ the sum of 3367 x 165 and determine their selected number. Tell them that one day you might write a book revealing your ‘secret’…

Without trying to format the math in this newsletter, I can tell you this.. 3367
x 165 = 555555

When the numbers are added and ‘555555’ begins to appear, let the moment
sink in.. Remember, this is about the comedy and the entertainment. Regardless of what number they pick, the total will match their number – several times over.. Try it and see…

** Rick Carruth is NOT the creator of this effect.. and Rick Carruth does NOT remember where he first saw it published. He felt like that, in itself, was NOT a good enough reason to not share it with you guys and ladies. If you know where it was first published, a hint would be appreciated!.. (Yes, I’m aware everyone always says ‘Martin Gardner’.. but maybe this is the exception.)


Strike Three – An Effect
Paul Lelekis

A selection is lost into the deck. The spectator tries to find it and fails…strike one.

The performer removes a few cards to “help out” the spectator…but still no selection. Strike two!

The spectator names any card and the magician helps out the spectator by finding the card…using magic. You can use any deck, and there is no set-up…and this effect is very,
very perplexing!

METHOD: Use any deck to have a card freely selected. Let’s say it is the Queen of Hearts. There are two powerful ‘sleights’ used.

PHASE 1: Control the selection
Have the selection returned to the deck, and then control it to the bottom. I use either a Classic or Jiggle Pass, or use Marlo’s Convincing Control or his Prayer Cull. If you wish, you can just undercut it to the bottom.

NOTE: I do encourage the Pass or the Convincing Control because it will add an extra bit of impossibility to the outcome. OK…by whatever means you use, the selection (QH) is now, secretly, on the bottom of the deck.

Give the deck one good tabled riffle shuffle, keeping the selection on the bottom of the deck, and then, square the deck up.

Pick the deck up and spread the cards, sort of ‘steering’ her to touch the back of a card, somewhere near the middle of the deck. In this way she won’t be inclined to touch the bottom card or top card of the deck, which will happen every now and then. When she ‘touches’ the back of a card, you will now be justified in turning the card, face-up, by using the Business Card Prophesy Move, as follows, below:

What happens first, is that your spectator will ‘touch any card’, from the face-down, spread out, deck. You then out-jog that ‘touched card’ so that it sticks about half-way out of the deck, keeping the deck spread.

Your next motivation will be to turn the ‘touched card’, face-up, and leave it out-jogged, on top of the left-hand packet as follows:

The right hand and the upper half of the deck (NOT including the touched card!), separates from the deck and turns, palm down.

Next grasp the out-jogged part of the card with your right thumb at the bottom of the right-hand packet, and then turn your right hand, palm up, with the selected card under your thumb – the touched card is now face-up, on top of the face-down right hand packet, and out-jogged.

Immediately place left-hand packet on top of the right-hand packet, which leaves the “touched card”, face-up and out-jogged from the middle of the deck…actually the two halves of the deck have been switched. This switch of the upper and lower halves is very deceptive.

Reality Check: The spectators will believe that the face-up card is back in place and the deck is now ‘status quo’. Actually the top and bottom halves of the deck have been switched. The spectator’s selection, the Queen of Hearts, is face-down, directly above the out-jogged, face-up card. As soon as your right hand turns palm up, the left hand then places its half on top of the right-hand half, thus trapping the “touched card”, face up in the middle of the deck.

The top and bottom packets have now been switched with the ‘touched card’, face-up in the middle of the deck. The selection, QH, will now, secretly, be just above the face-up card.

Ask the spectator, “Is that your card?” She will say “No!” Then you say, “Oh, sorry but that’s Strike One!” in a kidding manner.

Remark to your spectator that, “You’ll notice that I’m making YOU responsible for the mistakes so that I don’t look bad!” Keep up the ‘accusatory nature’ of ‘helping out’ the failing spectator – this can be a lot of fun…but just make it light-hearted.

“Here…let me help you out…I really want you to succeed.”

PHASE 3: Removing 9 cards, including the selection.
In response to the last line of patter (above), quickly (in your head), count off three face-down cards directly above the out-jogged, face-up card and then count off (again in your head!) five face-down cards, directly below the out-jogged card. The selection (QH) will be third from top of the packet.

You now hold a 9-card packet with a face-up card in the middle – the face-up card will be the fourth card from the top of the 9-card packet. Don’t reveal how many cards you are removing above and below the “incorrect selection”…it’s none of their business!

PHASE 4: Showing “all” of the packet cards to the spectator “I really want you to succeed, so I will show you each card of this packet, and you let me know if your selection is in here, OK?”

You will now do something sneaky!

The fourth card from the top of the packet is still face-up…so turn it face-down, insert it back exactly where it came from, and get a left pinkie break below that card. You now hold a pinkie break beneath the top four cards. But this isn’t the sneaky part.

“I’m going to show you each one of these cards to see if your selection is amongst them.”

Don’t mention the number of cards in the packet – at all! Hold the packet in dealer’s grip in your left hand. The next procedure you will perform at a fairly quick pace. Just before your start, you will ask, “You DO remember your card, right?”

The reason for the above inquiry is to make SURE she remembers her card! Spectators WILL forget cards sometimes if you don’t remind them. Proceed by first picking up the top card, with your right hand in Biddle Grip, and show the face of the card to the spectator, as you say “Is this your card?”

She will say “No!” Next, immediately pick up the second card, adding it to the face of the first card and then showing it to the spectator. Again ask, “Is this your card?” Again she will say “No”. When you go to pick up card number “three”, it will be a double, hiding her selection, the Queen of Hearts.

Add this double to the face of the other two cards in the right hand, and hold them up to show the spectator as you again ask if it is her card. Keep this ‘card-showing’ at a brisk pace. Then proceed to show the next five cards in the same manner (grasping each in right hand Biddle Grip), one at a time, asking if each one is her card…she will say “No!”

Say to the spectator. “None of these cards is your selection, Ma’am?! Ooooh – you’re doing really badly…that’s STRIKE TWO!”

Of course, say this jovially and everyone present will giggle because you’ve just accused the spectator of screwing up when YOU are the one who “screwed up”!

PHASE 5: Steinmeyer’s Nine Card Principle
You will now have 9 cards, with the selection (QH third from the top) in perfect position for Steinmeyer’s 9-Card Principle. I love this sleight (if I may even call it that), because it is so very, very deceptive.

I have been performing this 9-Card principle for a number of different effects over the years, and it never fails to amaze people. Instead of me trying to explain how this principle works, let me just say that you just need to have 9 cards in your hands, with the selection being THIRD from the top of the face-down packet.

Brief explanation of the 9-Card Principle:
If you hold 9 cards in your hands with the selection, 3 rd from the top of the face-down packet, this procedure will always work. Ask the spectator to name ANY card in the deck, even their selection, it makes no difference which card – and then spell that card out as follows:

Let’s say the spectator calls out the Five of Spades. From the top of the packet, spell out F-I-V-E, dealing down one card per letter, onto the table. In other words, you will deal down four cards into a pile. Place the rest of the cards in your hand on top of those four cards and pick up the assembled pile of cards.

Next, count down two cards onto the table for the word “of” – in other words, deal down two cards, O-F. (You will always deal down two cards for the word “of” no matter what card is called by the spectator.)

Place the cards in your hands on top of the two tabled cards, and then pick up the assembled packet into your hands. Repeat the counting procedure for the suit of the card.

In the above example, I use the Spades – S-P-A-D-E-S. Count off six cards onto the table, one for each letter of the word, SPADES as you spell out loud. Place the cards in your hands on top of the 6 tabled cards and pick all the cards up.

NOTE: When counting the suit, whether it is Clubs, Hearts, Spades, or Diamonds, ALWAYS include the “S” at the end of each suit. You now have all 9 cards in your hands, and the selection (here, the Queen of Hearts), will now always be five cards down from the top…no
matter what card was spelled out.

PHASE 6: Finale
Say, “OK – you’ve spelled out any card that you wished – and now I will help you find the card by using MAGIC!”

At this point, spell out the word M-A-G-I-C, one card at a time onto the table, and place the fifth card (at the letter “C”), aside from the rest of the cards, and ask “What was your card?”

She will respond, “The Queen of Hearts” and turn that card, face-up, to show her selection – watch their jaws drop!

Final Thoughts: A selection is controlled to the bottom of the deck. You can control it anyway you wish. Why? Because spectators, (especially those who know just enough magic to be a real pain), will be ‘looking for’ a control to the top of the deck. A quick overhand shuffle (retaining the selection of the bottom) will be a real ‘throw-off’ to the over-engaging spectator.

Extra Thought: This trick is fun and “quirky”, but do not underestimate the effect it will have on the spectators. I present it as a “matter-of-fact” effect, without putting much emphasis on the performer! Instead I make the spectator the hero and take all
emphasis off of myself…trust me…the spectators will know!

Paul’s magic has been featured in many periodicals and magic newsletters around the world. Paul has been honored with seven One-Man Parades in the Linking Ring magazine, 3 Mini-Parades, and he wrote and conducted a Ring Parade for ring 42 in Clearwater…and at the time, ring 42 was the third largest ring in the world with often 200 members in attendance. View all 67 ebooks at:


Sunlight In A Silent World of Magic – An Effect and a Special Offer

My friend, Dr. Simon J. Carmel, of West Palm Beach, Florida, is totally deaf.. and has been since birth. He has also been a part-time professional magician since the age of seven. Simon has performed magic shows to both deaf and hearing audiences across the U.S. and in some European countries including the Ukraine and Russia for years. Not surprisingly.. he also presents magic workshops and lectures. I published a section in the Roadshow many years ago about ‘magic for the blind’, and how they go about performing.. and being performed for.. But, I have failed to write about magic for the deaf. Fortunately, we have folks like Simon who devoted a portion of their life to the hearing impaired.

Dr. Carmel and I share a love of mathemagic. He is the inspiration behind my math-related effects in this issue. Unlike Simon, I have NOT lectured at colleges about the power and entertainment of math. He is both a highly recognized Mathemagician and Lecturer, President of the Sam Schwarz S.A.M. Assembly #274-Boca Raton, Florida.. and Retired Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Rochester Institute of Technology, NY.

Dr. Carmel was general-secretary (1990-2014) of the Society of World Deaf Magicians, established in 1990, and 17 World Deaf Magicians Festivals, held biennially and hosted in different countries around the globe since 1986 (started in Leipzig, East Germany). This is a perfect example of both the love and appreciation of magic by very diverse groups around the world.

I would guess many of you would be surprised to know there is a monthly zoom magic meeting with international deaf magicians, sponsored by the Society of World Deaf Magicians, who communicate via International Sign Language, since there are many different national sign languages of deaf people around the globe.

What isn’t surprising is Dr. Carmel wrote and published three books — Silent Magic (2008); Invisible Magic (2013); and Out of the Magic Cloak (2019). (See attached descriptions below) Simon says..

“I am currently writing a fourth book on 40 more deaf conjurers from 17 nations and hope to publish it by the end of this year. To this date there are 240 Deaf Magicians from 43 countries in the period of 1860 to 2021. Above all, deaf magicians have been forgotten, neglected or overlooked in the history of magic in the past centuries until then.”

“In particular, in my third book–“Out of the Magic Cloak” I mentioned that Harry Houdini knew both the British Two-Handed Alphabet and the American One-Handed Alphabet and had met British, Scottish and American deaf magicians between 1900 and 1920. He wrote his diary that he had presented his performance before 700 British deaf audience members in Leeds, England on March 12, 1920 and used the British hand alphabet to communicate to his audience…”

Below is an effect Simon agreed to share with Roadshow readers. It is a perfect example of a simple mathematical effect that can stymie a spectator. Let the spectator randomly select thirteen cards from a mixed deck.. then perform a ‘packet switch’, which is considerably easier than a deck switch, and measure the length of the smile on your spectator’s face…

Description of Simon’s three published books.. and a very SPECIAL offer for Roadshow readers…

(Dr. Carmel’s personal email address. )


Lucky 13 Spelling (Ace to King) Card Trick

Effect: This wonderful trick requires the thirteen cards to assist spelling from Ace to King cards in subsequence.

Remove the thirteen (13) cards from ACE through KING Cards from the deck, regardless of their suits.
Arrange the 13 Cards in this order from the top card down to the bottom card and put them in a pile:

Top to Bottom: 5-9-10-K-J-2-4-6-Q-A-7-8-3

Then, place the pile on the top of the deck and put it inside the deck box.

Procedure: Take out the cards out of the deck box and show all the different cards face up.
(You may want to falsely shuffle the cards but remember to keep only 13 cards on the top of the deck.)

Turn the deck over and count (deal) the top 13 Cards face down, one at a time, into a pile on the table. Put the remainder of the deck inside the deck box. Pick up the pile of 13 dealt cards.

1. Holding the 13 Cards face down, spell out “A-C-E,” moving one card from the top of the pile to the bottom of the pile for each letter on your hand. Turn over the next card to reveal the Ace.

Place the Ace Card face up on the table.

2. Next, spell out “T-W-0,” again moving one card from the top of the pile to the bottom for
each letter. Turn over the next card that is the Two. Place it next to the Ace Card in a row.

3. Next, spell out “T-H-R-E-E,” again moving one card from the top of the pile to the bottom for each letter. Turn over the next card revealing the Three. Place it next to the Two in a row.

4. Continue this procedure, spell out the cards in order from Ace to King and place them in a row on the table: A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K as the conclusion of the card trick.

HINT: Memorize at ease the order of the 13 cards: 5—910–KJ—246—QA—783
For example, 5 next to five groups of cards; 9 & 10; Reverse J-K; Even order of 246; QA as Reverse J-K; Even order of 246; QA as “Question & Answer”; 7 8 & 3. Otherwise, carry a business card with these numbers printed on the back.

Virtual Card Trick Method:

1. Ask a spectator to gather 13 cards from Ace to King Cards from the deck, regardless of
their suits.

2. Next, ask her/him to pick up and arrange the order of the cards from the top to the
bottom: 5-9-10-K-J-2-4-6-Q-A-7-8-3

3. Put the cards together on the hand.

3. Count/Deal these cards to make sure that “They are 13 Cards.”

4. Perform the same “Lucky 13 Spelling” procedure from “Ace” to “King.”



Pseudo Gilbreath Principle – A Complicated Sounding, but Very Simple, Effect..

For those of us who love mathematical magic, here is a beautiful effect that you can do anywhere, anytime, with any deck. All you need is to be sober and able to do a little simple subtraction.

With your back turned… ask Scott to write down a four digit number, any number. Now, ask Scott to add together the four digits and subtract them from the original four digit number. Example: Scott writes down 3941. He adds 3+9+4+1 = 17. Scott subtracts 17 from 3941 and arrives at 3924. Have Scott look through the deck and find four cards who’s numerical value equals his total. Also, ask him to make sure the suit of each card is different from the other three. So, Scott finds a Three of Hearts , a Nine of Spades, a Two of Clubs, and a Four of Diamonds.

Ask Scott to secretly remove one of the four cards and put it in his pocket. He can lay the other three face up on the table as you have no way of knowing the fourth card… or do you?

Looking at the three cards, you will immediately know the suit. Assuming Scott put the Nine of Spades in his pocket, it’s obvious the Spade card is missing from the table.

Remember three key numbers… 18, 27, and 36.

Mentally add together the total of the cards on the table. In this case it’s a 3, a 2, and a 4. So, 3+2+4 = 9. Subtract your answer from whichever of the three key numbers is immediately higher than your total. In our example, 9 from 18 equals 9. Sound familiar?

Nine is the number in Scott’s pocket. A Nine of Spades – to be exact.

If the three cards had totaled say.. 22, then you would have subtracted 22 from 27, and the card in the pocket would have been a Five.

Don’t ask me why it works… it just does. OK… I cannot find the creator of this effect.. but I have no doubt it is in the public domain.


Calendar Cards – A Set-Up for a Reveal

I love to read through children’s magic books and find various effects that have a place in the ‘adult’ world. By using a little imagination, and a tad of creativity, there are many ways to turn simple effects into foolers. This is a good example. Decide your patter and method of reveal.. and this method is a good way to get you there..

First, have a spectator select a card at random, any card, and secretly get this card to the top of the deck using your favorite method. Tell the spectator there is a little known secret among certain magicians called the ‘calendar effect’, whereas a series of questions related to the calendar will reveal their selected card.

With their card on top of the face-down deck, ask the spectator how many weeks are in a year? When they answer ’52’… deal five cards face down on the table and then two cards face down on top of the five. Pick up all seven cards as one and drop them back on top of the deck.

Next, ask how many months are in a year? Most folks will reply ’12’, and you then deal twelve cards face down on the table. As before, pick up all twelve and put them back on top of the deck as one.

“How many days are in a week?” When they answer ‘7’, repeat the process of dealing seven cards face down and then replacing them on top of the deck.

“And lastly, how many parts do we divide the day into..?” The answer is ‘2’ – AM and PM. Deal two cards face down and replace them on the deck as before. At this point, the spectators card is back on top of the deck. You can now reveal it any way you wish…

A second method is having a spectator select a card at random from the deck. Have them replace it on top of the deck… Ask the spectator to cut the deck several times.

Now, before the effect started, you placed a ‘short card’ on the bottom. My favorite short card is a Joker I’ve trimmed. It preserves the integrity of the rest of the deck.. and lets me bring it into play if the situation calls for it. Otherwise, it stays in the case.

When the spectator cuts the deck, he pairs the short card with his card.. and makes it super easy for me to cut to the Joker, knowing his card is now the second card in the deck, directly beneath the Joker.. After the deck is cut, I cut it a couple of times.. bringing the Joker to the top.

Now, go through the Calendar routine. After you count out seven cards for the seven days of the week and replace them on top of the deck.. the spectator’s card is now on top. You do NOT have to perform the AM/PM thingy. This is where YOU perform your kicker ending. Don’t just reveal the specs card on top. Again.. be creative.

Rick Carruth



Read Your Mind.. A Polite Diversion

I first saw this on the web maybe fifteen years ago.. or so. It kicked my butt then, and still does. This is a super quick little ditty and doesn’t involve any complicated math.

Think of a two digit number. Don’t say it aloud.
Add the two digits together.
Subtract your total from your ORIGINAL number.
Go to the link, click it, and spot the image that matches your number.. then click the designated link at the top of the page.

Ex. Thought of 44.. Add 4+4 (8)… Subtract 8 from 44 (36).. Go to the link below and spot the image that corresponds with 36. DO NOT place your cursor on the image. DO NOT stare at the image intently.DO NOT say your number aloud or write it down.. Be Cool..
Perform a second and third time to assure yourself the answers are random.
( If you are unable to figure this out.. Paypal me fifty bucks and I will send you a detailed explanation.. Think ‘multiples of 9’.. )



Public Domain Magic Books – Over 300 FREE Downloads

There’s an old saying that says.. If you want to create a new trick.. read an old book. I know for a fact this is true. I have bought many tricks that I was sure involved some new technology.. only to find out the ‘secret’ was derived from a magic publication printed long before most of us were born.

I’ve also discovered a number of publications soliciting new subscribers who promised to send you a dozen or more ‘classics of magic’ in return for your email.

Well.. none of that at the Roadshow…

I have put a new publication together for you guys and ladies with download links to approx. 300 magic standards.. everyone from Houdini to Annemann to Baker to Erdnase to Thurston..

Almost all publications have been scanned into an internet archive and are photos of each book and pages. If you should open a book with double pages.. look for a single page icon on the outer edges and reduce the size to a single page for ease of reading.

You do NOT have to download these books to read them.. and you do NOT have to agree to, or sign up for, anything…

This link will take you directly to the PUBLIC DOMAIN MAGIC page. Open it… and enjoy. You can download and save the entire PDF to your computer for future reference.

Magic in the Public Domain



Jay Sankey Teaches 6 Secrets of Coin Bending – Video Tutorial

The Card Tricks and Magical Mysteries blog found an interesting, recently published, video with various secrets on coin bending. Those of you who enjoy this type effect will appreciate the efforts of Jay Sankey to share some personal thoughts and tips on this powerful effect. Coin bending isn’t for everyone.. but if you do it RIGHT.. it’s so powerful…


How Entertainers Get a Residency on Las Vegas Strip
(w/ Banachek)

Podcast, via Youtube, from JacobslifeinVegas. Banachek explains how he got his residency at the STRAT in Vegas…

“Today we sit down with a mind reader named Banachek who just began his residency performing on the Las Vegas strip on August 4th. The show is called “Banachek’s Mind Games” in the theater at The STRAT Hotel and Casino. Banachek has been a performer for over 30 years and did his first ever show in Las Vegas in the late 80s for a private event. Throughout his career he has performed for many corporations, clubs and college campuses. In this conversation, he shares with us his journey of finally landing a residency in Las Vegas, and the ups and downs that he experienced along the way.”


Dan Harlan – Lengthy Interview at Talk Magic

Craig Petty’s Magic TV recently featured an in-depth interview with one of the wild men of magic – Dan Harlan. Talk Magic #36 highlighted a performer not only known throughout the world for his creations, but also for his immense knowledge of anything magic. This interview is well worth every second of its hour and twenty seven minutes. Watch it.. enjoy it… or I’ll refund every dime you spent for this issue of the Roadshow..

I just spent a Saturday evening with Dan at Scott and Janet Robinson’s wonderful Magic Canvas in Charlotte NC.. Dan has a totally new ‘look’, and is now quite the dapper performer!



Penguin Magic Podcast – A Discussion feat Mac King and Roberto Gobbi

“Mac King is the special guest for our 100th episode! Mac talks about his move to The Excalibur, keeping his show fresh, and his early shows with Lance Burton. Nick Locapo stops by the show to discuss the featured product of the week from Paul Vigil. Before all that, it wouldn’t be a 100th show special without a second incredible magician. The show kicks off with Roberto Giobbi joining Erik for Desert Island Magic Books.”



Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic – Article
By Todd Jones

“Cards and quarters. Distractions and decoys. These are the tools of many magicians. But Joshua Jay is more. He is a storyteller, a mentor, a businessman, a podcaster, a showman, an author, a friend. And, oh yes, a Buckeye…

A woman held the small music box. Round and round she cranked the side handle, creating a song in the gift shop of the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

Joshua Jay glanced over, and the fleeting moment became illuminating. His mind churned with ideas for magic tricks, as it has for more than three decades.

“Magic is the lens through which I see the world,” Jay says. “It’s about looking at things in a way that others may not see them.”

Being open to different avenues of thinking is a central reason his childhood obsession evolved into a profession that has brought him worldwide renown.

It’s also why, despite fame and accolades, he stood in the Getty gift shop on that day in 2019 as a curious observer.

What if …?

He saw more than a little wooden music box. He saw possibilities…”



Houdini Found Footage – Amazing New Discovery – Video

John Cox has created one of the most interesting sites in all magic. It started as a fan site for the amazing Harry Houdini.. and through the years has grown into a masterwork called WILD ABOUT HARRY. There are posts, articles, videos and assorted resources detailing the life of Houdini and all those who associated with, or were influenced by, Harry Houdini.

A short while before the pandemic, two reels of film footage, previously unseen by the public, were discovered in the Sherman Grinberg Film Library in Los Angeles. John was gifted, along with Lance Watsky, with presenting this treasure to the public at a special event at the Magic Castle. Now, John has posted these two reels in video format to his Wild About Harry site. Be one of the first to watch these treasures…

“Hello, my name is John Cox and I’m wild about Harry!

My fascination with Houdini began in late 1975 when I was hit with the double whammy of seeing the 1953 Paramount biopic, HOUDINI, and watching the late great Doug Henning perform Houdini’s Water Torture Cell live on NBC. Who was this amazing Houdini fellow who could escape from anything? The next day I went to the local mall and bought my first two Houdini books; the perennial Houdini on Magic by Walter B. Gibson and William Lindsey Gresham’s biography, Houdini The Man Who Walked Through Walls. I was hooked. Forty plus years later, I am still on a never-ending quest to find out more about the “Master Mystifier”, with a collection of over 500 books and more than 2000 individual items.

In 2018, two remarkable reels of Houdini film footage were discovered in the Sherman Grinberg Film Library in Los Angeles. Last year I had the pleasure of debuting this footage alongside Lance Watsky, Manager of Media Archives & Licensing at Sherman Grinberg, as a special Magic Castle “Behind the Bookcase” event. Those who saw it agreed it was wild stuff!

Today I’m thrilled to finally be able to share this footage with everyone….”

(Thanks to one of my special friends and long-time contributor, David J. O’Connor, for the link..)



BRAIN GAMES 1 & 2 – Harvey Raft – A Review

This is the Ad Copy for Brain Games…

Harvey Raft is an underground mentalist and magician who, after more than forty years as a performer, is finally releasing his unique creations in TWO BOOKS. There are over 60 effects ranging from card magic and mind-reading using non-gaffed cards, as well as his original routines using gaffed decks which, for the first time, you are given access to and able to print your own.

There are also chapters on Change Bag magic and a section of Christmas magic effects.

Book Two is unique in that it comes with access to PDFs of special cards that you can print at your local print shop. These range from decks of cards with Harvey’s original designs for marked cards, or single cards used in novel ways. You will have access to 70 downloads.

The content ranges from self-working effects, math-style magic, non-card magic and themed magic using Movie cards, Zenner cards and more.

Over 400 pages of material – hard cover books.




LOCATION, Location, Location

My Thoughts:

Harvey Raft didn’t find his way to mentalism until later in life. Although he was an experienced performer, he was proficient at house parties and corporate events, performing close up and stage magic. When he was exposed to mentalism about twenty years ago his mind went into overdrive. MIND GAMES is the result of that fateful encounter.

First.. let’s clear the air. The creator of BRAIN GAMES, Harvey Raft, is my friend. Although I have never met Harvey in person, He and I have spoken on the phone on numerous occasions and emailed many times. Harvey is an original thinker, and I have certainly taken advantage of the opportunity to share ideas.

Now.. on to BRAIN GAMES.

When I first received these two books in the mail several months ago I was in the middle of eye surgery and couldn’t read properly. I waited patiently for everything to heal.. knowing Harvey’s books were waiting for me. I’m so glad I finally got to the place where I could properly dive in and give my opinion.

Both books are hard covered and printed on quality stock. It’s obvious Harvey and his cohort, Paul Romhany, (Yes.. THAT Paul Romhany!) decided to go the classy route and
turn BRAIN GAMES into an investment. These are nice, big, easy to read treats that you will pass down to the next generation.

These books are not for everyone. If you have NO interest in mathemagic, and don’t anticipate ever having an interest regardless of the quality of the material.. then I am not going to recommend Brain Games. Although you do NOT have to be a skilled math guy to appreciate Harvey’s effects, it helps if you at least have an interest in effects that are mathematically based.

There are many effects you will perform like a champ but not have a clue how they actually work. And Harvey does NOT bog you down with the technical aspects and calculations that make folks like me feel like a dummy. All you need to know is the effects in BRAIN GAMES simply work. The concentration is on the performance aspect.. and not the intricacy of the math. Trust me…..

Book One is a buffet of effects ranging from magic circles to Christmas magic to psychic effects using stacked decks and a mathematical book test. There isn’t any sleights… although you do need to have enough skill on occasion to quickly operate a calculator as your back is turned. There are a couple of effects utilizing a change bag and several effects that use calendars, birth dates or birth years. You should definitely be able to perform a false shuffle or false cut to work in conjunction with the effects requiring a stack. You will definitely need a dry erase marker and perhaps some laminated blank cards and an inexpensive calculator or two. (Nothing you can’t pick up at an office supply store or the local dollar store.). Personally, I liked the book test and the forcing matrix effects and the magic circle, Harvey’s take on the magic square. Needless to say, everything works if you simply follow directions.

Book Two is definitely the more ‘mental’ of the two. There are a number of ESP and mental magic type effects. Harvey has long been a very successful utilizer of Zener Cards. A number of his commercial effects put these props to good use, and he brings them back in book two in spades.. with a twist. They have an inherent strength with the public, who sees them as simultaneously mysterious and somewhat ‘safer’ than playing cards. Harvey calls the cards used in some of these effects ‘ESP Cards’, and they are similar to Zener cards.. except they consist of four symbols instead of five.
Book two includes numerous effects with several different type cards. Paul Romhany has a special page at Murphy’s Magic that allows anyone purchasing Brain Games to access pages upon pages of special material. This includes templates for all the special decks used, calendars and any other material not commonly available. You can download both Word docs and PDF docs and print your own decks and props or have your local printer create anything you need. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but if you’re like most folks you’ll have your favorite effects and you save mucho money by only paying for what you will actually use.

Book two is actually referred to as SPECIAL PLAYING CARD MAGIC. There are numerous effects with very specific decks. There are tricks with celebrity cards, movie cards, cards with various shapes, places, numbers and symbols.. You name it, and there’s probably an effect with it.. Again, everything you need to complete the effects are provided.. either in writing or in file formats. They’re even a sophisticated mnemonic section to elevate your memory.

I could go on and on.. but reading the list of effects will give you a general idea of the many varied type of effects. It’s hard for me to imagine one mind containing all this information. You will NOT find a bunch of rehashed effects from magazines and books eighty years old. These are well-planned and well-designed effects that deserved to be priced as they are.. You are paying for ORIGINAL ideas.

I am excited to have these books in my collection. I will use material from the books in my own effects, in my own way. I am so much better at adapting material than creating material.. and I am truly thankful to gentlemen like Harvey Raft and Paul Romhany who see the need for something other than ‘think of a number between ten and twenty’ or ‘pick a card.. any card’. There’s none of that in Brain Games, thank goodness, and I am grateful for their partnership and their vision..

I recommend BRAIN GAMES to my friends, readers and subscribers. I know it may be cost prohibitive for some of you.. but, as my mother was fond of saying when I asked for something new.. “Save up..!”

$150.00 .. Available from Murphy’s Magic and their Associates…

Review by Rick Carruth for Murphy’s Magic & The Magic Roadshow.


The Vault – Boneless by Sultan Orazaly – A Review
Video Download

The Ad Copy says:
The section of penetration of objects through matter in magic is one of the most popular. Visual penetrations through matter are few and they can rarely be shown live.

BONELESS is a visual insight that is great for live performances and social media. Never before has such a visual effect been so easy to implement.

My thoughts:

I have a soft spot for visual magic. If it happens quick.. and if it looks impossible.. I like to carry it on my person.

If you’ll visit the link at the bottom and watch the video.. you’ll get a good idea of the illusion created by Boneless. Watching the video is a much better way of getting an idea of what to expect. Basically, the magi begins by holding a card in front of his middle and forefinger.. and the card instantly seems to penetrate the fingers and reappear on the back side of the fingers. It’s a very nice illusion.. and not hard to accomplish as the gimmicked card does most the work. Once you have a gimmick created, you could perform Boneless in minutes.

This type magic isn’t for everyone. It’s not what you could call an effect, and it’s hard to find a place for it in a routine. Yet, it gets your spectator’s attention and draws attention to whatever else you may have in a pocket.

Sultan Orazaly has a number of effects on the market.. including Hallucination, Regeneration, ICM, Korobox, Nomad Coin and Elastic Bill. Most are quick effects like Boneless.

There’s an upside.. and a downside.. to effects like this. If you want to open the package and perform it immediately.. you’re out of luck. Since Boneless is an instant download and requires a gimmicked card, there’s a certain amount of DIY involved. Some folks enjoy creating a gaff. It helps to be able to recreate a gaff should yours wear out or break. I’m sure the cost of Boneless would be at least twice as much if the gimmick was pre-made.

On a scale of one to ten, I’d say making a gimmicked card is a 3.8 on the difficulty scale. It’s not too hard.. and is the essence of the trick. Everything is taught in an included video packet… one for performance (2 minutes), one for explanation (7 minutes) and one for construction of the gimmick (10 minutes). None of the videos include vocal instruction, but opt for written video instruction and performance video. You will have a full knowledge of everything you need to know after watching the videos. Nothing out of the ordinary is needed to construct the gimmick. No trips to the hardware store. 😉

Again, watching the performance video shows you precisely what to expect. There were NO surprises.. and if the gimmicked card is constructed as shown, you should have a quick ‘little something’ to create instant interest in what comes next..

I recommend BONELESS for the cost. $9.95 is a small price for a strong gimmick that’s a one-time cost. Learn the secret.. and make all the gimmicks you want….

$9.95 .. From Murphy’s Magic and their Associates..

Reviewed by Rick Carruth for Murphy’s Magic & The Magic Roadshow


The Vault – Presage by Ethan Zack & Michael Blau – A Review
Instant Download..

The Ad Copy:

PRESAGE: noun: A sign or warning that portends or foreshadows a future event.

Presage is a devious tool allowing you to predict a thought of word or card. From the minds of Michael Blau & Ethan Zack, two up and comers in the magic world comes a device which can be used in a plethora of commercial & casual routines. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or a hobbyist, Presage is easy to use and guarantees a maximum reaction every time! With bonus performances and tips by Chris Ramsay and detailed explanation on the simple gimmick construction, you’ll be performing this minutes after learning the method.

No thumb writing
No switches
No sleight-of-hand required
Great for an opener or closer for strolling
Can be used to predict words, numbers, cards etc…

Be two steps ahead of your spectators at all times so you can concentrate on what matters… being a badass.

My Thoughts:

PRESAGE by Ethan Zack & Michael Blau has been around for a little while.. but it’s one of those effects that didn’t get as much press as it should in the beginning, and I think it’s time for a revisit.

First, the magi asks the spectator to name a card.. any card. When the card is named there is a comedic moment.. and the magi says “..lets just do it this way”, and thumbs or fans through the deck, asking the spectator to select another card. Once done, the selection is lost back in the deck.

There is a small coin envelope attached with a rubber band to the card box and the magi may, or may not, tell the spec this envelope will play a roll in the effect… eventually.

The magi takes the card box, which also happens to have a couple of post-it notes attached to the back side, and writes a prediction on the note. The magi asked the spec to name his card.. and turns the card box to show the identity of the spectator’s card written on the post-it.

That gets a smile. But we want more than a smile… right?

Almost as an after thought, the magi asks the spectator.. “..oh, remember that card you named when we started this effect.. What was it?”

The spectator say.. ” It was the__ of___”

The magi removes the coin envelope, opens it and slides out a business card/paper with the identity of the FIRST card scribbled on it.

This is when you get your REAL reaction…

A portion of the video is Chris Ramsay.. performing Presage in real time for a spectator. He emphasizes the comedy side of the performance and leaves the tutorial to Ethan and Michael.

This is an effect anyone with the know-how can perform. It does require a certain amount of setup. You’ll need an Exacto knife, a size one coin envelope (or the equivalent), a few sticky notes and a rubber band. A few minutes later.. you’ll be performing Presage.

Watching the video will give you a good idea of the handling.. and whether or not it’s for you. I will say.. it’s definitely for me. It’s easy to perform and sets your spectator up for whatever you want to perform next. Considering the cost.. $9.95.. it’s quite a fair cost.

The guys do a good job of teaching and explaining. The video quality is good, sound is good, and the total length is 23:30.

There are additional tips provided and a second method of performing Presage designed for performers with advanced skills.. as in being familiar enough with one of the primary stacks you know the position of a card after seeing the proceeding card. The only skill you need to know to perform Presage is the ability to force a card, Hindu force or otherwise.

There is a certain amount of setup.. so you cannot immediately perform this effect again. You will need about 30 seconds to yourself. Not a big deal….

Those of you who perform walk-around will enjoy performing Presage. It’s a nice cross between a bit of mental magic and an opportunity to make your spectator smile.

$9.95 .. From Murphy’s Magic and their Associates.

Reviewed by Rick Carruth for Murphy’s Magic and The Magic Roadshow.


If it’s zero degrees outside today and it’s supposed to be twice as cold tomorrow, how cold is it going to be? — Steven Wright


Moon Mission ESP Test

“Astronaut Ed Mitchell conducted an unauthorized ESP test on the Apollo 14 moon mission. He tried to “transmit” Zener card images to “receivers” on Earth, 150,000 miles away. The idea was to do it on the return flight during the time that he would have to rest between work periods. The experimental group had prearranged a time for the experiment, and, when the appointed time arrived, the receivers began working. This was to be a test of telepathy, or mind-to-mind transmission. Unfortunately for the experiment, Mitchell was delayed by the workload and started his “transmission” about one hour late. This converted the experiment from telepathy to precognition. Out of 200 attempts, the four “receivers” got 51 correct. Chance predicts about 40, but 51 is not significantly better than 40…”

Read more at:


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The Vault – The Ogawa Opener by Shoot Ogawa A Review
Video Download

The Ad Copy:

Magic Moment With Shoot Ogawa

Ogawa Opener: One of Shoot’s professional routines that he uses to this day. Magician freely shuffles a deck of cards and then asks the spectator to tell him when to stop as he riffles through the deck with his finger. The magician honestly stops at the spectator’s chosen location and then splits the deck into two different piles. The magician then magically reveals four aces in the blink of an eye. This is pure eye candy and a self working effect with little sleight of hand required. This is a great opener into any card routine and one that any magician would use for the rest of their lives from the living room to the board room. It will elevate your magic overnight.


SHOOT OGAWA was born in Tokyo, Japan, where he discovered his love for magic at the age of 10. By the time he was 17, he had traveled to the United States and won the First Place award for Stage Magic at the St. Louis Magic Jubilee.

Since that time, Shoot has performed on television in all 7 continents; won the Magic Castle’s ‘Close-Up Magician of the Year’ twice, making him the youngest person ever to win that title; named the most popular Japanese entertainer in America; awarded the Magic Castle’s ‘Parlour Magician of the Year’ two times; and awarded the Magic Castle’s ‘Stage Magician of the Year’ twice.

Shoot Ogawa performs all over the world every year and audiences delight in his flawless presentation of magic.

My Thoughts:

This is a very quick magic trick. It is a four Ace production that occurs immediately after a spectator selects a location in a thumb-riffled deck. I have seen all kinds of Ace productions, some I can perform, and some I can’t. Thanks to Shoot.. this is one I can add to the ‘can perform’ list!

No lie… you can perform this after about ten minutes of practice. Nothing gets an audience’s attention quite like an Ace production.. and I’m sure that’s why someone of Shoot’s status would open his routine with this flourish.

Rather than offer a long-winded description.. I encourage you to click the link and watch a real-time performance of The Ogawa Opener. Watching will give you a precise idea of what you’re getting for ten bucks. Again, I appreciate performers who charge a modest fee for a one-off effect. This is so affordable that, if you enjoy Ace productions, you can’t afford NOT to buy it.

Production wise.. everything is typical Murphy’s Magic quality. I can’t say I’ve ever bought a Murphy’s product that was poorly produced. The video and sound are both quite adequate. No, they didn’t go overboard for a ten dollar effect.. but I wouldn’t expect them to do so. You will have NO problem learning and understanding The Ogawa Opener.

The tutorial is approx. 16 minutes in length, and begins with a singular performance. Shoot then goes into detail to teach the specifics. Immediately after, he is joined by three participants, who are taught the handling in real time.. and you can see just how long it takes to actually learn. Everything is followed by an eight minute cartoon featuring Bugs Bunny and Ala Bahma. I kid you not…

Again, watch the video and see if this is something you would like to add to your repertoire. If so.. buy it now. It’s an instant download, and you can be performing this is fifteen minutes. No gaffs. No alterations. No real sleights.. although there IS a flourish used to produce one of the cards. (This is where the ten minutes of practice comes in..) Regardless of your skill level, you CAN do this.!

$10.00 .. From Murphy’s Magic and their Associates.

Reviewed by Rick Carruth for Murphy’s Magic and The Magic Roadshow.


The Vault – Illusory by Ziv – A Review
Video Download

They won’t believe their eyes! Illusory is an incredible new system that makes vanishes and appearances look like a special effect only seen in movies!

Level up your social media channels with effects that look truly impossible!

Make playing cards and other objects vanish into thin air and at whatever speed you choose. Illusory is under your control at all times.

Easy to perform.

Easy to make.

Limited only by your imagination.

My Thoughts:

This is different.. When I first watched the demo video I was sure it was simply black art. Cards are disappearing and reappearing against a dark background, and I’ve been around too long.

I’m not familiar with Ziv.. but he seems like a dedicated young man, willing to step out with a new method of performing old magic. He has, I assume, created this effect himself using something other than black art. Without giving away too much.. black art IS a factor in the vanishes.. but not actually the central point.

Playing cards, held in front of ones chest, vanish and reappear at the control of the magician. This is a very simple method, but not a common method. Something some might consider ‘high tech’ is used to facilitate the vanish. It’s actually a product normally used for another purpose.. but is being repurposed to achieve the magic.
That’s all I can tell you.. without giving away too much.

I have to admit, in all fairness to my readers, I have not performed ILLUSORY for a social media audience… which seems to be the target market. I did not perform this beforehand because I did not have the secret sauce. I AM familiar with the secret sauce.. and have no doubt that, under the right conditions, it WILL work. The ‘stuff’ needed for a successful performance can be purchased on sites like Amazon for around $17.00 for enough material to create a number of gimmicks… and the gimmicks can be used over and over. So, your initial purchase will last for a long time.

I’m confident enough in my knowledge of the secret material I was willing to go ahead and write the review. I have used this material for it’s intended purpose, and I know it works as promised. That said… no promises in the world of magic.

The video is filmed on an iPhone. It is also filmed with sub-titles, with English being the language in print. Generally, I am not a fan of sub-titles, but the secret to this effect was revealed rather quickly and I didn’t have a problem following the instructions.. which were just over 6 minutes. Truly, it’s all about the secret. Handling and secondary instructions are clear watching the promo.

I think it’s safe to say you’re paying for a secret. Watch the video and see if it’s for you.

$15.00 .. Download at Murphy’s Magic and through their Associates.

Review by Rick Carruth for The Magic Roadshow and Murphy’s Magic


The Vault – Juxtaposition by Devonte – A Review
Instant Download

This is the Ad Copy:

The spectator is asked to choose between a red deck and a blue deck of cards. Let’s pretend they chose the blue deck. The blue deck is placed inside their pocket (or handed to a friend to hold) until later. Great for walk around, as a different “thought of card” is possible every time.

The red deck is slowly spread between your fingers as the spectator is asked to merely think of any card they see. Keep in mind this is a 100% completely free choice!
Without ANY funny moves the card completely vanishes!

Next you ask them to remove the blue deck from their pocket, they are surprised to see that inside is one red card, the mentally chosen card. Strong enough for any Professional act, Easy enough for a Beginner.
Instant reset! (Really!)
NO Forcing Card Selections
NO Rough and Smooth
NO Misprinted Cards
NO Switching Decks
NO Sleight of Hand
NO Memorizing
NO Gimmicks of ANY kind and NOTHING is ever written down.
Use ANY style deck.
Instantly Resettable and Ready to Go, Could be a Different thought of card every time PERFECT for WALK AROUND.

My Thoughts:

I enjoy card effects that pack quite the surprise.. but require very little effort on the part of the performer. Now.. there’s a LOT I could say about JUXTAPOSITION, aside from the ad copy, but there’s not much I can say without giving away too many secrets.

The ad copy is correct…

You would think, based on my statement, there’s a little hyperbole going on.. but there’s not. What happens is this…

You’re armed with two decks.. a red back and a blue back. You politely insure the spectator gets the red back deck and a second spectator holds the blue back deck. You open and remove the cards from the red deck, face up.. and ask the spectator to secretly note a card as you begin to fan through the deck. You now perform the only ‘move’, if you want to call it that, during the entire effect. It’s not a sleight.. only a move.. performed right under the spectator’s nose. A little small talk.. and you show the spectator her card has most likely vanished from the red deck. They’re convinced.

The performer takes the blue deck, removes the card, and after the proper patter.. begins to fan through the deck, showing the backs. About half way through everyone see’s a red backed card among the blue backs. The magi asks the spectator the identity of her card.. and sometimes flips this card to reveal a match. Other times he creates ‘drama’ by turning the cards face up, asking her to remove her card, and allows her to flip her card face down.. revealing the red back.

There are certainly more subtleties than written here.. and they are well taught by Devonte, in detail, but this is the actual handling of Juxtaposition…

The video itself is 36 minutes long and includes a couple of live performances, the handling details, setting up the decks, and a detailed handling for the viewer. Although the video is filmed with a hand-held camera.. I had no problem keeping up with the instructions.

If there is a downside.. and it’s NOT a downside to me.. you need three decks to perform successfully. There is a setup and you do not want the spectators thumbing through your decks. I call this ‘audience management’…

The cost is $30.00.. and I do think that’s a tad much for a single effect, without props, cards, or gaffs. I’d be more comfortable paying fifteen to twenty bucks.. If you use Juxtaposition regularly.. you can justify the cost.

This is a very good rendering of a classic effect. It’s something that, with a little practice, will serve you well. Devonte also teaches a couple of sleights that add to the overall effect… but they are not needed to perform the effect.

$30.00 .. Available at Murphy’s Magic and their associates..

Review by Rick Carruth for Murphy’s Magic & The Magic Roadshow


The Vault – Ambitious Aces by Chris Wood – A Review
(-Plus- a 2nd bonus effect from Mark Lavelle)
Part of the new ‘One Shot series’…

This is the Ad Copy:

What you see is what you get!
Welcome to the Murphy’s Magic Supplies One Shot series!

Each one-shot download is hand-picked from our amazing At The Table lecture series and features one proven powerhouse magic trick — all shot in one continuous take.

That’s right! No edits, no fancy music or effects — just awesome real-time magic from our talented artists.

We consider this a one-effect teaser for the entire lecture. We know that, if like what you see, you will definitely want to check out the artist’s full At The Table lecture!

On this download, Chris Wood teaches you his impossible Ambitious Aces routine. All four aces are lost in the deck and then rise to the top! He repeats this three times and each time it is more fooling than the last. ultimate challenge Ace routine.

If you love this download, be sure to check out Chris Wood’s entire At The Table lecture for an incredible low cost.

My Thoughts:

Chris, headquartered in southern England, is a former Secretary of the society, a director of the Centre of Magic Arts and a gold star member of The Inner Magic Circle. He is an extremely personable guy.. and a pleasure to watch and listen to…

AMBITIOUS ACES is a very familiar effect, performed by magicians around the world. Chris Wood’s Ambitious Aces is certainly true to form.. but different in so many ways. Ambitious Aces can be heavy on the sleights, but Chris’ version is heavy only on psychological sleights. Don’t know what that means? Buy the video.! (I’m not being flippant..)

This is a three phase routine that brings the Aces to the top three different times.. three different ways. Each phase uses a different method.. yet there is only one true sleight employed.. on the third phase. (I will go ahead and tell you it’s a John Carney Versa Switch, which is NOT a knuckle-buster.)

The ‘sleights’ used to accomplish the first two assemblies are both psychological sleights that make the audience believe you’re doing something you’re not. Chris gives credit for the first two moves to Justin Hines.. from his Non-Automatic Card Tricks booklet. They are slick, no doubt, but probably shouldn’t be repeated for the same audience. They are good enough to fool many magicians the first time around.. as Chris uses skillful verbal misdirection to conceal the dirty work.

Chris credits Aaron Fisher and Harry Lorayne, among others, for some of the well-timed moves that serve as real convincers. A Sadowitz move brings everything to a smooth conclusion.

This effect is shot in one continuous video.. thus the name ‘One Shot’ series. There are NO frills or music.. just the magic and thoughtful instructions. The video and sound are typical Murphy’s Magic quality. The video runs 37 minutes, although there is a second bonus effect included by Bro. Gilbert, featuring Mark Lavelle, and titled Number Pick. I’m thinking it was originally featured on Mark’s At The Table lecture, but I’ve been known to be wrong.. once. So.. Ambitious Aces is 25 minutes and Number Pick is 12 minutes. The download itself is 634 MB…

You will have no problem mastering Ambitious Aces.. with a little practice. I would rate this as an advanced beginner level effect. I like this new concept from Murphy’s.. and I suspect you will too. For six bucks, you can’t afford NOT to buy it. I recommend it to my friends and readers.

$6.00 .. From Murphy’s Magic and their Associates.


Appearing Business Cards (Celebrity Pack) by Sam Gherman – A Review

This is the Ad Copy:

Imagine the following. Show an envelope to the audience, and announce that you have a prediction written inside. You hand a business card to a spectator. Tell them to imagine that a celebrity’s name is printed on the card, and that you’ll send them that name with your mind. When they have a name in their mind, they let you know. The card is placed in your hand, and it never leaves the sight of the audience. Volunteers are invited to examine the blank card – they will find nothing printed on it (the card is NOT switched – there is absolutely nothing written on it). Yet, the spectator accurately receives the celebrity’s name, announces it, and when the prediction envelope is opened, the names match!

This is but one use of these amazing cards. Your imagination will come up with other effects that will astound your audience.

This 36-card pack comes with 3 x of the following 12 cards:
Brad Pitt
Michael Jackson
Tom Hanks
Frank Sinatra
Leonardo DiCaprio
Ben Affleck
Tom Cruise
Marilyn Monroe
Julia Roberts
Bill Gates
How does this work? There’s an amazing secret that you’ll find out when purchasing this set. These cards do the work for you.

They are printed on 100# (270 GSM) eggshell white cover stock.

NOTE: This effect is designed to work for indoor performances only, and you will need to purchase an inexpensive item.

“A great product and perfect for workers.” -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine”

My Thoughts:

This is NOT your typical ‘trick’. This is perhaps more of a method and a prop. Regardless… I like it. I like sudden magic. I like magic that actually LOOKS like magic. With Appearing Business Cards you get a stack of 36 business cards on heavy stock that are imprinted with the names of twelve celebrities. You can see the twelve names in the ad copy. They also make sets titled Prediction Pack, sort of like a magic 8 Ball; City Pack, with the names of twelve different Cities around the world; and ESP Pack, which includes Zener Cards.

The thing about Appearing Business Cards (ABC) is.. you create your own magic. Yes, there are a couple of brief effects included on the eight minute instructional video, but ABC frees you to use your noggin’ for something other than a hat rack. I’m not sure if other reviewers disclose the ‘secret’ behind ABC.. but I will.. as I feel it’s necessary. I wouldn’t try to sell you a prop and not tell you what the prop is for.. and how it works. Knowing how it works is paramount to knowing if you can use it in your act.

ABC is imprinted with twelve different names. When you open the pack you will see all twelve names on different cards. The ink is thermal in nature and disappears with Heat. Sort of the opposite of what you would expect.. but similar to Frixon Pens. To operate properly, you need a heat source of some sort. A small hand warmer is recommended. The instructions show a hand warmer placed in a wallet, along with the cards, and everything is ready to go upon removal of a card. You can purchase hand warmers similar to cigarette lighters on Amazon, or the single use hand warmers for about .50 cents each that last for a number of hours. Experimentation will show you how long you have after the card is removed from the warmth before it becomes visible. Holding the card in the hands slows the process.. and placing it on a metal surface increases the reveal time.

There are so many possibilities. A good friend uses a small flippable tablet imprinted with the names of all the celebrities that has every other page short-cut to allow a name to be forced. You can use your imagination and create the perfect scenario for you and your routine. Spectators love watching a name appear from nowhere.. particularly if it’s a name they think is their totally free choice.

The instructional video isn’t top-of-the-line, but it serves the purpose. It could have been an audio file considering there is really nothing to show.

Yes, the cards can be used over and over. You should get many uses from a single pack. The only no-no is.. you can’t leave the cards in sunlight. It does something weird to the ink.

For fifteen bucks.. I recommend Appearing Business Cards. All you need is a small investment in a heat source and ample imagination.

$15.00 From Murphy’s Magic and their Associates…

Review by Rick Carruth for the Magic Roadshow..


The Case of the Missing Hare – Bugs Bunny & Ala Bahma

World famous magician Ala Bahma is performing a bit of self-promotion, nailing posters to trees, when he encroaches on the home of Bugs Bunny. The magician apologizes for the inconvenience and offers Bugs blackberry pie from under his cape. All is well… until Ala splatters the pie in Bugs face. With “..what a dumb bunny”, Ala walks away a content megician. Bugs, or course, refuses defeat, and declares..”Of course you realize, dis means war!” … And war it is…

Classic cartoon from Disney.. directed by Chuck Jones, written by Tedd Pierce and voiced by the imcomparable Mel Blanc… 8:23 in length..


Harmonica Man – A Short Movie

Featuring the harmonica of Joe Filisko, one of my favorite players anywhere..


Sign Up for eJury – Resource

We all know being a magician isn’t cheap. We have stuff we have to buy.. lots of stuff. Now, you can sign up to be part of an online mock jury and earn cash. Not lots of cash, but cash non-the-less.

“eJury provides attorneys the opportunity to learn what others think about their cases. eJury functions much like a traditional “live” mock jury or focus group except that the jurors (or eJurors) participate via the Internet. The convenience of online participation allows for a larger panel on each case, giving the attorney the type of feedback normally associated with large focus group research, but without the traditionally high cost. The results give the submitting attorney something he/she can use to promote settlement and/or prepare for trial.”

Cases at the courthouse are usually tried to juries of 12 people. At eJury, each case is tried to a minimum of 50 people.



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