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Latest Magic Roadshow


Spring 2021

Hello Everyone..

My goodness, what can I say about 2020 that hasn’t already been said? It’s been quite the ride.. but we are still here.. still working on a perfect pass.. still looking for a self-working card trick that fools the most experienced magicians.. still sending out a new Magic Roadshow to whomever has the time and will to read it.

I’m sure many of you have some amazing stories to tell. This past year has changed the way we act, think, grow, and dream. Things always change.. but who saw this? I hope ALL of you are ready to get back to the business of magic. Not that it’s a business.. but maybe we can tackle it, going forward, in a business-like manner and make plans for where we’re going to take it.. and not where the world is going to take us. Good Luck and God Bless.. my Friends !!

This is probably our biggest issue ever. It should finish out at 85 pages, depending on what a couple of photos do to the count. I have included an abundance of resources and reviews… and I want to take a moment to address the reviews. Most are for Murphy’s Magic products, and I am NOT paid to review their products. They do send items for me to review. They get reviews indexed in Google, and I get content for my readers. That’s it. If I don’t like an item, I do NOT review it. I will leave the negative reviews to others. I try to keep the Roadshow a big ‘ol bowl of supreme cheer and happiness to make up for all the negativity in the world.

So.. after making one of those little heart things with our fingers, lets pinch our noses with one hand, hold our underwear up with the other..  and jump headfirst into a simmering, golden pond of Magical Astonishment.  ( Attention New Subscribers.. I’m just testing your tolerance.. Things DO get better..!! )

For new readers.. this is our (my) 207th issue. Our first issue was published on June 8th, 2004.. which makes us 17 years old in a couple of months. All past issues are available on the website on the Archive page. Help yourselves…  The Roadshow.., the Magic Roadshow, and The Magic Roadshow Journal of Magic are one and the same. The Roadshow is simply a nickname… We publish an online version of this ‘newsletter’ and a PDF version. They are the same, aside from format. Some folks like to read it online, as they don’t like to download files.. and others prefer the PDF as they can download it.. and read it offline at their convenience. If you find a problem with this issue.. let me know and I can generally correct everything, except the PDF.

The Roadshow is now available as a free resource/publication through  You will be able to download our complete archive section when Chris has time to download everything. Look for it..

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This issue, as a PDF, is 85 pages and 17,000 words.. give or take a few words..

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 -SPELL IT – An Effect

-Magician Derek DelGaudio – From Card Cheat To Illusionist

-Jeff Dunham Interviews David Copperfield – Video Podcast

-15 Questions in 15 Minutes with The Amazing Kreskin

-Illusion Magic: A History of Optical Illusions – Article

-Lessons in Marketing Magic – Article

-Penn and Tellers Virtual Triumph..

-Virtual Triumph Tutorial

-Jay Sankey’s Social Distancing Card Trick – Tutorial

-Seth Grabel’s Fingered Ear Trick  –  Video Tutorial

-Very Sharp Card Prediction – Video Tutorial

-10 Levels of Sleight of Hand – Video Demonstration

-CARD CHEATING Technique: Stacking the Deck

-Learn 10 Sleight-Of-Hand Card Moves in Slow Motion

-Personalized Playing Cards – Create Your Own  (Ad)

-The Magic Word Podcast​ – Scott Robinson – TRICS-ter

-Rest In Peace – Mark Wilson

-Topological Magic: Odin’s Triangles

-The CLASSIC PASS Tutorial – The Ultimate Guide To The Pass

-The Magicians – Article – Kevin Pang

-The Insider | Doug Dyment –  A Rare Interview

-Roulette Playing Cards by Mechanic Industries – A Review

-Vanille Playing Cards by Paul Robaia  –  A Review

-Art of Money Getting –  Phineas Taylor Barnum

-HIT – by Luke Jermay –  A Review

-Warrior (Midnight Edition) Playing Cards by RJ  –  A Review

-Warrior (Full Moon Edition) Playing Cards by RJ  –  A Review

-FROST.. By Mikey V and Abstract Effects – A Review

-Wandcraft by Judge Gary Brown & Lawrence Hass – A Review

-EVOLUSHIN MAGIC SET – by Shin Lim – A Review

-The International Space Station..

-Expose by SansMinds Creative Labs – A Review

-Dealing With It – Season 1 by John Bannon – A Review

-Fire When Ready by John Bannon – A Review

-The Vault – Card Animations by Patricio Teran – A Review

-Skymember Presents Isolated Red –  by Mr. Xuan – A Review.

-Remedies Playing Cards by Madison x Schneider – A Review

-Sign Up For The Roadshow

-Hundreds and Hundreds of Magic Tutorial Videos



My greatest work.. I just held the pen.” Eric Clapton

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone..” Lionel Ritchie

All things are difficult.. before they are easy”  John Norley

There really is two minds… There are… There is… There are… Whatever. I know what I’m talking about and now you do to.”  Boris Pocus

When you get in trouble with an audience, do something with a kid, an animal, or a grandma.” – Thurlow Spurr

There is a world of difference between a spectator’s not knowing how something is done versus his knowing that it can’t be done.” Simon Aronson




SPELL IT – An Effect

Rick Carruth.. and countless others.

 (For those of you who hate spelling effects..)

Don’t discount this quick effect. I know some of you hate spelling effects.. but this effect is designed totally for the spectator. Since they do most of the work, it eliminates, in THEIR minds, the possibility you used some kind of slick manipulation to fool ’em..

Begin by shuffling the deck fairly. Ask the spectator to select any one card from the face down fan you display for them.. look at it.. and keep it secret. Ask the spectator to kindly replace their selection on top of the deck. Cut the deck at least a couple of times and remark that their selection is now lost in the deck. To prove it.. spread the cards face up on the table and ask the spectator to visually locate their card, but don’t give any indication as to where it’s located. Close the deck. Give the deck to the spectator and ask them to concentrate on their card.. but still don’t give any indication  as to its value. Ask the spectator to silently deal one card off the deck for each letter in the card. When they stop.. ask them to turn the top card on the deck. It will be their card…


It’s probably impossible to credit this effect. I’m sure it goes back to at least the early 1900’s. In fact, Maxwell published a similar effect in Clever Card Tricks That Anyone Can Do in 1934. The primary difference between his effect and this one is the spectator deals to the selection.

You do shuffle fairly and let the spectator select any card they want. While they are looking at their card, glimpse the bottom card. Now, when they put their card back on top, and you cut a couple of time, their card and your key card are side by side in the deck. Spread the cards face up to show their card is still in the deck and that you have not manipulated the deck in any way. As soon as you spot the key card, you know the card to the immediate right is their selection. Quickly count the number of letters in the spectator’s selection. It’s easy if you count the three words separately. KING OF CLUBS, for example, is 4+2+5=11. Starting with the key card, mentally count (in this example with the King) eleven cards to the LEFT.. As soon as the spectator confirms their card is there.. separate the deck just left of the eleventh card… stealthily placing the remaining cards ( everything more than eleven) on the bottom of the pack as you pick everything up and turn everything face down. This is very easy if you do it CASUALLY.. Don’t make a big deal out of it.

Remember at this point, as far as the spectator is concerned, you are not supposed to know the identity of their card.. so how could you possibly stack the deck?. Now, all that’s on top of the deck is… eleven cards.. and then the spectator’s card. When you give the deck to the spectator, everything is self-working from this point.

The spectator will spell out their card.. and the next card will be their selection.. and THEY found it. That’s the key to this effect. You, apparently, did not manipulate the deck as you did not know their card. This is a really simple convincer that sells the effect.

For those of you who don’t do bunches of sleights, and there’s plenty of you guys out there, this is an ideal effect to help establish your card control techniques.. without going TOO far out the limb. If you only perform a couple of cuts you can control the selection to the point you’re sure it’s deep enough in the deck that your count won’t be a problem.

  1. R. Carruth




Magician Derek DelGaudio Traces His Journey From Card Cheat To Illusionist – Article

Dave Davies, Host:

This is FRESH AIR. I’m Dave Davies, in today for Terry Gross. Our guest today, Derek DelGaudio, has a career that’s, well, a little hard to describe. He’s a writer, performer, artist, and though he doesn’t exactly think of himself as a magician, he’s skilled in the arts of illusion and has three times won magician of the year awards from the Academy of Magical Arts.

  He has a new memoir in which he describes a time in his life when he had another identity – a card cheat. He was the well-paid dealer in a private poker game where his job was to use his card handling skills to take most of the player’s money. He describes techniques he used and what it felt like to deceive

performed for 2 1/2 years in Los Angeles and New York, directed by Frank Oz, called “In & Of Itself.” It’s now a movie, also directed by Frank Oz, which is available on Hulu. His new memoir is “AMORALMAN: A True Story And Other Lies.” He joins me from his home in New York City.

 Derek DelGaudio, welcome to FRESH AIR. Let’s start by talking a little bit about, you know, being a card shark – a card mechanic, I think you call them. You were dealing at this private poker game, and you had a job. I mean, it wasn’t on the level. And you had to make sure the right guy won. This wasn’t a simple matter of getting one lucky card to the guy you wanted to win, right?  READ MORE…



Jeff Dunham Interviews David Copperfield – Video Podcast

Jeff Dunham, without a doubt the most commercially successful ventriloquist of all time, has a podcast. A very Good podcast. On podcast 4, Jeff features a one hour plus interview with David Copperfield. Now, this isn’t just a podcast, it’s a video podcast.. so you get to see both Jeff and David as they interact during the conversation.

This is good stuff..! Thanks to my magic cohort, Larry Columbo for the link…




15 Questions in 15 Minutes with The Amazing Kreskin

By Deb Miller for DC Metro

“For the past six decades, world-renowned mentalist The Amazing Kreskin has been an icon of pop culture, whose fame was spread through his recurrent TV appearances with Johnny Carson, Regis Philbin, David Letterman, and most recently Jimmy Fallon, Neil Cavuto, and Howard Stern. Kreskin also had his own television series for five and a half seasons in the 1970s (The Amazing World of Kreskin), a motion picture inspired by his work (The Great Buck Howard of 2009, produced by Tom Hanks and starring John Malkovich), his own board game (Kreskin’s ESP, created by Milton Bradley in 1967), and twenty published books to his credit (the latest, In Real Time, released in 2016, contains his predictions for the next several hundred years).

 Now 84, Kreskin continues to wow audiences with his live shows, making more than 300 appearances annually around the world. And he is so determined to attest to the legitimacy of his powers of discernment that he offers a $1,000,000 to anyone who can prove that he employs secret assistants or hidden electronic devices in his astonishing feats of mind-reading and prognostication”.  READ MORE…



Illusion Magic: A History of Optical Illusions and Other Magic Tricks – Article

Illusion magic is a performing art that has existed throughout the ages. In what follows we will refer to this art as magic. One should be careful, however, not to confuse illusion magic with acts of sorcery, which are also referred to as magic. These acts of  sorcery involve an attempt to control the natural world through supernatural or paranormal means. Illusion magic, on the other hand, involves the creation of illusions that seem supernatural or impossible, but in fact are achieved by natural means. Moreover, these tricks are meant to entertain the audience. Although modern illusion magic as we know it may be traced to around the 18 th century, its origins can be found in the ancient past.”



Lessons in Marketing Magic – Article

by Angel Gonzalez 

(This is how a magic shop used magic to ‘suck’ consumers inside.. and make sales. Although as much about marketing as magic.. it’s a good read…)

A few years back, I was walking through downtown St. Augustine. Every storefront was competing for my attention with signs, specials, and even employees trying to drum up attention. I passed several with no intention of stopping. But one man in front of a nondescript shop caught my attention.

“Wanna see a magic show?”

It wasn’t just Florida; it was summer in Florida. A few minutes in an air-conditioned room sounded great. The magic show was small but special. I walked in to find a small crowd of people off the street. An employee stood up shortly and the show began.

He opened a wallet that burst into flames. He made a dollar float in mid-air. And no magic show would be complete without card tricks. I began to recognize what was happening.

This wasn’t just a magic show.

A process was in motion, beginning with me strolling by the shop and ending with me spending an embarrassing amount of money (I’ll tell you how much later, so you don’t judge me too harshly).

It was a perfect example of the “AIDA” model in sales.  READ MORE…



Penn and Tellers Virtual Triumph.. Effect

This is NOT a tutorial. But.. If you watch the video and repeat the instructions, you’ll perform the effect just fine. I listened to Penn give instructions, wrote it down as he said it, and I was immediately able to duplicate everything on ZOOM. It’s

self-working.. and it’s a strong effect on a lay audience. I’m fairly sure I also fooled a couple of skilled magicians..!!


Virtual Triumph Tutorial

 For those of you who like things explained/demonstrated…


Jay Sankey’s Social Distancing Card Trick – Tutorial

Perfect for ZOOM meetings and just showing out in general. Typical Jay Sankey style and panache. You’ll thank me for showing you a link to this three-phase card routine..!


Seth Grabel’s Fingered Ear Trick  –  Video Tutorial

I love these little quickies. They are perfect for getting a quick laugh from the audience. Remember, you can’t get too many laughs…


Very Sharp Card Prediction – Video Tutorial

(Side note.. this is an ideal effect for ZOOM meetings!)

This is an impressive effect which, turns out, is the same as ‘Open Perception’ by Raj Madhok, which was published in Joshua Jay’s column ‘Talk About Tricks’ in Magic Magazine (August 2004). This was originally published in Raj’s book, Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser.  SpideyHypnosis, the publisher of this video, received permission to allow him to leave this video up.. and YOU are the beneficiary.


10 Levels of Sleight of Hand – Video Demonstration

This video demonstration by Daniel Roy is first class stuff. Other magicians have raved about Daniel’s unique skill level. Don’t expect to learn it.. just enjoy it..!!

‘”This is NOT meant to be an instructional video on how to cheat at cards or on how to protect yourself from cheating. Don’t watch this video and then try this stuff in a game or think you can’t be cheated. I make these videos for entertainment so that people can more deeply appreciate the craft and the art of sleight-of-hand. If you find this stuff interesting, go check out the work of people like Steve Forte, Jason England, Richard Turner, Darwin Ortiz, and Jason Ladanye. If you want to learn how to protect yourself at the card table, check out “Casino Game Protection,” “Poker Protection,” and “Gambling Protection Series” by Steve Forte and “Gambling Scams” by Darwin Ortiz.


CARD CHEATING Technique: Stacking the Deck – Video

I don’t expect you to become a card sharp after watching Daniel’s video.. but, again, I DO expect you to enjoy the time spent…


Learn 10 Sleight-Of-Hand Card Moves in Slow Motion – Tutorial ..    Alex Pandrea

For those of you who enjoy watching video demonstrations, as opposed to books, this is the ideal way to watch it – In slow motion.

“Today we learn some sleight of hand moves in slow motion. Learn some of my favorite sleights in today’s magic tutorial with an over the shoulder exposed tutorial view for your learning pleasure!”


WTF Color Change:

Top Change:

Fan Control :

Flick Color Change:

3 Packet False Cuts:

Color Change :

Diagonal Palm Shift:

Classic Pass:

False Shuffle:

4 Card Control:


Personalized Playing Cards – Create Your Own For As Little As $8.00 per Deck!  (Ad)

This is where I get my personalized cards. The seller I buy from uses Bicycle brand cards and my custom cost is around $15.00 per deck. You can get customized cards for as low as $8.00 per deck.. and this is the single deck charge, not the bulk price. My decks look GOOD on Zoom!! The faces are tinted a light grey, cutting the glare considerably.

Zazzle is FULL of custom made items to make your magic look Great. Use the search box and enter ‘playing cards’, ‘magic wands’, ‘dice’, ‘crystal balls’, or anything you can imagine. I frequently go to Zazzle.. and get lost for an hour or two, trying to narrow down what I need from what I want…

Note: If you use this link, I receive a small store credit for purchases.. (so I can buy MORE custom decks..!!) and you will receive an honest 25% discount on your first order…



The Magic Word Podcast​ – Scott Robinson – TRICS-ter

 I HAD to include a link to this podcast. Scott is one of my magic buddies, and I love attending the TRICS convention each year in Charlotte NC. It’s my very favorite convention.. period.

“Microsoft executive by day, diabolically clever close-up magician by night, Scott Robinson joins us this week for a lovely chat. Scott is the organizer of the annual TRICS convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, held each year in the Fall. This is a magic convention for those interested in close-up and parlor magic. Scott has also been a long time attendee of the F.F.F.F. convention in Batavia, New York which is in “invitation only” convention for close-up workers. But perhaps more interestingly, Scott is the force behind Sleight Club which is…well, you know the first rule of Sleight Club.”


Rest In Peace – Mark Wilson

“James “Mark” Wilson (April 11, 1929 – January 19, 2021) was an American magician and author, who was widely credited as the first major television magician and in the process establishing the viability of illusion shows as a television format.

Mark Wilson was the son of a salesman and he spent much of his youth traveling with his parents as his father moved about on business. He has said his interest in magic began when he was eight years old and saw a magician named Tommy Martin perform at a hotel in Indianapolis, where the Wilson family were staying at the time. The family later moved to Dallas, Texas, where, as a teenager, Wilson improved his magic knowledge by working for the Douglas Magicland shop as a clerk. As his skills improved he began performing magic shows at small functions.

He attended the School of Business Administration at Southern Methodist University, where he majored in marketing, learning skills that were to help him in his future career.

When television began to grow, Wilson launched a show titled Time for Magic on a local station in Dallas in 1955. Calling on his marketing training he made this show possible by attracting sponsorship from the Dr. Pepper Bottling Company. He then expanded to other shows in Houston and San Antonio.

When videotape was developed, Wilson created the first show to be videotaped and nationally syndicated. That was the original black and white Magic Land of Allakazam. It debuted on 1 October 1960 on CBS-TV and aired every Saturday morning on that network for four years. His wife, Nani Darnell, assisted him and they were joined by Bev Bergeron, who helped write the shows and played the character Rebo the Clown. The show was sponsored by Kellogg’s. Wilson, Darnell and Bergeron toured state fairs during the summer and made appearances on other network shows. The writing team grew at CBS to include Bobby “Torchy” Towner, Bobby Fenton, Leo Behnke, Lin Searles with Johnny Daniel and Carl Owen building the illusions for the first year of 39 shows. For the second year the existing creative team remained, but Frances Martineau was added along with a young John Gaughan. This group was the nucleus that brought a new look to magic illusions that are still being used today. Magic Land of Allakazam moved from CBS-TV to ABC-TV in 1962 without missing one week on air. That same year, Wilson appeared on the short-lived ABC western comedy and variety series The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Show. In 1965, Magic Land of Allakazam left ABC and was internationally syndicated.

Wilson later created The Funny Face Magic Show and the Pillsbury Company sponsored Magic Circus in 1971. He also provided the Hall of Magic at the 1964/5 World’s Fair in New York. He appeared on film at the Bell Telephone exhibit at the 1968 Hemisfair. He and his crew assisted in the technical production of the magic in many network shows, including The Magician, Circus of the Stars, Hollywood Palace, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Incredible Hulk, Columbo and more.

Wilson’s last regular television stint was The Magic Of Mark Wilson. The series was seen in national syndication in 1981 and Wilson was aided on this final series by second son Greg as well as by longtime assistant Nani.

Mark and Nani made an appearance in 2015 in the second series of Penn & Teller: Fool Us, where they were part of the reveal of Greg Wilson’s act.”

( From Wikipedia..  )

In addition to Mark’s  highly influential career in TV, he was the author of ‘Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic’..  a detailed book of magic that was a mainstay in the library of many magicians.. yours truly included. The book is a popular reference for magicians and has been in print since its first issue in 1975.

This is a link to a nice article by Meir Yedid

In addition to Mark, I could just as easily write a segment on our other losses in the past couple of months. Bev Bergeron, James Randi, Siegfried Fischbacher of Siegfried and Roy, Al Cohen, David Roth and David Maas of David and Dania..

Rest In Peace everyone….


Topological Magic: Odin’s Triangles

How to make an impossible interlaced paper structure from a flat paper sheet! Taken from Sarcone’s book “Impossible Folding Puzzles & Other Mathematical Paradoxes” available from Amazon

Thanks to Jim Canaday at


The CLASSIC PASS Tutorial – The Ultimate Guide To The Pass…   Alex Pandrea

 What can I say about the Classic Pass? 87% of ALL the passes I’ve seen (..that, in itself, should be a give-away) are not nearly as good as the performer ‘thinks’ they are… Watch and Learn..

“Learn 7 Passes : Classic Pass, Brick Pass, Cover Pass, Herrmann Pass, Spread Pass, Open Pass AND a bonus Pandrea One-Hand Pass. Hope you enjoy these pass tutorials of the best card control EVER.”


The Magicians – Article – Kevin Pang (Chicago Magazine, July 18, 2016 )

Every Saturday for the past 25 years, a group of friends has gathered in a Lincoln Park apartment to invent and perfect some of the world’s most mind-blowing card tricks.

 Gathered around it at present, as on every Saturday, are John Bannon and three other men, all nearing or past the far edge of middle age: David Solomon, David Finkelstein, and Simon Aronson, who is the owner of said table and the host of these weekly summits.

The men get down to business, removing from their persons multiple packs of playing cards, like weapons for a gunfight, and stacking them neatly on black felt pads. Aronson prefers red-backed Bicycles from the United States Playing Card Company, which he purchases from Costco in 12-deck bricks. Bannon is a standard Bicycle man too. Solomon likes Bicycle Rider Backs that are “professionally cut”—that is, trimmed from the uncut sheet in such a way as to make a certain type of shuffle easier to perform. (You have to special-order those.) Finkelstein, the youngest of the group, has produced three decks today: Arrco Tahoe No. 84s, blue Bicycles, and Steamboat 999s, which are made of an especially smooth, thin card stock.

 Next, hand lotion is applied—soft skin makes for better card handling. Aronson uses Cetaphil. Finkelstein prefers Neutrogena. Solomon favors Magician’s Choice Emerald Formula with aloe vera. Bannon does without….  (Read More..)


The Insider | Doug Dyment –  A Rare Interview

When it comes to mentalism.. Doug Dyment is a living legend. I couldn’t resist sharing links to this great interview with you guys.. I hope you enjoy it..

“I think this episode is a rarity. It’s the first of a 2-part interview with the amazing mentalist Doug Dyment. When I was researching him for the show, there’s very little online to go on. Very little in the way of interviews or podcasts. He tends to keep to himself. We were incredibly lucky he agreed to this, and as it was so interesting, and we recorded almost an hour of questions, I thought I’d break it into a two parter. I hope you enjoy spending some time in his company.”

Here’s two links to his Youtube Interviews:

The Insider – Doug Dyment Interview – Part 1

The Insider – Doug Dyment Interview – Part 2


Roulette Playing Cards by Mechanic Industries – A Review

This was acomplicated review. Unlike most reviews, I generally post the ad copy and then my thoughts. I mixed the two on this review because of the complexity of Roulette Playing Cards. Everything in parentheses is ad copy.

First, RPC (for short) has to be one of the best deals in all of magic. The cost is $9.95, and I’m going to give you an idea of what you get for that price. You get a deck of cards… Of course, they aren’t just a deck. They are a system to carry out effects and gambling sleights unlike any other I’ve seen in, like, .. forever.

I received RPC along with several other decks to review.. and I didn’t realize they were a complex system of sleights and effects. I thought they were just another deck. I opened the box and put the cards through my little initial routines, which includes several rapid faro shuffles to test the edge integrity. Bicycle cards, in general, do not faro well. Only when extra care is taken to keep the cutting blades sharp, as with a specialized deck similar to Theory 11 cards, or when the decks are what is called ‘original cut’.. will a deck faro smoothly the first time. Both the edges and the surface were ideal for their purpose. The cards are premium crushed USPCC stock, so they handle well out-the-box.

On the back of the cards are a picture of a roulette wheel. The wheel and the ball form a marking system that tells not only the identity of the card, but the position of the card in the deck.. if a stack is maintained. You can thumb the cards, flip book style, to create a visual unlike that of any other deck I’m familiar with…

Our animated and marked playing cards are a first for the magic industry. Use just the flip book to amaze your friends, add narrative to your magic routines or utilize them as marked cards to get a step ahead of your audience. They are fully marked decks based on the orientation of the cogs and after a bit of practice they are very easy to use, a marked card deck like no other, a card cheats dream!”

My only negative is a few folks have complained the marking system requires too much time to master. I didn’t find that to be the case.. but I respect their opinion. It’s like magic in general.. the more you put in.. the more you get out..

Not only do you get the most innovative marked playing cards available, you also get a host of instructional videos so you can learn to become a card cheat or just amaze your friends and audiences. These are marked cards like no other use a 13 card repeating back system. This marked deck is easy to use and will be the only marked card deck you will ever need.”

In addition to the marked deck, the developers have included a TWO HOUR video to help you learn several effects and ways of handling. Everything is taught in a very easy to understand method, and there are varying degrees of difficulty.

All the Roulette tricks are taught in detail. Multiple skill level options, self-working and medium-advanced handling. Learn the patter, the sleights, the timing, the off beats and more. A fully flavored gambling routine stacked all into one deck.”

RPC also includes two croupier Jokers illustrated in an Erdnase style. They are well suited for a color change move.. or something of your creation. Also, there’s a box gaff prediction card to use in one of the taught effects.. House Edge. The card with the instruction url is a red-backer to use in color changing deck effects and montys…

Here’s a list of the taught effects, included with each deck..

-Straight Up..  The spectator selects a card. The Roulette wheel spins and they call ‘stop’ – the deck is cut exactly there. The ball has stopped on a number… the spectator counts down that number to reveal their selected card.

-Split bet..

-Red or Black?.. We teach a couple of visually stunning colour changing deck sequences as well as an easy to do Monte trick.

-Marking System.. We go in depth on how to use the marking system, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

-The Mechanic .. We share some of our work on how a card cheat ‘could’ use this system in a card game. Deal winning hands every time and influence every part of the game.

-Lucky Thought..  (Maybe my personal favorite..)

-House Edge..

-The Croupier..

I spend quite some time perusing the Mechanic Industries web site. I was surprised at the many different variations of this deck available, as well as all the gaff cards, coins, rings and training sessions. Much of the training is available in return for your email.

I highly recommend Roulette Playing Cards to anyone with an interest in gambling and marked cards. You can’t beat the price.. and the quality and training FOR the price.

$9.95   From Murphy’s Magic and dealers who carry their line of magic…


Vanille Playing Cards by Paul Robaia  –  A Review

Here’s the Ad Copy for Vanille…

A limited edition print, Vanille Playing Cards are a marriage of minimalism and modernism.

A rich mint and black flirt with one another to provide beautiful juxtaposition and depth within the back design. The back design is complimented with minimal face cards where a striking color palette is further presented.

Composed of the same mint and black, it also hosts yellow and red. Together, the colors create a sensory experience of utter beauty and sleekness.

Designed by Paul Robaia, Vanille was printed at The United States Playing Card Company. Its matching, elegant letterpress tuck box was printed from Clove Street Press. These cards are suited for magicians, cardists, and collectors.

My Thoughts:

If you’ve purchased the Casual Playing Cards, Casual V2, Red Flora or Black Flora, then you have purchased one of Paul’s previous decks. Each was unique in its own way, with its own color scheme and limited availability.

Vanille playing cards are a continuation of this informal series of playing cards.. each designed to be both collectable and functional. I have reviewed three of the four sets created by magician Paul Robaia.. and the Vanille may be my favorite.

The black and mint colors of the back design are two of my favorite colors, and add both depth and unique style to Vanille. The number cards are all traditional, which I actually like. Getting too far from tradition prompts suspicion amongst your spectators, as, unlike the cardists, The court cards are traditional design.. but not traditional colors. They are black, red, yellow and light mint, forming a nice contrast.. but still maintaining a familiarity.

I actually use Vanille playing cards in a couple of effects. If I were much of a cardists, I would definitely use these cards in my flourishes. They look very good as you spin and twirl them for an audience. No kidding…

They are made by USPCC, finely cut, and the tuck boxes printed by Clove Street Press. I had no problem handling the cards straight out the box. It took me about a minute to condition the cards for my deals and handling. They are thin, crushed Air Cushion stock.. designed to be both super smooth and ideal for flourishes.

A certain segment of you guys are going to buy these for their collectibility. These are a very limited run of cards.. and I have noticed they are already priced at over twenty dollars a box on a certain popular bidding site.

Vanille Playing Cards include two unique Jokers, an advertising card, and a double-backer with a unique back.

I am impressed with Paul’s latest.. and I think anyone ordering Vanille cards will be quite satisfied. Buy them to collect.. or buy them to use. You’ll enjoy Vanille Playing Cards either way… (I encourage you to visit Murphy’s link below and watch several short videos of Vanille in use.)

$15.50    Available at Murphy’s Magic and dealers who carry their line of magic.

Review by Rick Carruth for The Magic Roadshow

(  )


Art of Money Getting –  Phineas Taylor Barnum

(Doug Dyment and I share at least one thing in common… we appreciate the writings of some of the titans of the past. We both have included links to this work on our sites….)

Whatever You Do, Do It with All Your Might –

Work at it, if necessary, early and late, in season and out of season, not leaving a stone unturned, and never deferring for a single hour that which can be done just as well now. The old proverb is full of truth and meaning, “Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.” Many a man acquires a fortune by doing his business thoroughly, while his neighbor remains poor for life, because he only half does it. Ambition, energy, industry, perseverance, are indispensable requisites for success in business.

Fortune always favors the brave, and never helps a man who does not help himself. It won’t do to spend your time like Mr. Micawber, in waiting for something to “turn up.” To such men one of two things usually “turns up:” the poor-house or the jail; for idleness breeds bad habits, and clothes a man in rags. The poor spendthrift vagabond says to a rich man:

“I have discovered there is enough money in the world for all of us, if it was equally divided; this must be done, and we shall all be happy together.”

“But,” was the response, “if everybody was like you, it would be spent in two months, and what would you do then?”

“Oh! Divide again; keep dividing, of course!”


There is no such thing in the world as luck. There never was a man who could go out in the morning and find a purse full of gold in the street to-day, and another to-morrow, and so on, day after day. He may do so once in his life; but so far as mere luck is concerned, he is as liable to lose it as to find it. “Like causes produce like effects.” If a man adopts the proper methods to be successful, “luck” will not prevent him. If he does not succeed, there are reasons for it, although, perhaps, he may not be able to see them.


“There is no greater mistake than when a young man believes he will succeed with borrowed money. Why? Because every man’s experience coincides with that of Mr. Astor, who said, “it was more difficult for him to accumulate his first thousand dollars, than all the succeeding millions that made up his colossal fortune.” Money is good for nothing unless you know the value of it by experience. Give a boy twenty thousand dollars and put him in business, and the chances are that he will lose every dollar of it before he is a year older. Like buying a ticket in the lottery, and drawing a prize, it is “easy come, easy go.” He does not know the value of it; nothing is worth anything, unless it costs effort. Without self-denial and economy, patience and perseverance, and commencing with capital which you have not earned, you are not sure to succeed in accumulating. Young men, instead of “waiting for dead men’s shoes,” should be up and doing, for there is no class of persons who are so unaccommodating in regard to dying as these rich old people, and it is fortunate for the expectant heirs that it is so. Nine out of ten of the rich men of our country to-day, started out in life as poor boys, with determined wills, industry, perseverance, economy and good habits. They went on gradually, made their own money and saved it; and this is the best way to acquire a fortune.”

Download this 21 page treatise at:


HIT – by Luke Jermay –  A Review

(Gimmicks and Online Instructions)

Here’s the Ad Copy…

With “Hit,” you’re able to perform an unforgettable, painstakingly clear demonstration of persuasion–and mind control. From a shuffled pack you remove just four cards and offer to play a few rounds of Blackjack with a participant. Despite letting her choose her cards every time, you, the performer, always prevail. Even when cards are exchanged and shown to the spectator, you are always left with the winning hand.

In the first phase, two hands of Blackjack are created but kept face down. The spectator chooses which hands they wants… and you win. In the second phase, a card of each Blackjack hand is shown and still…you are left with the winning hand. In the third phase all the cards are shown except one… and still you win. In the last phase ALL the cards are shown, and still you mysteriously win.

What makes “Hit” a spectacular addition to your mentalism or magic repertoire is that this is not a card trick about cards. It’s about CHOICES, and makes an ideal forum to interact in a meaningful way with your spectator. This trick is entirely self-working, and can be learned in minutes. It comes with all of the required gimmicked cards, and more than an hour of video instruction teaching every facet of the routine.

My Thoughts:

First.. Luke Jermay is one of my favorite performers. His work is always pivotal and very influential.  He has excelled in both the world of magic and mentalism, and served as a consultant to Criss Angel on Mind Freak, Derren Brown on both Mind Control and Trick of the Mind, Marco Tempest on Virtual Magician and on the tv show The Mentalist. He has composed a bookshelf full of books and manuscripts.

Psychological illusions and mental conundrums are Luke’s specialties. To get a good idea of how ‘HIT’ fits into these styles.. I suggest you visit the Murphy’s link below and watch a 7 minute plus trailer that will show you everything you need to know.. other than my opinion.

Luke employs a type of blackjack many of you will not be familiar with.. a two card blackjack where no additional cards are dealt. Think of Five Card Stud.. except a different game.. and two cards. You are dealt two cards.. and the highest hand wins. You cannot ‘bust’, as 21 is the highest possible sum with two cards. So, there is a winner and a loser of each deal. I suppose you could tie.. but Luke makes sure you don’t.

The ad copy is correct. It plays out exactly as written. The only thing I could add is that it’s also possible for you to tell your spectator they will WIN the next hand, in some cases. In either case, you are in full control of all hands, and you successfully predict who will win.

It’s possible to present this as a gambling demonstration, but Luke presents it as a theorem on choices.. and how choices affect the outcome of our lives. I like Luke’s psychological approach, and the gambling approach is simply another option.

The instructional video (online) runs an hour and seven minutes. It’s thorough. Also included are a couple of additional handlings.. including one similar to the gambling demonstration I mentioned above and another using a pendulum, powered entirely by the spectator. Both are nice additions to the primary effect.

The secret, if you want to call it that, is all in the gaffed cards included with the effect. You are provided with enough gaffs to carry out four different hands, all of which you’re in full control of from beginning to end. The gaffs are not typical Bicycle cards.. they are Cardshark Phoenix cards. I would like to have the option for Bicycle gaffs, but I have enough Phoenix decks that it wasn’t a problem. (I understand that Bikes ARE available..)

I really enjoy effects with a twist. You are encouraged to take the method and develop your own effect.. something that suits YOUR style. I’m sure you can think of many reasons why you are able to ‘control’or ‘predict’ the outcomes. As I’m fond of saying..”Use your noggin’ for something other than a hat rack” and create an effect that’s complementary to YOUR style.

Again, watch the trailer to get a good idea of how HIT looks in performance. It is easily performed by beginners willing to put in a little practice to master the handling. There are NO sleights.. so everything is about remembering whether to fan a card to the right or left of another card. Simple enough guys… I am recommending HIT to all my friends and Magic Roadshow readers.

$ 25.00   Available from Murphy’s Magic and all their associates..

(Review by Rick Carruth )


Warrior (Midnight Edition) Playing Cards by RJ  –  A Review

The Ad Copy:

Warrior Playing Card (BLACK) features:

Angle Zero gaff card

4 of Clubs duplicate

Custom court cards by Daniel Schneider

B9 SlimLine Linen Finish stock

Manufactured by Cartamundi

Designed in consultation with none other than Daniel Schneider (Black Roses Playing Cards), with some of the biggest names in the industry represented on the court cards.

While the back design might be minimalistic, the deck is packed with hidden revelations and built-in magic tricks.

These are the Warrior Playing Cards by RJ.

The cautionary tale of the moth.

There is wisdom to be gleaned from the tale of the moth. A foreboding story, a warning to us all to employ caution in all matters concerning one’s insatiable desires.

The moth is a symbol of resilience and determination, of the cruel ways of the world and the most obvious example of the devastation that awaits those who desire that which will eventually lead to their destruction.

The moth is relentless in its pursuance of its love: light. There is no length the moth will not go to in order to reach that which it desires. This is the part of the story which begs our admiration, one must wonder at the level of perseverance the moth exhibits. Identical to the inevitability of the way in which darkness envelopes light, so too is the moth’s unrelenting race to its own demise.

Herein lies the lesson we ought to learn, be cautious of the things we seek with blind determination. For in attaining our utmost desires, we may find our reality turn to dust, as quickly as a moth caught up in its beloved flame: and in the moment when we think we have it all, in the split second when the moth and light are one, darkness will be all that it will ever know.

Be cautious of the things that burn too bright, for there is often solace to be sought only in the shade.

My Thoughts:

Warrior Playing Cards were the object of a Kickstarter project during the 2020 year. They shipped out in mid-October to all the backers and to Murphy’s Magic for distribution. I don’t know the percentage of projects that exceed their promises.. but Warrior Playing Cards are one of the few.

First and foremost, I want my cards to feel right and handle right. All the bells and whistles mean nothing to me if the cards feel like a standard deck of Bicycle cards. I know.. some of you are thrilled to open a standard deck of Bikes, as that’s all you’ve used for years.. but some of us have developed a feel for slim linen cards, smoothly cut on the edges, and once you’ve done so, it’s hard to go back to what served us well for years. So.. that’s the very first thing I look for.. For the record, Warriors are B9 SlimLine Linen Finish Stock, printed by Cartamundi.

Warrior Playing Cards by RJ (RJ Meermans) feel and handle right…

Second.. I appreciate an artistic, but simplistic, design on my cards. I don’t want the design to distract from whatever effort I’m putting forth.. but I do want the cards to look like I’ve made an effort to provide a deck that’s pleasing for my spectator. I’m not one of those who thinks my audience is suspicious of anything not Bicycle… The court cards are custom designed, but not too far outside the norm. Well, Laura London IS the Queen of Spades.. but other than that….

Warrior Playing Cards are either midnight black or white with a very urbane moth printed on the back. They describe it as ‘minimalistic’. I like it…

Third.. Aside from their sharp handling, each deck has been designed to give you several custom cards to provide you with a number of ways to reveal their card. The Jokers have a Four of Clubs on one and a Nine of Clubs on the other within their design. Several court cards have ‘hidden’ reveals as well. Eg.. check the sword of two of the Kings for reveals, plus.. the hand of the Queen. The Ace of Clubs has a fancy custom design as well. There is a 4 of Clubs duplicate in each deck and either a double backer in the whites.. or a specially printed gaff card in the blacks.  I’m sure there are others..

At $15.00 a deck.. they are reasonably priced. I would venture to say these will become collectable.. but.. I can’t leave a deck in cellophane! I cannot find the total printing, but I do know they were almost 70% funded their first day. If you appreciate an attractive deck of cards with multiple bonus features.. I recommend Warrior Playing Cards for your collection AND for those special effects where a little style will go a long way.

$15.00    From Murphy’s Magic and their associates who carry their line of magic.

Review by Rick Carruth for the Magic Roadshow


Warrior (Full Moon Edition) Playing Cards by RJ  –  A Review

The Ad Copy:

Warrior Playing Card (WHITE) features:

1 double-backed card

4 of Clubs duplicate

Custom court cards by Daniel Schneider

B9 SlimLine Linen Finish stock

Manufactured by Cartamundi

Designed in consultation with none other than Daniel Schneider (Black Roses Playing Cards), with some of the biggest names in the industry represented on the court cards.

While the back design might be minimalistic, the deck is packed with hidden revelations and built-in magic tricks. These are the Warrior Playing Cards by RJ.

My Thoughts:

As there is only a slight variation in bonus features between the White Warriors and the Black Warriors, I’m going to refer you to the review for the Black Warrior Playing Cards for the details. The review for the Blacks should be posted directly above this review. I hope you take a moment and give it a read..

I’ll say again.. I really like these cards. I like the way they handle and the SlimLine Linen Finish stock. They are cut for flourishes and faros, and designed for style without being overbearing.

They provide a variety of features, including special reveals on court cards and the Jokers.. as well as custom designed court cards that are different without being too different.

I’m recommending Warrior Playing Cards to my friends and readers.

$15.00   From Murphy’s Magic and their associates…


FROST (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) By Mikey V and Abstract Effects – A Review

Here’s the AD Copy:

From one of our favorite new artists, Mikey V, comes the absolute last word on the blank deck: Frost!

Frost is a completely gaffed deck that does all the work for you making it one of the easiest and most fooling, self-working card effects you will do! Printed with high quality stock at the United States Playing Card Company, Frost comes ready to go right out of the box!

Start by showing a full deck of 52 cards front and back, and with the snap of a finger reveal that every single card has become blank on the front and back except for the spectator’s chosen card. You not only get the visual of showing all of the faces blank, but also get an extra kicker when you reveal that all of the backs have also turned blank except for their signed card! Your spectators can see the deck visually change around their card!

The Other Brothers and Mikey V teach their favorite routine using Frost along with some bonus visuals that are perfect for social media!

And for those of you in a hurry, here’s the TL; DR version:


Easy to do

Self working

Ready to go out of the box

Printed by USPCC

Instant reset

No rough & smooth

No flaps

Full routine taught plus bonus visuals that are perfect for social media!

My Thoughts:

Is tend to like everything The Other Brothers are involved in.. I like their style and their casual ways. Mickey V I’m not that familiar with, but he is a good instructor.. when not dressed as a killer clown. 😉

FROST is a very visual deck change, where a regular card is picked or signed, placed into a deck shown as normal on both sides, and the deck changes to a totally blank deck, both sides, leaving the chosen card as the only printed card in the deck. There are additional effects. Another involves placing two blank cards on each end of a ‘regular’ deck.. and the entire deck changes to blank cards.

The results are always visual.. and fairly easy to accomplish. Although the effect is listed as beginner level, I would place it more in the advanced beginner level. A couple of sleights are needed, primarily an Erdnase Color Change and a simple top change that’s more of a top placement. Both are demonstrated in detail if you aren’t familiar with the method.

Also, Mickey V teaches an interesting variation of the color change, using the back of the hand, palm up, as cover instead of the conventional method.

Traditional fans are used to display the face changes. One other sleight is taught.. a deck change. Although not needed for the primary handling, it’s an alternative method for a second effect.

FROST is a heavily gimmicked deck. It is actually gimmicked in four different ways.. and is not examinable. I wish it were. The deck is designed specifically for this effect. FROST is ideal for strolling and opening a set. It’s fast and visual, and gets your spectator’s attention for sure.  When I say the deck is gimmicked, it is gimmicked via the printing.. and not with physical gimmicks like flaps, wires and rough and smooth. The ad copy indicates FROST is self-working. I would say it is.. to the extent you perform the right moves. Orientation is everything…

I’m sure you can find other uses for the FROST deck. It’s printed on traditional Bicycle stock, mine was red backed, and handles like regular Bikes. I recommend using stock from another deck if you’re going to do a signed card effect.

For a good idea of how FROST looks to the spectator I suggest going to Murphy’s site and watching the promo video. Nothing helps the understanding like a good video.

Instructions are via a 35 minute instructional online video by the Other Brothers and Mickey V. This is a single camera video. Sound and quality are typical Murphy’s Magic standard.

FROST is a great effect as an attention-getter. It works if you can find an ideal spot for its performance. Not being able to show the deck requires a bit of work-around, but I trust those of you who appreciate the visual quality will find the right moment.

My only negative is.. I would like to see it priced a little lower. I know custom printed decks aren’t cheap, and I hope you can learn the multiple handling options and make it more than a one trick pony. The options are there for you…

$40.00    From Murphy’s Magic and their associates..


Wandcraft by Judge Gary Brown & Lawrence Hass – A Review

This is the Ad Copy:

Although the magic wand is a primary symbol of magic, many magicians today disregard it as an affectation, anachronism, or empty contrivance. And so, they lose sight of its power and promise as an instrument of magic.

In this groundbreaking book, Judge Gary Brown reawakens us to the potential of magic’s most ancient tool. Growing out of his own dawning realization and impassioned play, Wandcraft includes:

– Six fully-scripted routines that integrate a magic wand into their performance.

– Complete instructions on how to build five types of relatively simple, yet attractive wands.

– Practical theory about the history and functions of a magic wand to help this powerful tool come alive in your heart and hands.

“Wandcraft is essential reading for any magician. It is a practical guide to making your own magic wand that also re-empowers this ancient magical tool for modern times.”

– Jeff McBride (Grandmaster of Magic)

“The wand is an essential tool for magicians, and this book is an essential companion that teaches how, and why, to add this symbol of might to your own magic.”

– Steve Cohen (Chamber Magic)

“Wandcraft covers everything a magician needs to know about using a magic wand. Aside from clarifying ten various uses, Judge Brown offers tips to help you make your own wand. And, yes, a few of his favorite tricks are included. I am happy to include this in my library.”

– George Schindler (Dean of the Society of American Magicians)

“Of all the books on making and using magic wands I’ve read, this is the only one.”

– Harrison Greenbaum (America’s Got Talent, The Illusionists: Direct from Broadway, owes Gary a favor)

My Thoughts:

My gosh.. what can you NOT say about the venerable magic wand? A mainstay of the past and a must-have of the Potter generation.. magic wands represent the essence of magic and magical endeavors. Some magicians would just as soon perform without their knickers as to walk onstage without their wand.

Wands may have been used by prehistoric peoples. Cave drawings clearly show men with sticks in hand, implying perhaps they were people of power. They were without a doubt used as early as the 1200s in both religious ceremonies and the occult. In Wicca, they were used to exert control over angels and genies. Since, they are used during the casting of spells, think Harry Potter, and in a gentler manner during the performing of magic.. as magicians are aware.

Traditionally made of wood, wands are commonly formed from oak, hazel, and other craftable woods. They are frequently carved and adorned to the liking of the beholder. WANDCRAFT is solely for wands used during the art of magic.

Judge Gary Brown, a United States District Judge in New York, is very well-known in magic circles as both a writer and an inventor. Some of his original effects include Vikings “Spirit Trumpet” and “Telekinetic Chess”, “Psy-Colony”, “Believe”, and “Double Boston Box”. Some of his written works include “Al Flosso.. The Coney Island Fakir” and “Henry Slade and His Slades”.. among others.

I was afraid I might be pushed to review something I found boring. That comes from having never used a wand. It’s such a pleasure to be totally surprised. Judge Brown constructed WANDCRAFT in a way that made it highly interesting and entertaining from the first chapter. I certainly learned far more than I anticipated.. and have regrets only for those of you who will never read WANDCRAFT.

Short but concise chapters on wand theory, defining the wand, finding your wand, and ten powers of an ungimmicked wand served as a perfect beginning for folks like me.

Next, more detailed chapters discussed not only building tips, but actual effects, six in all, you can perform with your wand as the centerpiece. The Twenty First Century Anti-Gravity Wand and The Heartbroken Wand are two of my favorites. There’s a wealth of information on tips, finishes, exotic woods and a chapter on Willard The Wizard wands and both their construction and handling. (Fairly easy to construct, they are made from a wood dowel and bullet casings..)

More chapters on the Deco Wand and the Rolled Card Wand follow.. plus additional effects. The Hoffmann Coin Wand, Turned Wands and Two Piece Threaded Wands are discussed and illustrated in detail. You can’t ask for more..

WANDCRAFT ends with a final flourish and is followed by a lengthy bibliography sure to interest anyone who loves magic history.

WANDCRAFT is almost 100 pages long and is published by THEORY AND ART OF MAGIC PRESS and Larry Hass. I’m not skilled enough to tell you about paper and page thickness.. but it’s plenty good enough! It’s exactly what you’d expect of a thirty dollar book. (Hard cover. To my knowledge, not available as a soft cover.)

If you have an interest in wands, the history of wands, or creating a custom wand, you will not find a better book. WANDCRAFT discusses different types of wands and tips, but does not go into deep detail about the physical construction of wands. If you want to make your own from scratch I assume you have some woodworking skills, or access to something or someone that can help you along. Don’t let this deter you. WANDCRAFT will provide you with multiple options, and through a multitude of pictures help you envision what you want.. and why.

I am recommending WANDCRAFT to all my magical friends and Magic Roadshow Readers.

$30.00    From Murphy’s Magic and all their associates..

Review by Rick Carruth


EVOLUSHIN MAGIC SET – by Shin Lim – A Review

This is the Ad Copy:

The EVOLUSHIN Magic kit by Shin Lim is the most innovative and exciting Magic Kit on the market!

Most magic kits put focus on the “toys” in the kit and not the person performing them. Shin Lim has developed a magic kit focused on the beginner, which makes YOU the star of the show!

Shin did this by creating and adapting SECRET TOOLS that will make you look like you have spent years learning difficult sleight of hand. The EVOLUSHIN kit will make you look like a professional Magician because all the tricks are professional level! Each trick has been handpicked to bring you the MAXIMUM response from your audience!

Everything is Easy to Learn and Perform!


You will receive all the SECRET TOOLS and SPECIAL APPARATUS to perform AMAZING MAGIC!












All the teaching is taught by SHIN LIM! This is just like getting a one on one private lesson from one of the world’s greatest magicians. Shin goes over all details of each trick so you will not only know the SECRETS but how to preform them properly.

BONUS! Shin Lim will be teaching 2 close-up acts! This way you will have plenty of magic to perform and will be able to create your own versions of these great tricks!

If you have ever dreamed of becoming a magician, then the EVOLUSHIN kit is for you! Learn magic the right way and start on your path to becoming a magician today!

My Thoughts:

You can’t deny the popularity of Shin Lim. After winning Americas Got Talent, and then winning the Champions show of AGT, Shin Lim climbed to the very top of the magic world. Penn and Teller called him the best magician to EVER appear on their popular show, which is saying quite a lot. Right now, Shin has the name recognition.. so all that’s lacking was for a manufacturer to partner with Shin to create an advanced product, much like his magic, to appeal to a wide sector of fans.

Yes, he’s created a number of commercial effects for magicians, but what about the young magician who has more than a passing interest but doesn’t have the age or skill to master the more difficult effects? Also, how do you create a kit NOT full of plastic ‘toys’ and self-working tricks that you could just as easily purchase in a dollar store?

This is where Shin paired with Murphy’s Magic to create, easily, the most impressive magic ‘kit’ I’ve ever seen. Shin notes on the first page of his instructions his goal was to create a kit that made the performer the star of the show.. and not the gimmicks. His thoughts were.. let’s take professional effects and revise them in a way so they are performable by young performers.

Looking through the kit, you see effects, many card type effects, that are sold to professionals. You also find props you would not find in other kits. Props for vanishes and levitations are featured throughout.. in addition to a number of card effects with gaffed cards.

If I have one negtive.. it’s that Bicycle cards were not used. The cards used are well-suited bridge size cards with a Shin Lim design, created with smaller hands in mind.. I’m sure.  I don’t have a problem with these cards.. it’s just we all understand the natural suspicions of the public. I’m sure young adults can get by with more than us old codgers..

Shin also includes, in addition to the 30 plus page instruction book, an online portal where he personally teaches all the effects.. plus 2 full close-up routines designed to get the performer in front of an audience. This is only ONE of the features that makes EVOLUSHIN totally unique and justifies the slightly higher price. If you’re going to charge more.. that’s fine -if- you provide true value. Shin does….

I’m not going to list 100+ effects. Sorry. But I am going to list some of the effects many of you will recognize by name. Remember, all the props and/or gaffs are provided. Everything is ready to perform out-the-box..

Jumping Jacks, Turn Over and Color Change, Slam The Card Through The Table, (glide technique and double lift technique are taught), Your Card At Any Number, Forcing With a Handkerchief, Phone a Friend, Am I Wrong, Prediction From A Wallet, Your Choice My Mind, Order Chaos and Order, Changing Card in Glass, Card in the Bag, Shrinking Pack, Ghost Writing, Smarty Pants, Aces Together, Funny Finger, Vanishing Deck (props included)…

These are just a few. If you go to Murphy’s and look at some of the photos, you’ll get a grasp of some of the props provided.

I know some of you are wondering why I would review something you’re not likely to buy. Well… magicians don’t always perform magic. Sometimes they actually get married.. and.. gasp.. have children! And some of these children may have a liking of Shin Lim. So…..

I could actually see some of you guys and gals buying these wholesale from Murphy’s and selling them during your backroom sales..(assuming we somehow rid our venues of this virus).. or selling these on your website. Think outside the norm and take advantage of Shin Lim’s popularity.

I highly recommend EVOLUSHIN to ‘kids’ everywhere.. and a few magicians I know. Hey, there’s a kid in ALL of us..!

$49.95   From Murphy’s Magic and their special associates..   (product page)        (teaching portal and videos)

Review by Rick Carruth for the Magic Roadshow..


The International Space Station.. A Video Tour

 Thanks to my friend and Canadian lookout, Harvey Raft, for this super interesting video of the International Space Station. (We have stationed Harvey north of the border to keep an eye out for those sneaky Greenlanders.)  You have NO idea what the interior actually looks like.. until you watch this.  Time well spent..


Expose (Gimmicks and DVD) by SansMinds Creative Labs – A Review

This is the Ad Copy:

A piece of nothingness slowly turns into a memory that will never be forgotten.

Instant visual changes are great for getting quick reactions, but slow CGI-like visual changes can imprint the moment of magic into your spectators’ brains for rest of their lives.

As the card changes, you will notice their eyes get bigger and they’ll stop breathing for a few seconds. At the end of the change, they will thank you with loudest WTF reaction you have ever heard in your life!

Expose by SansMinds Creative Lab will get you exactly what is described above.

You can go out and make the quietest people scream out loud as soon as you get Expose.


Expose is incredibly easy to do, and you will receive fully constructed gimmicks.

If you have your particular favorite decks to perform with, then you can also make your own version of Expose because the DVD also teaches you how to make the gimmick in no time.

Get that jaw-dropping reaction with Expose today!

What you receive:

1 Instructional DVD

1 fully made gimmick (Blue Bicycle gimmick)

My Thoughts:

First.. I want to congratulate whoever, (SansMinds I assume), created this effect. There’s a ton of thought here. It’s one of those effects that’s hard to imagine being created during a sit down with a fellow magician.

The best way to understand what happens is to visit the Murphy’s link and watch the video performance. Basically, a card is selected from the deck by a spectator. The card is revealed to be blank. A corner is torn from the card and spit-stuck to the deck. In a moment of clarity.. the blank corner of the card slowly and visually transforms to a court card corner. This corner is then peeled off the deck.. and shown to be a surprisingly missing corner from the card held by the spectator. Whew… There are actually two selections involved.. but for my sanity I have kept the description simple.

All this is achieved via a heavily gaffed card(s).. supplied with the instructional DVD. Thankfully, almost everything you need is provided. I did have to cut a corner from a card to make everything work. Also, you will have to score two cards to perform the effect in order to make the corner tear effective.

Aside from the gaffed card provided, they go into detail on the DVD teaching you how to make your own gimmicked card should you ever need another. The only thing not entirely true in the ad copy is you can make your own gimmick ‘in no time’.. It may take slightly longer.. but, it’s all spelled out in detail.

If you perform EXPOSE publicly, you will have to be aware of your angles and lighting. In the right light.. you’ll totally fool your spectators. In the not so right light.. you won’t. There is a principle involved here where a card, moved across another card, appears seamless if the movement is toward the spectator. If not, then a seam, or in this case an edge, will be seen. It’s not a deal breaker.. but it is a consideration. It’s difficult to explain these things without revealing too much.

The DVD was roughly an hour in length.. and mostly good quality. There are a couple of times when you have to double the volume to hear the speaker. Not sure why this wasn’t cleaned up pre-production. Otherwise, I understood everything I needed to understand.

I recommend EXPOSE to anyone wanting a great visual effect.. who isn’t afraid to tackle the public on their turf. There is very little to learn performance wise. You can master the handling after a brief period of practice. Get your angles right, get your lighting right, ( which can be controlled in part by your own shadow ) and you will have an effect that looks like real magic.

These type effects are hard to come by.. It reminds me of Katsuya Masuda’s wonderful WOW gimmick, which is one of my all-time favorite effects. Yes, EXPOSE is a bit of a challenge.. but unlike WOW it does NOT appear to be a gimmick..  and the audience assumes you are achieving your magic with pure skill.

$34.95    Available at Murphy’s Magic and their associates…

Review by Rick Carruth


“A French writer says that “The reader of a newspaper does not see the first mention of an ordinary advertisement; the second insertion he sees, but does not read; the third insertion he reads; the fourth insertion, he looks at the price; the fifth insertion, he speaks of it to his wife; the sixth insertion, he is ready to purchase, and the seventh insertion, he purchases.” Your object in advertising is to make the public understand what you have got to sell, and if you have not the pluck to keep advertising, until you have imparted that information, all the money you have spent is lost.”

P.T. Barnum


Dealing With It – Season 1 by John Bannon – A Review

This is theAd Copy…

Bigblindmedia presents – John Bannon’s Dealing With It Season 1

Love card tricks? Well then, you’ve come to the right place!

Dealing With It Season 1 features ALL the routines from John Bannon’s acclaimed Genii Magazine column throughout 2017. Utilizing John Bannon’s patented blend of clear and engaging presentations with easy but hugely effective methods, Dealing With It Season 1 is a feast of playing card chicanery. Six beautifully constructed card routines are featured, and each one is a powerhouse that will decimate any audience. Even better, all the featured tricks are easily achieved without resorting to difficult sleight of hand or complex moves!

The project features full, in-depth tutorial instructions on how to perform each of the routines – along with presentational tips, handling advice and Bannon’s invaluable insight into construction.

Sit back, grab your cards, and get ready to spend some time with John Bannon… time to start DEALING WITH IT!


Heart Of Glass


Well Tempered Aces

Cross Eyed Jacks



BONUS – also learn:

Hybrid Holdout

The Double Dutch False Cut

My Thoughts:

You can’t help but like John Bannon. Watching him on one of his many videos.. he seems like one of the most amiable guys in all of magic. Low key and concise, you get the impression he spends every waking moment perfecting some obscure double     backflip fingertip lateral move… You’re wrong. John is actually a highly respected Chicago lawyer.. someone who, when not sitting behind a card table, would be equally at ease in a conference room with ‘The Good Wife’ crowd…

John produced this DVD from season one of Dealing With It, a popular column he wrote for GENII magazine. This is the first of three DVD’s.. covering the 2017 year. The other two DVD’s cover 2018 and 2019.

The six effects on this DVD are all a complex mix of card effects, but not requiring complex handling. If you’re familiar with any of John’s other DVD’s, you know he is very careful and deliberate.. but doesn’t require difficult sleights to achieve the impossible. A couple of his latest releases are actually self-working effects, as it’s becoming clear to distributors and magicians alike that the easier, but well-constructed effects are better received by the magic community. That’s what they seem to want… and that’s what John delivers… over and over.

The six effects on this DVD are:

Heart Of Glass – A Jack Carpenter and Peter Duffie transposition effect that is extremely visual and uses either a drop sleight (taught) or a standard double lift. Quick.. but definitely one of my favorites.

Uprising – A small packet elevator effect. You will need a bottom deal, but it’s performed off a small packet.. and easily concealed. You also use a simple block push off. (taught)

Well Tempered Aces – Maybe my favorite effect. A type of Jazz Aces.. You’ll learn a nice JK Hartman upside down Elmsley Count.

Cross Eyed Jacks – Another smooth transposition.. John uses his variation of Harry Lorayne’s One Eyed Jack.

Queenpins – Yet another transposition built around a Chris Mayhew effect.. John teaches a sharp pickup move..

Rendezvous – Very interesting Mystery Card effect.. Learn John’s Conflection Control and another Drop Sleight. Another of my favorite effects.


Hybrid Holdout – You’ll see how this can be immediately employed to UP your effects. I thoroughly enjoyed both of these bonus moves..

The Double Dutch False Cut – Looks SO good. You have to go back and watch it another time or two to see what you thought you saw…

There is one last section that is a collection of several performance-only videos from other DVD’s. If you’re in the mood to gloss over this…. don’t. The first performance is actually a self-working effect I’ll be using in a future ZOOM meeting. It works perfectly.

I have yet to see a Bigblindmedia presentation that wasn’t a quality DVD or effect. This video is filmed with professional equipment, by professionals, and lighting and sound are equally as good. Props to whomever chose the music. I couldn’t find a listing for the total time of the DVD.. only individual little segments. I’ll take a guess and say total time is about one hour. I have no complaints..

Season 1 is $25.00.. and is available on either DVD or as a download. Season 2 and 3 are priced at $20.00 each.

I will recommend DEALING WITH IT to all my friends and readers. Although it’s listed as a beginner DVD, I would say it’s probably on the advanced beginner level as it’s not self working. The sleights aren’t complicated. Beginners, with a little practice, can perform everything on this DVD. John is an excellent teacher, and will make you want to buy other of his DVD’s or downloads. Enjoy !!

$25.00     From Murphy’s Magic and dealers who carry their line of products..


Fire When Ready by John Bannon – A Review

After the bestselling smash hit releases ‘Bullets After Dark’ and ‘Bullet Party’, John Bannon is finally ready to close out his ‘Bullet’ trilogy. The third and final entry is Fire When Ready, a veritable feast of card magic delights. Fueled by Bannon’s inimitable style of easy-to-achieve, yet staggeringly powerful card magic, this is a project you NEED!

Over two packed discs and an immense 180-minute running time, Fire When Ready will arm you with some of the strongest card magic imaginable. From Bannon’s go-to opener for more than a decade ‘Line Of Sight’ to the impossibly clean think of a card ‘Proxy Shock’. The ten featured routines are audaciously constructed and require only the most basic sleight of hand, yet, they are tricks that are destined to be in your arsenal for EVER!

Proxy Shock – They think of a card. The deck is shuffled. It looks like you miss… then BOOM! They realize they were just being set up for the sucker punch.

Rock The ‘Voque – A spectator reads your mind, bit by bit, nailing the card you thought of… and you can prove it!

Mundo – All the impact of ‘Out of This World’, but in a small packet, and with a twist that will fool EVERYONE!

Cut & Run – Produce the four Aces from a deck repeatedly shuffled and cut… by your SPECTATOR! This is a killer utility!

Hybrid Holdout – Your participant shuffles and cuts. Top stock: Controlled?!?

Stealth Aces – A classic Ace Assembly, that combines easy handling with a devious construction!

Big Fat Bluff Aces – John’s hidden gem. This assembly is a showpiece, and features several astonishing kickers, and will leave EVERYONE reeling – laymen and magicians alike!

Blues Alley Jokers – Truly shocking appearance of Jokers sandwiching a selected card.

Clean Out Of Sight – Vernon’s classic gets the Bannon treatment – a spectator shuffles and thinks of a card, without you touching a thing. Then, following the spectator’s intuition, you zero in on a card they’ve genuinely thought of, and never named. BOOM!

Question Zero – A borrowed, shuffled deck. A thought of card. Zero questions, maximum bang for minimal buck!

Line Of Sight – What does John open his card sets with? Line of sight. And you will see why! John teaches all the tips that make this shocking moment of mental card magic work, with the pack in the spectators’ hands.

My Thoughts:

You have to like John Bannon. Oh.. I’m sure there’s someone, somewhere who doesn’t… but some folks don’t like Santa Clause or the Cadbury Bunny either. Regardless, John’s style and timing appeals to my inner magician and I have a preconceived admiration for his work. Perhaps that means I look for the good instead of the bad. So be it….

FIRE WHEN READY is one of a three part series John calls the ‘Bullet’ trilogy. All three have one thing in common: They are a series of fairly rapid fire effects that are extremely practical, never convoluted, and get straight to the point. These are effects that are perfect for that moment when someone wants you to ‘show them something’. You don’t want to drag them, secretly crying and screaming, through a six or seven minute monstrosity.. when you can Bannonize them with a beautifully constructed two or three minute gem that makes them beg for another…

Will I use everything taught on Fire When Ready? No… Like all DVD’s, I have my favorites. (Thank goodness there ARE favorites.)  I have four I am rewatching to gather all the specifics I’ll need to add to my performance list. I have one other which I am making a permanent part of my repertoire. I can’t ask for more than that out of a twenty five dollar DVD.

Like many of John’s DVDs, I’ll say this material is on the advanced beginner level. Nothing is really complicated and every move is taught. If you are a beginner, don’t be afraid to make this purchase.. it will help you immensely.

Here’s a list of effects and a few quick thoughts…

Proxy Shock – Uses a Bob Farmer move to switch in a card. A deck is spread and a spec thinks of a card they see. You make a guess, and miss… or do you? Very smooth handling and requires a double undercut and a weave shuffle… both taught.

Rock The Voque – Mental magic effect. Equivoque. Relies on ambiguous instructions and context to reveal a spectator’s mental choice. A Touch force is used like an index. Very Sharp thinking… Another personal favorite.

Mundo – Intuition effect. Small packet version of Out of this World. Spec deals into two piles using the Ace of Spades as a key card. One move .. taught.  One of my favorites..

Cut & Run – A nice four Ace assembly.  Similar to a Ben Earl effect. A Three pile false cut and a few packet cuts get it done.. Uses a Frank Thompson false cut, which is very simple. Look like a pro on a poor man’s budget.

Stealth Aces – Ace assembly. A false count achieves all the magic. John Carey effect. Very streamline. You WILL do this. Another personal favorite.

Big Fat Bluff Aces –  Four Ace effect disguised as an assembly. Uses an Elmsley Count and Jordan Count Exchange. Four Aces turn to four Kings, and the Aces turn up somewhere they shouldn’t.. Nice, visual effect.

Blues Alley Jokers –  A Sandwich effect. Jack Carpenter effect. Uses a shift to achieve the end effect.

Clean Out Of Sight – Packet effect.. uses about half of the deck. Relies on spectator ‘intuition’ to find their selected card. Mathematical based. Out of Sight Out of Mind based. Take the time to learn this.. and you’ll have something special.

Question Zero – Regular shuffled deck effect. Spectator picks five cards and remembers highest card. Cards are placed back in deck. Magi uses multiple shift and a swing cut to move the five back to the top. Well taught and only takes a little practice.

Line of Sight – Great premise. Quick and simple. Links back to Dear Mr Fantasy in 2005. Uses a Marlo glimpse and a little finger friction move to achieve the magic. This is based on an Alain Nu premise, and is my favorite effect. Fits right in with what I’m working on.. routine wise.

Line of Sight – Other glimpses. Three other glimpses are taught..

This is over three hours of card magic on one DVD. Everything is exactly what you’d expect from Bigblindmedia. Cameras, lighting and sound are more than adequate. Camera angles are precise and well-placed.

I am recommending FIRE WHEN READY to my friends and readers. This is sort of a no-brainer…

$25.00    From Murphy’s Magic and their associates..

Review by Rick Carruth


The Vault – Card Animations by Patricio Teran – A Review –  Video Download

This is the Ad Copy (short and sweet):

“This is insane! Patricio just changed the game!”

– Hanson Chien

“I can’t tell what l saw is fantasy or reality, maybe both?”

– Hondo Chen

Four ingenious close-up magic animations!

Patricio Teran teaches you step by step how to build your own special cards by applying the concept of the animated card one of the most original animation concepts in magic.

My Thoughts:

OK.. most folks who follow my reviews know I am not a big fan of DIY. I was hesitant to review Card Animations for that very reason. I’m glad I gave it a go, and I’m happy to have the opportunity to review Patricio’s wonderful little video.

(I say ‘little’, but it’s actually over an hour and twenty minutes) .. I couldn’t complain about the DIY aspect though.. as this is a video solely intended on teaching you how to construct four cards that would easily cost you north of eighty bucks if you paid someone to make them for you.

I came in with the notion this would be a flip book (deck) type animation. I was wrong. This is a detailed tutorial showing how to create four different mechanically animated cards.. each with a different premise. If you’ve seen Bob Solari’s mini rising card that rises from a King’s hand then you know what I mean by mechanical. Cards appear.. but they appear from the depths of a card when you decide they appear. maybe from a small slit in the card or from a small envelope that magically appears – with an even smaller card inside. My best advice is to go to the link at the bottom and watch the trailer. This will give you a very accurate idea of what happens.. but it won’t tell you specifics.

This video is not about effects. It is about the props (tools) to make YOUR effects unique. You are left to create your own routines using the cards you build from scratch.. and Patricio teaches you exactly how to build each card from scratch.

When I first opened the video, I couldn’t quite understand how it was going to take 80 minutes to create four cards.. but you are literally walked through each step, in real time, from inception to creation. Everything you need is listed, and almost everything is something you probably have around the house: Scissors, double stick tape, a straight pen, Sharpie, and the one thing you may or may not have.. elastic (silicone) thread.

Everything taught is easily within the skill set of the average guy. Although my hands are not as agile as they once were, there’s nothing too hard for me. You need to be able to cut a

straight line, lay tape, and cut out a couple of small cards you’ll use for your ‘hidden cards’.

All the production values are typical Murphy’s Magic quality. Sound is a cool jazz-funk as this is a voice-free video. Words aren’t necessary.. fortunately. The video is tight and clear, detailing each aspect. I can’t find nary a thing to complain about..

I recommend CARD ANIMATIONS to all my readers and Roadshow guys. It’s priced very fairly and, if you’ll make the props, is a true bargain. Again, check out the video and you’ll have a good idea of what Patricio can add to YOUR magic. This is great for close-up and walk-around performances and will provide you with a very personal tool that I guarantee will earn you amazing responses.

$19.95  … From Murphy’s Magic and Associates who carry their line.

Review by Rick Carruth


Skymember Presents Isolated Red –  by Mr. Xuan – A Review…  (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)

The following is the Ad Copy:

In 1950s, David Berglas created the “Holy Grail” of card magic, known as “The Berglas Effect”.  The Berglas Effect:

The performer shows a shuffled pack of cards, then a spectator is asked to think of ANY card in the deck. Next, the spectator is asked to name a random number between 1 and 52. Amazingly, the randomly thought of card is found at the exact number the spectator had thought of. In later years, this effect was known as “ACAAN” and is still regarded as one of the most impossible card effects in magic.

Skymember Presents is proud to introduce you to Isolated, the very first instalment to our PRO SERIES.

This ultimate version of ACAAN was created by Mr. Xuan. He will be going over every detail on not only how to perform this super-clean effect but also goes into the psychology, patter, and routine structure.

With Isolated, you can perform multiple imperceptible mind-blowing routines that under insane fair conditions.


Have you ever wondered why; when some magicians perform an effect, they seem so professional? Or maybe they always get standing ovations? Or maybe they just have “that special thing”? Have you ever wondered how can YOU overcome these uncertainties? Well, now you can. Therefore we have decided to release our PRO SERIES!

Many things are to be taken into account when designing a professional routine. It’s not just about the moves and techniques… there’s psychology, patter, routine structure and so much more. We’ll shed light onto all the minute details from start to finish. Isolated is not just a trick, it’s a masterclass, come on inside for we have so much to share… in isolated.


3 powerful routines.

Designed for TV and stages.

Perform like a Master in no time.

An hour Masterclass. Taught expertly by Avi Yap, Ryan Goh and Zach Ng.

My Thoughts:

Every now and again a new effect comes along that truly stretches the borders. I consider ISOLATED such an effect, and am very pleased to be in a position to review it.

No, everything is not perfect. It is not a 100% sure fire winner.. which, unfortunately, is true with most advanced Any Card At Any Number (ACAAN) effects. There is always an element of danger, as I group most ACAAN lovers/performers with sky divers and race card drivers. I think it’s safe to say most of the best ACAAN performances I’ve ever seen were on video.. (except Charlie Frye’s performance at a SCAM convention in 2008). Don’t take that statement wrong. It’s just that it’s much easier to ‘clean up’ a video.. and real time ACAAN’s can be finicky. I’ve seen more than one well-known magician have to back up an punt during performances.

Yes, there are a few performers with flawless ACAAN’s.. but they are not generally marketing their effect. Most of the effects that DO make it to market are not magician foolers, which shouldn’t be a consideration… but it is.

Enough negativity! I am a BIG fan of ISOLATED.. and it’s time for me to tell you why…

ISOLATED is complete with two video tutorials and four different effects. It uses a gaffed deck.. a VERY gaffed deck.. and a fair amount of psychology to accomplish about as fair an ACCAN, from the audiences’ perspective, as you’ll find on the market.

It is well taught, in a 50 minute tutorial, by Avi Yap and Ryan Goh (creator of Anarchy). Both are well versed and very articulate, and explain everything you need to know in an impressive manner. Unfortunately, the second video, which covers only one of the four effects, is not as clear, as it employs sub titles, fast sub titles, but provides enough clear visuals you should be fine. This isn’t a sticking point.. just an observation.

If you’re a lazy magician, ISOLATED probably isn’t for you. As with most well-constructed effects, the performer has to be able to control the deck AND the spectator. This is not an extreme.. just being able to prevent them from turning cards at the wrong time and maintaining your own deck orientation to prevent revealing moments that are unrecoverable.

ISOLATED has a number of gaffed cards and regular cards.. and requires a one-time setup. Despite the setup, the deck can be table spread and shuffled as a real convincer. After the spread and shuffle, the magician again spreads the cards, face down, and asks the spectator to point to any card. They do… but this is a moment that requires spectator control. There are two small areas, about 5-6 cards each, that the performer needs to block via the spread. If performed as taught, you should pull this off the vast majority of times. It’s a small blip, but a consideration, in an otherwise superb effect.

The performer shows the spectator the card they picked. It is buried and cut into the deck. The performer ask the spectator to name a number.. and the magi fairly deals down to that number. The card is turned… and revealed to be the spectators card. An acrylic card sleeve can be used to deal the cards in a super-fair manner.  There are so many convincers used along the way, despite the construction of the deck, the spectator, (magicians included), are left to ponder the impossible..

A second effect with the same setup, referred to as a Russian Roulette type effect, is extremely effective in it’s own way. Six piles are dealt after the spec selects a card, and the spec slowly eliminates each pile, and is shown its content in the process.. until one is left. He then selects one of the remaining cards.. and it is his selection. Pretend the piles are potential  spikes, and have the spectator slam their hand on individual piles.. avoiding the one ‘spiked’ pile that contains their card.. Good stuff…

A third effect also uses the same setup and a Mexican Turnover (taught) to again find the spectator’s card… which matches a card given to him beforehand by the performer. It is a very good prediction effect and looks quite good on video.

An additional portion of the first video is a masterclass type production, displaying various ways to use ancillary devices to strengthen the effects. Card dealer/sleeves and tweezers are the two primary examples.

The second video, the Lottery effect, stage version, is similar enough to the Russian Roulette effect you shouldn’t have a problem with the sub titles. I also noticed a commercial rights clause that prevents the effects from being used on TV and web shows without permission. I am not a fan of these clauses.. but it is what it is…

Quickly put… ISOLATED is roughly an hour and ten minutes of instruction . Both the video and sound are typical Murphy’s Magic quality. Everything works.. aside from the sub titles on the second video, which scroll too fast for these eyes to follow. (Again, I don’t mention this to disway you from purchasing Isolated..)

In all.. I think ISOLATED is a very sharp, very intelligent use of gaff cards to achieve one of the classics of magic. The additional effects are icing on the cake, so to speak, and add to the value of this specialized deck. I definitely recommend ISOLATED to all my readers and Roadshow subscribers. I realize forty bucks is a serious purchase, but I believe it is well worth the price if you, like me, are a big fan of ACAANs.

$39.95  ..  From Murphy’s Magic and their associates.

(Review by Rick Carruth)


Remedies Playing Cards by Madison x Schneider – A Review

It’s time to celebrate the USPCC comeback of Daniel Madison. The series of some of the most iconic playing cards continue with the Madison x Schneider Remedies. A reminiscence to the beginning of custom playing cards with a modern twist.

The new look and feel runs through the entire deck. Improved custom pips and indices, new custom faces and details on the Court cards. Daniel Schneider also redesigned Daniel Madison’s iconic King of Diamonds that you see from now on in every new Madison deck.

Packed with hidden secrets and built-in magic tricks, including an Angle Zero gaff and a series of brand new hidden revelations with an incredible quality of stock (and traditionally cut). Madison and Schneider are so proud to present this minimally wonderful weapon of deception.

Manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company

Printed on premium (Bee) crushed paper stock

Traditionally cut

Custom front and back

Angle Zero gaff

Hidden revelations for your magic routines

My Thoughts:

Playing Cards… you either love ’em, or you don’t. I’m not talking about the public… I’m talking about the pickiest bunch of them all… magicians. REMEDIES are designed for magicians. Let me tell you why…

First.. Daniel Schneider and Daniel Madison were two of the very first to introduce true custom cards to the magic community. Remedies is a great continuation of that tradition.

Second..  I’ve always been a fan of Bee’s. They handled slightly stiffer than Bikes, but I’ve always preferred the linen finish and the way the Bee’s slid together when performing faros. Remedies are printed on the premium Bee crushed stock, I think slightly thinner than original Bee’s, but not enough to matter. They are also traditionally cut and printed by USPCC, a trait I like in all my cards.

I found the edge cut to be slightly rough. That’s not a problem if the edge softens during use.. and my Remedies would faro properly after three or four minutes of faro’s. This shouldn’t be an issue for most of you, but I have several controls that are dependent on my faro.. I have to be able to perform a perfect faro or the deck goes on the shelf. Thankfully, Remedies came through for me.

Most of the court cards are custom made. The King of Diamonds is a redesigned image of Daniel Madison and the other King of Diamonds, yes, there’s two, is Daniel Schneider. The King of Spades is David Blaine, the King of Clubs is David at Magicorthodoxy, and the King of Hearts is a German magician who’s name escapes me. There are several hidden secrets within the court cards, including two Kings holding different cards and an angle zero gaff on the back of an extra nine.

The tuck case is a sharp, minimally designed, box with the raven feather and the black rose, both symbolic of the Schneider-Madison kinship. Both the feather and rose are white on either a solid red, blue, or green box. The backs of the cards are similar to the case, except with a thin, white border and a dual rose and feather image.. I like it…

Ultimately, you buy cards for their collect ability, and REMEDIES are very collectable.. or you buy cards because you appreciate their feel and handling qualities. The features and design of any deck ARE important, and these cards have that in spades, but I have to be able to say I like how they feel. It’s that simple. That’s why I recommend REMEDIES to all my friends and readers.

$15.00    Available from Murphy’s Magic and their associates..



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