The Vault – PHOSPHORUS by Victor Sanz – A Review

The Vault – PHOSPHORUS by Victor Sanz – A Review

The Vault – Phosphorus by Victor Sanz

Quick pocket trick download from Victor Sanz and Murphy’s Magic.. Here’s the ad copy:

Find the spectator’s match without looking — in only one second!

Victor Sanz shares his brilliant new interactive close-up miracle. A spectator picks a matchstick out of many and signs their name on it. They then put the signed match back in the box with the others and shake them all up. The magician takes the box back and, in one second, produces the signed lit match!

Everything can be examined before and after the effect. Make the gimmick in less than 5 minutes. Easy to perform.

My Thoughts..

Victor Sanz is another creative mind from Spain, home to some of the most creative magic on the planet. Victor is also the creator of Self-Flipping Note Pad, Contrasts, Vibrate and Revolver, among other effects.

As a fellow who has a fondness for walk-around, I’m always glad to find a quick trick I can add to my repertoire. This effect from Victor Sanz can, literally, be carried in a matchbox.. and doesn’t require much to learn. I think some of you will find this an attractive addition.

The effect performs like the ad copy. Aside from a small gimmick, everything works as advertised, and the learning curve is minimal. The magi shows a spectator a wooden matchbox full of matches. The spectator is allowed to pick a match and mark it to be easily recognized later. The magi partially inserts the match into the box and the spectator pushes the match the remainder of the way in and closes the box. The spectator shakes the box to thoroughly mix the matches. The box is returned to the magi who.. with only a very slight pause.. places the box behind his back with one hand – as the other hand brings a lit match from behind the magi, lit..

It’s the spectator’s match.

It’s not exactly like vanishing the Statue of Liberty.. but it’s a nice, quick effect that creates a mystery. You do have to create a small gimmick to make the effect work. As this is a download, you get to make the gimmick with thoughtful instructions from Victor. It only requires something you probably have around the house, plus a pair of scissors, and about 4 or 5 minutes. Everyone knows my dislike of DIY effects, but this is admittedly simple to make…

The download is typical Murphy’s Magic quality. The effect is taught with subtitles. As the effect is not very complicated, this wasn’t a problem for me. They could have taught everything sans subtitles and I think you would still understand everything you need to know. The video runs 33 minutes with several minutes performance mode.

I would recommend PHOSPHORUS to anyone with ten bucks and a desire to add a little something-something to their routine. It’s a quickie, easy to perform, and a great little effect for those of you who love to play with fire…

$10.00 at Murphy’s Magic and their affiliated magic dealers…

Review by Rick Carruth

‘Making Magic’ and Rick Lax are a hit for Facebook Watch

‘Making Magic’ and Rick Lax are a hit for Facebook Watch

A new series starring Las Vegas magician Rick Lax has been a huge hit for Facebook Watch.

“Making Magic” has garnered nearly 4 million views over two episodes since premiering in mid-April with Lax, a Las Vegas native.

He’s racked up over 5 billion views for his Facebook magic videos, which led to the creation of “Making Magic,” essentially a magicians’ version of Jerry Seinfeld’s Web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”  READ MORE

The Secret Magicians Of The Music Industry, Parts 1-5

The Secret Magicians Of The Music Industry, Parts 1-5

The Secret Magicians Of The Music Industry, Parts 1-5

Very interesting and detailed articles about the lives of 5 magicians.. or would-be magicians. Lots of great pics and videos…

CHICAGO (CelebrityAccess) CelebrityAccess recently talked to one of the magicians at the Houdini magic shop at New York, New York in Las Vegas, who spoke of all the big fans of magic, and many of the people who work in the music biz who either perform for family and friends or who began their careers as magicians.

The reader might be surprised: they might be sitting right beside you in your office. We literally spoke to people who never knew their co-workers led secret lives as prestidigitators. One thing led to another, and we wound up with five voices – too many to put into one article.

As for artists, some of the big names are apparently Willie Nelson, Rodney Atkins and Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees. Nelson is known to perform the complicated card trick “Sam The Bellhop” on his famous tour bus and Gibb is said to be a big fan of performers like magician’s magician Paul Harris. Nelson’s camp entertained the possibility of getting an interview with the Red-Headed Stranger but his busy summer schedule is about to start; Gibb responded and respectfully declined.

Still, many in the industry have more than a passing interest in the art form. Some began as stage performers; others have absorbed magicians into their clientele.

This is a five-part series and it begins with Arny Granat, co-founder of Chicago promotion company Jam Productions and a busy Broadway producer. Granat is reticent to do interviews unless, of course, it has to do with magic, which he has been doing since the age of 12.

The Secret Magicians Of The Music Industry, Part 5: Clinton Billups

The Secret Magicians Of The Music Industry, Part 4: Danny Robinson, APA

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The Secret Magicians Of The Music Industry, Part 2: Tony Conway

The Secret Magicians Of The Music Industry, Part 1: Arny Granat

The Vault : CHINK-A-CHINK Elements by Patricio Teran

The Vault : CHINK-A-CHINK Elements by Patricio Teran

The Vault – CHINK-A-CHINK Elements by Patricio Terán
Review by Rick Carruth

If you enjoy Matrix effects, or wish you could perform Matrix type effects, Chink-a-Chink may be just what you need.. Here is the Ad copy:

“The best Matrix I have ever seen! I thought my eyes were malfunctioning.”
– Richard Sanders

After ten years of keeping his routines underground, Patricio Terán, the Matrix specialist, brings you his legendary handlings of the Chink-a-Chink plot.

You will learn three wonderful routines, complete with all of the subtle elements that will transform your Matrix into a miracle.

These incredible effects are explained step by step with the best quality video and the best possible teacher.

If you have ever wanted to do a hyper visual Matrix with 4 different objects, download this today!

My Thoughts:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia –
“A magician performs the “chink-a-chink” coin trick, having started from a square of four coins. Chink-a-chink is a simple close-up magic trick in which a variety of small objects, usually four, appear to magically transport themselves from location to location when covered by the performer’s hands, until the items end up gathered together in the same place. Variations, especially the Sympathetic Coins, have been performed since the 1800s.”

“Sean McWeeney, the author of the first dedicated e-book on Chink-a-Chink, has a history dating back to at least early/mid-19th-century Germany. The trick was famously covered in Edwin Sach’s seminal book Sleight of Hand in 1877, utilizing four sugar cubes. Max Malini, who popularized the trick in the early 20th century, using cut-down wine corks, is generally credited with naming the trick. Doug Henning performed Chink-a-Chink on television in the early 1970s, using seashells.”

Many magicians, popular magicians, have performed this effect using a variety of objects. Anything concealable by the palm of the hand has been fair game. In recent years Chink -a- Chink morphed into the Matrix effect, using playing cards instead of the palm. That said.. this video download is about the classic effect.

I have to first say I prefer the classic Clink-a-Clink to the Matrix. Why? There is no lifting of objects beneath the palm as opposed to lifting coins beneath the transfer of a card. All the transportations involve covering objects with the palm and sliding them from one position to another. This is, to me at least, much easier to master than the latter.

This “The Vault” download was produced by Nacho Mancilla. Honestly, I don’t know a lot about Nacho other than he has published a couple of other effects under his name.. UP SLOW and REFRACTION. After the initial intro, Nacho turns everything over to Patricio Terán, a serious Matrix master from Chile.

Due to the language barrier, the entire effects portion of the video is performed to some excellent chill music. Thankfully, everything you need to know can be taught without words. There are camera angles from both forward and rear positions, giving you multiple views of the same move. The video itself is just over 30 minutes, and is more than long enough to teach all the moves. Both sound and video are fine. I have no problem with the production qualities, and they are precisely what I would expect for the cost and subject. There wasn’t a credit at the end of the video, so I can’t comment on equipment.. only on what I saw. So, if you’re one of ‘those’.. I can’t help you.. Sorry!

The three effects were inspired by Mott-Sun, Takahiro, Daniel Garcia, Al Schneider, and others..

FANTASY: This is a very enticing, very visual effect that, due to the simultaneous movement, makes it darn near impossible to solve. The spectator is left pondering, I was left pondering, and most of the dirty work is the result of a gimmick.
FANTASY uses four half dollars and a change purse.. (well.. maybe slightly more than four). This was similar to the traditional Matrix many of you are familiar with, but uses the palms instead of cards. Again, my preference. This effect reminded me of another effect I recently reviewed.. “Z Matrix.. an effect by Ziv”, in that a gimmick is required. You will need a clear acrylic sheet, not hard to find, a pair of scissors, and some double stick tape. Although I don’t like constructing gimmicks, this one isn’t hard to make. It makes a couple of the moves possible. You also need a Servante. The video teaches how Patricio and Nacho make theirs, which is a very simple open-top savante, stuck to the inner edge of the table. You could probably lap if you didn’t want to purchase or make a savante. You WILL like this effect…. and it’s not overly hard to learn or perform, once you learn the moves.

METAMORPH MIX: This is a true Clink-a-Clink effect. You use a half dollar, a key, a ring, and a Chinese coin. Again, Patricio performs what appears to be a series of complex vanishes and switches, most achievable once the moves are memorized. This is not only a joy to watch, but would be a joy for you to perform. Like FANTASY, it’s next to impossible for the audience to figure out. Too much going on… Dai would love this one.

ELEMENTS: Quick effect similar to the above. This uses a few less moves, but the same tokens. This is a great place to start and a good point to get your feel for what’s going on.

Honestly, my best advice is – go to the Murphy’s Magic link and watch the demo video. I’m a visual guy myself, and this will give you a good idea of what you’ll learn, plus the FANTASY effect, which is not on the demo. I sincerely hope you’ll consider buying this download. I think you’ll really enjoy performing this for your friends, fellow magicians, and your audience. There’s no doubt they’ll see you in a different light, a good light, and you don’t have to tell them you learned it all from a nineteen dollar video…

$19.95.. From Murphy’s Magic and their fellow customers.