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The Real Invisible Deck by Chris Dugdale – A Review

The Real Invisible Deck by Chris Dugdale – A Review

The Vault – The Real Invisible Deck by Chris Dugdale

The invisible deck with a regular deck of cards yours spectators can spread themselves!

No force. Performer never has to look at the cards after they come out of the box.

The spectator can spread through the deck and find the reversed card themselves!

My Thoughts:

There wasn’t a lot of fanfare when this effect came out. Actually, you can see by the ad copy, there wasn’t much said about The Real Invisible Deck in general. When I happened across this video amongst a group of twenty or more downloads I’d received.. I knew I needed to write a review.

The Real Invisible Deck is based on the Invisible Deck effect.. -except- this uses a regular deck. It’s a deck set up in new deck order. The spectator names a card.. and the magi spreads the deck, showing the deck in new deck order, until he reaches the card named by the spectator.. which is clearly reversed in the deck. Get this.. you can actually hand the deck to the spectator and let him/her deal down to their card.. and discover it reversed in the deck.

That’s strong stuff…

Straight up.. this isn’t the easiest of effects to perform. It IS an effect you can master with a couple of days practice. If you are a skilled card guy.. you may be performing this within 30 minutes or so. There are three sleights to perform that are well known to cardicians. Chris gives ‘thanks’ to Asi Wind for a method made known by Asi.. I think on his Acaan.

I would give you the sleights, except it would be too easy for some of you to watch the video and reverse engineer this effect. I’m not going to do that to Chris.. I will step out and say this.. you should probably perform this effect within a 180 degree radius.. as you do need to perform a turn-over pass..(not complicated) and you have to be aware of appearances. If you can conceal your pass.. no limits.

All else I can say is.. go to this link and watch the performance video. This will give you a good idea of how straight-forward this effect can be. It has my recommendation and is worth far more than ten bucks. This is something you’ll use for many years to come.

Available through Murphy’s Magic and their associates..

Rick Carruth for The Magic Roadshow

QUANTUM REALITY – Paul A. Lelekis – A Review

QUANTUM REALITY – Paul A. Lelekis – A Review

Reviewed by Rick Carruth

Quantum Reality is Paul A. Lelekis’ latest ebook. Paul has taken full advantage of this Covid mess and utilized his time well. Most of Paul’s ebooks are in the twenty to thirty page length.. but THIS one is over sixty pages and includes 14 effects and a couple of valuable ‘lessons’.

Paul is a simmering pool of magic knowledge, having spent many years as a professional performer. He has worked tables for thousands upon thousands of customers and righly deserves a platform to talk about what’s important .. and what to avoid.. at the table. Not everything is strictly close-up or walk around magic. Some can be performed for small crowds in a parlour setting, depending on your situation.

I’ll tell you straight up.. I consider this ebook to be for the advanced beginner to intermediate performer. It’s not for the beginner. Although Paul is well known for writing effects for every level of performer, he has put considerable thought into QUANTUM REALITY and created a treatise of considerable worth. ( ‘Treatise’ is one of my favorite words, and is described as “..a written work dealing formally and systematically with a subject.” QR is exactly that…)

** I’m not going to call QR a ‘formal’ work.. as Paul has a very easy and relaxed way of explaining an effect, but it IS a total work, since he goes into great detail to explain some of the finer points.. and includes 8 videos to better explain the most difficult or lesser known moves.

This is a full list of the effects Paul teaches in detail:


Aside from the detailed Introduction.. Paul also included 8 brain-busters at the end of the ebook to either make you feel superior to the rest of us.. or a little inferior! Either way, they’re a nice bonus.

I particularly liked Quantum Optical Triumph, which ends with all the cards face down.. except the four Aces.. which are still face up in the deck.
Quantum Numbers finds a spectator’s selection using two ‘random’ cards.
Quantum Juice To Silk is a good change of pace from the card work and very visually produces a red silk from a red liquid. Perfect for young and old.
Quantum Greatness is a gambler’s bet.. except the gambler is bested by the spectator although both have four excellent cards.
Quantum Marked Card is a nice transformation effect where a spectator’s card changes from a red back to a blue back in a quick and visual way.
Quantum Mentalism uses an Invisible Deck to pull off a simplistic, but effective, stunner.
Quantum Coins Across is Paul’s version of Coins Across for those of you coin guys who feel ‘sleighted’ by all the card effects.
Quantum Card-(H)istry is definitely one of the most complex effects in this ebook, but well worth the extra effort. It’s based on a ‘History of playing cards’ premise with a side of Tarot cards for good measure..

I think these descriptions give you a good idea of the cross section of magic in Quantum Reality. There’s something for everyone. For those of you still recovering from social isolation and anxious to ‘get to it’.. this is a wonderful way to expand your repertoire and open your mind to new ideas. It has my full recommendation.. for sure.

Available from for $12.00

Review by.. Rick Carruth – The Magic Roadshow

The Vault – Matrix Mix by Patricio Teran – A Review

The Vault – Matrix Mix by Patricio Teran – A Review

The Vault – Matrix Mix by Patricio Teran – video download

Review by.. Rick Carruth

Matrix specialist Patricio Terán delights us with a combination of his routines so that anyone can perform them. The video explains how to make the system and the tricks that can be made. Simple and complex version, these are the games:

– Matrix element plus
– Hurricane Matrix
– Domino Matrix
– Matrix dice
– Extra video chink to chink flash

“Objects jump, travel and get excited. Keys open doors, jumping dice, Rings that compromise travels and others elements will play to the matrix compases.”
– Bruno Tarnecci

“I think Patricio revolutionized what are the Matrix, great impact visual magic”
– Federico Poeymiro

(Additional Inexpensive Supplies May be Needed to Perform These Effects.)

My Thoughts..

Patricio certainly has the matrix down to a science. I have long admired coin guys who could perform flawless matrix configurations with halves or silver dollars. My fat fingers are a good enough excuse to keep me out of the sandbox.. and I’m sticking with that excuse. Patricio has destroyed my lack of nimbleness and taken away my crutch. Shame on Patricio..

There are NO coins.. well, actually there’s one coin, in his matrix routines. Furthermore.. there are GAFF’s that take away the joy of spending months learning to manipulate objects in a convincing display of dexterity. One routine uses a coin, a key, a ring and a die. Another uses four dice. And yet another uses sponge bunnies. One last routine uses a very small gaff, created in seconds, to complete a chink to chink flash.

The elephant in the room is the gaff. Patricio goes into great detail to show you how he creates his gaffs. They are not complicated and can be easily constructed using double sided tape and a small razor knife. Most folks who read my reviews know I am NOT a fan of DYI.. but the gimmicks are easiy enough to create that doubling the price of this download and mailing you gimmicks would not be a wise investment.
Patricio does not speak throughout the 34-minute download. It’s not necessary. You learn everything you need to know through his thoughtful demonstrations. At one point, he uses clear cards so you can see precisely what happens behind the curtain. You see his grip, finger position, how he transports objects from point A to point B.. and in a couple of instances how he moves objects, like the one coin, without picking it up.

Inspired by Reuben Moreland, Nicholas Einhorn and Homer Liwag, Patricio has created a very nice collection of routines that even a middling beginner can perform with a little practice. I am going to recommend this to all the Magic Roadshow readers , as well as my FB review readers. This is a great buy for ten bucks and I’m confident you’ll be glad I pointed you to MATRIX MIX.

(Go to the url and watch the performance video to get a good idea of the content.)

$10.00 At Murphy’s Magic and dealers who carry their line…