The Vault – Sand Deck by Martin Braessas – A Review

The Vault – Sand Deck by Martin Braessas – A Review

The Vault – Sand Deck by Martin Braessas – A Review

This is the Ad Copy:

From The mind of Martin Braessas comes Sand Deck. You will be able to produce a whole deck of cards from a single card! If you are looking for your perfect opener this is it! Once you produce the deck you can continue using it for your favourite routines!

Easy to do!
Super visual!
You will learn all the details to perform this effect.
Fun gimmick to make with things you have at home.

My Thoughts:

Yes.. I know my comrade Jim Canaday just reviewed this effect.. but I suppose great minds think alike. We both selected Sand Deck from a stack of Vault items because we liked it, and then we both wrote our reviews, simultaneously, but independently.

Sand Deck is the latest effect from Martin Braessas, who also created Fire Phone Case, Fire Kit, and The Only One, plus, was featured in his own Penguin Live Lecture.

Since this is part of Murphy’s ‘The Vault’ selections, it is an instant download and very affordable. So.. the question is.. is it any good..?

It is a convincing visual. If you watch the video, you’ll see what the audience sees. Not really suitable for a stage, it’s ideal for close up and walk around. I can’t really call it an effect, but more of a cross between a flourish and a sleight… It’s a visual demonstration.

You show a single card, held between the thumb and fingers, and with minimal movement you can dribble an entire deck -or- change the single card into a full pack of cards. The ad copy says you can then perform effects with the deck you produced.. True.. but you will have to deal with a gaff. Not a big deal, but just keeping it real.

There is a little DIY involved in creating a gaff card. It’s nothing major, and can probably be completed by the average user in less than ten minutes with material around the house.. assuming you have a bit of double sided tape.

The only other thing not mentioned in the ad copy is… you will need a certain type of background. Although this is not a major production, you will have to be aware of it when making your gaff. It’s not a deal breaker, as the majority of the sleight occurs under cover provided by the performer and your close-up pad provides the necessary background..

The video tutorial runs about 21 minutes and explains everything you need to know about both performing Sand Deck and creating the simple gaff. Video and sound quality are fine and you should have zero problems with it.

I encourage you to go to Murphy’s and watch the video. A short video provides a better ‘picture’ than I can paint with words. I agree with the ad copy that Sand Deck can make for a great opener. It’s a dramatic method of introducing a deck to your spectators. I’m sure it’s not for every performer’s taste, as I know some of you are anti-gaff, and that’s OK. I’m not trying to sell you.. only trying to get you to watch the video and see if it’s for you..

$10.00 .. From Murphy’s Magic and their Associates

Review by Rick Carruth for Murphy’s Magic & The Magic Roadshow

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