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 "There's too much stuff (in the Roadshow).  I do have another life you know -BUT- this had the most useful stuff, magic wise, of any newsletter I have ever come across on the web.   Congratulations on a great job."
Paul Daniels


"The Magic Roadshow is the BEST publication out there, Rick! PLEASE keep up the great work!"
Paul Lelekis - Author, Innovator, Magician Extraordinaire.. Find at Lybrary.com 


"I treasure each and every issue of the Road Show. Don't change a thing and keep 'em coming!" 
Professor George Bellefeuille


I really love what you do and consume it voraciously..  I started getting the Roadshow about a year and a half ago and turned a bunch of other magi friends on to it. I even read ( listen to ) each issue of the Roadshow and Magic News... I am blind so I use a TTS screen reader...
Brent A. Gifford
The Great Blindini - Magician / Clinical Hypnotherapist 
"Now you see it.. Now I don't......" 


"As the writer of a magic newsletter myself, I am astounded at both the quantity and quality of the material that Rick manages to release on a regular basis. I salute you."
Jim Canaday,  The Magic Portal


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