A New Magic Roadshow..

Yes, a new Magic Roadshow Journal of Magic has published online. If you are a subscriber, you received a notification a couple of days ago. If you aren’t a subscriber, you are invited to read it anyway!  That’s why we publish it.. to be read and enjoyed… and it’s always 100% free. The new issue is also available as a pdf for those who would rather download it and read it on their device. In this issue……………………………..

– The Clock Trick –  Paul Lelekis
– One-Ahead  101  –  A Simple Prediction Effect –  Rick Carruth
– Who Wears the Ring? –  Wehman Bros.
– Bob Solari’s DOUBLE BARREL  –   A review
– TRKS  –  A Review by Donavon Powell
– Mel Kientz’s “Magician’s Life” News Service –   A Daily Resource
– This Incredibly Cruel Magic Trick is Pranking People – But Here’s How It’s          Done – Video
– Episode 65: Mac King — Vegas Afternoon Magic
– Build A “Lazy” Magic Table –  DIY
– Magic Show Music Cues –  How To..
– “Spread n Butter” Card Trick Tutorial Video – Chris Ramsay
– Free card tricks – An amazing card technique – The Change Beneath
– Rubber Band Finger Exercise Tutorial  – Video Tutorial
– Jeff Hobson Lecture –  30% Off
– Need a Good Magic Quote?
– My Bad… When Other Words Just Won’t Do  –  Reference
– Op-Ed: Top 5 magic tricks by Mat Franco from ‘America’s Got Talent’ –              Videos
– Op-Ed: 5 Greatest magic tricks and illusions by Criss Angel – Videos
– Free eBooks for Subscribers..