http://c.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f9?isVid=1 A Stopsley teenager has found the trick to overcoming his Asperger’s and ADD as he trains to be a magician… The 16-year-old, known only as Neon the Magician, started learning magic two years ago after being inspired by magician Dynamo and now it is giving him the confidence to overcome his conditions. Entertainment is

Illusionist Talks Club History

Thanks to Adam Uzialco and The Daily Targum for this article on Steve Bagienski, co-founder of The Magician and Illusionist Society, Steve Bagienski uses magic as a tool to connect people and create entertainment for his audience. Bagienski is a co-founder of The Magician and Illusionist Society, a University club dedicated to the honing and performance

Russia Wants to Ban ‘Magicians’ Websites.. and Much More..

Encompassing a little bit of everything, Russian lawmakers have worked overtime recently to ban ‘magicians’ from the internet.. although it’s not quite what it seems. They also want to banish websites that call for ‘unauthorized protests’ and ‘murder for hire’, sites that stream ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Japanese Cartoon Po’rn’, and sites that instruct readers