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Is Free Will a Magic Trick?

Detailed article by Melissa Burkley, Ph.D, for the Huffington Post. The premise of this article is based on the TEDtalk given by Apollo Robbins.

Watching Apollo Robbins’ TED talk is highly entertaining, but it also gives us important glimpses into the nature of the human mind. Apollo is a skilled artist, not because he can steal a watch from under someone’s nose but because he is able to direct the attention of his “victim” (and the audience) to exactly where he wants it. Watching his elegant dance of behavior manipulation made me question how much control we really have over our own behavior. ( also, a link to the original TEDtalk is provided…)

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Harry Anderson Has Something up His Sleeve

Here’s an interesting article from Elaine Liner and the Dallas Observer.. It’s not totally new.. about three months old in fact.. but it’s a good way to pass the time.  Hey.. I just report the news.. I can’t make it happen… 😉

 "There is no magic. There are only magicians,“ said Harry Anderson, veteran magician and former sitcom star. He was onstage in a ballroom full of amateur and professional conjurers at the 2013 convention of the Texas Association of Magicians, held Labor Day weekend at Addison’s Intercontinental Hotel.

More than 500 conventioneers, many of them men older than 50 who do magic as a hobby or for charity fundraisers, listened to keynote speaker Anderson for two hours Sunday afternoon. If they thought they were going to get a tutorial in how to perform some of Anderson’s famously baffling card tricks and illusions, they were in for a bit of bait and switch…

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