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‘America’s Got Talent’ to hold casting call in Greensboro

Tim Clodfelter of the Winston-Salem Journal writes: 

NBC’s series “America’s Got Talent” will hold an open casting call in Greensboro next month looking for contestants for the show’s next season.       

The casting call will be held at the Greensboro Marriott Downtown, 304 N. Green St., from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 29. According to a casting announcement, “Every type of performer is welcome: Last season’s competitors included musicians, dancers, magicians, contortionists, comedians, singers, jugglers, animal acts, and everything in between.”

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Get Tricked in Downtown Venice

After 23 years as host of the longest running magic show in Washington DC, Glenn Gary has  moved south.. way south. In fact, he has opened a new interactive magic theatre and retail store in Venice Florida. Shelby Webb writes for the Herald-Tribune in Sarasota:

His new business is an unusual attraction, even in a downtown district known for its distinct offerings, including three shops specializing in olive oil.

“Gary’s business is part retail, part theater. Magic paraphernalia for sale line the walls and shelves, including magic kits, juggling equipment, books and DVDs and even a miniature guillotine.

“We try to cover the spectrum of the variety arts,” he said. “That includes magic, hypnosis, ventriloquism, comedy, mentalism and more.”

At the back of the store, behind 8-foot velvet curtains, Gary brings magic to life with nightly performances Tuesdays through Saturdays.”..

The Open-Sorcerers

imageSome magicians are embracing the open-source ethos—but that doesn’t mean spilling every secret…  A magician, it is said, never reveals his (or, in very rare cases, her) secrets. Unless he’s involved with open-source magic—in which case he will happily risk running afoul of the Alliance of Magicians.

Open-source magic is not about slapping magical secrets up on YouTube; there are more than enough eager teenagers and fun-ruiners willing to do that. Instead, it takes a lesson from the open-source technology activists who believe that better innovation comes through collaboration. The idea here is that magicians should be working with technologists, artists, programmers, scientists—everyone—both to create new illusions and to bring magical thinking to other disciplines. Furthermore, the technology behind those illusions should be, at least in part, freely available… Read more in SLATE, by Linda Rodriguez McRobbie…

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