Shin Lim could be the biggest name in magic since David Blaine

Toward the end of magician Shin Lim’s “Dream Act” routine, his hands slowly rise to his head, palms up. Just as the accompanying dramatic orchestral music swells, he opens his mouth, expelling a cloud of smoke and revealing a folded playing card that had been inexplicably moving between both of his hands and his vest

ODD by Vinny Sagoo – A Review

ODD Packet Trick – Vinny Sagoo $19.95 NEO Magic A Truly ODD Trick! You introduce 7 cards and an envelope with ‘ODD’ instructions. The spectator follows the ODD instructions eliminating all but one card, which is a completely free choice. When that card is turned over, it is a royal card. When the envelope is

Potter and Potter Summer Magic Auction…

AUGUST 25, 2018 • 10:00 AM   Our summer sale of magicana is set to include collectibles in all familiar categories, including vintage posters, apparatus, antiquarian books, and ephemera. Highlights include rarities advertising the shows of the Hanlon Brothers, early and uncommon conjuring catalogs, and relics from the career of Howard Thurston. A strong selection of