How To Become a Magician..

Sam Rowe Troy Von Scheibner for The Telegraph

Clean fingernails are essential to become a magician

Clean fingernails are essential and you will be poor for many years. Troy Von Scheibner explains why the life of a magician is not always magic.

1. You will be the most popular and hounded person at any party

Everyone is compelled to ask to see a trick as soon as you say ‘I’m a magician’. Then, once you show one person a trick, it’s scary how it spreads like a virus – then everyone knows you’re a magician and you have to do tricks all night. Obviously getting into magic you want to show people tricks, but sometimes you just want to chill.

2. You never leave the house empty handed

I’m always prepared, especially these days. People see me on TV so they’re like, ‘You’re that guy, show me something’. I might borrow an object off them, but I’ll always have a pack of cards on me. I guess if you’re a doctor you probably get it as well, like ‘I’ve got this thing…’ or if you’re a comedian: ‘Tell us a joke!’ It’s an occupational hazard. Read more…….