Inside the CIA psychic squad that helped get US hostages out of Iran..

In a leaky old building in Fort Meade, Md., a psychic hired by American spies had a mind-bending breakthrough.

It was July 1980 when a vision of a sick man on stretcher in an airplane struck him.

He and five other psychics had already spent months on secret mission. Their job: Save the 52 Americans seized in November 1979 in the Iran hostage crisis — and spy on the Iranian captors — using only paranormal powers.

“They are going to release one of the hostages,” the psychic, a heavy-set 60-year-old man with glasses, name withheld by The Post, announced. “I don’t know his name yet but it’s found in a deck of cards. And he has multiple sclerosis.”

Intelligence honchos were skeptical but nevertheless sent out orders to deploy doctors. Four days later, the Iranians let go Richard Queen, a 28-year-old US Embassy worker whose poor health had spiraled downhill after 250 days in captivity.

The world soon learned that Queen — whose last name is indeed a playing card — suffered from multiple sclerosis and would have likely died without specialized doctors and a quick flight out of Tehran.  Read more….