Magic Roadshow #187


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  • Magical Entertainment: Part 3 – by Paul A. Lelekis
    It Is Painfully Obvious to Me…and Probably to You…#3 – Marty
    Openers and Closers 2 – A Review
    Openers and Closers 3 – A Review
    Stewart James – The Magic Of Stewart James – by David O’Connor
    EUGENE BURGER – June 1, 1939-August 8, 2017
    Only Slightly Sleightly – A Review
    Eclectica – John Carey – A Review
    The Doug Henning Project – Resource
    Clip Steal Color Change | Card Trick Tutorial – 52Kards
    Making A Two Man Mind Reading Act Affordable
    Magic Is An ‘Exact’ Science – According to Bill
    Mentalism – According to Harlan
    Mentalism That Fools Every Time – Video Tutorial –
    Find Out What’s Inside My ‘Magic Show’ Bag – Jay Sankey
    3 Free Magic eBook from Jay… From our Archives
    5 Expert Card Magic Trick ‘Control’s’ Revealed! – Video
    Shade – The Lost Tape
    Harry Maurer presents… OVER 100 CARD TRICKS – Free PDF from our Archives
    VANISH Magic Magazine #36
    Magic Trick Reviews… Free to Everyone Facebook Group
    Other Important Stuff..