Tampa Shop Welcomes Christian Magicians

Live in the Tampa area? Headed to Tampa? Interested in Magic? Here’s something for you to consider…

“Tucked inside a strip plaza along Gunn Highway, there is a small shop where the magic happens – literally.

The Magic Emporium serves performers, hobbyists and collectors from all over Tampa Bay looking for tricks, instruction manuals and props. It also provides a place for fellowship among the magically inclined, playing host to several magicians’ groups throughout the course of any given month.

The second Tuesday of each month is a special night when magicians from all over the region gather there, brought together by two common bonds – a love for magic and their Christian faith…”  Article by Sherri Lonon for the Tampa Tribune…

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Five Magic Shows on the Travel Channel…

The Travel Channel will feature five different magic related shows on Friday, the 3rd of January. The first is a one hour special from British sensation Dynamo. Immediately following are two thirty minute specials, White Magic… And lastly, a repeat of two segments of Magic Outlaws from earlier in the year.  They are showing around noon on the 3rd on the East Coast. Check your directory for times in your corner of the country.

imageAs a side note of sorts.. ABC TV has purchased the rights to the recent David Blaine special “Real or Magic”. Look for them to rebroadcast the special on January 9th during prime time… 

Making Magic – Illusionist Dan Sperry gives a modern edge to an age-old craft.

Nice article by Craig Mathieson in the Brisbane Times about magician Dan Sperry. Dan and other members of the Illusionists are performing in Australia and have garnered a good deal of attention from the press.

Magicians, notes Dan Sperry, are very sensitive artists. Sperry should know,  as he’s the magic practitioner whose motto is, “Magic no longer sucks”. Whether  as a marketing tool or a one-man-against-the-world  slogan it has certainly  caught on, but there are some side effects.

“Magicians take stuff very personally, comedians are incredibly thick-skinned  by comparison,” admits Sperry. “Using ‘Magic no longer sucks’ still offends so  many magicians – a lot of them hate on me, but it’s helped make a  difference.”

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Dynamo vs David Blaine: Who is Street Magic’s Undisputed King of the Kerb?

David Blaine or Dynamo? Who deserves the title of “undisputed street magic king?” Marijke Cox and Chris Britcher write a very nice article for yourcanterbury.co.uk, exploring the differences.. and similarities.

 "When it comes to street magic, there can only be two contenders in most people’s mind – young Bradford star Dynamo and America’s finest David Blaine. But who is King of the Cards?

It’s a debate which rages in homes and offices…so we thought we’d put the two head-to-head – with supporters of both men putting forward their case.“

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