On a Beam of Light: The Story of Albert Einstein..

image Albert Einstein is one of five people I would have for dinner, assuming I could have ANY five gentlemen from history past. I have long been a fan of THE mind of the 20th century. I was intrigued by both his ability to think far outside the box, and do so while maintaining his quirky style and personality. Some ‘minds’ become reclusive and introverted… not Albert.   

‘On a Beam of Light: The Story of Albert Einstein’ is not magical in the sense that magic is the reason for this site. Instead, it is magical in it’s style, magical in it’s illustrations ( Vladimir Radunsky ), and magical in it’s ability to give us insight into the life of a man history may deem the most important of our lifetime.. and do so in a simplistic and entertaining way.

To quote Maria Popova’s story in BRAIN PICKINGS –  The story begins with Albert’s birth — a beautiful but odd baby boy who turns one and doesn’t say a word, turns two, then three, and nary a word. Instead, he “just looked around with his big curious eyes,” wondering about the world. His parents worried that there might be something wrong, but loved him unconditionally. And then:  

“One day, when Albert was sick in bed, his father brought him a compass — a small round case with a magnetic needle inside. No matter which way Albert turned the compass, the needle always pointed north, as if held by an invisible hand. Albert was so amazed his body trembled.

Suddenly, he knew there were mysteries in the world — hidden and silent, unknown and unseen. He wanted, more than anything, to understand those mysteries…”

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Nothing to Hide Star Helder Guimarães on How a Lifetime of Magic Led Him to Theater and Neil Patrick Harris

David Gordon, for TheatreMania, interviews the co-star of the hit off-Broadway magic show.. ‘Nothing To Hide’…

“Helder Guimarães isn’t a headlining name most audiences would recognize, but in the world of magic, this 31-year-old is well on his way to becoming a legend. The Portuguese-born Guimarães was awarded the title of Parlour Magician of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts for three years running, World Champion of Card Magic by the Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques, and the Ascanio Prize by Sociedade Española de Ilusionismo. He is the only person in history to have all of these major awards..”

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Good News… Magic News from Las Vegas

image These are two of the more interesting magic related  stories coming out of Las Vegas during the month of December..

Smith Center to host world premiere of Teller’s “Tempest” adaptation..

“Such stuff as dreams are made on …”

William Shakespeare wrote those words for Prospero, the conjurer at the heart of “The Tempest.”

But they also apply to another magician: Teller (the smaller, quieter half of Rio headliners Penn &Teller), whose dream of a re-imagined, magic-fueled “Tempest” will come true at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts in April.

The world premiere of Teller’s “Tempest,” adapted and directed by Teller and award-winning playwright and director Aaron Posner, will be staged April 5-13 in a 500-seat, climate-controlled tent in Symphony Park. Ticket sales begin Jan. 10.

The Smith Center’s first co-production (and its first Shakespeare), “The Tempest” will be presented in association with Harvard University’s Tony-winning American Repertory Theater.

In addition to Teller’s magic, the production will feature music by Tom Waits and movement by Matt Kent, associate artistic director of the shape-shifting troupe Pilobolus.

“This is a whole new thing for Las Vegas,” says Teller, who previously collaborated with Posner on a 2008 version of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth.”

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Criss Angel reveals new Luxor show to run during rehab for shoulder surgery..     By Robin Leach for the Las Vegas Sun

Shoulder surgery that Strip illusionist Criss Angel faces in January has led him to create a show to take the place of “Believe” at Luxor during his February and March rehabilitation therapy.

This morning, just hours after Tuesday night’s finale of his 10-part Spike TV series “Believe,” Criss officially confirmed what I have rumored at Vegas DeLuxe the past few months.

Criss is now set to launch a limited-engagement show, “Criss Angel Magic Jam,” that will showcase in place of “Believe” for two months. Criss will return to “Believe” in April for the second five-year run of his current 10-year contract with Cirque du Soleil…

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Magicians of the Animal Kingdom…

How can mother nature and her fantastic creatures compare to the eloquent grace and creativity of a first rate magician? Bet you’ll be surprised…

“They are the magicians of the animal kingdom – they can disappear, make themselves look bigger, or slip away, thanks to classic distraction techniques, and can even make you think black is white and white is black.

Some of the techniques deployed by animals are similar to those used by human illusionists to pull off incredible tricks such as levitation or making the Statue of Liberty seemingly vanish into thin air.

A paper published earlier this month in Behavioral Ecology journal pulled together a wide range of animal studies and concluded that such animal masters of illusion could be much more common in nature than previously thought…"  By Ian Johnston for the Independent…


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