Watershed’s Magicians in Residence Make Mind Reading Birds and Open Source Magic

Two good videos from Culture24 highlighting their story on the Watershed Contemporary in Bristol that has entertained two magician-in-residence who spend their time devising new tricks.  “Exploring creative ideas that blend technology, interactive design, magic and illusion, Stuart Nolan and Kieron Kirkland have come up with a variety of experiments – from magic birds that

The Illusionists Extravaganza Proves a Tricky Business

Nice article by Stephanie Bunbury for the Sidney Morning Herald about the upcoming performance by the Illusionists.. “How on earth did they do that? It is the immediate response to a decent magic  trick – be it a fiddle with some cards or British hypnotist Derren Brown’s  magic-whispering some upright citizens into staging an armed robbery

Just an Illusion – David Blaine at The World in 2014 Summit

Read about and watch David Blaine perform at the recent "The World in 2014 Summit".. sponsored by The Economist. This is pretty heady stuff for Mr. Blaine and great recognition for the art of magic..  Read more and watch the video…..  http://www.economist.com/blogs/theworldin2014/2013/12/world-2014-tour-0