Just an Illusion – David Blaine at The World in 2014 Summit

Read about and watch David Blaine perform at the recent "The World in 2014 Summit".. sponsored by The Economist. This is pretty heady stuff for Mr. Blaine and great recognition for the art of magic..  Read more and watch the video…..  http://www.economist.com/blogs/theworldin2014/2013/12/world-2014-tour-0

Penn and Teller have a lot on their plate..

Mike WeatherfordLas Vegas Review-Journal “It’s that time of year when it’s starting to be more interesting to talk about what could happen next year, including a super-team of magicians, a Teller-directed “Tempest” and a more-like-the-movie “Spider-man.” Penn and Teller were off to Los Angeles Tuesday to film their third TV pilot of the year. The

New Roadshow

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