Smooth Prediction – The Other Brothers

Smooth Prediction – The Other Brothers

For those of you too young to remember the Bob Newhart Show.. three characters on the show, brothers all, took over the Minuteman Cafe and only one of the three spoke.. Larry, one of many eccentric characters on the show, always introduced himself as ” I’m Larry.. and this is my brother Darryl.. and this is my other brother Darryl.”

Well, Darryl Davis and Daryl Williams.. the ‘Other Brothers’ have created several interesting magic effects over the past short while. Their latest is ‘Smooth Prediction’.

It’s advertised as – “… all about simplicity and impact. Two cards are fairly selected by two different spectators. (from the deck provided) The performers then removes two handwritten predictions from two pockets, pockets otherwise empty, The predictions perfectly match the chosen cards.”

That’s the promo, and I can safely say that’s how it plays out. Is there a little magic along the way? Of course. But nothing beyond the average Joe’s ability. There is actually ONE move, performed twice, to accomplish everything. I appreciated the handling as it provides perfect cover for the move.

I had a little trouble appreciating the instructions.. until I saw the performance video. Then everything fell in place and I realized what was involved was far less daunting than my imagination wanted me to believe. It really is a fairly simple and straight forward effect. The two spectators will see exactly what the promo states: The first spectator picks a card from a spread deck. The second spectator cuts the deck… and the magi reveals their selections wrote on two cards in his two front jean pockets. Nothing more. Nothing less. No extra cards.

The Brothers also provide several additional effects you can perform with the same deck. One is a card to wallet. Another is an effect similar to the first effect.. except using one spectator instead of two. Another is a prediction to an envelop. They go to lengths to teach you how to gaff the envelope to make everything impossible. And a predication under the shoe.

The deck is gaffed. Perhaps you’d figured that. And the instructions, 22 minutes worth, are provided online. I didn’t have a problem with either. I honestly feel if you buy this, you’ll use it. I think with a small amount of practice you’ll be ready to take this wherever you perform.

Available from magic dealers who handle Murphy’s Magic products…