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A NEW Magic Roadshow is Online. Read it Free..

A new Magic Roadshow Journal of Magic has published online. Although published for subscribers, I often make it available for anyone to read. All you need is a true interest in magic. This issue can be read entirely online -or- downloaded as a PDF and read on your device.. at your convenience. Also, this issue is 45 pages in length and 15,000 words. That’s a LOT of magic for FREE.!   In this Issue:

  • Gestalt  – A Card Effect from  Paul A. Lelekis
  • The Lost Peek  –  Paul A. Lelekis
  • The Value of Magic as a Teaching Tool  –  Free PDF Teaching Tool
  • Lost City Magic  vs. Las Vegas! – A Magical Journal
  • At The Table  –  Chris Randall    (A Review)
  • Morgan Strebler on Quora –  An Interview
  • 3 Effects From David Solomon –   Card Effects
  • Restaurant Magic and Children  –  An Opinion & An Effect –  Rick Carruth
  • The Collected Essays of Eugene Burger.  –  Downloadable PDF
  • How I Made Toronto’s CN Tower Vanish – Complete Episode from Jay Sankey
  • 3 Full Length Jay Sankey Ebooks  –  Great Free Resource
  • The Thirteen Paths –  Free PDF from R.Paul Wilson
  • TheatreCrafts Entertainment Technology Resources
  • Interview with Dusty Summers: Las Vegas’ First Nude Magician..
  • Warped and Restored  –  Vinny Marini’s Classic Card Trick –  Video Tutorial
  • How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking –  Video
  • Double lift – How to lift two cards – One Hand Double Flip
  • ‘Predict The Switch" Card Trick Revealed..  Tutorial
  • Understanding Misdirection –  Free PDF from Merchant of Magic
  • 1089 And All That   –  Resource and Effects
  • Mathematical Magic –  Tutorials
  • Very Satisfying Math Magic Video..
  • Hexahexaflexagons Galore.. Build Your Own..
  • Bizarre Magic – Websites and Resources
  • Magic and Parlor Tricks – Tutorials
  • Prop Tricks –  Tutorials
  • Important Information…


Magic Roadshow #161


 December 2014

Welcome to a new issue of the Magic Roadshow. I hope you find something in this issue that strikes your fancy and makes you want to grab a deck of cards, or a couple of coins, or a corn cob… or whatever makes your magic special.. and furiously practice with unabashed joy.

The Christmas season is almost upon us. and I want to sincerely wish each of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I know some of you prefer to call it the Holiday season.. and that’s perfectly OK, but I’m sticking with what I know. I hope every single one of you has a Blessed December, and all your wishes come true. I wish I could print out thousands of copies of the Roadshow and knock knock knock at your door.. hand delivering your copy, getting to know you, whilst sitting a spell and talking magic. That, for me, would be the Best Christmas of all.. ( Oh, I hope you don’t mind if I bring my family. Naturally, they would have to be a part of my trek.. My wife, Carolyn, our six children, our sixteen grandchildren, our five great-grandchildren, and our spoiled cat..)

2015 will be a brand new year, and with that comes the hope of fresh resolutions and new beginnings. I don’t know about you guys, but my wish next year is to actually watch the almost 40 dvds I’ve stockpiled the past couple years. They are a reflection of time itself… making me aware of all the ‘good intentions’ I’ve had, and proof of the tasks left undone. I truly admire those of you who can put the outside world aside and ‘make’ yourselves sit down and work on your magic.

Look for something special in this issue from my buddy, Paul Lelekis, and our benefactor, Jeff Hobson. Both have generously shared magic from their repertoire, and I hope you like it as much as I did..

Let me know if I can assist you with your magic.. Questions? Comments?  EMAIL ME

PDF Version..  Roadshow 161





– Red’s Card Trick –  Jeff Hobson

– The Trick That Can’t Be Explained – Video Tutorial

– Paul Lelekis’ Red/Black Separation Shuffle – Video Tutorial

– What is the Art of Magic ? –  TEDx Talk by Dr. Lawrence Hass

– Disappear Any Card As It’s Shuffled – Tutorial

– Duct Tape Wallet – Video Tutorial

– TIPS & TRICKS –  Monthly Feature

TIP #1 … Chapstick

Tip # 2  –  Nest of Coins –  A Useful Tip

– How the Grinch Stole Christmas — Scott Well’s “The Magic Word” Podcast

– Skeptic Michael Shermer Shows You How to Bend Spoons with Your Mind

– Marco Tempest’s Cyber Card Trick  –   video

– 3 of the Top Card Tricks in Magic Revealed –  Video Tutorials..

– The Fellowship of Christian Magicians  –  Free Effects and Resources

– Energized Aces –  Video Tutorial

– The Bulletproof Musician Blog –  Why Magicians Should Read This Blog..

– Customer Service for Magicians – Podcast

– The Business of Online Magic Shops – Podcast with Dominic Reyes

– Latest Issue of VANISH Magazine Ready to Download

– Pamela Meyer: How to Spot a Liar  – A TED Talk

– Merry Christmas ! – A Little Something to Keep You Busy in 2015

– MOST….

– MAGIC NEWS  –  A  Few of the Stories This Week….

– Free eBooks For Subscribers…


There’s nothing in the middle of the road but yellow stripes and dead armadillos.”

Jim Hightower



Red’s Card Trick

Jeff Hobson

I remember growing up in Detroit.  A time where you could walk down the street any afternoon and visit with most everybody.  Folks would often sit on their porches and wait for someone to pass by to have a chat with them.  Two houses down from where I lived was an old man named Red.  Apparently, in his younger days, he had had bright-red hair hence his name.  My father and I would take in a stroll many times during the week and visit with Red.  He was always very gracious and he loved to show me card tricks.  I think I’m the only one he ever revealed his secrets to since he knew I was interested in performing magic even at my tender age of 8.

There is only one of his card tricks that I have remembered and, since then, I’ve realized he was teaching me more of basic principle than a presentation.  He presented the trick as a blindfold, poker demonstration but with no real patter other than to simply explain his movements during the trick – a very common problem among amateurs today who seem to feel that the trick is everything rather than needing a presentation to make it magical.  He also didn’t have a blindfold, a common addition to many effects of this genre. He just didn’t look at his hands as he was doing the effect. It was almost as if the cards didn’t exist.

However, I realized that his presentation, or lack thereof, was one of the points that made this simple trick so amazing.  You really didn’t expect anything great to happen!  He just did it casually and the effect had to sink in.  It must have sunk in quite a bit for me to remember this after so many years!

This trick is based upon the simple principle that a stack of playing cards keeps the same running order even after the cards are cut.  Again, the casualness of the presentation and subsequent downplay of the cutting of the cards makes this seem like you’re a master of sleight of hand.  I will leave it to you to get to the starting point on your own since there are many different ways to begin.

Using only the 10’s through Ace’s set up the cards so that all are in the same suit order. (photo R1) If the 10’s are in CHSD order, then do the Jack’s, Queen’s, King’s and Aces in this same order. This is the only important part.  Assemble the cards for display not mentioning the suit order to your audience.  This could be the only “tell” when the spectators try to re-create the effect.  Remember being casual is the key to this effect.  I simply state, “I’m only going to use the high cards for this demonstration . . . 10’s through Aces.”   I give the audience a “casual” glance at the cards, close the spread, and place them on the table.  “Have you ever played poker?” I ask one of the spectators.  This was the only “patter” that Red used to begin this trick.  Regardless of the answer, I ask him or her to give the deck a “straight cut”.  I mirror a hand motion of cutting the cards as I say this. I want to establish to the spectator to cut the cards just once, without actually stating it, which might cause suspicion.

I have had some “smart” folks try to triple cut the cards.  This, of course, would ruin the trick.  If I think that I could have a problem with someone, I simply keep the cards in my hand and extend my arm toward the spectator asking them to “cut some cards off of the pack and place them on to the table”.  After they do, I then place the rest of my cards on top of the cut cards on the table. This establishes what I want to happen to the others who will now assist.  I don’t say much at this point other than to pass the cards to the next spectator.  I look them in the eyes. They should get the idea that they are supposed to cut the cards.  If not, I simply say, “And you?”  This minimal patter builds a bit of suspense and anticipation and I’m sure Red is smiling right now as I relive the memory of his effect.

After I have had the cards cut three or four times, I look around and say, “Anybody else?”  If I don’t get a response, I say to the first person who cut the cards, “Do you want to cut again?”  Again, this is said very casually as if to give the impression that we could do this all day long.  I never state that the cards are mixed.  That would defeat the tone set for the effect.

After everyone is settled, I take the cards and put them under the table to do the “dirty work”.  The action of putting the cards under the table should immediately cause suspicion but again, is sidetracked by the casual – or minimal – presentation.  I don’t look at my hands as they go beneath the table or say anything about what I have just done but continue the trick with a few simple questions directed toward the spectators.  Immediately, I look at the second spectator who cut the cards and say, “Did I ask you if you played poker?. . . No? . . Well do you?”  To another spectator I ask, “Do you know what makes up a good hand in the game?”  During these questions I execute the following moves to separate the cards.

The packet of cards is held in dealing position in the left hand. The first card is gripped or pinched between the first finger tip and thumb of the right hand. The left hand then pushes three cards between the right first finger and middle finger tips. (photo R2)  The left hand then comes back to the top to push off more one card and is pinched, again, between the first finger and thumb of the right hand. (photo R3)  Now the left hand goes back underneath to push three more cards to be pinched between the right first and second fingers. (photo R4)

This process is repeated three more times until the cards are exhausted.

When you are finished, you should have five cards pinched between the first finger and thumb of the right hand and the balance of the cards below being pinched between the first and second fingers.  With your left hand, grab the balance of the cards.  If you are practicing this for the first time, look at the five cards remaining in your right-hand fingers.  If you are easily entertained, you’ll be surprised to find you have a royal flush.  To continue the performance explanation, you will now bring only your right hand with these five cards, face down, up from underneath the table.  Do not look at the cards but simply place them on the table in front of the first person that cut the cards saying, “Here. . . this hand is for you. . .don’t look yet.”  Now, dip the right hand beneath the table again to join the left hand with the balance of the cards.

Repeat the whole process of separating cards except you will pinch only two cards between the right first and second fingers.   Then, bring the next, separated stack of five cards above the table, as before, and put these cards in front of another spectator.  Once again, the right hand goes below the table to perform the final separation of the cards simply pushing only one card between the thumb and first finger and then between the first and second fingers.

You can now take the two, separated stacks, one into each hand, and bring them to the tabletop.  Put these stacks in front of two more spectators. This process is lengthy to explain in words but only takes a few seconds when executed in a real time and with some practice.  The end result is that you have quickly separated the ‘mixed-up’ cards into four piles that now lay in front of four spectators.  You have done this without any apparent work or thought.

I now ask one the spectators, “Do you know what the best hand in poker is?”  Regardless of the answer, I say, “Turn over your cards,” while motioning to do so to all four people.  After a few moments of awe from the card holders, I “casually” say, “Hmmm, it looks like you’re all winners”.

A few additional tips:  You’ll find, with practice, that you can keep the “noise” from the cards to a minimum so that little or nothing will be heard from under the table that may indicate you’re counting the cards.   I have also done this effect while strolling and tablehopping if the conditions are so that you can do the counting behind your back without attention being focused from casual passerby’s. You can also, if standing, put your hands behind your back under your jacket if at all paranoid..


Jeff Hobson offers a FREE Magic Video Theater where he posts rare and vintage videos, interviews and has great lectures available. To access this private video page, just sign up at:http://www.HobsonsChoiceMagic.com   and click on “Special Offers”

Hobson also has a NEW professional magic lecture available as a streaming, online rental.  See the trailer at:





Two from Paul Lelekis – Video Tutorials

One of my best friends in all of magic is the prolific Paul Lelekis. Paul and I regularly ‘chat’ and share our magic, although I’m usually the one chatting and Paul’s the one doing all the sharing. I use the description ‘prolific’ mildly, as Paul is far more than prolific. He is the author of 18 ebooks, all sold on Lybrary.com, and is a very busy consultant, reviewer, and writer for The Linking Ring.

Paul has agreed to share two amazing videos with Roadshow readers. One is a technique, and the other is a tutorial for one of the most popular effects ever published in The Linking Ring.

** Special Note: I have published both videos to the Youtube platform. I have also published both as ‘unlisted’, meaning they will not show up in search engines or a search of Youtube. They are intended to be shared with Magic Roadshow readers and not republished on other sites without Paul’s permission.

The Trick That Can’t Be Explained – Video Tutorial

When Paul and I were discussing publishing this video in the Roadshow he told me…  “My trick is self-working and caused more stir in The Linking Ring magazine than any trick before it as was told to me by editor Samuel Patrick Smith.  There have been 6 articles written on this in TLR and a seventh is coming out next month!  Also Stephen Tucker, editor of The Budget, a European, magician’s e-zine asked me a couple of years ago if he could have permission to print it in his magic publication!  It published in August of 2012 of The Budget.”

This is basically a self-working card trick. Anyone who knows Paul knows that he is not a practitioner of self working card tricks!  So, if this one has remained one of his favorites for many years, then it must be quite special… ( Editors note – It is…you guys will like this one. )



Paul Lelekis’ Red/Black Separation Shuffle – Video Tutorial

Paul told me the back story behind the Red/Black Separation Shuffle, and, although he didn’t develop this, he did create a subtlety that makes the shuffle both easier and faster…

“One can’t understand how STRONG this shuffle is until you perform it for either laymen or magicians.  I’ve performed this shuffle many times for magicians, whenever I do lectures – AFTER my lecture!  Then it always causes a big stir!  In the late 1990s I was lecturing at a club in (I think) St. Pete, and there was one young magician (maybe 21 or 22) who acted like a heckler!  He “knew” everything!

He made a bunch of unnecessary comments about what he thought was a “better sleight” to use here and there – but I ignored him.  Then I performed the Red/Black Shuffle at dinner after the lecture and he JUMPED UP and yelled “No Way!!  How did you do that?”  I didn’t tell him…”


You can view ALL of Paul’s ebooks, all 18, at Lybrary.com .. They are, undoubtebly, one of the best values in all of magic..  Many are now considered underground classics…


Be sure to check out Paul’s definitive work on the Business of Table Hopping. Maybe my favorite of all his many ebooks. If you want to earn a steady income with your magic, this is the ebook for you….



Merry Christmas from Rick, Carolyn, and Santa

            Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas – from Rick, Carolyn, and Santa himself…




What is the Art of Magic ? –  TEDx Talk by Dr. Lawrence Hass

Lawrence Hass, magician and philosophy professor, recently gave a TEDx Talk on magic at the prestigious TEDxSMU event in Dallas. Titled “What is the Art of Magic?”  It also features him performing two of his signature effects.

Dr. Hass is the Associate Dean of Jeff McBride’s Magic & Mystery School, an award-winning author of essays and books for magicians, and the Founder and Publisher of Theory and Art of Magic Press. To learn more

about him, please go to: http://www.LawrenceHass.com.

His talk is now available for viewing at:




Disappear Any Card As It’s Shuffled – Tutorial 

Have trouble palming a card? Does FEAR prevent you from using this astonishingly simple sleight to freak your spectator? Does your FTP (failure to palm) render your 70 dollar himber wallet useless ?

Fear no more. Watch the video. Learn to palm a playing card like a pro…




Duct Tape Wallet – Video Tutorial

I first published this video, or one similar, about six or seven years ago. During the time since, I’ve published hundreds of videos. It’s unusual for me to remember specific videos from that far back, particularly since I can seldom remember what I did last week..

The duct tape wallet is not particularly handsome. Nor is it re-sellable on ebay or at your local flea market. But I STILL like it. Maybe it takes me back to my childhood.. when crafting was an integral part of my school day. Or, maybe it reminds me of endless hours spent in my workshop, doing the DIY thing.

Maybe it simply reminds me that time spent making something with my hands is time well spent… I’m sure with a little engineering you can convert your wallet to a Himber wallet, or something similar. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you….




TIPS & TRICKS –  Monthly Feature

OK Folks, I mentioned in the last Roadshow that I want to begin a column of magic tips and tricks. I want YOU to furnish the material. You don’t have to furnish the material publication ready.. just send what you want in any form you want and I’ll do the rest. It’s the IDEA that matters.

This can be in the form of the handling of a particular move or sleight – something you do that makes the handling easier, less visible, more convincing, etc… You can write it up or send a video. If you send a video, I’m going to convert it to something that’s accessible via a link. I don’t want to ask the readership to download a video file if I have other options. I may upload it as an unlisted Youtube video or upload it to Divshare.

I share everything of importance to me with you guys, and all I asks is that you guys be willing to share some little something with fellow magicians. Don’t worry about your style, spelling, grammar, or substance. If it’s something of importance to you, it’ll find a place in the routine of fellow performers. You and I will make it work.

TIP #1 … Chapstick

This is one of my favorite little tips. Although known to some, I know from the looks I get when I apply chapstick to my hand(s) it’s not occurred to many of you. Yes, I keep a tube of CHAP STICK Classic in my pocket just for those moments when I need a little extra ‘something’ on my hand to help complete a sequence of moves.

For instance, if I need to perform a Erdnase Color Change as part of an effect, I’ll put a light rub of ChapStick on my right hand finger tips and another rub on that portion of the pad of my hand that pulls the second card from underneath the top card. You don’t need much – just enough to get the job done. And you’ll find it’s good for several minutes of sensitive handling.

Aside from being odorless, the Classic flavor is clear, cheap, and has yet to stain my cards. You can buy a generic brand for about a dollar at most drug stores.. I know many card sharps use lotion specifically designed for this purpose, and that’s fine and dandy, but this quick fix works just fine for me…

Rick C.


Tip# 2  –  Nest of Coins –  A Useful Tip

Michael Lyth enjoys using a Nest of Coins when performing for a birthday person. Unfortunately, coins can become dislodged. Here is a unique solution that employs four inexpensive holders and adds an additional twist to the reveal. I’ve converted the document to a PDF for ease of viewing and saving.

Thanks again to Michael for sharing with Roadshow readers. Now, if I could only persuade the other 7999 of you to do the same.. (smile)

Click Here



How the Grinch Stole Christmas — Scott Well’s “The Magic Word” Podcast

Scott Wells is rightfully proud of his latest podcast, How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Not just because of the timely subject matter.. but because this is podcast #200.  As a publisher who has grudged through 161 issues of the Roadshow, I can surely appreciate all the time, dedication, and hard work that goes in to each of these modules.

Aside from being issue# 200, this is a very special podcast.. especially if you consider the uh.. talent.. that Scott compiled to produce it. How about Eugene Burger as the Grinch..  How about a star-studded lineup to make things truly interesting… Richard Osterlind, Marc Salem, Rick Merrill, George Tait, Steven Bargatze, Ice McDonald, Mandy Farrell, Eric DeCamps, Rocco Silano, Boris Wild, Bob Cassidy, Docc Hilford, Tim Ellis, and Tim Trono.

Get your Christmas Holidays off to a truly MAGICAL start, thanks to Scott and the Magic Word…..


( Look for the black box below the pictures and click the Arrow button to immediately access the 18+       minute podcast… Nothing to download, unless you want to download and save… )



Skeptic Michael Shermer Shows You How to Bend Spoons with Your Mind

Ever want to know how to bend spoons like Uri Geller? There are quite a few ways, apparently. But according to Geller’s arch-nemesis, skeptic and magician James Randi, “if Geller bends spoons with divine powers, then he’s doing it the hard way.” 

In this video, editor-in-chief of Skeptic magazine, Michael Shermer, shows us how to do it the easy way, and still make it look like magic.

Click Here



Marco Tempest’s Cyber Card Trick  –   video

This is not a tutorial. This is a demonstration of the unique talents of Marco Tempest. Filmed as part of a TED convention, watch as Marco explains what about a deck of cards makes it so special.

This is ‘Sam the Bellhop’ with a decidedly cyber twist. I trust you’ll enjoy this video…




3 of the Top Card Tricks in Magic Revealed –  Video Tutorials..

Three card tricks revealed! The Godfather of Magic, aka Vinny Marini, teaches you how to perform 3 classic card tricks.. This is a full tutorial about 15 minutes in length. One good thing about Vinny – there’s never a slow moment. I love the way he keeps everything moving and never slows down for more than a second or two. He accomplishes more in 15 minutes than many magicians do in twice the time !





The Fellowship of Christian Magicians  –  Free Effects and Resources

I don’t get the opportunity to publish Christian Magic as often as I would like. It seems most of the better resources are not free, and I like free… The United Kingdom branch of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians has a free resource page where everything on the page, including templates and pdfs, are 100% free. There are a number of REALLY good resources here.. whether you practice and perform Christian magic or conventional magic. Check it out…

Risk Assessment for Magical Entertainment  –  Talks for school assemblies and family services

Three Routines for Christmas  –   Free Christian PowerPoint templates

Free Christian graphics animations and photos  –  How to make balloon models and balloon animals

The Toymaker a Gospel story for children  –   Gospel Routines With Standard Props

How to make and use Story Sticks (PDF) file right click to download

Gospel Cascade card routine  –   Colour Forcing Card  –   Simple Chain Escape

Slightly more advanced chain escape routine  –   Spring Paper Fans

Puppets, puppet heads, puppet scripts and theatres  –   The Three Chord Trick Guitar system

The Omnipresence of Jesus  –   Renovation of old magic props  –   Bible Clippo routine

Card stacks which illustrate Bible stories  –   How to Make a Jacob’s Ladder  –   Nail Balancing Puzzle

Electronic Pass The Parcel Game  –   Bible Tracts and Words of Wisdom  –   The Billet Doux Utility Cone

Hearts template with hearts for Billet Doux Utility Cone PDF file  –   The Jumping Elastic Band Trick

FCM Screensaver  –   Bottle labels  –  Christian Poems  –   Simple Scenery Painting Technique

Knife through jacket target template PDF file  –   FCMUK Logo for publicity material and T Shirt printing

Card stacks which illustrate Bible stories  –   Bunco dice game




Energized Aces –  Video Tutorial

FernandoP1 Art Zone Productions

Here’s another nice tutorial from Fernando, detailing what is essentially Bro John Hammon’s Signed Card and  Alex Elmsley’s Between your Palms. The sleights are well within the ability of the strong beginner to intermediate level magician.. The effect itself is a stunner, particularly to magicians who may not be familiar with the originals.

Be sure to click the ‘Show More’ button located just below the description, as there are additional tutorials available to assist with sleights.




The Bulletproof Musician Blog –  Why Magicians Should Read This Blog…

Performance psychologist and Juilliard graduate Dr. Noa Kageyama teaches musicians how to do their best under pressure. What does this have to do with magicians.?  In the total scheme of things.. a whole lot actually.

Practice is practice. And practice is what separates the amateur from the advanced magician.. and the semi-pro from the pro. It’s the ability to learn and achieve success through practice that takes performers from one level to the next. Those performers who never learn HOW to practice never learn the proper advance skills. They become mired in their own mediocrity.

Dr. Kageyama’s blog delves into the science of practice.. and what you can do to vastly improve your practice habits. Also, the good Dr. has published a number of posts on overcoming performance anxiety, which has stymied many a talented magicians.

“The purpose of this website is to teach musicians how to overcome stage fright, performance anxiety, and other blocks to peak performance. The specific mental skills you develop will allow you to experience the satisfaction of performing up to your abilities – even when the lights are brightest. Wait, let me rephrase that. Especially when the lights are brightest.”

A few of the more recent posts include:

A Simple Way to Keep Music in Your Fingers When Practicing More Isn’t an Option

Why a Little Reflection Should Be a Regular Part of Your Practice Routine

Two Things Experts Do Differently Than Non-Experts When Practicing

Why Is It So Important to Record Yourself?

How Can I Become More Enthusiastic About Practicing?

4 Signs You May Be Practicing Too Hard

Why I’d Spend a Lot More Time Practicing Scales If I Could Do It All Over Again




Customer Service for Magicians – Podcast

James Songster Explains How Disney Has Made Looking After Their Guests An Art Form

Our friends, Ken and Julian from MagicianBusiness, have gone above and beyond with this podcast. James Songster, the subject of this special edition, visited Disney World.. and was so impressed with the  ‘Disney Philosophy’.he didn’t leave for 23 years.

James goes in depth to discuss the value of storytelling, the importance of showmanship, building an emotional connection with your audience, how to create magical moments, and why Disney doesn’t have jobs.. it creates ‘roles’ for its employees…  Listen and Learn…

Click Here


The Business of Online Magic Shops – Podcast with Dominic Reyes

Dominic Reyes, known for being both a first-class performer and the Merchant of Magic, talks at length with MagicianBusiness about working as both a performer and running a successful magic business online.

“Dominic Reyes set out to help people improve their magic performing skills and to earn a little money on the side. Sales took off and the all consuming work of fulfilling orders and getting them out the door squashed his immediate dreams of helping other magicians. After 14 years in the magic shop business he has found ways to create a good balance between giving and providing security for his family. There is so much we can all implement contained within this interview with Dominic Reyes” … 53 minutes..




Latest Issue of VANISH Magazine Ready to Download

Our buddy, Paul Romhany, writes to tell us the latest issue of VANISH is online and ready to be downloaded. I really like the Magic Roadshow.. but we can’t quite compare to their 170+ pages and slick design. Paul writes..

Edition 17 – our NEW edition is now ready, and it’s a huge 170 + pages with exclusive interviews, magic tricks, business information, news, essays and reviews of the latest products and books that you won’t find in any other trade publication. AND IT’S FREE !!!! You can also download all past issues if you haven’t already.

NOW AVAILABLE at the iTunes Store and GooglePlay.




Pamela Meyer: How to Spot a Liar  – A TED Talk

Pamela Meyer explains, in 18 minutes, how to spot a liar. She first asks you to look to your left, and see the liar. Then, look to your right, and see the liar. Lastly, look in a mirror.. and see the liar. Her contention is all of us lie at some time or another.. some for nefarious reasons, and others for legitimate reasons. With that in mind, wouldn’t it be nice to KNOW when you are being lied to? Wouldn’t it be nice to know the tell-tale signs that give away the deceivers amongst us?

“On any given day we’re lied to from 10 to 200 times, and the clues to detect those lie can be subtle and counter-intuitive. Pamela Meyer, author of Liespotting, shows the manners and “hotspots” used by those trained to recognize deception — and she argues honesty is a value worth preserving.”




Merry Christmas ! – A Little Something to Keep You Busy in 2015

Here is my Christmas gift to you guys and gals. I’ve scoured the web for something I felt would be of real value to you folks. Everything listed below is either a full length movie or a full length documentary. The great thing is you do not have to download ANYTHING. All you do is click the link and watch the movie. Everything will stream online just as a Youtube video would… in fact, some are hosted on Youtube.

The Story of the Guitar – Free – A three part documentary reveals how the guitar came to “dominate the soundtrack of our lives.” (2008)


The Confessions of Robert Crumb – Free – A portrait of the artist scripted by the underground comics legend himself (1987)


Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii – Free – Director’s cut. Features Pink Floyd performing six songs in the ancient Roman amphitheatre in Pompeii, Italy. (1972)


Johnny Cash: The Last Great American – Free – Documentary profiling the life of legendary country music star, who died in 2003. (2004)


Buckminster Fuller: Thinking Out Loud – Free – Documentary on the inventor/visionary/thinker R. Buckminster Fuller, produced and directed by four time Academy Award nominees Karen Goodman and Kirk Simon. (1996)


It’s Good to be Alive – Free – The story of former Brooklyn Dodger catcher Roy Campanella. Directed by Michael Landon, starring Louis Gossett Jr. (1974)


My Best Friend’s Birthday – Free – First film directed by Quentin Tarantino. Some good rockabilly fun. (1987)

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The Short Films of Louis CK – Free – A collection of nine short films created by the comedian between 1993 and 1999.


Freaks – Free – Todd Browning’s famous pre-code horror film about sideshow performers. Cast mostly composed of actual carnival performers. (1932)


Night of the Living Dead – Free – George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead is the urtext of the modern zombie movie. (1968)

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Metropolis – Free – Fritz Lang’s fable of good and evil fighting it out in a futuristic urban dystopia. An important classic. An alternate version can be found here. (1927)

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Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine – Free –  About the famous match between chess legend Garry Kasparov and Deep Blue, a chess-playing computer created by IBM. (2003)


The Land Where the Blues Began – Free – Alan Lomax takes you into the Mississippi Delta, into to the heart of the Blues. (1978)


The Dream of a Ridiculous – Free – Wonderful animation of Dostoevsky’s story by Oscar-winning Russian animator Alexander Petrov. (1992)

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And if these aren’t enough, I’m giving you a link below where you can watch over 700 additional movies free online. You’ll find classics, indies, film noir, documentaries and other films, including Oscar winning films, created by some of the greatest actors, actresses and directors ever. The collection features films by Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles, Fritz Lang, Andrei Tarkovksy, John Huston, plus some early short films by Tarantino, Kubrick and Truffaut. You will also find masterful performances by Humphrey Bogart, Laurence Olivier, Audrey Hepburn, Edward G. Robinson, John Wayne and Charlie Chaplin.

Again, you DO NOT have to download these movies. They will stream online, in full length, and some in HD. The documentaries alone are worth the visit..


You can also download:

550 free Audio Books – (Asimov, Bradbury, Philip K.Dick, T.S. Eliot)

700 Free eBooks for iPad, Kindle & Other Devices ( Arthur C. Clark, C.S. Lewis )

1000 Free Online Courses from Top Universities

200 Free Textbooks

300 Free Language Lessons

150 Free Business Courses





Imagine any and every field possible. There are so many brands, so many choices, so many claims, so much clutter, that the central challenge is for an organization or an individual is to rise above the fray. It’s not good enough anymore to be “pretty good” at everything. You have to be the most of something: the most elegant, the most colorful, the most responsive, the most accessible.

For decades, organizations and their leaders were comfortable with strategies and practices that kept them in the middle of the road—that’s where the customers were, so that’s what felt safe and secure.

Today, with so much change and uncertainty, so much pressure and new ways to do things, the middle of the road is the road to nowhere.

As Jim Hightower, the colorful Texas populist, is fond of saying, “There’s nothing in the middle of the road but yellow stripes and dead armadillos.” 

William C. Taylor is a cofounder of Fast Company magazine..

( From WHAT MATTERS NOW, by our friend, Seth Godin. This work is full of similar short stories by many   leaders in their fields. Download FREE at:  http://sethgodin.typepad.com/files/what-matters-now-2.pdf )



MAGIC NEWS  –  A  Few of the Stories This Week….

In case you’ve not visited Magic News recently.. this is a few of the stories you missed:

– The man behind the magic: Mac King and his comedy magic show

– The Illusionists: Jeff Hobson, aka “The Trickster”, Brings the Magic

– Despite protests, Dirk Arthur debuting his own production of cats..

– Paul Cosentino: Inside the world of the Magic Man

– Magicians Stage Effort to Restore Houdini’s Grave..

– The Supernaturalists… coming next Summer


– Q+A: Murray Sawchuck’s blind drive leads to 21 escapes, TV appearances galore..

– Keith Barry’s coming home for Christmas..

– Art and Science Team Up To Steal Your Attention With Magic..

– Penn & Teller: Fool Us and Masters of Illusion Renewed..



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