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Hampton Williams – So You Think You Can Dance Audition

Perfection comes in many forms.. A double lift so flawless or a second deal so smooth no one has a second thought.. Or perhaps a painting so real you assume it’s a photo.. until you see a brush stroke. In Hampton Williams case.. it’s a dance so entrancing, so involving, you choke up from the sheer beauty and emotion.

This is what entertainment is ‘suppose’ to be about.. Something that not only entertains, but moves you emotionally. You know you have achieved something special when you can bring other professionals to tears.  It’s extra special when you can make folks not normally inclined to watch and/or appreciate dance drool with envy.  Hampton has taken a dance, combined it with a story line,  and created a minor masterpiece many magicians should try to duplicate when scripting their routine.

This was from the 2013 season of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. Although Hampton immediately received the magic ticket to advance to the Las Vegas stage, he was like a fish out of water when forced to dance classical styles. It didn’t matter… The world remembers Hampton’s performance and his well crafted pesonal style moreso than most of the finalists.

This is one of my all time favorite videos of ANY genre… The Song is  Evanescence – My Immortal...   Take it from someone who knows a little something about both dance and magic.. this is the perfect blend of movement, music, story and characterization.  Although the judges chuckled at Hampton and his ‘story’, watching their expressions during his performance is priceless. By songs end they are believers.. they are fans of Hampton Williams.. and he has won over every performer in the auditorium …. EVERY SINGLE MAGICIAN who watches this will do well to study it and learn… not how to dance.. but how to put together an act that floors their audience…       Enjoy….