The Doug Henning Project..

The Doug Henning Project

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Neil McNally has created quite a site for anyone interested in the magic and history of Doug Henning. We all, who are old enough, remember not only the Broadway shows, but the specials that aired on NBC in the 70’s and 80’s and introduced the world to a type of magic a step beyond most magicians of that era. He paved the way for David Copperfield and the wave of Las Vegas style performers who rode his popularity to their success .

Doug’s first magic special for NBC, where he replicated Houdini’s Water-Torture Escape, drew an unreal 50+ million viewers. That’s Super Bowl numbers… He painfully and meticulously produced six more specials over the following six years.. and was nominated for seven Emmy Awards along the way.

Neil McNally has created the DOUG HENNING PROJECT, which is devoted to keeping his magic and memory alive. You’ll find a number of never-before-seen photos, Interviews, videos,
movie props and stories.. all certered around Doug and his wife, Debbie. You can even catch a four minute clip of Doug featured on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”… quite the find.

Check out the Doug Henning Project at: