This is How You Climb the Corporate Ladder, by Magician David Kwong..

David Kwong at NYSM.gif

Magician David Kwong, known for combining his mastery of crossword puzzles with magic tricks, travels a lot throughout the year, and always with a red toolbox to hold his tricks.

To an audience, he’ll reveal only the contents of the box that are necessary — a pack of cards, a Rubik’s Cube. But the rest of his tricks and props remain a mystery, except when he’s passing through security at the airport with the toolbox, and Transportation Security Administration officials become suspicious of its contents. “They’re normal-looking objects with other things hidden inside,” Kwong explains. For example, one of his tricks involves hiding a dollar bill inside a kiwi. To make his case to the officials, “I’ve done a lot of magic at TSA.”

The mysterious toolbox notwithstanding, Kwong is revealing the science behind his magic and illusion in a new book, “Spellbound: Seven Principles of Illusion to Captivate Audiences and Unlock the Secrets of Success” ($22.99, HarperBusiness). Here, he illustrates how anyone can apply seven principles of illusion to their lives to gain a competitive edge — and protect themselves against manipulators or con artists.  Read more….