Hope Without Borders – A Commentary

Hope Without Borders – A Commentary

The Rev. Andrea Ayvazian and provided both the magic community and all interested communities with these thoughts…

“Recently, while reflecting on the violence, pain, and deprivation in so many places around the world, I found myself wondering what a single caring person can do besides sending money and lifting prayers. Then I remembered how one man, Tom Verner, took his skill as a magician and — modeling his initiative after Doctors Without Borders — left with his wife and a few friends for places of suffering around the world and offered what he could offer: magic shows. Following that initial trip, Magicians Without Borders was born.”

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Jerry Sadowitz Joins Fight for Truth over Death of Friend at Pete Doherty party

Jerry Sadowitz Joins Fight for Truth over Death of Friend at Pete Doherty party

Not all magic news is exciting.. Phil Miller of HeraldScotland reports on an attempt by Jerry Sadowitz to discover the truth behind the untimely death of a friend…

“Sadowitz, known for his controversial stand-up as well as his skills as a magician, is opening his latest show in London with a video appeal from the mother of the late actor Mark Blanco.

Mr Blanco, 30, died in 2006 after falling from the first floor balcony of a London flat where Pete Doherty, known for his bands Babyshambles and The Libertines, and friends were having a party.

A campaign to discover what exactly happened that night is being led by Mr Blanco’s mother, Sheila, after an inquest delivered an open verdict.

Mr Blanco and Sadowitz, who is currently performing at the Leicester Square Theatre in London, became friends after meeting at a convention for magicians.

Sadowitz, who grew up in Glasgow, is now helping Sheila Blanco’s seven-year campaign for a full investigation into her son’s death”.

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Magicians Exposed as Time Travellers

Magicians Exposed as Time Travellers

Thanks to Scoop Culture Independent News and the New Zealand Fringe Festival for the following:

Ever wondered how magicians perform their miracles? Nopera Whitley and Niko Nash-Krippner are no ordinary illusionists, and claim to perform their feats through manipulation of the time-space continuum.

Written and directed by Whitley, Time Travellers premieres during the NZ Fringe Festival 2014. The show follows two time travellers (posing as magicians) who have landed just in time for their ‘Magic Show’. They soon reveal their mastery of the 4th dimension, and hurl the audience back in time to relive the duo’s sinister past.

Not wanting to ruin the surprise, Whitley is hesitant to reveal too many details about the show. However, he says that the aim is to make people “question their reality”.

“You will see some classic magic effects, but this is certainly no ordinary magic show,” says Whitley. “It’s a little dark, and I hope people leave [the show] believing that they have just witnessed genuine time travel.“

Whitley has been tutoring Nash-Krippner in the art of magic for the past three years.

"I met Niko when he was only six” says Whitley. “We have always talked about performing together, and our mentor/student relationship is one that we have a lot of fun with in the show – it creates a new way to tell our story”.

This show will be the first time the duo appear on stage together.

While only nine years old, Nash-Krippner is recognised as New Zealand’s Junior Champion of Stage Magic (a category which includes competitors up to 16 years).

Whitley is the current NZ Close-Up and Card Magic Champion. He is also president of the Wellington Magic Club and founder of NZ’s largest magic shop.

Time Travellers will show on Saturday the 8th to Sunday the 9th of Feb at 5pm, and Saturday the 15th to Sunday 16th of Feb at 5pm. Ticket prices range from $12 – $18 and are available at

BATS Theatre, on the corner of Cuba and Dixon Streets Book online  or call (04) 802 4175

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Penn Jillette’s Original Pilot ‘Street Cred’ is Green Lit by the Travel Channel

Penn Jillette’s Original Pilot ‘Street Cred’ is Green Lit by the Travel Channel

"Rio magician headliners Penn & Teller know how to keep busy.

On the heels of Teller’s new side gig, Penn Jillette has signed on to host a new hidden-camera show for the Travel Channel.

The network announced today that it has green lit production for “Street Cred,” an original pilot that follows Penn as he scours the country for America’s best street performers. The magician, comedian and former street performer will team up with undercover experts to seek out the show’s unwitting contestants through hidden cameras, rewarding the best with a $10,000 tip.

The half-hour pilot is produced by High Noon Entertainment and was green lit along with two other pilots…”

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