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A.B.See – by Spidey – A Review

A.B.See – by Spidey – A Review

A.B.See – by Spidey – A Review
Gimmick and Online Instructions

PRESALE NOTE:This item is available on 12/03/21  for Pre-Order only. The release date is 12/13/2021 at 12 noon PST

The Ad Copy:

Your spectator sees you holding a simple set of flashcards. They have no clue that it hides a brilliant secret that is about to destroy their minds!

Spidey’s A.B.See Deck is not just one trick, it is a tool designed by a working mentalist with the intention of leaving your audiences speechless. Your spectator can look through a series of images and secretly choose one. With your head turned away, you’ll be able to connect with their thoughts and reveal far more about them than if they had simply chosen a playing card.

They will believe that you can peer into their memories, know details about their personality and see right into their minds, the A.B.See Deck really is that powerful.

But hidden within this innocent set of flashcards is a deviously clever secret. With this brand new method, hidden in plain sight, you will instantly know exactly what they are thinking. However, they can examine the cards forever and they will never see the secret! There are no hidden markings and they genuinely have a free choice! You will be as giddy as a child when you finally understand the underlying secret.

“Spidey has taken a classic concept, made the props as natural as possible, the method as deceptive as can be with a core principle that can be learned within minutes of understanding its brilliance.”
– Colin McLeod

No Markings
No complicated sleight of hand
Very easy to learn (Spidey teaches a layman the method and has her performing within 10 mins)
Hides a deviously clever and simple method that your spectators will NEVER-EVER find.
Nothing to hide or ditch
Professional quality cards printed by USPCC

2 full sets of alphabet flashcards.
Multiple killer routines straight out of Spidey’s working repertoire
A “masterclass” in mentalism from Spidey to help take this to the next level
2+ hours of in-depth instructions with multiple techniques to make this your own.
An incredible “Heckler buster” routine for those extra pesky spectators. (You will silence them… bigtime!)

NOTE: Although it is not necessary for English to be your first language, a good grasp of the language is recommended.

“This is sooo good!!! The routines are jaw droppers, the cards are beautifully made and look exactly as they should, the instruction is jam-packed with fantastic info and anyone can learn it in a few minutes. The value here is insane. Kudos to Spidey. This is a home run.”
– Ben Seidman

My Thoughts:

When you read the ad copy for A.B.See, your ‘hope’ meter jumps a dozen notches, you feel a palpitation or two, and you wonder if someone has finally unlocked the door to the other side…


I hate to admit this.. but I review many effects that are very good, very deceptive effects.. and although I may like them and what they represent, they don’t make it into my not-so-little bag of tricks. I have eight effects sitting under a table beside me as I write.. and there’s no way I can incorporate everything into a routine. At this rate, I review about sixty different effects each year. So, for an effect to make it into my bag, it HAS to be special.

A.B.See is going in my bag….

Spidey doesn’t call this a trick.. or an effect. He calls it a Utility Device, since it’s virtually it’s own deck that can be used for a number of effects. There are effects you can perform straight out-the-box.. and there are effects that are more advanced.

A good portion of the video, which is over two hours btw, is spent with both live performances and explanations. Spidey will use a ‘real’ person and conduct a performance.. then explain in simple terms the hows and whys that make it work.

The complete deck is composed of simple symbols the spectator will readily recognize, much like traditional ‘flash cards’ used by children. Actually, the cards are make to resemble something sold in a toy store.. and not something sold in a magic store. They are very disarming on purpose. As a couple of effects involve a ‘drawing’ by the performer, he has created cards that can be duplicated easily with drawings and don’t require an art degree. This is the KISS system personified.

Horse, eggs, girl, yo-yo, finger, wand.. and twenty other similar cards, form a ‘hidden secret’ the spectator will NOT identify. Although the cards are not marked, they ARE created using a method I can’t discuss. It will allow you to see something, in plain sight, the spectator can’t see because his reality is not the same as YOUR reality. Complex sounding.. I know.. but it’s not. Early in the video Spidey actually takes someone off the street and has them ‘memorize’ the secret method in ten minutes.

Spidey performed six different presentations and explanations.. each a bit more complicated than the other. Although all involved basically the same working technique, he used more advanced card techniques as he went along.. each designed to add a little ‘something something’ to the overall effect. I’m not talking knuckle busters… but swing cuts, false shuffles and cuts, Ralph Hull’s Optical Shuffle, (..which looks great with a colorful 26 card packet) and some sharp peeks. This is not essential sleights.. but great for adding extra depth to your performance.

Since A.B.See is a different deck from the typical Bikes, there is also a section on Justifications. “Why am I using a funny looking deck to read minds ?” If the subject arises.. Spidey will give you a good reason.

Cold Readings? Are you simply making a prediction -or- are you reading someone’s mind? You can take A.B.See a step ahead, as you are a step ahead of the spectator, knowing what they picked if you use one of the ‘spectator makes a personal choice’ methods instead of picking a card at random. You can ‘read’ the spectator, based on their selection. Although this is not something a novice magician could do.. it IS something a mentalist/psychic reader could do easily, with the information at hand. Spidey talks for some time about the individual images and how he makes connections between the images and the spectator. Good stuff…

Everything is recorded exactly as you would expect from a professional performer. The sound is correct throughout, camera angles are helpful and offer multiple views, and the video quality is professional. In addition, a number of performances are live, giving you a chance to see the deck in use.. and other performances are in the studio. I seriously recommend following the link below and watching the demo. It gives you a ideal preview of both the cards and the video quality..

Here is the published table of content:
Introduction – The Method – What You Receive – 6 Live Performances and 6 Explanations – Reversing the Order Of The Deck – Techniques:
False Cuts and Shuffles – Peeks and Glimpses – Justifications – Cold Reading – Drawing The Images – Pro Tips – Deck Management – Troubleshooting – Heckler Management (How To Let Them Shuffle)..

Material wise… You’ll receive 2 full stacks of 26 cards each, a double-backer, a ‘safety card’ and two ‘cheat sheet’ cards… I was particularly impressed by the video instructions. There were tips here that will benefit you far beyond AB See. In all.. there were 2 hours (roughly) of tutorials. Approx. one hour was devoted to the effect itself and it’s performance.. and another hour to all the subtle nuances, false shuffles, peeks, etc..
AND.. it wasn’t boring at all. (smile).. I felt like I was learning something special throughout. (I was..)

This was one of my favorite reviews of 2021. I will recommend AB See to all my friends and readers. This is a no-brainer folks….

$34.95 .. From Murphy’s Magic and their Associates..

** Please remember.. this items is NOT available to order until 12 noon PST on 12-03-21
Review by Rick Carruth