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BOUNCE – by Juan Luis Rubiales – A Review

BOUNCE – by Juan Luis Rubiales – A Review

BOUNCE – by Juan Luis Rubiales – A Review
Magic download (video)

This is the Ad Copy:

This is the type of hyper visual effect that makes you stop in your tracks. The type of magic that you just can’t help but smile when you see. “Bounce” is a super fun and innovative technique for making playing cards seemingly appear out of thin air with the bounce of a ball.

“Bounce” by Juan Luis Rubiales (the creative mind behind our bestseller “Debajo”) allows you to add a super visual element to all your favorite card magic tricks. It is one of the most memorable ways to find a selected card, produce a four of a kind and so much more. While “Bounce” is designed to be visual, it can also be performed with face-down cards. That means you can also use it to secretly add on cards in the innocent action of bouncing the ball.

Here’s the craziest part…”Bounce” doesn’t use any fancy gimmicks or special cards. It’s all sleight of hand using a novel technique that can be done with any regular deck of playing cards. While it will take a little practice to get down smoothly, it’s way easier than you might think. Well within the range of any card magician. Multiple ideas are included with your download to get you started.

My Thoughts:

I truly appreciate effects that make you think and expand your creative reach. BOUNCE does just that.. and for the price.. you can’t beat it.

Juan Luis Rubiales has created not just an effect, but a method. You can use his method to reveal cards in any number of ways. Produce four Aces. Turn a face-down card face-up in a group of face-down cards. Secretly add a card to a group of jumbled cards. Reveal multiple cards. All from a simple bounce of a rubber ball.

I know this is a review, but sometimes the best way to get an idea of ‘how’ an effect looks to an audience is to watch the demo video. I encourage anyone with curiosity to watch the video on the Vanishing Inc. site to get a grasp of how good this looks. I can’t truly do it justice with my words… and I’m hard-headed enough I’d certainly try if I thought I could pull it off. I hate to say ‘..just go to the site..’, but sometimes it’s best.

OK.. now that you’ve watch Juan magically produce Aces, I can talk about the fine print.. Juan readily admits learning this is not instantaneous. There’s a bit of a ‘knack’ to releasing four Aces in single file. Releasing one is not hard at all, and you’ll quickly add the others.

I don’t think you have to be a genius to figure out the basics. What Juan teaches you is the subtle nuances to make Bounce look like real magic. For $11.95 you certainly can’t complain about the price. You get a fourteen-minute plus download that teaches several effects and explains the proper type ball to use/buy. Vanishing sells the balls separately.. but I’ve noticed they are out of stock.

Technically, the rubber ball is a juggler’s bounce ball… 140 grams weight and 60 mm diameter. The size of the ball and the composition of the rubber matters. The proper size helps conceal the hidden cards.. and the composition provides the proper surface tension to ‘drag’ the hidden cards into play.

The download itself is a well-filmed, better than most, video. Nothing negative to write about. Juan doesn’t over explain, and makes good use of his 14 minutes of instruction time.

Again.. if you watched the demo, you have a good understanding of what to expect. Personally, I can do one card OK.. with only minutes of practice. My magic cohort, who has practiced somewhat longer, is looking good producing multiple cards. I will definitely recommend BOUNCE to my friends and readers. It’s a great utility move, with a flair, that opens a new avenue to produce or reveal selected cards.

$11.95 .. From Vanishing Inc. and Juan Luis Rubiales

Review by Rick Carruth for Vanishing Inc. & The Magic Roadshow