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A NEW Magic Roadshow is Online. Read it Free..

A NEW Magic Roadshow is Online. Read it Free..

A new Magic Roadshow Journal of Magic has published online. Although published for subscribers, I often make it available for anyone to read. All you need is a true interest in magic. This issue can be read entirely online -or- downloaded as a PDF and read on your device.. at your convenience. Also, this issue is 45 pages in length and 15,000 words. That’s a LOT of magic for FREE.!   In this Issue:

  • Gestalt  – A Card Effect from  Paul A. Lelekis
  • The Lost Peek  –  Paul A. Lelekis
  • The Value of Magic as a Teaching Tool  –  Free PDF Teaching Tool
  • Lost City Magic  vs. Las Vegas! – A Magical Journal
  • At The Table  –  Chris Randall    (A Review)
  • Morgan Strebler on Quora –  An Interview
  • 3 Effects From David Solomon –   Card Effects
  • Restaurant Magic and Children  –  An Opinion & An Effect –  Rick Carruth
  • The Collected Essays of Eugene Burger.  –  Downloadable PDF
  • How I Made Toronto’s CN Tower Vanish – Complete Episode from Jay Sankey
  • 3 Full Length Jay Sankey Ebooks  –  Great Free Resource
  • The Thirteen Paths –  Free PDF from R.Paul Wilson
  • TheatreCrafts Entertainment Technology Resources
  • Interview with Dusty Summers: Las Vegas’ First Nude Magician..
  • Warped and Restored  –  Vinny Marini’s Classic Card Trick –  Video Tutorial
  • How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking –  Video
  • Double lift – How to lift two cards – One Hand Double Flip
  • ‘Predict The Switch" Card Trick Revealed..  Tutorial
  • Understanding Misdirection –  Free PDF from Merchant of Magic
  • 1089 And All That   –  Resource and Effects
  • Mathematical Magic –  Tutorials
  • Very Satisfying Math Magic Video..
  • Hexahexaflexagons Galore.. Build Your Own..
  • Bizarre Magic – Websites and Resources
  • Magic and Parlor Tricks – Tutorials
  • Prop Tricks –  Tutorials
  • Important Information…

Doc Eason’s magic takes him on the Road..

Doc Eason’s magic takes him on the Road..

This is no ordinary magic show.

Only a few magicians in the country can do the style of close-up magic that Doc Eason performs just inches from your eyes and ears. Doc sprinkles his card handling, coin tricks and sleight of hand with his sharp wit and penchant for storytelling for a full, one-of-a-kind performance.

People in Snowmass have known that for years. Locals know and love him. Visitors come back year after year. But now, Eason’s gaining more notoriety beyond the Roaring Fork Valley, too.

The Academy of Magical Arts just recognized Eason with his fifth academy award for lecturer of the year. He’s also won in the close-up and bar-magic categories. Read more..

You’ll believe in magic after watching this street magician’s latest video..

Patrick Kun probably isn’t a wizard but to be honest, we can’t say for sure one way or the other. As a matter of fact, the only thing we can say with absolute certainty right now is that his latest YouTube compilation of magic tricks is absolutely amazing. Beyond that we don’t even know what to believe anymore, and after watching Kun’s latest video embedded below, you might find yourself questioning everything you thought you knew as well. Read more at..

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‘Sleight’ Is A Must-See Thriller About A Street Magician [Sundance Review]

‘Sleight’ Is A Must-See Thriller About A Street Magician [Sundance Review]

“Anyone can learn a trick, but doing something nobody else can do makes you a magician.”

The story follows a young street magician named Bo (The Maze Runner’s Jacob Latimore) who is taking care of his little sister Tina (12 Years a Slave’s Storm Reid) following the death of their mother. Performing magic on the streets for tourists isn’t enough to pay the bills, so Bo has turned to peddling drugs at clubs and parties for a local drug dealer Angelo (Psych and West Wing’s Dulé Hill). Making clever use of his sleight of hand skills, Bo is able to avoid trouble from the police.

When another dealer tries to take over the Los Angeles market, Bo is propelled into a world of guns and gang violence, definitely not the “selling dime bags to club-goers” job he signed up for. Along the way, Bo falls for a girl named Holly (Seychelles Gabriel, a stand-out from the television series Falling Skies).  And of course, quitting the drug business isn’t as easy as it sounds — the film transitions from a moretypical indie drama into a comic book origin story disguised inside a thriller. How will Bo use his magic skills to get out of this situation?

Dillard is a refreshing new filmmaker who is certainly one to watch. This may be his first feature film, but Dillard has directed some music videos and is also developing a film project for Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures (the details on this project are unknown). When I saw Safety Not Guaranteed at Sundance a few years back, I knew that Colin Trevorrow was about to be tapped for much bigger films (but even I wouldn’t have predicted Star Wars and Jurassic Park sequels). I think its easy to see Dillard will probably also capture the attention of Hollywood genre films — I could definitely see him at the helm of a future Marvel movie.  Read more……