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The Timeless Project – A Review

The Timeless Project – A Review

The Timeless Project
Russ Stevens, Bill Thompson & Gary Jones

The Timeless Project is a very sophisticated multi-effect deck(s) that takes card magic to a higher level. First.. let’s read the creator’s ad copy, then, we’ll go from there.

“Welcome to The Timeless Project featuring five amazing routines utilizing the hidden secrets of the RSVP deck of cards of the same name. Join your hosts Gary Jones and Russ Stevens as they show you five brand new routines that are unique to this very special deck of cards. All are easy to do and pack a killer punch!

Contents Include:

Second Hand – The magician asks the spectator to merely think of any time — there is no force, it’s never written down or said to anyone. The magician now takes the Timeless Deck (that has been on the table in full view throughout) and spreads the cards, showing that there is one card reversed in the entire deck. For the first time, the spectator names their time. When the card is turned over, that card has their time printed on it! This is a reputation-making routine that really is worth the price of the whole project.

Miracle Clock – A spectator again thinks of their favorite time of the day. Without telling anyone or writing it down, the magician is again able to know the exact time they’re thinking of and reveals it in an unusual and amazing way.

Duel Time – Two cards are selected by two spectators. The magician now takes the first card and shows the face to be holding a timepiece in their hand. He places the card onto the spectator’s hand and asks them to slam their hand down onto the card. When it’s turned over, the clock face is now broken! Taking the card, the magician shakes the card and magically restores it back to its original condition. The second card is turned over and shows a card holding a clock set at ten o’clock. The magician takes the card and moves it slowly in front of the spectator, where it seems to visibly change to another time (this can be a prediction if desired). Utilizing the special printing ideas on some of the Timeless cards, this is a really cool effect.

Just a Second – The magician shows a selected card to be holding a time and the card is placed face down on the table. The magician now shows his wrist watch and asks the spectator to pull the pin out and set the watch to any time. He tells them that their time will match the time on the face down card sitting on the table throughout. The watch is turned over to reveal an hour and the card turned over… the times don’t match! Taking the card, the magician asks the spectator to turn an invisible winder at the side of the card, as if moving the hands on the printed face. When it’s turned over, the time on the card now matches the time on the watch. Truly amazing stuff!

The instructional DVD is in full HD (1920x1080p), runs for 50 minutes and is worldwide playback. Please note that due the manufacturing of the special deck included, this is a very limited run and that the DVD is a DVDR.”

My review…

The Timeless Project is a masterwork from RSVP Magic. The name comes from clocks printed on each court card, very fashionably I might add, and the effects that are possible using the concept of time and cards. I wish I could explain the complete concept.. but that would be a bit unfair. I will say this… all the court cards are printed with a clock.. all 12 of the court cards. Each court card has a clock with a different time and each court card is aligned in a specific order, easily remembered. This serves as the basis for some very extravagant magic.

I am generally not a big fan of radical changes to my standard Bicycle design. I don’t mind changes to the backs, but the faces are sort of sacred, in my humble opinion. The Timeless Project is the off-shoot of the Timeless Deck, developed several years ago by Russ Stevens and based on a premise by the late Bill Thompson, and one of the few exceptions I’ll allow… design wise. Like my friend Jim Canaday said.. the cards are ..” very reminiscent of both comic book art and steam punk.” I am a big fan of steam punk, and if you’re going to change my beloved Bikes.. change ’em to an intelligent steam punk design. The design of the clocks are integrated into the faces to create a very pleasing look.

The Timeless Deck was first sold several years ago by RSVP. They sold out completely, and for the past four years were not reissued. They are only being reissued now to be sold in conjunction with the Timeless Project, which itself is in very limited production. I don’t fully understand the concept of ‘limited edition’ and ‘limited production’.. if there is a large demand.. but I’m sure there’s a very good reason.

Each Timeless Project comes with two Timeless decks.. one normal and one gaffed. The normal deck is actually a very slick-handling deck. Although not a linen finish, I could perform nice faros straight out the pack. Folks on the Cafe and in other reviews raved about the quality. That doesn’t carry a lot of weight with me.. but my personal handling of the deck does. I REALLY like it..

Both decks are USPCC, smooth cut, and exactly what you would expect from an effect of this price. You’ll also get a 50 minute DVD taught by Gary Jones.. again very indicative of the cost of the project. Russ Stevens and Gary Jones are to be congratulated.

You read the creator’s description of several effects, and I want to add something to the descriptions to give you a hint or two.

Miracle Clock… uses a popular method with the ancient clock routine to arrive at a selection which is revealed in a method best described as ” The Clock Routine On Steroids”. What’s important is that two different classics of magic are used, using methods you are already very familiar with… to create a new ending not even YOU saw coming..

Duel Time… Uses the normal Timeless deck, along with a couple of additional cards supplied with the deck. There is a minor sleight or two used to make everything work.. (think ‘double lift’.)
This is a very visual effect that makes two spectators wish they’d paid much closer attention..

Just a Second… Again uses the normal Timeless deck. You also use your watch, which may or may not be a special watch, it’s all explained.. Another minor sleight is used, along with a duplicate card, to befuddle any spectator.

The Second Hand… This is a very unique effect, brazen almost, that uses a method I’ve never seen used in all of magic.. to arrive at a time thought of by the spectator. Unlike all it’s cousins, you DO NOT get the spectator to verbally reveal their secret in order to know where to dig in the deck to find their thought-of card. This effect is one slick magician fooler. I use the method taught for the public.. and a variation of my own to fool those know-it-all magic guys. Oh, I wish I could tell you the secret, and I wish I got a commission for every Timeless Project sold from this point on… but I don’t get either. I DO get the satisfaction of recommending this superlative combination of effects, worth far more than its price -if- you will take time to study the DVD and learn these carefully chosen effects.

Although not important to the effects, the Timeless Project DVD has the best intro of any magic related DVD I’ve ever watched. A photo by Filipino photographer and digital graphics artist Norvz Austria and music inspired by Evanescence create a visual I’ve watched many times. Now my sensitive side is showing… and I appreciate that the designers thought there were folks like myself who would, and could, appreciate their efforts.

Everything you need (almost ) is here. One effect does require a special deck many of you will undoubtably already own. If you don’t own one, you can make one.. not a big deal. Another effect will require a watch with a second hand or display. Celebrate that you can buy an effect like this for $45.00. Having seen what some magicians attempt to sell as ‘miracles’, ‘revolutionary magic’, ‘groundbreaking’ etc. I think I have a good point of reference. Buy the Timeless Project and truly enjoy magic again. I’m excited to attach my name to a product with so many possibilities.

$45.00.. Available from shops selling the Murphy’s Magic line of quality products.



ECLECTICA – John Carey
Murphy’s Magic

ECLECTICA is just that… a thorough mix of many different effects with cards… mostly. John Carey likes to take a simple premise and turn it into a clever effect with sleights most beginners find very learnable. Yes, there are a few flustration counts and color changes.. but nothing beyond the neophyte.

Personally, I grew up on this type magic. My first ‘real’ magic book was Scarne On Card Tricks, and Scarne went to great lengths to make the effect simple while maintaining a certain integrity. Mr Carey does the same, buy isn’t afraid to make you work a little if the end result is worth it.

I appreciate that he keeps everything relatively simple. Card magic shouldn’t be difficult -if- there’s a way to perform the sleight without breaking your wrist. John manages to include 15 effects in the space normally required for 7 or 8 numbing effects. I don’t have a problem with this, as I don’t need someone to explain in detail all the subtle and psychological moves of every aspect of a trick. Just show me how you do it and let me find my way.

If I have anything on the negative side to say about John Carey.. its that he’s too nice. Watching Eclectica is like watching that wonderful painter, Bob Ross. No, his paintings don’t hang in the Louvre, and snoddy painters make fun of his simplicity.. But Bob Ross is a genius at entertaining his audience. My problem with watching Bob is his style and manner is expressive and genuine, but his soft voice will lull you into a blissful state if you aren’t careful. Ditto for John…

The DVD runs 1 hour and 48 minutes, which is ample time for everything. I hope I haven’t given the impression John rushes through the effects, sacrificing quantity over quality. That’s not the case. Most of the effects run about three minutes and the explanations about 5 minutes. Here’s a little summary of the contents…

Backs to the Wall – Based on a Dai Vernon effect.. A deck with all backs turns into a regular deck…

Ensemble – A spectator makes a number of fair choices amid much shuffling, and yet somehow manages to pick the four Aces. John demonstrates a painless method of culling the Aces.

Three Phase Dailey – Another one based on a Dai Vernon effect. Sort of a cross between Vernon, Larry Jennings, and David Blaine. If you can perform a double lift, a flustration count, and a double turnover.. you’re good to go.

Mental Sandwich – A card mentally selected by a spectator ends up sandwiched between two jokers in the middle of the deck. Nice JK Hartman sleight makes the magic possible.

Sent and Received – Based on Vernon’s Emotional Reaction. Super simple bit of mental magic that can be mastered in minutes.

Top, Middle and Bottom – This is the rare effect that uses a duplicate card to read the spectator’s mind. Then, a surprising revelation completes the effect.

Slow Motion Triumph – For the packet trick fans amongst you. A little fancy dealing produces a very convincing triumph.

Telekinetic – A nice production of a selected card upside down in the deck. There is more to it than a simple reveal, and makes you quite the mystery man. One of the more difficult effects.. but well worth the effort.

Splitsville – An opener that resembles a series of mis-adventures by the performer suddenly turns into a four Ace production. Not difficult, but does require a simple setup.

Homage To Bannon – Bannon performed a little ditty called Fat City. This is John’s version. It’s quick and easy and includes a nice paint brush move to bring two Jokers into play.

Whispers – Several basic moves make the magic possible. John teaches a couple of very efficient multiple card forces, including one from Bannon that looks really good.

Assisted Ambitions – Sort of an Ambition effect meets a four Aces production. A few double turnovers certainly go a long ways.

Invisible Interlude – Very simple moves, a couple of large coins, and a deck of cards are all that’s needed to make you look like ‘Bobo meets Bannon’…

Two’s Company And..? Sponge Balls anyone? John teaches a very intriguing sponge ball routine featuring moves by some heavyweights of magic, including a beautiful move by Martin Gardner.

One Card And One Thought – Two spectators complete the magic in this effect inspired by Al Leech. Not difficult to perform and perfect for couples or best friends…

I would recommend ECLECTICA to anyone wanting to add a few effects to their walk-around or table hopping routine. There’s something here for everyone…

$30.00 from dealers carrying the Murphy’s Magic line of products…

Reviewed by Rick Carruth..

A New Magic Roadshow..

A New Magic Roadshow..

Yes, a new Magic Roadshow Journal of Magic has published online. If you are a subscriber, you received a notification a couple of days ago. If you aren’t a subscriber, you are invited to read it anyway!  That’s why we publish it.. to be read and enjoyed… and it’s always 100% free. The new issue is also available as a pdf for those who would rather download it and read it on their device. In this issue……………………………..

– The Clock Trick –  Paul Lelekis
– One-Ahead  101  –  A Simple Prediction Effect –  Rick Carruth
– Who Wears the Ring? –  Wehman Bros.
– Bob Solari’s DOUBLE BARREL  –   A review
– TRKS  –  A Review by Donavon Powell
– Mel Kientz’s “Magician’s Life” News Service –   A Daily Resource
– This Incredibly Cruel Magic Trick is Pranking People – But Here’s How It’s          Done – Video
– Episode 65: Mac King — Vegas Afternoon Magic
– Build A “Lazy” Magic Table –  DIY
– Magic Show Music Cues –  How To..
– “Spread n Butter” Card Trick Tutorial Video – Chris Ramsay
– Free card tricks – An amazing card technique – The Change Beneath
– Rubber Band Finger Exercise Tutorial  – Video Tutorial
– Jeff Hobson Lecture –  30% Off
– Need a Good Magic Quote?
– My Bad… When Other Words Just Won’t Do  –  Reference
– Op-Ed: Top 5 magic tricks by Mat Franco from ‘America’s Got Talent’ –              Videos
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– Free eBooks for Subscribers..