truTV Puts the Trick in Magic Tricks with New Series “Undercover Magic” (working title)

[via press release from truTV] truTV Puts the Trick in Magic Tricks with Hilarious New Series “Undercover Magic” (working title) .. New Show Starring Comic Magician Michael Carbonaro  Set To Premiere in Summer 2014.. What happens when you combine a mind-blowing magician with an insatiable practical joker? truTV has the answer in magician/prankster Michael Carbonaro, star

Is Free Will a Magic Trick?

Detailed article by Melissa Burkley, Ph.D, for the Huffington Post. The premise of this article is based on the TEDtalk given by Apollo Robbins. Watching Apollo Robbins’ TED talk is highly entertaining, but it also gives us important glimpses into the nature of the human mind. Apollo is a skilled artist, not because he can

Harry Anderson Has Something up His Sleeve

Here’s an interesting article from Elaine Liner and the Dallas Observer.. It’s not totally new.. about three months old in fact.. but it’s a good way to pass the time.  Hey.. I just report the news.. I can’t make it happen… 😉  "There is no magic. There are only magicians,“ said Harry Anderson, veteran magician and