A New Magic Roadshow Journal of Magic #6 – FREE

A New Magic Roadshow Journal of Magic #6 – FREE

Yes.. after many months of quarantine, the Magic Roadshow has published a new issue. This is our biggest issue ever… 87 pages of magic.. and, as always.. FREE to magicians worldwide.  All you need to do is download the PDF from this link or read it online. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years everyone!


(This is the PDF download link.._)

MAGIC ROADSHOW – Special Issue #6
Christmas 2020

Hello Friends…

I almost hated to use the year 2020 on this issue. It would be so easy to wait a month and have the honor of publishing in 2021 instead. What a booger of a year.. That said.. I am glad to still be here.

2020 has changed the world of magic. We are performing in ways we would never have thought possible only months ago. Zoom… what the heck is a Zoom? Everyone knows now. I am SO looking forward to things going back to normal.

Election ?? I was so sick of the political ads they could have elected Hannibal Lecter and I would have done cart wheels.. My gosh… Enough already…

I intended to get this issue out about May. Between the pandemic, tremendous demands from my other job on account of the pandemic.. and some personal aggrivations.. this was the best I could do. In the midst of the pandemic my right eye, my good eye, hemmoraged from a small vessel that was growing where it shouldn’t. I couldn’t get all the prompt treatment I would normally get on account of shut downs. Normally, the doctor could go in and vacuum out the blood.. but ALL non-life threatening surgeries were posponed. That meant waiting months for the blood to dissipate on its own. Not being able to see my computer screen without a magnifying glass was a royal pain in the ass… excuse my French. And on top of that, my wife, Carolyn, developed breast cancer… which made my problems seem small. She is in chemotherapy and she is a fighter. Prayers for Carolyn are appreciated !!

I’ve caught up on Netflix and movies I recorded months ago. I’ve watched more documentaries and specials than you can shake a stick at… whatever that ments. But by far the BEST thing I’ve seen on TV these many months is the Netflix limited series.. THE QUEENS GAMBIT. If you get a chance.. watch it. It starts just a tad slow.. but builds steam as it celebrates the human condition in a way never seen on TV. As of yesterday, it has been watched by 68 million viewers.. a record.

Yes.. I’ve been a closet mentalist for years. I love the ‘mental’ aspect of mentalism and the psychology and science behind itss performance. I am currently working on a full act of nothing but mental effects.. and it’s hard resisting puliing out a deck of cards. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ve included a little mental magic in this issue.

I am featuring two effects.. Rubber Band Quarantine and Pandemic.. both which were written WAY before the current pandemic. Very Apropos…

Questions and Comments ? Email Rick@magicroadshow.com

The PDF version is 87 pages and 14100 words….  https://magicroadshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/MagicRoadshow6.pdf


Table of Contents….

Rubber Band Quarantine – Tutorial
Pandemic – A Very Scary Effect – Jim Canaday
5 Mind Reading Magic Tricks – Video Tutorial
Which Hand – Video Tutorial
“ACE” – Sleight of Hand by Noel Heath – Video
Penn and Teller FOOL ME Reveals !!
Self Working Card Trick That Fools Everyone – Video
Spidey’s Version of Vernon’s ‘Out of Sight – Out of Mind’
Invisible ACAAN – Tutorial
Comprehensive “ACAAN” – A Thorough Study – Video
Joe Navarro Poker Tells – Videos
A LETTER TO SANTA! by George Iglesias – A Review
The Vault – Matrix Mix by Patricio Teran – A Review
Houdini’s Last Trick – Peter Eggink – A Review
DICEPTION by Haim Goldenberg & Matan Rosenberg –
Rock, Paper, Lies – Jay Di Biase – A Review
AIRPLANE MODE by George Iglesias & Twister Magic
Appearing Business Cards by Sam Gherman – A Review
Four Pack – John Carey – A Review – Video Download
The Vault – Card Sleights by Shin Lim – Video Download
The Vault – The Real Invisible Deck by Chris Dugdale
The Conjuror’s Community Kickstarter Deck and Online Experience
Paradoxes – Paul A. Lelekis – A Review
I AM ARRR – The Other Brothers and Abstract Effects – A Review –


“I try to tell people, it’s not that I do anything even remotely better, it is that I think I have an understanding of how to make sure the full impact of the trick hits the spectator.” – John Mendoza

“When you’re always looking back… you can’t see what’s coming.” Unk.

‘“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” -Ronald Dahl


Rubber Band Quarantine – Tutorial
Paul Lelekis
(From Issue 174 of the Magic Roadshow)

O.K. – it’s a stupid name, but I don’t know what to call this cool trick. About 15
years ago, Jon Racherbaumer showed me a trick with a deck of cards and a rubber
band that was so visual that I HAD to know how it worked! Thanks, Jon!

EFFECT: A card is selected and lost in the deck. A rubber band is then wrapped
around the deck and then the performer inserts his hand under the rubber band.
When the magician slaps his hand on the table, the chosen card is found, face up
on the back of the performer’s hand, and both the hand and the card are
wrapped by the rubber band and free from the deck!

METHOD: This is a really cool trick! In fact when I was performing it at a
convention, Enric Magoo from Spain (1991 World F.I.S.M. award winner) asked
me, through an interpreter, to teach it to him! Magoo’s, Franky, (Frankenstein)
was a great show!

Have a card selected and secretly brought to the bottom of the deck. I use either
a Peek and Pass it to the bottom of the deck, or use Marlo’s Convincing
Control/Prayer Cull to bring the selection to the bottom of deck.

NOTE: See my e-book Magic Tools of the Trade at Lybrary.com for a complete list
of how to perform many sleights and controls…and tricks to perform with them.
Included are pix and videos for a more complete understanding of these sleights.
You may use whatever control you wish…just get the selection to the bottom.
How to place the rubber band onto the deck:

Hold the deck in left hand dealer’s grip and buckle the bottom card which is the
selection, say, the 6 of Hearts, with your left index finger. You may also use a left
pinkie pull-down of the 6H.

Take a #19 rubber band (same size used for The Crazy Man’s Handcuffs), or
preferably a band that is a little smaller – but not too small – and wrap it around
the deck but above the bottom card, the selection, the 6H. (See photo 1)
Situation Check: Deck is in left hand and the rubber band is around the deck, but
the 6H on the bottom of deck is free of the rubber band.

The palm down right hand comes over the deck and grasps the band from above
the deck with the right index, middle, ring and pinkie fingers grasp and pull it over
to the right of the deck, stretching it about 5”- 7”. Your right hand will now be
palm upwards. (See photo 2)

Next, the left middle finger (right-hand fingers still stretching the band) reaches
over the upper band that comes over the top, and pulls it downward. (See photo

The part of the band coming from under the deck now comes over the top of the
left middle finger as the right hand, again, rotates counter-clockwise, 90 degrees,
so that the palm of your right hand is now facing your body. (See photo 4)

The rubber band should form an “X” between the deck and your right hand; your
left middle finger will be trapped in the band.

Your right hand (palm still facing your body!) then pulls the rubber band outwards
and moves to your left so that the band encircles the outer end of the deck a
second time and over the left thumb. Place (See photos 5 and 6)

(DO NOT release the left middle finger from the band or you’ll lose the set-up)

Your whole right hand next slips under the outer-most, band. (See Photo 7) The
left thumb still is, under the band at this point. Now you can pull the left middle
finger free of the band!

The right hand now firmly grasps the deck and the left hand lets go, pulling the
left thumb free of the band. (See photo 8) Your right hand needs to hold the deck
very firmly at this point.

Believe it or not, if you take your right hand (with deck!), hold it about a foot (30 –
32 centimeters) above the table, and then gently slam it down on the table as you
open your right fingers, the selected 6 of Hearts will now jump, face up, to the
back of your right hand, trapped under the rubber band. (See photo 9)

The rubber band now holds the face-up selection onto the back of your right
hand, and is completely free of the deck! (See photo 10)

** See Photos in the PDF copy or in this issue….

You can view ALL of Paul’s ebooks at Lybrary.com ..
They are, undoubtedly, some of the best values in all of magic.. Many are
considered underground classics and several NEW publications are on the short
list… http://lybrary.com/paul-a-lelekis-m-163788.html


PANDEMIC – A Very Scarey Effect – Jim Canaday

Handled right, I think this could be even scarier than Jim Pace’s The Web. It is based on Wild Card but I am not going to include the handling as I am sure you all have your own favorite version. (I use Derek Dingle’s “The Wild Move”.

What you need is to make a custom set of cards (1 ½ X 3 ½). The pre-change side will have a photo of a normal looking guy and the post-change side will have a photo of a zombie. I went online to look for pictures of the TV show ”The Walking Dead” and found a nice gruesome one. I printed one side on card stock and the other on copy paper. That way when you glue to two sides together it is about the thickness of a playing card. I then laminated all the cards both sides using a transparent adhesive Contac paper which I bought pretty cheaply at Walmart. (This is great for any laminating you need to do for any project.)

I also found the thing that really makes the trick at a Halloween store. These are usually only open for a couple of months in the fall each year. The one I went to in Venice, Florida, says they have 1000 locations nationwide so check it out. I needed some blood capsules and they had them. 8 capsules for three bucks.

“I am sure you have all seen the news reports recently about the spread of the Corona virus. Absolutely terrible but the CDC (Center for Disease Control) is doing their best to keep it contained. But there is something you don’t see on the news and your government doesn’t want you to know.

Although it is against international law, we have scientist creating diseases in laboratories, really nasty strains that if released would decimate the population. The deadliest one they currently have is called Dystopic Necrosis, designed to disrupt a society in a manner similar to the flesh eating virus. It causes itching to severe that victims actually scratch off their flesh right down to the bone. And there is no cure. Once you get it, that is it. The scientists have nicknamed it the Romero Fever, after George Romero, the man who directed “Night of the Living Dead. Yep, these guys do have a sense of humor.

Romero Fever is extremely contagious. There are four symptoms to watch for. 1) The patient begins to sneeze followed by 2) a hacking cough. Then 3) unbearable itching. The victim scratches so hard for relief that it results in severe injury making the patient resemble one of the Walking Dead. And lastly 4) hemorrhaging of the mouth and gums causing uncontrollable bleeding. Then death. Let me demonstrate for you. (Do your wild Card display to show a bunch of normal looking people. Then pull out an envelope marked “Property of Center for Disease Control – top Secret – Eyes Only”. Remove the “infected” card from the envelope.) The Romero Virus is extremely contagious. If we add the infected Patient Zero to this healthy group, one by one they all become infected. (Add the infected card and do your Wild card routine turning all the healthy cards to infected.).

Very scary stuff. For your own safety, please remember the four warning signs..

Sneezing (Sneeze to demonstrate)

Coughing (Cough to demonstrate. This is a good time to load the blood capsule into your mouth. If you would like, you can load it before the routine but this will make it easier to say the lines.)

Itching (Itch your face vigorously). And…

(Bite the capsule allowing the blood to rush out onto your chin and show your teeth covered with blood. If you are a good actor, roll your eyes up into your head and keel over onto the table face down. Or have a friend pretend to panic shouting “Someone help him!!!!” One person laughing can get a whole group going. Panic can work in the same way. Just make sure no one dials 911!)

If you decide not to use the blood capsule, just use the first three symptoms and it will work out fine.

Hope some of you take me up on this and have fun.

-Jim Canaday for the Magic Portal


5 Mind Reading Magic Tricks – Video Tutorial

Almost 30 minutes of mental magic from Rich Ferguson. These are not complicated effects.. but simpler effects that can be customized by the performer to surprise an audience. It’s all about the performance silly!


Which Hand – Video Tutorial

Chris Ramsay teaches his method of Which Hand.. using body language. Maybe not 100%.. but close enought to make it worth knowing.


“ACE” – Sleight of Hand by Noel Heath – Video

This is without a doubt one of the most confounding magic videos you’ll ever have the pleasure of watching. Noel Heath is still an underground figure.. but not for long. Keep in mind.. there are NO magnets, wires or strings used in his performance. Everything is pure sleight of hand. You won’t believe me…

Another featuring pure cardistry…


Penn and Teller Reveals !!

Thanks to my partner in crime, Jim Canaday, (Magic Portal) for the links.. This is a rare chance to learn how Penn and Teller were fooled.. by the creators themselves. No theory or internet speculation… just the facts, mam….

Watch Eric Leclerc fool Penn and Teller

Now watch Eric explain how he did it.

Watch Wes Barker fool the boys.

Now watch as he explains just how it was done.


Self Working Card Trick That Fools Everyone – Video

Yes, a self working trick that’ll fool everyone (almost). I like this because the magician can perform it without touching the deck. It does require a simple set-up, but that’s not a problem for you guys..



Spidey’s Version of Vernon’s ‘Out of Sight – Out of Mind’

Here’s a killer bit of mental magic with a deck of cards. The spectator thinks of a card seen.. You know what it is.. No gaffs and no unusual sleights. You WILL like this..


Invisible ACAAN – Tutorial

Here’s a very good effect by ‘A Million Card Tricks’. I have a special appreciation of ACAANS.. and this is a very easy one.. well thought out and very convincing. This effect is based on an effect from J.K. Hartman’s Card Dodgery.. and J.K. is THE master of ACAANS….


Comprehensive “ACAAN” – A Thorough Study – Video Tutorial

A comprehensive study, one and a half hours, of the ACAAN by The Common Magician. This is a very interesting and thorough video tutorial..

“This is a comprehensive look at the “Any Card At Any Number” effect (also known as the “Berglas Effect” or the “Holy Grail Effect”). I don’t cover all of the possibilities, but I deal with a broad spectrum of the major methods and their appropriate uses.”

0:00 Demo
2:07 Intro
15:48 ‘Berglas Rules’
18:57 Forcing An Experience
24:43 Presentation IS the Method
34:45 Method Category 1: Mem. Stack
41:32 Method Category 2: Impromptu Stack
51:37 Method Category 3: Various Substitutions
1:05:57 Method Category 4: Various Forces
1:12:20 Method Sidebar: “Get Lucky”
1:19:23 DEMO METHOD: Force Everything!
1:27:53 Final Thoughts


Joe Navarro Poker Tells – Videos

Joe Navarro was a 25 year FBI agent who specialized in body language. He also wrote multiple books on body language and poker tells for poker players. If you are a mentalist, or mentalist wanna-be, and subscribe to the Derren Brown school of reading your spectators body language.. these videos are a prime source of material. What Joe says sounds good when repeated to an audience. Add a bit of authority to your routine.!



A LETTER TO SANTA! by George Iglesias & Twister Magic – A Review
Review by Rick Carruth

Here’s the Ad Copy for A Letter To Santa:

After six years of releasing with great success “A Trip to Cancun” and “A Trip to Circus”, now George brings us the new holiday version of this trick “A Letter to Santa”!

Perfect for either Virtual Zoom Shows and live performances too!


The magician show some letters to Santa already made, with different gifts, the kid get to choose in between a beach ball, a teddy bear, a PlayStation, a magic box, a monopoly or a bicycle!

Then the letter is mixed with the others. The magician makes the letter vanish from the pack and travel to North Pole! Now he shows a big poster, when he open it we can see Santa Claus holding a letter and Rudolph and his red nose by his side.

Now the kid will get the chance to travel to the North Pole with his imagination. The Magician folds the poster and the kid put his hand inside to bring his letter back, but by mistake he then takes instead Rudolph’s nose out! The magician opens the poster… And guess what? Rudolph’s nose is missing on the drawing.

The Magician folds the poster again, once more the kid put his hand inside, but this time by mistake the takes Santa’s Hat! The magician opens the poster and Santa is missing his hat on the drawing.

Finally the magician himself put his hand inside and takes the letter out, but before doing that he get trapped with something, he pulls hard and Santa’s belt comes out! All kids start to laugh now, but the magician does not pay attention to them and shows the letter selected by the kid to be exactly the same selected before.

The kids now start to ask and beg the magician to open the poster and show them what’s inside, the magician denies to do it, but by mistake the poster unfolds to show Santa with his pants down!!!

A very funny and interactive routine, very easy to do.

Excellent quality. Very well-made props, poster plastified, it will last a lifetime of performances. All props made with high detail too.

1 Special poster
12 Special Letters to Santa (2 Sets of 6 plastified cards each)
1 Santa’s belt
1 Santa’s hat
1 Clown’s nose (Goshman)
1 Instructional online video

My Thoughts:

The world needs A Letter To Santa right now. George Iglesias, the creator of Airplane Mode and A Trip To Circus, has created the ideal effect for little ones in need of humor and escape. I will start my review by saying I will definitely recommend this effect to all my friends performing for children. This is not a cheap effect, and it shows…

I am not going into detail about the performance. The ad copy does a good job of explaining all the workings. It plays exactly as written. I would recommend going to Murphy’s Magic site and watching the video and checking out the pictures if you need a little additional info.

What I like about A Letter To Santa is it can play strong live OR via Zoom. I think allowing kids to participate always adds a little something to the effect.. but.. that’s not always possible right now. So many effects lose their soul when played over Zoom, but not this one. I prefer live… but…

This effect is recommended for intermediate performers. I agree, although it is not a difficult effect to perform. It will play better when performed by someone with enough experience to script and perform a longer effect like this one. You won’t perform this well straight out the package. Work on your script and work on your handling. A very famous magician once said performing for children is like performing in a lion’s den.. dressed in a hamburger suit..

All the props are well suited and ideal for this effect. No, it’s not a real belt or a real adult hat.. but it’s just right for fitting inside the poster. You’re trying to make kids laugh… not outfit them, or yourself. The poster is first class. It is a plasticized poster designed to last for years. Even the sponge nose is a Goshman…

Santa is timeless. Although I do wish I’d gotten my hands on this item back about September.. I’m OK with the end of November. I suspect most performers will find themselves performing this half the year. Again, kids are willing to write a letter to Santa anytime.. particularly if there’s something slightly naughty involved.. although this is appropriate for all children.

I like the way George teaches his effects. His videos are always interesting and colorful, not to mention thorough but to-the-point. The instructional video for A Letter To Santa is online and runs about 20 minutes. Everything is typical Murphy’s quality.

If you perform for children.. this is intended for you. Eighty Five bucks isn’t cheap.. but if you are an intermediate performer you understand the power of a solid five to seven minutes… longer if you are a good conversationalist. The kids will love it.. and the parents will love you for making their lil’ darlings laugh. Everything you need is included. No DIY and no frustrations. George has you ready to perform!

$85.00 From Murphy’s Magic and their Associates…


The Vault – Matrix Mix by Patricio Teran – A Review
Review by Rick Carruth

Matrix specialist Patricio Terán delights us with a combination of his routines so that anyone can perform them. The video explains how to make the system and the tricks that can be made. Simple and complex version, these are the games:

– Matrix element plus
– Hurricane Matrix
– Domino Matrix
– Matrix dice
– Extra video chink to chink flash

“Objects jump, travel and get excited. Keys open doors, jumping dice, Rings that compromise travels and others elements will play to the matrix compases.”
– Bruno Tarnecci

“I think Patricio revolutionized what are the Matrix, great impact visual magic”
– Federico Poeymiro

(Additional Inexpensive Supplies May be Needed to Perform These Effects.)

My Thoughts..

Patricio certainly has the matrix down to a science. I have long admired coin guys who could perform flawless matrix configurations with halves or silver dollars. My fat fingers are a good enough excuse to keep me out of the sandbox.. and I’m sticking with that excuse. Patricio has destroyed my lack of nimbleness and taken away my crutch. Shame on Patricio..

There are NO coins.. well, actually there’s one coin, in his matrix routines. Furthermore.. there are GAFF’s that take away the joy of spending months learning to manipulate objects in a convincing display of dexterity. One routine uses a coin, a key, a ring and a die. Another uses four dice. And yet another uses sponge bunnies. One last routine uses a very small gaff, created in seconds, to complete a chink to chink flash.

The elephant in the room is the gaff. Patricio goes into great detail to show you how he creates his gaffs. They are not complicated and can be easily constructed using double sided tape and a small razor knife. Most folks who read my reviews know I am NOT a fan of DYI.. but the gimmicks are easiy enough to create that doubling the price of this download and mailing you gimmicks would not be a wise investment.
Patricio does not speak throughout the 34-minute download. It’s not necessary. You learn everything you need to know through his thoughtful demonstrations. At one point, he uses clear cards so you can see precisely what happens behind the curtain. You see his grip, finger position, how he transports objects from point A to point B.. and in a couple of instances how he moves objects, like the one coin, without picking it up.

Inspired by Reuben Moreland, Nicholas Einhorn and Homer Liwag, Patricio has created a very nice collection of routines that even a middling beginner can perform with a little practice. I am going to recommend this to all the Magic Roadshow readers , as well as my FB review readers. This is a great buy for ten bucks and I’m confident you’ll be glad I pointed you to MATRIX MIX.

(Go to the url and watch the performance video to get a good idea of the content.)

$10.00 At Murphy’s Magic and dealers who carry their line…


Houdini’s Last Trick – Peter Eggink – A Review
Gimmicks and Online Instructions
Review by Rick Carruth

This is the Ad Copy:
From your wallet you remove a picture of the Great “Houdini” – everyone is familiar with the fact that Harry Houdini was the world’s greatest escapologist and still is a huge inspiration to every magician in the world.

You begin to tell the story that you’ve shot this “instant” picture from an actual picture of the iconic magician, during your visit at the “Houdini Museum”: Analog pictures are known for their ability to capture energy and other spiritual phenomena.

You are introducing your spectator to “Houdini’s famous card trick”: You explain that Houdini would have a spectator think of any card and then magically revealed the chosen card in his breast pocket of his jacket.

Here is where the experiment starts… the spectator holds the picture in between her hands to “connect” with the master magician’s energy (or the picture can be set aside so no one is able to touch it again).

Next, ask your spectator to memorize any card from the deck.

As if Houdini’s spirit actually came through, your spectator feels a strange sensation…when you ask your spectator to open her hands and take a close look at the picture again, eerily and magically their chosen card has now appeared and is revealed inside Houdini’s breast pocket in the photograph!

In the end the photo may be fully examined.Houdini’s Last Trick comes complete with the ready to go gimmick, photograph and online instructions.

This is really a beautiful, brand new rendition of Peter’s ingenious “Ghost-Tag” which was a blockbuster release 15 years ago.

“Houdini’s Last Trick” opens up for a great patter and emotionally involves your spectators throughout the routine with an nostalgic, spiritual feel to it.

You will LOVE this.
Special engineered gimmick!
Self working!
EERY and MAGICAL card revelation!
Fits inside your phone case or wallet!
Always ready to go!

My Thoughts:

I have a soft spot for effects that appear truly magical. Sometimes one needs a bit of science to pull that off. Houdini’s Last Trick has the gimmick and the story to add something very unique to your routine.

First, although magician’s say anything can be performed for a large audience with proper presentation, I would recommend this effect for close-up and walk around. It’s great for restaurant work too. The gimmicks are fairly small, and the visual is even smaller, and perform best in small groups.

As described in the ad copy, the performer tells a story of Houdini and a photograph the performer took at the Houdini Museum. He relays a story of an effect supposedly made famous by Houdini, where Houdini ask a spectator to name a card… and then pulls that card from his jacket pocket.

The performer introduces the photo and a deck of cards. The ad copy implies the spectator has a free choice of any card in the deck. Actually, the spectator has a free choice where he/she cuts the deck.. or something similar that allows the spectator to find a specific card.

After a card is selected, the spectator holds the photo in his hands, and after a few seconds sees his chosen card slowly appear in Houdini’s breast pocket. It’s definitely magical and will stun your spectator.

I don’t think it’s a big secret that the power of thermal technology is at work here. Holding the card in the hand causes the card to appear. It’s been used in other effects to one degree or another, and I think this is one of the very best uses I’ve seen. I think the idea of using the Houdini photo is smart thinking and will resonate with the audience.

I’m going to show my age here.. I had to use a magnifying glass to see the identity of the card in Houdini’s pocket. Like the markings on some marked decks.. some of us have a little trouble reading small print. Having two pictures, one gaffed and one not, lets me show the ungaffed picture beforehand and lets the spectator examine it with the magnifying glass to their hearts content.

Personally.. I give the spectator a deck of cards, direct them to a cross cut force, and I remove the top half for them after the cut. While they are looking at the top card of the ‘bottom’ half.. I apply a small piece of two sided tape to the top of the packet in my hand. I drop it on top of the half on the table and ask them to drop their card on top of the entire deck. I get them to cut the deck a couple of times. Now, I ask them to hold the deck at eye level and look at the side of the deck. I ask them to give the deck a little squeeze and estimate the thickness. (..about a inch ). I ask them to cut it another time of two and bring it to eye level again and give it another squeeze. I try to convince them the deck looks slightly thinner, maybe by just a card or two. I get them to turn the deck face up, spread it, and find their card. They can’t. I haven’t touched the deck. After a little patter, I get the spectator to take the magnifying glass once more and examine the Houdini picture. There’s his card … in Houdini’s pocket. This adds a vanish, in the spectator’s hands, to an already strong trick…

The photos are quality, the teaching is thorough, and you should get many performances from the gimmicks. Again, I like to see technology used in magic. It adds a little something rarely seen by the spectator. I recommend this for Roadshow readers.

$39.95 From Murphy’s Magic and all their associates…


DICEPTION by Haim Goldenberg & Matan Rosenberg – A Review
Instant Download
Review by Rick Carruth

This is the AD Copy.. followed by my Thoughts..

A quick new way to force for any number with the most organic of props that laymen recognize…Dice! Use one, two, three, four or even more dice!

Know with absolute certainty that the force will work.

The VOLUNTEER will ALWAYS stop you on the right number.

Read minds!

Make killer predictions!

Be ahead of your audiences. in routines like mental epic, book test, ACAAN where knowing a number in advance can make or break a routine –this knowledge is invaluable.

Two different methods, with countless variations full routines learnt, routines that will knock the socks off audiences.
No assistant
No special dice
No lighting issues.
Simple construction
Almost self working !
Could be taught to a layman in 3 minutes, it’s that easy and that effective
Two methods are provided allowing you to perform in all different types of ZOOM settings!

NO angle issues and all of the camera angles are solved for you!

One method works with the direct overhead camera setup only whilst the other works with all angles without restrictions.

Both methods are extremely easy to make and perform!

This is just perfect for ZOOM!

When we do get to do a live show again this method can work perfectly in a parlor setting or on stage with a projector and camera.

This method of forcing is essential whenever you need a quick almost procedure free choice of number

My Thoughts:

Despite the introduction of several electronic dice effects in the past year or two, I am a big fan of dice.. and all the seeming randomness you can achieve with dice. Everyone has heard of ‘loaded’ dice.. but few folks expect you to actually have loaded dice… and if they knew what we know.. they’d know loaded dice are very unpredictable.

Haim Goldenberg and Matan Rosenberg both have that same appreciation for dice, and recently decided to share their thoughts with one another.. which lead to this project and sharing their ideas with all of magic.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I read the ad copy and realized DICEPTION was an instant download. I was expecting magnets or some such, and not DIY. What I got was.. DIY.. combined with a plethora of heavy though. Folks who follow my reviews know I am not a big fan of DYI.. I think it is generally laziness on the part of the developer. That said.. after watching the Diception video, I understand why this has to be a DIY affair. Each ‘gimmick’ or prop will be created by the end user to suit their particular needs. It HAS to be this way.. unless you are content with an effect that forces one number only. With the instructions included with Diception, you will learn how to create your own props, and you can create multiple props capable of forcing multiple numbers.

Let me back up a little. Diception is designed with ZOOM performances in mind. And the props for the first effect taught will work ONLY on ZOOM. If you are performing online, this method is one heck of a method. You can force the numbers on however many dice you can get into the bottom of a glass.. and you can force the numbers with 100% accuracy. The prop is not hard to create.

The second prop is actually created with a paper cup instead of a glass.. and is my personal favorite of the two. This method.. and I’m sorry I can’t go into descriptive detail.. is ideal for ZOOM -and- live performances. The handling is quite easy, almost self-working, and can also be created easily- even by those of us who are DIY challenged.. This method is 100% effective also.

After teaching these two effects, Goldenberg and Rosenberg discuss several methods of using a forced number to achieve your goals. They use cups, books, coasters, nail writers and cards. They have some smart ideas related to using cards and dice together to pull off some fancy-do stuff…

I happy to say I don’t have a problem with Diception’s ad copy. Everything they claim is achievable. I might add that the claim of ‘no angle issues’ doesn’t apply to the first effect. There IS an angle issue.. but the issue is eliminated by the position of the camera.

I had a few reservations about the cost of this video. Most downloads are not $36.00. Then again.. most videos don’t include the number of effects in Diception. After watching the entire video and taking in everything taught.. I don’t have a problem any longer! When you take the possibilities into account, they could charge more and be justified. What they’re giving you are several valuable ‘tools’ to enable you to do some serious magic. I am a fan of Diception and recommend it to my Roadshow readers..
(This is not a paid review. I was furnished with a review copy and my recommendation is well-deserved)

This video runs almost fifty minutes and both the video and audio are typical of Murphy’s Magic products.

$36.00 Available from Murphy’s Magic and dealers who carry their line..


Rock, Paper, Lies – Jay Di Biase – A Review
Available as a DVD..
Review by Rick Carruth

ROCK, PAPER, LIES. A classic Rock, Paper, Scissors game… gone mental!

The mentalist turns around while two spectators are playing rock, paper, scissors (or even an imaginary game), NO WAY he could know who won and what symbols were played, and yet using their body language he can reveal everything! Rock, Paper, Lies is a rock, paper, scissors game where you will not only be able to guess who is the winner, but also which symbol they played with and who is lying and who is telling the truth. Jay Di Biase gave a new life to a well known method creating a mind blowing, propless mentalism routine.


“Usually when someone says they have improved an effect they have only improved it in their mind to the detriment of the original routine or effect, in this case, this is not true. This improvement takes the liar logic problem into a whole new arena opening up doors for many more applications… well done.”

Jay Di Biase’s RPS is great! Based on Banachek’s liar/truthteller effect, Jay has taken the basic idea and added a wonderful take with the Rock, Paper, Scissor game. When he first showed me this in Italy last month, I was knocked for a loop even though I knew the original effect! It all seems so innocent and yet you know everything! It’s the perfect anytime/anyplace effect. If you need further recommendation, let me just say I have added this effect to my repertoire and I am doing it everywhere! I love it!
Richard Osterlind

This is the best application and improvement of the liar/truth teller method that I have ever seen! This is propless mentalism at its best!
Luca Volpe

My Thoughts:

ROCK PAPER LIES is a completely propless mentalism effect based on the classic Rock Paper Scissors game played around the world. It is based on Banachek’s ‘Ring Of Truth’ and improved upon by Jay Di Biase. Produced by Titanis Magic, it is a major uptick from the original.

Straight up.. Rock Paper Lies performs best when performed by a mentalist. It is not just a ‘trick’, it is a performance piece displaying the skill of the performer. Jay’s performances link it to the ‘body language’ method, which works well if you are establishing yourself with your audience as someone with great foresight and intuition. My opinion is.. simply performing Rock Paper Lies and then moving along to cups and balls is a disservice to Rock Paper Lies.

This is an effect that builds on your ‘skills’ as a mentalist. You will need two spectators, preferably familiar with rock paper scissors. It takes away from the effect when you have to teach the audience how to play the game.. in the midst of explaining the specifics of the effect. Keep things simple.. both for you and your spectators.

You will turn your back as the two spectators play a game of rock paper scissors. Both will designate themselves privately as a truth teller or a liar. This applies as you turn and ask both spectators a couple of questions. Both spectators are asked the SAME questions to alleviate suspicion by the audience you are pumping them for info. Since both are asked the same questions, and you do not know the liar or truth teller, you cannot possibly discern useful information from either.. right?

In truth.. you will know the truth tellers and/or the liars (they may both be the same); you will know who won the game; and you will know which of the objects each participant possessed. All this from simple questions.. as you ‘study’ their responses carefully for hints of nonverbal communication!

The effect is pure logic. It works every time, regardless of the spectators efforts to fool you. There is a small amount of methodology on the part of the performer. You must remember four simple rules, which become automatic after you play it out several times. Also, there is zero hyperbole in the ad copy. Everything is exactly as advertised.

Jay includes PDF files for anyone wanting to make visual aids for the audience. Although not necessary, it is a good tool to have. There is also one page with the ‘rules’ for the performer. If you want to make a simple cleat sheet, this is perfect. There is NO fine print. The entire cheat sheet is four lines, twenty words total.

There are additional instructions for using the same logic for a ‘which hand’ effect for two or three spectators. Once you have it committed to memory, it’s a breeze.

Overall, this is a ‘tool’ for mentalists. Richard Osterlind said he added this to his routine as soon as it was shown to him. That’s a good recommendation. Of course, anyone can perform this. I don’t want to pigeon-hole it. Audiences will be fooled and reputations will be enhanced.

The total running time of this DVD is about 25 minutes. Once the basics are explained, the rest is gravy. It is typical Titanis and Murphy’s Magic quality. As far as I know, it is NOT available as an instant download.. so you will receive a DVD in the mail. I like that..

I have a soft spot for propless magic and mentalism.. particularly if it leaves the audience clueless. I recommend ROCK PAPER LIES to my friends and readers!!

$24.95 From Murphy’s Magic and their associated dealers


AIRPLANE MODE by George Iglesias & Twister Magic
Review by Rick Carruth

Here’s the Ad Copy for Airplane Mode:

George Iglesias does it again! A great not only trick but, a full powerful routine! Packed with lots of mentalism, comedy gags and entertainment! A total sold out at Blackpool Magic Convention 2020!

“A First Class Act”
– David Copperfield

Design to amaze, Airplane Mode by George Iglesias is a new and great multi-phase mentalism routine involving real life props and a travel experience! A modern act that combines many mentalism plots that will fit perfect in your shows from small to big scenarios!

Do we write our own destiny or is it already written for us?


A spectator is invited to participate in an amazing experience in which he will travel using his imagination. First of all, the magician mentions an item you find inside of an airplane that we always see, but we never read, and we should, we are talking about the emergency card. This is always located in front of our seats and we are too lazy to read it, but it can save our life in case of an emergency. This information is very important, therefore the magician hand out a real emergency card and invites the spectator to open it and actually read it, while the spectator does so, the magician addresses the audience to say that a destination will now be secretly chosen by the spectator. The magician now displays many boarding passes with different tourist destinations, boarding groups and seat numbers. The viewer selects one completely at random and the journey begins.

The announcement of the pilot ready to take off is heard, the spectator is asked to buckle up and enjoy the flight. The magician asks the spectator to close his eyes to, relax and get some sleep, but a second later he asks him to open them again (There is a baby in the back-seat crying) so to relax he now shows him a list of different drinks available at the flight, he will now choose one.

The magician now shows a tray with a bag and invites the spectator to say out loud the drink he has chosen (example: whiskey). When the magician lifts the paper bag, he has failed because there is only one orange box juice there. Now the magician continues and ask him to take the airplane magazine that has all the movies available inflight and to please secretly choose one. Now he asks him to focus on the film, the main actor, the soundtrack and other details, magically the magician begins to read the spectator’s mind revealing one by one all the things he is thinking. Then the magician guesses the exact number of the airplane seat where he is on, his boarding group and finally the destination of the flight, city and country he is traveling to. At the end magician finishes with a question.

Do we write our own destiny or is it already written for us?

At the beginning the magician handed over an emergency card and asked the spectator to read it, but did the spectator really read it? Now when the emergency card is opened you can see in the drawings of the entire printed card everything that has just happened, all the “free choices” of the spectator are printed on the card and even better to be more sure, now the magician opens the card and it becomes a giant poster that reveals everything that just happened in the routine!

But wait, there is more, now the magician asks the spectator again which drink he had originally chosen, the spectator will say whiskey and now the magician to the spectator’s great surprise, will lift the orange juice box that turns out to be just a giant shell to show that inside there was a whiskey glass since the beginning of the act.

Maybe our destiny is already written, don’t you think?

1 Special airplane emergency card
1 Special set of 30 boarding passes
1 Airplane movie magazine
1 Airplane drinks list
1 Orange juice box (for a kicker ending)
1 Instructional online video
Easy to do! Pack very flat, plays very big!

My Thoughts:

Well.. I couldn’t have asked for a more complete ad copy. Rarely does ad copy spell out the effect so meticulously. Almost everything you need to know.. aside from my opinion, is included.

I suppose what’s on the mind of some of you is… how true is the ad copy? I can honestly say it is totally true. There isn’t an iota of exaggeration.. almost. When they say it’s “..easy to do”, they say so in a physical sense. In a literal sense, this is easily a ten minute routine.. more if you are a conversationalist. Learning all the components IS easy. But, you still have to put it all together. That will take a little practice on your part. There is scripting involved, and timing, and getting everything to come together in a harmonious way. This isn’t a problem.. as George spells out, carefully, everything you need to do and say. But, if you think you’re going to perform ten minutes of strong magic ‘on the fly’.. think again.

I’m not trying to scare anyone. I’m just saying you need to go over everything a number of times to get the flow of AIRPLANE MODE down pat. Please don’t get in the middle of this very strong routine and lose your train of thought because you watched the video twice and think you know it all. This is true of ALL magic. But, because Airplane Mode is one continuous routine, you don’t have the luxury of getting all jazzy. Just learn the steps in order, (easy enough) plan your patter, and slay your audience.
Video: The training video is online. It runs about 38 minutes of solid instructions. George has a very good mastery of English and you’ll have NO problem understanding his instructions. Not only that.. but he’s a downright likeable guy. The video itself is top quality and very easy on the eye. This is the first video I’ve reviewed from Twister Magic, and I’m already a fan.

Props: For seventy bucks, you expect first class props. That’s precisely what you’ll get. Everything is made to last.. and to be visually appealing to the audience. The booklets, boarding passes, movie guide and drink list are all heavy duty laminated plastic.. designed to look good during your performance and to travel well from show to show. Credit is due for their realism.

Methodology: George has taken some of the standards of magic and combined them into a routine that works. A couple of ‘classic’ methods you’re most likely already familiar with are employed to do some of the heavy work. There’s nothing to learn as far as sleights are concerned. There IS a little ‘handling’ involved.. positioning of this and that.. but simple, simple. Again, everything is explained in detail to enable even a total beginner to succeed.

Impact: Honestly, I was concerned when I first opened everything I was going to learn a very ABC effect with minimal impact. Not that Airplane Mode looked cheap.. it’s just that it reminded me of other high dollar effects that were all glitter and no guts. My act depends on the power of the mind.. and not paranormal positioning. The ending of Airplane Mode surprised even me.. and fits perfectly with my style. Without giving too much away, after the spectator makes a number of choices he/she can be shown where ALL their choices were either predicted or influenced in advance. Fits me like a glove..

Overall: I highly recommend AIRPLANE MODE to my friends and readers. If you are a seasoned mentalist, or new to mentalism, this is a great effect for your routine. I believe you are considerably better off investing in one strong effect than investing in several lesser effects. This is a multiple phase routine that plays like several effects.. but ties everything together in the end with a climatic reveal. Save your pennies and buy Airplane Mode. Everything you need is included.. aside from a paper bag and a drink glass with an appropriately colored beverage. (Generally, a half glass of iced tea will suffice.. as you only need something that can pass for whiskey).
I cannot recommend Airplane Mode for Zoom performances. There may be a way to pull it off, but you’re going to lose something in the process. Giving the spectator the airplane emergency card and having them both open it and read it is an integral part of the effect.. and it would be hard to achieve via Zoom. Now, if you send your Zoom attendee’s a participation package.. you might have yourself one nice little performance. Because of the various props involved, you need a little table of some sort.. so performing it during walk-around or strolling is not feasible. This is the ideal effect for a parlor or home show. You could also perform Airplane Mode in a smaller theater sitting. You want your audience to be able to see the realistic props. It adds greatly to the overall effect.

Bottom Line: Don’t overthink it.. just Buy It… You’re welcome!

$70.00 Thanks to Murphy’s Magic for providing a review copy. Available from Murphy’s Magic and there wide assortment of associated dealers.


Appearing Business Cards (Celebrity Pack) by Sam Gherman – A Review
Review by Rick Carruth

This is the Ad Copy:

Imagine the following. Show an envelope to the audience, and announce that you have a prediction written inside. You hand a business card to a spectator. Tell them to imagine that a celebrity’s name is printed on the card, and that you’ll send them that name with your mind. When they have a name in their mind, they let you know. The card is placed in your hand, and it never leaves the sight of the audience. Volunteers are invited to examine the blank card – they will find nothing printed on it (the card is NOT switched – there is absolutely nothing written on it). Yet, the spectator accurately receives the celebrity’s name, announces it, and when the prediction envelope is opened, the names match!

This is but one use of these amazing cards. Your imagination will come up with other effects that will astound your audience.

This 36-card pack comes with 3 x of the following 12 cards:
Brad Pitt
Michael Jackson
Tom Hanks
Frank Sinatra
Leonardo DiCaprio
Ben Affleck
Tom Cruise
Marilyn Monroe
Julia Roberts
Bill Gates
How does this work? There’s an amazing secret that you’ll find out when purchasing this set. These cards do the work for you.

They are printed on 100# (270 GSM) eggshell white cover stock.

NOTE: This effect is designed to work for indoor performances only, and you will need to purchase an inexpensive item.

“A great product and perfect for workers.” -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine”

My Thoughts:

This is NOT your typical ‘trick’. This is perhaps more of a method and a prop. Regardless… I like it. I like sudden magic. I like magic that actually LOOKS like magic. With Appearing Business Cards you get a stack of 36 business cards on heavy stock that are imprinted with the names of twelve celebrities. You can see the twelve names in the ad copy. They also make sets titled Prediction Pack, sort of like a magic 8 Ball; City Pack, with the names of twelve different Cities around the world; and ESP Pack, which includes Zener Cards.

The thing about Appearing Business Cards (ABC) is.. you create your own magic. Yes, there are a couple of brief effects included on the eight minute instructional video, but ABC frees you to use your noggin’ for something other than a hat rack. I’m not sure if other reviewers disclose the ‘secret’ behind ABC.. but I will.. as I feel it’s necessary. I wouldn’t try to sell you a prop and not tell you what the prop is for.. and how it works. Knowing how it works is paramount to knowing if you can use it in your act.

ABC is imprinted with twelve different names. When you open the pack you will see all twelve names on different cards. The ink is thermal in nature and disappears with Heat. Sort of the opposite of what you would expect.. but similar to Frixon Pens. To operate properly, you need a heat source of some sort. A small hand warmer is recommended. The instructions show a hand warmer placed in a wallet, along with the cards, and everything is ready to go upon removal of a card. You can purchase hand warmers similar to cigarette lighters on Amazon, or the single use hand warmers for about .50 cents each that last for a number of hours. Experimentation will show you how long you have after the card is removed from the warmth before it becomes visible. Holding the card in the hands slows the process.. and placing it on a metal surface increases the reveal time.

There are so many possibilities. A good friend uses a small flippable tablet imprinted with the names of all the celebrities that has every other page short-cut to allow a name to be forced. You can use your imagination and create the perfect scenario for you and your routine. Spectators love watching a name appear from nowhere.. particularly if it’s a name they think is their totally free choice.

The instructional video isn’t top-of-the-line, but it serves the purpose. It could have been an audio file considering there is really nothing to show.

Yes, the cards can be used over and over. You should get many uses from a single pack. The only no-no is.. you can’t leave the cards in sunlight. It does something weird to the ink.

For fifteen bucks.. I recommend Appearing Business Cards. All you need is a small investment in a heat source and ample imagination.

$15.00 From Murphy’s Magic and their Associates…


Four Pack – John Carey
Video Download
Review by Rick Carruth

This affordable collection is ideal for those of you trapped at home and looking for something of substance to get you through this… mess.. The Ad Copy reads:


Four slices of brilliant, doable, practical card magic at a bargain price!! Grab this instant download video and get learning a quadruple punch of amazing card tricks. Running time – 36 mins

John Carey has a well-earned reputation for creating elegant and commercial card magic and these four routines will show you why.

1. Triple Prediction: Another beautiful construction as this time John predicts three cards and the actions of a spectator in a delightfully devious fashion. Super strong and commercial.
2. Deja Boo!: An uncanny demonstration of Deja vu using a lovely presentation and a beautiful Larry Jennings move. Squeaky clean and so practical!
3. Ambitious O’Henry: A beautiful multi-phase small packet ambitious card with a very sweet off balance transposition! Simple, subtle and strong.
4. Time Traveller: Watch Carey demonstrate time travel with this awesome little piece. Utilizing a brilliant but little known Brother Hamman idea, you will add this to your repertoire immediately!

My thoughts:

Triple Prediction…
This remake of a Jim Swain effect is, as the ad copy promises, the most commercial of the four. I will say it is also my personal favorite. I thought I knew the premise of this effect when I first saw the video.. but I was wrong… and I’m glad. It uses an
Al Leech move.. (Al created, among other effects, Red Hot Mama) which is the only real move in Triple Prediction. It’s not difficult, and shouldn’t deter anyone from a purchase. The effect uses three marker cards and three predictions in an envelope. The spectator dictates where the marker cards go in the deck, and the location matches the three predictions. And No, it’s not achieved like you think. I think you can even perform this one for your magician friends… Very recommended.

Deja Boo !!…
Features a Larry Jenning move.. and a very good one at that.. Three cards are fairly selected from three portions of the deck.. and when they are placed back in the deck.. the spectator is allowed to pick three more cards from the deck.. and guess what? The results are the same. A true deja boo moment.. I’m sure many of you will pick this as your favorite of the bunch. It will be well worth you time to learn..

Ambitious O’Henry
This is a Cameron Francis inspired effect.. and I have yet to meet a Cameron effect I didn’t like. I like packet tricks during walk around.. and this is a nice packet trick with the four Aces. It’s, as the copy states, an off-balance transposition.. and I couldn’t agree more. Take the time to learn this one and you’ll use it over and over.

Time Traveller
Time Traveller is a quick effect that looks darn near impossible. It Uses a convincing card control to work an Ace of Spades through the deck. The Ace turns into another card.. and then back into the Ace. I think this is the type effect that will strike some of you hard.. depending on you style.

All four effects are worthy. There’s nothing here that shouldn’t be. And for the money.. it’s a very nice value. John is undoubtedly one of the very top presenters in all magic.. and you can’t go wrong with this super-affordable packet.

$10.00 From Murphy’s Magic and dealers who carry their Line of Magic..


The Vault – Card Sleights by Shin Lim – Video Download
Review by Rick Carruth

The Ad Copy for Shin Lim’s video reads as follows:

Shin Lim’s ‘go to’ routine with a deck of cards!

Learn what Shin Lim does when somebody hands him a deck of playing cards and asks him to perform. Fast. Effective. Amazing card magic at its finest. Taught to you by a master. Download the video and learn from Shin Lim!

My Thoughts:

If you aren’t familiar with Shin Lim… I’m not sure how you found this review, or why you’re reading it. That said, I’ll dismiss the introduction and long list of accompLishments for someone so utterly young. If you watched Shin Lim on Americas Got Talent and Penn and Tellers FOOL US, you know he’s a natural talent.. born to perform magic at a level most of us could never achieve with a lifetime of practice. Fortunately for us, Shin Lim didn’t have a mentor.. nor was he heavily into magic books or dvd’s. He learned most of his magic via YouTube and also understood the need to utilize his artistic talent to develop each effect into a small work of art and pride. That led to the development of a personal style that can’t be outright compared with any other magician. In other words… Shin Lim is an original.

Like many great performers, Shin Lim has a plethora of differing sleights, props, utilities and gaffs to aid his performances. But.. when someone hands him a deck of cards and ask for a mini-performance, and he must perform solely with what’s at hand – this is the routine he uses.

I’ll tell you beforehand he actually uses sleights most of you are already familiar with, and aside from a Queen of Spades tattooed on his chest, presents a routine you can duplicate with regular-guy abilities. Actually, you could get a temporary tattoo, like Shin Lim used initially, and perform tit-for-tat…

Shin Lim doesn’t waste time. He begins this 22 minute video performing his routine for a pretty, young lady.. and doesn’t slow down till he’s ready for the explanations.

I’m not going to delve into all the effects, as you’ve probably seen him perform everything on TV.. but I’m going to explain the sleights he uses, to give you an understanding of the lack of complex sleights and a truly killer routine based on classic moves.

Shin Lim teaches his:

Riffle Force and Pinky Break. Forcing the Queen of Spades is essential to his routine.

Criss Cross Force. An alternative to the Riffle Force he swears by…

Milk Shuffle to retain the top card. By his own admission, this is his main control.

Twirl Change at Portrait Level. Eye candy for the audience..

Erdnase Color Change and Subtleties. Carefully taught since it’s used multiple times.

Card to Mouth and detailed Mercury Card Fold. The kicker to this routine.. again, taught carefully from multiple angles.

Remember.. everything is Shin Lim’s way of doing things. There are little, obscure tips here that will help many of you revisit sleights you learned years ago.. and abandoned in your search for ‘Shin Lim type’ magic. Well.. for ten bucks.. you’re going to learn it all over again.. and kick yourself for your lack of creativity.

There’s no doubt in my mind 90% of you guys could benefit greatly from CARD SLEIGHTS by Shin Lim Although many of you may know how to perform these sleights.. you don’t know Shin Lim’s methods.

$10.00 (Instant download) From Murphy’s Magic and their dealers.



The Vault – The Real Invisible Deck by Chris Dugdale
Review by Rick Carruth

The invisible deck with a regular deck of cards yours spectators can spread themselves!

No force. Performer never has to look at the cards after they come out of the box.

The spectator can spread through the deck and find the reversed card themselves!

My Thoughts:

There wasn’t a lot of fanfare when this effect came out. Actually, you can see by the ad copy, there wasn’t much said about The Real Invisible Deck in general. When I happened across this video amongst a group of twenty or more downloads I’d received.. I knew I needed to write a review.

The Real Invisible Deck is based on the Invisible Deck effect.. -except- this uses a regular deck. It’s a deck set up in new deck order. The spectator names a card.. and the magi spreads the deck, showing the deck in new deck order, until he reaches the card named by the spectator.. which is clearly reversed in the deck. Get this.. you can actually hand the deck to the spectator and let him/her deal down to their card.. and discover it reversed in the deck.

That’s strong stuff…

Straight up.. this isn’t the easiest of effects to perform. It IS an effect you can master with a couple of days practice. If you are a skilled card guy.. you may be performing this within 30 minutes or so. There are three sleights to perform that are well known to cardicians. Chris gives ‘thanks’ to Asi Wind for a method made known by Asi.. I think on his Acaan.

I would give you the sleights, except it would be too easy for some of you to watch the video and reverse engineer this effect. I’m not going to do that to Chris.. I will step out and say this.. you should probably perform this effect within a 180 degree radius.. as you do need to perform a turn-over pass..(not complicated) and you have to be aware of appearances. If you can conceal your pass.. no limits.

All else I can say is.. go to this link and watch the performance video. This will give you a good idea of how straight-forward this effect can be. It has my recommendation and is worth far more than ten bucks. This is something you’ll use for many years to come.



The Conjuror’s Community Kickstarter Deck and Online Experience – A Review
Review by Rick Carruth

This is a project spearheaded by three of my favorite names in magic: Aaron Fisher, Adam Grace and Lee Asher. They had a meeting-of-the-minds awhile back and decided now is THE time for both a new, working deck of premium cards and an online training session like no other.

The CC Club Playing Cards and the Out of the Box Experience are the end result.

The cards:
The cards are traditionally cut, casino grade crushed Bee stock in a Bicycle blue seal box. This is the same grade used for the wildly expensive Wynn’s. These cards, unlike traditional Bee’s, have the white border. They also have traditional pips and suit cards.. which considering the extremes to which some of the newer cards have gone (Tech-Art).. I truly appreciate my familiar faces. The backs are a seldom-seen antique design from the early 1900’s. Magicorthodoxy referred to the back design as a ‘mountain bike design’.. which was new to me, but perhaps something you’re familiar with..

Don’t confuse this deck with Bicycle Elites. Elites use the crushed stock, which makes them super-pliable out the box. But, they are thinner than traditional cards, and this deck is the thicker Bee stock, which holds up much better over a longer period of time. You can compare them, thickness wise, to the Richard Turner Gold Standard or the David Blaine Split Spades.

I give every new deck I open the ‘faro test’. Honestly, most magic grade standard Bicycle cards will NOT faro out the box. It can take quite some time to work the edges to the point where you can perform a dependable faro. ( Some standard Bicycles never conform ). The CC Club Playing Cards performed a perfect faro on my fourth try, which I rate very highly considering the thickness of the card.

Two gaffed cards are also enclosed, including a red/blue backer, and a joker with an opposite color back. Two traditional jokers are also enclosed. The joker is, I understand, a never-used-in-modern-times design from the 1800’s. I am really fond of this design!

The Online Events:
Included with the purchase of as little as one deck are tickets to an exclusive 4 week LIVE online experience in September for backers only.. You will learn a massive amount of card effects. Everything will be archived online so you can return again and again to perfect your magic. This experience, called Out of the Box Experience Online Events, will be guaranteed to everyone who backs their Kickstarter project. If you purchase even one deck.. you are guaranteed admission. I don’t think the times are established yet.. but you will be notified well in advance. The dates are:

Saturday, September 26, 2020
Saturday, October 3, 2020
Saturday, October 10, 2020
Saturday, October 17, 2020

This Kickstarter project set out to raise $5,000.. That total was achieved in less than one minute. Right now, as of August 29th, the total pledges are in excess of $95,000 dollars. (You read that right..) This money will be used to bring you the best possible training from Aaron and the crew. If you’re curious about the Kickstarter project, here’s a brief summary of the packages and pricing.

$3 gets you a solid 5 hours of Aaron Fisher’s card magic training plus special bonus material.

$12 gets you a special CC Club Deck, plus, lifetime on-demand access to the Out of the Box Events. And.. everything in the $3 package.

$24 gets you Two special CC Club Decks, plus everything above.

$39 gets you a CC Club Deck plus Aaron’s amazing Pandemonium Vanishing Deck effect. This effect is only available during this Kickstarter campaign. Plus, you will receive all the special training sessions and videos listed above.

There are special formulations of half bricks, bricks, 2 bricks, and case pricing available for serious cardists.

If you would like to back this project.. or just check it out.. go to:

I highly recommend this special offer. I know the guys involved and their endless love of magic and the magic community. I did receive au gratis cards for review purposes.. but have NOT been reimbursed for my recommendations.


Paradoxes – Paul A. Lelekis – A Review
Review by Rick Carruth

This is the Ad Copy:

Three beautiful routines, complete with 5 videos, an intro discussing paradoxes, as well as numerous examples, and plenty of paradoxical pictures and phrasings for your enjoyment.
When we, as magicians perform, we do things that are unlikely, improbable, or perhaps even artistic. When we perform paradoxes, we create events that are not just unlikely to occur … but are, instead, absolutely impossible!

These routines are seriously strong closers (or can be used as powerful openers) and will fool even the most knowledgeable of magicians … if they are not already familiar with them. Paul A. Lelekis presents three, full scale routines that absolutely defy all logic … in other words … they just cannot happen. These routines have full, fanciful patter and Paul guides you through every step of the way with short videos of Paul performing the easy-to-do sleights needed with psychological tips and all of the misdirection required. These are very, very clever effects.

Understand that not only are the sleights explained, but even more importantly, the psychological subtleties used for a confident performance – and this is very important.

REVENGE OF THE KNERDS – A paradox with a borrowed deck if you wish. The spectator picks out any four cards, completely her choice, and then her signed card is placed amongst the four unknown cards. The performer makes that card turn invisible, and then the spectator lays that invisible card onto the deck … with a magic pass, the magician makes that signed card turn visible, right before her eyes. Then the five card packet is counted and found to contain only four cards … the four mischievous Jacks.

A “DILL”-Y OF A PARADOX – A plot by Paul and a very brilliant, unknown sleight by Dean Dill that makes a card, protected by the spectator, impossibly change into a signed selection. This is not Bro. John Hamman’s effect. The beauty of this paradox is its simplicity – and its impossibility.

JEWEL OF THE WILE – A fanciful journey to a medieval time of Kings, Queens, Knerdy Knights, dungeons, dragons, and – witches. A beautiful story about a King’s very valuable Ace of Diamonds and what he does to protect it – with an absolutely impossible ending … and be forewarned … this time the Wicked Witch wins!

My Thoughts:

PARADOXES, by Paul A. Lelekis, is another great example of what a great magician with magical writing abilities can accomplish. PARADOXES features three effects with varying levels of skill. Although none are true knuckle-busters, they are something the intermediate card guy will appreciate. The advanced beginner can watch the included videos and perform these effects after a little practice. Unlike the typical pick-a-card effects, Paul uses his included videos to teach you how to confound your spectator by making them see something they don’t actually see… they only think they see you perform moves you don’t actually do. Cards are there.. and then they aren’t. Cards are in a packet.. and then they are back in the deck. Cards are in the deck.. and then they’re face down on the table. Not your typical stuff. Paradoxes is something a little different from Paul. And if you’re ready for something different.. Paradoxes is IT…

Revenge of the Knerds..
This is the crown jewel of the bunch. Paul provides several videos to assist with the handling, which is not difficult, but not true beginner level either. If you are advanced beginner level.. you shouldn’t have any trouble. I like that this is not your typical ‘pick a card’ magic, and you are sort of ‘on display’. You are displaying your magic chops with cards, and yes, the audience does participate, but there is minimal intervention from your audience. The magic just seems to ‘happen’ as a spectator is asked to select four cards, one at a time. The moves are utilitarian.. and you’ll definitely use them in other effects as well. Vernon’s Strip-Out Switch is a keeper..

A ‘Dill’-y of a Paradox
This is another slightly advanced handling of an effect where the magician gets to show off a little.. but the audience doesn’t get to see it.. In their minds, something very magical happens.. but they are clueless as to how it happened. Much is thanks to Dean Dills Turnover Switch (video provided) and a ploy from Michael Skinner. Basically, a card is removed from the deck and set to one side. Another card is selected and signed, then returned to the apparent middle of the deck. After some polite patter and an apology.. you do your newly learned magic, the card on the table and the signed card change places, and the audience is left scratching their collective heads. Great table top magic and perfect for walk around.. when you have a dry table!!

Jewel of the Wile
With Halloween coming.. this is a great trick to learn. It uses a script.. and all you need to do is learn the script. Initially, there is a set-up: You need the Ace of Diamonds and the Queen of Spades on top of the deck.. and the four Jacks on bottom of the deck. That’s it.. Other than one quick bottom deal from a three card packet, everything is self working.. and the Wicked Queen wins in the end. Hey, I said this was great for Halloween !!

If you want something entertaining and satisfying for your audience, PARADOXES will fit the bill. Your audience will NOT know how you perform these effects. They cannot track them on Youtube or find them in print.. other than right here. Be unique. Be professional. Be a Lelekis fan…

$10.00 1st edition 2020, PDF 25 pages.
Available exclusively at:


I AM ARRR – The Other Brothers and Abstract Effects – A Review
(Gimmicks and Online Instructions)
Review by Rick Carruth

I am ARRR.. available to the public on Nov.14th. Here is the Ad Copy…

From the creative minds of The Other Brothers comes an effect that is five years in the making – one of the very first concepts ever developed by the imaginative duo. Produced by Abstract Effects, “I AM ARRR” is a unique and surprising pendulum which provides you an opportunity to perform incredible mentalism with a shocking reveal!

For years, pendulums have been used by mentalists and psychics to create real magic, but now there is one that will not only allow you to tap into the power of the pendulum, but with this clever secret the spectator can actually find their own selected card. If that’s not powerful enough, the pendulum will reveal their selection in its shadow!

The Other Brothers teach you a mentalism effect using the materials provided in “I AM ARRR” that will send shivers through your spectators and it all ends with a reveal like none other.

“I AM ARR” is perfect for intimate, small group settings and can be done impromptu as it is a simple, yet powerful tool. Prove once and for all to your friends and families that magic is real with “I AM ARRR!”

“Killer. Insane method and so CLEAN. Love this”
-Justin Flom

“It’s absolutely brilliant! Both the premise and the method”
– Shimshi

My thoughts:

Two of my favorite magicians, the Other Brothers, are among the most creative thinkers in all of magic.. and that’s not just my opinion. Sales is indicative of success, and the Other Brothers sales have been through the roof for several years. TAKEN, SNAPPED, BARE MINI, BARE, CONTRA, HANDS DOWN, VERY FAIR.. among other great effects, have kept the Other Brothers at the very top of every list of best sellers. On November 14th, of the illustrious 2020, they will release I AM ARRR.. that’s ARRR like words from a grizzled sea captain or a pirate of old.

As you probably gathered from the ad copy.. this is a selection of a chosen card, using a pendulum with a kick. I think you could best describe this as a combination of effects many of us have used through the years… but certainly not using the methods seen in I AM ARRR. I have the highest regard for original thinking, and that’s why I’m going to recommend this effect to all my friends and readers.

Great effects work best one of two ways: You either have a set of instructions that are so well formed you are compelled to perform the effect exactly as taught. All the work has been tackled beforehand.. and all you have to do is shine. Unfortunately, if every good magician takes on the same effect.. it gets old.. fast. And then you have effects like I AM ARRR, which give you a general location to start.. and finish.. and let the individual skills of the performer turn the effect into something quite special.. and quite original. I can see many different magicians performing this many different ways. The pendulum aspect gives this a supernatural underpinning .. and I know how magicians and mentalists love to run with anything psychic.

A card is ‘almost’ freely selected by a spectator. Only the magician knows the truth. A deck is divided into two halves. This is not an ordinary deck. It is a gimmicked deck provided with the effect. The dividing can be performed a number of ways, and a couple of ways are taught on the 25 minute online instructional video. One way is for the free wheeler.. and another for the slightly more squeamish. The beginner is respected, and nothing beyond the beginner level is ‘necessary’. The Brothers teach what they call ‘the Move’ for magicians who are slightly more confident as an added convincer dividing the deck. Then, a pendulum is introduced, and the SPECTATOR is allowed to do the dirty work of eliminating stacks of cards using the swing of the pendulum until only a couple of cards are left. Finally, one card is left… and it is the selected card. Finally, one last little deal with the pendulum reveals the chosen card was predetermined before the effect began. It’s a real kicker.. can’t say much more..
There are a number of ways to achieve the outcome. You will have the freedom to customize the handling to suit your skill level. I like that.. as I know not all magicians are comfortable handling cards. Regardless of your skill level, you CAN perform I AM ARRR.

There are NO magnets, NO equivoque, NO switches, NO sleights.. although one ‘sleight’ is taught as one of the possible handling methods. If you can perform a waterfall.. you can perform this sleight. Again, it’s not necessary.

I can see the pendulum being used for other effects as well. It is gimmicked.. but not gimmicked in a mechanical way. As all magicians/mentalists know.. hand-held pendulums can appear to oscillate on their own, without any perceived conscious
control. This illusion, named after Chevreul, is a result of IDEOMOTOR MOVEMENT.
While this phenomenon was initially assumed to have a supernatural basis, it has been accepted for over 150 years that the movements are self-generated.

“The ideomotor phenomenon is a psychological phenomenon wherein a subject makes motions unconsciously. Also called ideomotor response (or ideomotor reflex) and abbreviated to IMR, it is a concept in hypnosis and psychological research.[2] It is derived from the terms “ideo” (idea, or mental representation) and “motor” (muscular action). The phrase is most commonly used in reference to the process whereby a thought or mental image brings about a seemingly “reflexive” or automatic muscular reaction, often of minuscule degree, and potentially outside of the awareness of the subject.” ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ideomotor_phenomenon )

We magicians KNOW how these pendulums work. A little psychology, a few suggestions, a tad of encouragement.. and you’re looking at a minor miracle. This is one of those effects that WILL leave an indomitable impression on your spectator.
Perfect for small groups and anywhere you have room to lay a deck. Probably not ideal for a hall full of folks.. but well suited for parlor, walk around and restaurant work.. Everything you need is provided. No DIY, thank goodness, and priced very fairly for the reactions you’re bound to get…

$30.00 Available at Murphy’s Magic and their fellow dealers.



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