FROST.. By Mikey V and Abstract Effects – A Review

FROST.. By Mikey V and Abstract Effects – A Review

FROST (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) By Mikey V and Abstract Effects – A Review

Here’s the AD Copy:

From one of our favorite new artists, Mikey V, comes the absolute last word on the blank deck: Frost!

Frost is a completely gaffed deck that does all the work for you making it one of the easiest and most fooling, self-working card effects you will do! Printed with high quality stock at the United States Playing Card Company, Frost comes ready to go right out of the box!

Start by showing a full deck of 52 cards front and back, and with the snap of a finger reveal that every single card has become blank on the front and back except for the spectator’s chosen card. You not only get the visual of showing all of the faces blank, but also get an extra kicker when you reveal that all of the backs have also turned blank except for their signed card! Your spectators can see the deck visually change around their card!

The Other Brothers and Mikey V teach their favorite routine using Frost along with some bonus visuals that are perfect for social media!

And for those of you in a hurry, here’s the TL; DR version:
Easy to do
Self working
Ready to go out of the box
Printed by USPCC
Instant reset
No rough & smooth
No flaps
Full routine taught plus bonus visuals that are perfect for social media!

My Thoughts:

I tend to like everything The Other Brothers are involved in.. I like their style and their casual ways. Mikey V I’m not that familiar with, but he is a good instructor.. when not dressed as a killer clown. 😉

FROST is a very visual deck change, where a regular card is picked or signed, placed into a deck shown as normal on both sides, and the deck changes to a totally blank deck, both sides, leaving the chosen card as the only printed card in the deck. There are additional effects. Another involves placing two blank cards on each end of a ‘regular’ deck.. and the entire deck changes to blank cards.

The results are always visual.. and fairly easy to accomplish. Although the effect is listed as beginner level, I would place it more in the advanced beginner level. A couple of sleights are needed, primarily an Erdnase Color Change and a simple top change that’s more of a top placement. Both are demonstrated in detail if you aren’t familiar with the method.

Also, Mikey V teaches an interesting variation of the color change, using the back of the hand, palm up, as cover instead of the conventional method.

Traditional fans are used to display the face changes. One other sleight is taught.. a deck change. Although not needed for the primary handling, it’s an alternative method for a second effect.

FROST is a heavily gimmicked deck. It is actually gimmicked in four different ways.. and is not examinable. I wish it were. The deck is designed specifically for this effect. FROST is ideal for strolling and opening a set. It’s fast and visual, and gets your spectator’s attention for sure. When I say the deck is gimmicked, it is gimmicked via the printing.. and not with physical gimmicks like flaps, wires and rough and smooth. The ad copy indicates FROST is self-working. I would say it is.. to the extent you perform the right moves. Orientation is everything…

I’m sure you can find other uses for the FROST deck. It’s printed on traditional Bicycle stock, mine was red backed, and handles like regular Bikes. I recommend using stock from another deck if you’re going to do a signed card effect.

For a good idea of how FROST looks to the spectator I suggest going to Murphy’s site and watching the promo video. Nothing helps the understanding like a good video.

Instructions are via a 35 minute instructional online video by the Other Brothers and Mikey V. This is a single camera video. Sound and quality are typical Murphy’s Magic standard.

FROST is a great effect as an attention-getter. It works if you can find an ideal spot for its performance. Not being able to show the deck requires a bit of work-around, but I trust those of you who appreciate the visual quality will find the right moment.

My only negative is.. I would like to see it priced a little lower. I know custom printed decks aren’t cheap, and I hope you can learn the multiple handling options and make it more than a one trick pony. The options are there for you…

$40.00 From Murphy’s Magic and their associates..

Review by Rick Carruth for The Magic Roadshow

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