JANUS – A Review

JANUS – A Review

JANUS by Kevin Casaretto and Paul Lelekis – A Review
Rick Carruth

Janus is the card magic of Kevin Casaretto of Salisbury, South Australia.. as told by Paul Lelekis. Kevin compiled this exceptional collection of original effects through years of hard work and recently contacted Paul with the enviable task of putting everything together into an ebook.
There are a total of ten effects and all effects use a combination of gaff cards.

I understand the reluctance of some magicians to use gaff cards… but that reluctance usually stems from either a lack of familiarity with gaffs on the part of the magician, or, a fear that once the audience knows you used gaffs, your perceived acceptance as a full-fledged magi will be diminished.

First.. if you do not use gaffs, you are limited in your repertoire. Yes, there are many effects that do not require gaffs, but, if you do not use gaffs, you will forever be denying yourself an array of effects that are virtually impossible using conventional cards.

Second.. Why the heck would the audience know you are using gaffs? Are you planning on dropping the deck? I wish I could tell you the number of current effects.. by internationally known magicians.. that employ gaffs. If a magician has a ‘signature’ effect he refuses to tip… chances are there’s a gaff involved. He is capable of pulling off a seemingly miraculous effect, a reputation builder, with a gaff… and he doesn’t want you to know. Can you blame him?

Now that we’ve cleared that up…

JANUS uses a simple combination of gaffs; double backers, double facers, and red/blue backed cards. Nothing is used that you could not create in a minute or two with regular cards and a roll of double backed tape or rub on and/or white children’s glue. Of course, you can buy gaffs at most magic shops and online.. and they are very affordable.

Here’s a brief description of what’s included.. ( By Paul and myself )

1) JANUS – A sandwiched transposition! Cards on the table and a card in the deck change places right under the spectators nose..
2) Signed, Sealed, and Delivered – A very simplistic, yet powerful transposition of signed selections! Two signed cards change places in two different envelopes.. and SO simple to perform .
3) 2-Card Monte – The “con game” made easy! Quickly establish your inner cheat with this demonstration of gambling skills. The super easy move is taught in video.
4) Five Colour Twist – The Aces turn face-up and facedown, then their backs change color three times!
5) Magazine Mental Test – A very cool, easy to do, feat of ESP! You’re going to LOVE this ingenious effect! Plus learn a very usable force.
6) Card to Wallet – Signed card flies to wallet and then changes its back color…TWICE!
7) Changing Back – An excellent variation of a Dai Vernon classic of magic!
8) It Can’t Be Done – A very clever “Do As I Do” effect with three phases.
9) One At A Time Aces – Kevin’s own take on a Marlo trick…the Aces travel and then change colour! One of my personal favorites.
10) Turn-Over Cards – A display of 8 cards, turning face up and face down under impossible conditions! Additional video instructions included..

I recommend JANUS. It is both well written and full of interesting effects perfect for any level performer. Aside from one or two moves that are taught on video by Paul Lelekis (included), and will require a small bit of practice.. nothing is beyond the beginner or those not accustomed to using gaffs. Lots of bang for your bucks…

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