Laws of Attraction – Shoot Ogawa – A Review

Laws of Attraction – Shoot Ogawa – A Review

Laws of Attraction – Shoot Ogawa – A Review
Review by Donavon Powell

Remember when you were a child and you would suspend a Balloon from your finger after rubbing it on your hair? How about rubbing a magnet along one direction on a nail and lifting a paperclip? I genuinely imagined myself as Magneto. I was a master of magnetism! Well, as it turned out, I was not. However, the techniques you will learn from Shoot Ogawa’s Laws of Attraction can do just that. Okay. Not really, but it will certainly appear that you can magnetize normal objects. Objects including, but not limited to, coins, spoons, batteries, post it notes, plastic, and even glass.

Laws of Attraction is based around a combination of simple techniques taught in great detail by Shoot. He teaches a Routine that is great for Restaurant and At-The-Table situations. Additionally, Shoot covers the theory behind why these techniques work. There is a lengthy discussion on an undervalued Art form that contributes greatly to a Magicians skill as an Actor.

This project is from the Vault and is based on a lecture that Shoot used to give in the early to mid-2000’s. At the time this lecture was 100 or more dollars to attend. Now, this knowledge is available from Murphy’s Magic for a fraction of that price.

This is an hour of quality Magical education that explores much more than a “quick trick”. At the time this was filmed, Shoot still spoke with slightly broken English, but I do not believe that inhibits his ability to explain the concepts or his teaching techniques.

The degree of difficulty with Laws of Attractions is very low from a technical standpoint, but the strength of Effect is very high. I have taken this out in working situations, and every performance of it my Spectators genuinely believed that everything was magnetized. That is quite the accomplishment for something that utilizes zero gimmicks. Even if you are “not a coin worker” consider this project anyway. I feel that this can be a great addition to the arsenal of any working Magician.

Laws of Attraction is available as an instant download and the runtime is just over one hour. Production values are typical of The Vault products and it will download quickly as an mp4. This product was previously released as a DVD at a higher price – and sold out..

$17.95 – From Murphy’s Magic and magic dealers who carry their products.

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