ODD by Vinny Sagoo – A Review

ODD by Vinny Sagoo – A Review

ODD Packet Trick – Vinny Sagoo
$19.95 NEO Magic

A Truly ODD Trick!

You introduce 7 cards and an envelope with ‘ODD’ instructions. The spectator follows the ODD instructions eliminating all but one card, which is a completely free choice. When that card is turned over, it is a royal card. When the envelope is turned over, it states:

“You Will Pick A Royal Card”

The envelope is then opened, and a card drops out, which MATCHES the odd card exactly.
For the finale, all of the other cards are turned over and are completely DIFFERENT.

– Fully Examinable
– Easy To Do
– Video Instructions And 12 Photos
– Self Working
– USPCC Cards
– Extra Stickers Included

My Take..

For those of you who enjoy packet tricks.. this is a truly simple effect that has step by step instructions on your prediction envelope.. instructions the spectators reads and follows.

Everything you need to perform ODD is included and you should be up and running in about the same amount of time it takes to watch the five minute training video. There are also written instructions with pictures that eliminate the need to even watch the video.. although I would recommend both watching and reading all the instructions.

ODD is a prediction effect. You begin by laying seven cards side by side in front of you and the spectator.. sitting across the table. You also lay a small coin type envelope, your prediction envelope, on top of one of the cards. The envelope has a set of instructions, ODD instructions, on the up side.. and the spectator simply follows the five steps to eliminate all the cards but one.

Each step gives the spectator control over a series of moves. They choose a number.. and follow the directions.

Reading the sales copy.. I do agree with all the statements. It is fully examinable and simple to do. It is also self working.. -if- you follow the directions printed on the prediction envelope.

This is a nice little effect for walk around, but more so for close up when you can isolate a spectator in front of you. I cannot recall exactly where I’ve seen this method used.. but I have. I’m sure it’s something I read in an old source, but, it’s been updated and modernized to the point where no one other than a very informed magician would recognize your method. That said.. I do not recommend immediately repeating this effect. There IS a little something that might be caught if you performed it a second time. It’s not a big deal.. and you could probably perform it safely a second time after a little time has passed.

Again, everything you need to perform ODD is provided. There is even a second prediction envelope and instructions included.. plus regular Bicycle cards that can be easily replaced should something happen to one. Actually, should you buy ODD.. you might want to switch out all the unused cards for blank cards. Just a thought.

Writing a detailed review of a self working packet trick is not easy.. but I think, I hope, I’ve told enough to help you make an informed decision.

I appreciate that ODD is self working, despite appearing to be a totally free choice by the spectator. I recommend it to those of you who enjoy sticking a packet in your shirt pocket for that moment when you want to impress a spectator.. or two or three.


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