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Ryan Schultz is a creator of card tricks. Not just card tricks.. but tricks that require a minimum of sleights. This is much easier said than done. Unfortunately, many simple card tricks are obviously simple card tricks, and fail to fool even the uninformed spectator who has never seen a Youtube video.. The standard for ‘self working’ card tricks has changed, and Ryan is one of the performers at the very forefront. Today, there is a huge market for sleight-free card magic, or something very close to it, and Ryan has published two prior DVD’s paving the way for his latest. ‘Miracles Without Moves’ and ‘Effortless Effects’, his earlier DVD’s were both best sellers.

So much has to happen to make a simple trick appear complex. Patter isn’t enough, and math won’t carry you over the threshold. It takes a combination of complexity and psychology, particularly handling by the spectator to alleviate the possibility of sleight of hand. Ryan covers all the basis. Everything on Only Slightly Sleightly is designed to happen, to an extent, in the spectators hand or as a result of a decision by the spectator. All the psychological moves are there too, to convince the spectator(s) all is fair.

I feel if you are a fan of simpler magic, and if you want several effects that simultaneously tic every box and entertain your audience… ‘Only Slightly Sleightly’ will do just that. In all fairness, these are NOT instant effects. You WILL have to put forth a little time and effort to learn the handling of all the effects. Thankfully, the ‘handling’ doesn’t involve busted knuckles and endless hours of practice.

To quote Murphy’s Magic:

“The focus of the tricks on Only Slightly Sleighty is giving your audience the feeling that THEY have control of everything. Ryan has honed and refined these routines with the implicit target of making the audience feel like they have made every decision. Because if THEY made decisions, then the tricks truly ARE magic! It’s a masterclass in audience control and relaxed misdirection. You’ll have a lot of fun performing these routines, and you WILL fool people!”


Future Card – A card is fairly selected and placed in the case.. a business card and 2 selections reveal the identity of this card.. Everything seems very fair and perplexing.

Shuffles Therapy – Ryan provides two versions of this effect, a gaffed card version and a borrowed deck version.. A spectators card is found in a random way

Long Way Out – Ryan teaches a Derrick Dingle move that makes the magic possible .. I really like this move, and intend to spend ample time learning and perfecting.

Any Card To Any Sum – All the cards in one pile total the sum of cards in another pile.. plus a revelation. There are no moves to achieve the magic. Maybe my favorite effect on the DVD..

Magic Camp – Three spectators each find a preselected card after a complex series of deals and shuffles. A very good display of discovery..

We Do As We Do – This is a ‘do as I do’ effect where each participant finds the other’s card.

Plus, a very useful bonus section on how to use Pencil Dots and Edge Marking to expand your skillset and add a very special tool to your magical armory…

I recommend ‘Only Slightly Sleightly’ if you tend to favor self working magic. This DVD is available through dealers who carry the Murphy’s Magic line of magic DVD’s and effects…

Review by Rick Carruth

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