PUSH – A Review

PUSH – A Review

by Sultan Orazaly

The Ad Copy…
PCTC Production presents A signed playing card through a bill! Imagine being able to have your spectator freely select and sign a playing card. Next, you ask to borrow a bill (ANY currency). Then, without ANY switching of the card or bill, you VISIBLY PUSH the signed card through the borrowed bill!!


You will have the ability to penetrate a signed playing card through a borrowed bill and have both totally examinable at the end without switching either of them out. PUSH is the perfect walk-around illusion.

The custom gimmick easily fits inside of your wallet and can be adapted to any Bicycle Playing card within a few seconds.
Use Any Currency
Super Visual
Easy to Perform
100% Examinable


My Review..
I want to commend Sultan Orazaly for the creation of a very slick gimmick/effect. I don’t know which to call it.. but unless you can show me how to use it IN an effect, I’ll stick with gimmick.
I had an idea how it was performed before watching the video. I was about 30% correct.

The law of physics told me the corner of a card couldn’t actually penetrate a bank note.. without there being either a hole in the bill.. which there isn’t, or a heavily gaffed card.. which there wasn’t. Now, I STILL hope to find that one effect one day that uses real magic.. but I doubt I will. PUSH makes it look like real magic -if- you’re willing to work on your handling a bit. Unlike the pen thru bill, which you could pick up after a few minutes, PUSH requires a little manipulation, which is at the heart of magic.

It advertises the card and the bill can be totally examined afterwards. That’s true. The corner of the card is bent, but that certainly doesn’t give away the secret. There seems to be some discussion among magicians as to why the corner would be bent in the first place. Don’t make it a big issue. The spectator certainly won’t be any wiser.. bent corner or not.

Super Visual… Yes. The visual of the corner penetrating the bill is a convincer.

Practical… Very practical for walk-around and that instant when you want to create a ‘wow’ moment. Everything you need is easily concealed in a pocket or the palm of your hand. PUSH is like a strong handshake.. it’s a great way to greet someone and leave a positive impression.

Easy to Perform… Uh, I would say it’s easy to perform AFTER you duly practice the handling. It’s not a knuckle buster, but it’s not straight-out-the-box either. Being honest, the problem isn’t so much the performance as the handling. There is a possibility of fumbling or telegraphing UNTIL you get the basic handing down pat. I can think of a hundred coin moves that are more difficult. Don’t let my words be a deal breaker.

This is one of those effects that delivers what it promises. The visuals are correct, the ad copy is correct, and if you are impressed by what you see.. then buy it. If I had to discuss a negative, it would be that you must perform a bit of DIY to construct the gimmick. Not much.. just a little super glue on a spot or two. I think you can construct everything in three or four minutes, which isn’t really a negative.. maybe it’s more a reflection on my laziness.

Again, if you are looking for a walk-around effect to garner quick attention and open your options, PUSH should do it.

Available from dealers who carry the Murphy’s Magic line of products..


Review by Rick Carruth

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