ReWrapped… by Brandon David and Chris Turchi – A Review

ReWrapped… by Brandon David and Chris Turchi – A Review

Rewrapped.. by Brandon David and Chris Turchi – A Review
Gimmick and Online Instructions

This is the Ad Copy:

ReWrapped is the ultimate chewing-gum life-hack! 

Imagine this. You take your old, chewed piece of gum. You stretch it and snap it back into a brand new gum stick. Then, the gum stick visually wraps itself in its original packaging! Now you have a fresh, 100% real gum stick ready for you to re-chew or save for later!

Devised by the creative duo behind “Envy-Lope” and countless other amazing effects (Brandon David and Chris Turchi), ReWrapped allows you to take a familiar everyday object and perform a mind-bending visual chewing gum restoration! Your spectators will think you’ve discovered a real-life infinite glitch!
Customizable to assorted brands of gum across the world!

Detailed instructions with Brandon and Chris
Resets in seconds
Easy to perform
Takes little pocket space
Perfect for socials and professional occasions
Highly Visual
Restore your gum again and again and again with this refreshing take on visual gum magic!

This is ReWrapped, by Brandon David and Chris Turchi!

My Thoughts:

First… After creating my own gimmick and performing for both friends and strangers, I can say the ad copy is fully correct. There’s NO stretching of the truth to hook us poor magicians. That said.. here’s my thoughts.

ReWrapped is very strong transformational/restoration magic. A piece of gum is removed from the mouth. You stretch the gum between the fingers to display its malleability.. And in a blink of an eye.. you show the gum to be fully restored to its original stick form. Then, almost as quickly, you show the stick ReWrapped.. You can then unrap the gum and put it back in your mouth. Don’t believe me? Watch the video…

ReWrapped is a quick trick. You know… one of those tricks that’s over before you have time to realize you need to pay attention. There’s nothing wrong with that technique, and its suddenness certainly catches the spectator’s eye.

ReWrapped is a remake of Sticky Situation by Andy Leviss. I’ve seen Andy’s effect performed by both Justin Flom and Rick Lax with great success. The difference is ReWrapped claims to be a more advanced version. I can’t say for certain as I am not familiar with the handling of Sticky Situation.. other than the promo trailer, which on the surface looks very similar to ReWrapped. I’m making an educated guess when I say ReWrapped probably offers a more sophisticated gimmick and ‘possibly’ eliminates a switch. Forgive me if I’m wrong…

Everything is carefully and meticulously explained in the 44 minute video. A gimmicked piece of ‘gum’ serves as the base, and you are shown, step by step, how to create the finished gimmick. There IS some DIY involved.. although it’s primarily wrapping the gum with your favorite brand of chewing gum paper. Provisions are made to allow you to use different brands from different parts of the world.

I’m going to publish the table of contents from the instructional video. I think I can do this without giving away too much. It will give you a good understanding of what’s covered….

What’s in The Box
Dressing The Gimmick
The Gimmick
Different Handling
Paddle Move Details
Toss Display
Mouth Stretch
Simplified Version
Snap-Restore Details

Again, the video is 44 minutes, and taught by Brandon David and Chris Turchi in an informal setting. There are close-ups of any critical construction, and you should only need gum, a pair of scissors, and a little double sided tape to complete any and all work.

If you like quick magic, I could almost say ‘startling magic’.. definitely consider ReWrapped. There’s no doubt you’ll have some very surprised and astonished

$24.95 .. From Murphy’s Magic and their Associates..

Review by Rick Carruth for Murphy’s Magic & The Magic Roadshow

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