SINIS – Playing Cards – A Review

SINIS – Playing Cards – A Review

SINIS – Playing Cards – A Review

SINIS is a new addition to the collector card market. Designed by Marc Ventosa and  created by Cardinates.. here’s the Ad Copy:

BREAK FREE from mainstream custom playing card designs with SINIS Playing Cards.

With modern base-line art reflected throughout the deck, EVERY detail of SINIS Playing Cards was considered to create an original and authentic artistic expression.

The custom Court cards mirror the square block theme on the tuck. The Aces reflect the explicit typograph approach.

Together, the striking balance between thin and thick objects is an intriguing surprise for the collector, cardist and magician when viewing or fanning the deck.

Even the name itself, SINIS, is a Palindrome integrated into the card artwork.

Highlighted on the backs, the name SINIS is completely symmetrical (rotational and front-to-back), breaking the traditional two-way design –while maintaining the feel of symmetry.

Available in Turquoise or Raspberry and Black on Bee stock, both are a tasty treat.

Custom seal
Custom designed Court cards, Jokers and Aces
2 gaff cards included
Bee stock
Printed by US Playing Card Company
Designed by Marc Ventosa
Created by Cardinates

My Thoughts:

SINIS is a new entry in the collector card market. Although designed as an artistic endeavor, they are printed on Bee card stock to increase handling.

There is a custom designed factor to almost all the cards. The court cards are definitely different, with the face not covering the entire surface of the card, but a smaller, square area. I think this is a method to capture the ‘museum’ feel of the image, as it resembles a painting mounted on a wall.. I could be wrong.. but that’s my notion.

The Aces are adorned with the word ‘Ace’ and the suit of each Ace spelled out in the middle of the card. This is a very unique look.

The cards are available in two colors: Turquoise Blue, and Raspberry and Black. Each is a matt finish that eliminates any reflective surfaces. The back of the tuck box and the back of each card are identical.. each with the word..’SINIS’ printed from top to bottom. The combination of the turquoise and blue as well as the raspberry and black, makes the backs of all cards two-way.

The name SINIS is, as the ad copy explains, a palindrome… reading the same both ways. You can tell there is an overall effort to wrap all the cards into a symmetric little world of their own.. and I think they have succeeded very well.

As a collector card, they are definitely one of the better cards available, and as a card capable of being used for magic or gaming.. the Bee stock assures it will handle as well as virtually any card. Needless to say, I am VERY partial to Bee stock.. and I am very partial to SINIS cards as an addition to my collection.

$12.00 Available from Murphy’s Magic and dealers who carry their line..

Review by Rick Carruth for The Magic Roadshow..

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