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The Vault – Moving Pen by DingDing – A Review

The Vault – Moving Pen by DingDing – A Review

The Vault – Moving Pen by DingDing – A Review
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The Ad Copy states simply… 

“This is a visual effect: a pen through a hole on the card and moves freely.

No magnets, no thread, easy to learn!”

My Thoughts:

DingDing is a young performer/creator who to date has created about 20 different effects for The Vault. This is his latest.. and definitely one of my favorites.

The magi shows two cards with a small hole punched in the middle of both cards. The two cards are shown front and back, and then one card is placed on top of the other with the holes aligned. A pen is stuck through the holes and, again, shown front and back. The magi then moves the pen up and down. As the top card moves with the pen, the bottom card remains stationary… which
-should- be impossible. Afterwards, the magi removes the pen and again shows only two small holes in each card.

DingDing has published about 20 Effects with Murphy’s ‘The Vault’, including…

Hijack 2.0
Sink Coin
Ink Permeation
Amazing Straw
Dice Through Card

Each effect ranges in price from $6 to $12 and involves a bit of DYI.. but not too much DYI.. as I am not a fan of creating your own gimmicks and probably wouldn’t review Moving Pen if I were “put off”.. Actually, it’s not a bad idea to know how to create your own gaff from scratch.. providing it doesn’t take hours to construct.

The Moving Pen tutorial video carefully explains everything you need to know in about 13 minutes. You will need a hole punch, some repositional glue, an Exacto knife or razor blade, and a couple of playing cards. The tutorial uses two Queens and a blank card, but you do not have to use a blank.

The gimmick can be created in 20 to 30 minutes. DingDing does a good job explaining and demonstrating everything you need to know. The video is a single shot and not overly sophisticated, but it doesn’t need to be. No problems with the video or the sound.

Can you hand the gimmick out for inspection..? After your performance, you can openly show both sides of the gimmick.. but you cannot hand it out for close inspection.

Should you buy it..? Since this is a quick, visual effect.. I suggest you go to the Murphy’s link and watch the video performance. It gives you everything you need to decide whether this is something for you. If you perform effects like the pen thru dollar, you’ll enjoy performing Moving Pen. Remember, there’s NO threads or magnets involved, and you can easily create several of these gimmicks at a time and they should serve you well through many performances.

$12.00 .. From Murphy’s Magic and their Associates..

Review by Rick Carruth for Murphy’s Magic & The Magic Roadshow



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Spidey Card Change – Tutorial
Determining Someone’s DAY of Birth (On The Fly) – Tutorial
Impossible No Set Up Card Trick – Tutorial
The Best Card Switches On Youtube – TOP CHANGE – Two Tutorials
Max Mavens Mind Games 1984 – Full Video
Derren Brown – Infamous – Full Episode
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MAGIC – Harvey Raft – A Review
Princess Card Trick by DARYL – The Legacy Line – A Review
Cherry Casino (Black Hawk) Playing Cards – A Review
Oyster (Marked) Playing Cards by Think – A Review
Untouched by Ryuhei Nakamura – A Review
The Story of Henry ‘Box’ Brown.. Former Slave & Magician..
R. Paul Wilson On: The Benefits Of Magical Thinking
This.. from My Long-Time Friends at Insanity Factor
Penn & Teller’s Fool Us and Master’s of Illusion both Renewed
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UNTOUCHED – by Ryuhei Nakamura – A Review

UNTOUCHED – by Ryuhei Nakamura – A Review

Untouched by Ryuhei Nakamura – A Review

This is the Ad Copy:

Gain telekinetic abilities that can be used under any circumstance.

A telekinetic routine that can be performed even in unsatisfactory conditions. Nothing will be able to stop you from performing this beast of an illusion! SansMinds is proud to introduce an effect brought to you from the mind of Ryuhei Nakamura, a master of telekinetic magic. He is famous for his ability to perform complex actions with the power of his mind. This is not just a simple push or pull – it is far more!

This is Untouched!

A weapon that will stop any passerby in their tracks! Create a show unique from the rest, with complicated actions normally not seen in other telekinetic routines. Use everyday objects, and make them dance with the power of your mind. This is truly a performance piece that is sure to gather an audience.

Here’s a truly special effect that is gaining immense popularity in the Far East. Don’t miss out on getting a taste of the insane magic scene in Japan.

Grab yourself a copy today!

What’s in the Box?

1 Untouched Instructional DVD
(Please note that this Instructional DVD has English subtitles with Japanese audio.)

My Thoughts:

SansMinds presents UNTOUCHED by Ryuhei Nakamura. I was not familiar with Ryuhei before watching this DVD, but it became obvious he is one of a number of Far East performers with great technical skills. SansMinds chose him to teach this DVD because of his use of invisible thread while performing an entire street routine, consisting of a number of spins, floats and flips with glassware and silverware.. all wrapped in a telekinetic performance. He literally goes down to street level, no table, and performs for his audiences.

I am going to tell you what you’ll find in UNTOUCHED. I am not going to tell you how easy or complicated it is.. as I have never performed thread work to this degree. My personal knowledge is limited to small pieces of thread and a few loops. I do own an ITR (invisible thread reel).. but I have a perpetual fear of failure.. and that’s on me.

First.. Is there an elephant in the room? Sort of.. The entire DVD is recorded with subtitles. I think Ryuhei’s skill level is such that SansMind couldn’t resist the opportunity to get this on video. As so much of the DVD is technical skill, and as so much of that skill can be demonstrated in virtual silence, I personally don’t have a problem with subtitles. The translation is correct and readable.. even for someone like me.. who has a problem with small lettering. They do not ‘hurry’ through the subtitles, and give you ample time to see what you need to see. Again, this is a very ‘visual’ subject.. and the quiet times and careful demonstrations are somewhat more important than the words.

Ryuhei explains his choice of clothing, flooring, and locations. There are good reasons for making good choices.. and he explains it all. He is well known for his outdoor work in broad daylight, which can be quite challenging -if- you are not familiar with the subtle nuances.

Yes, Ryuhei uses ITR’s.. sometimes two for safety sake.. and goes into detail about what to expect from small reels, medium reels and large reels. He covers where and how to place your reel to maximize its use and protect the thread. He gives time to wax, portions and placement.

In his personal performances, and most of his demonstrations, he uses a plastic, long stem glass and a fork. Ryuhei devotes a portion of the DVD to demonstrating his street routine… which he then breaks down, move for move, through much of the video. He wears black clothing and uses white, thick thread to give you a strong visual of exactly where and how he makes each connection and all the appropriate hand movements to sell his telekinetic premise. The DVD is filmed using a table, although he prefers to perform on the floor in real life. This is the crux of the teaching.. and why the subtitles are not a problem.

Part of the demonstration includes metal bending (the fork), which is not covered in this DVD.

About twenty minutes of the DVD is Ryuhei demonstrating how he makes connections with items borrowed from spectators. Ink pens, cola cans, bottles, mint packs, coffee cups and glasses are covered. Glasses are particularly interesting because of their ability to fold and unfold. My favorite is his hookup of a deck of boxed playing cards. He spins the box, opens the flap, and pulls the cards from the case.. and it’s a very convincing visual.. Probably my favorite moment on the DVD.

The final portion of the video is a section on troubleshooting. Ryuhei deals with using multiple reels in case of thread breakage.. and how to deal with tangles. My personal fear has always been breakage, unwarranted I’m sure, as there are several ways to deal with it.

Total run time is about one hour and five minutes. UNTOUCHED is sold as a DVD, and not a download, which is a plus for me. The video quality is good and the sound is good. No complaints.

If you have an interest in thread work or learning thread work from the ground up, this is an ideal DVD. I don’t know where else you can learn an entire thread routine from one source. You’ll learn a number of tricks and tips from UNTOUCHED.. and I’m pleased to recommend it to all you invisible thread guys and girls out there…

$34.95 .. From Murphy’s Magic and their Associates

Review by Rick Carruth for Murphy’s Magic & The Magic Roadshow

Oyster Playing Cards (Marked) – by Think – A Review

Oyster Playing Cards (Marked) – by Think – A Review

Oyster (Marked) Playing Cards by Think – A Review

This is the Ad Copy:

Luxurious and elegant custom playing cards based on the fascinating process that enables a pearl to be created inside an oyster.

It was long ago, my dad used to work as a fisherman.
Growing up with him I got to learn quite a few things about the sea.
One that has fascinated me since, is the process in which a pearl is created inside an oyster.

A foreign substance slips inside the shell and to protect itself, the oyster covers it with a nacre. A true mystery and beauty of nature itself.
The layers of an oyster’s shell somehow reminds me of the art of magic.
Layers of deception.
Layers of mystery.
Layers of secrecy.
There is always more to uncover.

With the Oyster Deck, that is what I’ve wanted to share with the community.
A back design that reflects complexity yet bold, minimalistic and classy.
Standard faces for everyday uses and situations.
As you scrutinize the cards, you will discover the hidden pearl.
A work in constant progress.
An intripid and deceptive marking system.
One that will ineluctably sparks creativity.


I am a huge wielder of the power of estimation and memorized deck (mnemonica).
In order to facilitate the use of it, I needed a simple and effective marking system.
For the one that knows mnemonica, you will be overjoyed by its simplicity. There won’t be any reasons as to why you wouldn’t take advantage of it.

For others. It will become a memorized deck trainer.
You’ll get to practice anytime, anywhere.
Instantly know the identity of a card.
Instantly know its position.
Instantly know where you need to cut the deck.

My Thoughts:

Credit where credit is due.. Think Nguyen has created one very nice deck of cards. The Oyster Deck not only appeals to collectors.. but to magicians who are seriously into their card magic.

First.. the Oyster Deck is slightly thinner than typical Bikes and has what is labeled as “premium stock’. Don’t quote me on this.. but the stock feels and handles like crushed Bee stock. Since its maker is the USPPC, it is most likely Bee stock. It handles good straight out the box. The edges were slightly thick, but it shuffled and faro’d like a premium deck from the onset..

What makes the Oyster Deck unique is this… It is a marked deck. It is not marked in the traditional sense, but marked for the Mnemonica stack. The deck arrives in ‘almost’ Mnemonica order. One cut gets you in position. With the stack, you know both the position and identity of any card in the deck. This is powerful stuff. Of course, you need to know Mnemonica.. but even if you don’t, this deck serves as both a good excuse and a teaching aid to spur you along.

In addition, the backs are one way.. aiding in a number of card effects. There are two Joker cards, plus one double-backer and a fancy-do advertising card.

Again, Think has done a very good job putting this together. Although there are no instructions for Mnemonica, you can find info via Google. Tamariz wrote the definitive word on it, since he created it. Also, there are a number of trainers available online, as well as photos of the order of the cards. Here is a good, free site for you…

I was a little hesitant to do this.. but I’m going to anyway. There were no instructions detailing the ‘secret’ of the Oyster Deck. I suppose if you’re familiar with Juan’s stack, and look at the cards closely, you can cypher the secret. But.. I noticed a couple of selling sites who publish this PDF as part of their advertisement. So.. I’m assuming there’s not really a secret. This link will enable you to download the PDF and see the location of the number on the backs of the Oyster Deck. Remember, this number tells you the location of a ‘specific’ card in the deck, and that location, if you know Mnemonica, tells you the identity of the card.

The Oyster Deck is a wonderful tool for anyone who knows, or wants to know, the Mnemonica Stack. Aside from being well-crafted pasteboards, you can arm yourself with a secret completely unknown to your audience. I have bought many marked decks costing much more than 15 bucks, and I consider these a real bargain. Recommended..

$15.00 .. From Murphy’s Magic and their Associates..

Review by Rick Carruth for Murphy’s Magic and the Magic Roadshow..