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Magic Roadshow #167

Magic Roadshow #167

 June 2015
Hello June !!

Right about now, a faithful Roadshow reader named June thinks I devoted this issue to her.. Summer is here, full force. But, before we get to that, I want to Welcome all the new subscribers to the Magic Roadshow. If this is your first issue, I hope you find something that makes a real difference in your magic.

Yes, summer has arrived on our side of the globe, and despite the heat, I feel sleightly invigorated, pun intended. The wife and I spent last week on the Carolina coast with friends, a well-deserved vacation of sorts, and right this moment I would love nothing more than to buy a condo at the beach and kick back.

 There are some changes in store for the Roadshow. Issues are going to become a little shorter. These long issues are killing me, time wise, as I am totally reliant on me, myself, and I for all the editing and publishing. Remembering how I used to put issues together in three or four days is disheartening now that I must start a new issue as soon as the current issue publishes. Some of you guys have mentioned that shorter issues would be easier to read, and I think I agree. Of course, I remember saying the same thing a couple of years ago and I published shorter issues for three or four months.

Finding material for publication was a real task at one time. And it seems the volumn of magic on the internet has exponentially increased the past three or four years. My ability to ‘discover’ new magic has improved many times over too. I consider myself a very good user of the search engines.. along with some of my friends like Michael Lyth. Michael and I can toss a subject out there.. and suddenly we have a wealth of information between the two of us. I want to publicly thank Michael for all the invaluable assistance, and apologize for not crediting him with some of the links I honestly can’t remember who found first…

I want to Thank Paul Lelekis, Werner Miller, and Bob Solari for their invaluable contributions also. I think every issue in 2015 has contained something from Paul, Michael, Werner and Bob. I could fairly call each one an Associate Editor of the Roadshow !

Take a moment to click on the ‘PSYCHIC’ link in the navigation bar.. It’s MY site, and even I don’t know how it works..

Questions and Comments…  EMAIL ME   ( )

PDF Version... ROADSHOW 167

This issue is dedicated to Elliott Michael Black. He performed around the world as Michael Elliott and spent many happy years in Chicago and Asheville NC, among other places. Elliott was an electrical engineer, a lawyer, a business owner, a mentalist, and my friend. He was known as “The Sherlock Holmes of Thought” and was a long time member of the Psychic Entertainers Assoc. (PEA), and was awarded the Bob Haines Memorial Award for Distinguished Service.

I publish each issue of the Roadshow as a PDF because Elliott wanted me to.. He enjoyed printing them out and reading them at his leisure. I could never figure how he dealt with the links… Elliott passed away last month in Chicago after moving there from Asheville to be closer to his family. Trent, Gary and myself will sorely miss your presence, Friend..
I try not to get too political in the Roadshow.. this is simply not the forum. But when I read this recently I couldn’t help but republish it. There will be a LOT of this between now and election time, so keep these thoughts by TOM WOLFE close..

“One of the things that I find really makes it worth watching all the Academy Awards, all the Emmys, all those awards ceremonies, is to see how today’s actors and television performers have discovered the formula. If you become indignant, this elevates you to the plane of ‘intellectual.’ No mental activity is required. It is a rule, to which there has never been an exception, that when an actor or a television performer rises up to the microphone at one of these awards ceremonies and expresses moral indignation over something, he illustrates Marshall McLuhan’s dictum that “moral indignation is a standard strategy for endowing the idiot with dignity.”



Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth.
Mike Tyson

The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources
Albert Einstein

An amateur magician is one who performs many different tricks for the same people; a professional magician is one who performs the same tricks for many people…Whit Hayden

Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. …  Ronald Dahl


Too many performers have passed this amazing classic routine of magic over…and it’s too bad because it is a HUGE audience-pleaser!

I have used this routine for years at all parlor, platform or cabaret performances. The spectators LOVE this effect! I first saw this trick on the Ed Sullivan show when I was a kid…and I’ll NEVER forget how amazed I was!

Below is my personal handling of this effect.

EFFECT: A black silk is stuffed into the performer’s hand. When his hand is opened, the silk has changed into a white egg! The magician shows how the trick works by showing the hole in the plastic egg and the silk is inside of it.

Then the performer produces a miniature wand (with some funny patter!) and hands it to the spectator to wave over the fake egg…but then the “hole” is peeled off and the fake egg is cracked over a glass to empty the contents of a real egg!

SET UP: You’ll need a real egg and a plastic egg (soft plastic) so that you can cut out a hole near one end of the egg. I found mine in stores like Michael’s Arts & Crafts.

You can also purchase a standard “Silk to Egg” trick at a fairly low price to obtain the plastic egg needed. You’ll also need a 12”-16” black silk. I use a black silk (though any dark silk will work fine!) because it plays beautifully to “camouflage” the fake hole on the real egg. Also, be sure to have a clear glass available to crack the egg into at the end!

To make the fake hole, I use a piece of stiff paper or thin construction paper and cut out a piece that is ovule in shape to match the size of the hole in the fake egg. I then color this piece of paper with a black Magic Marker.

Before the show, remove the egg from the ‘fridge about 2 hours before the show so that it will quit “sweating” as it approaches room temperature. Then dry the egg off and apply a small piece of double-stick tape to the oval piece of black paper (the “hole”) and stick this to the real egg at the same place where the real hole in the fake egg is. This set up is actually quite simple to do!

You’ll also need to make a miniature wand! I just buy thin wooden dowels from a home improvement store like Ace or Home Depot with a diameter of about 3-4mm or about 1/8 of an inch. Then saw off about a 4” length. Paint the ends white and the middle black! It doesn’t have to be exact. I took a couple of dowel rods and made about 20 or so wands, though you only need one wand.

Just before performance place the real egg (with black paper stuck to it) and the fake egg in your left coat pocket and the wand in your left, inside coat pocket. You should have the black silk protruding from your jacket breast pocket. Place your mini-wand in your inside left jacket pocket and you’re set to go!

METHOD: As you start your presentation, secretly go into your left pocket with your left hand and “steal” the fake egg into your left hand as you display the black silk. Talk about showing the audience an actual classic of magic – and then tell them that you “…will go against the magician’s code and show you exactly HOW the trick works…IF you applaud me loudly enough!”

Start applauding when you say the above line of patter and the audience will join in and applaud also. Then say…“Not NOW! I meant after I show you the trick!” This gets a good laugh. This patter will loosen everyone up and put YOU in charge!

Turn to your right and begin stuffing the silk into your closed left fist – actually into the hidden plastic egg!
The patter at this point is mainly innocuous. As you continue to stuff the silk into your left hand, slowly move your hands up and down as you continue stuffing the silk all the way in. Be overly dramatic when you do this!
After the silk has been pushed in, make some kind of magic gesture and reach into your left hand with your right fingers and remove the white egg!

You will be surprised how many spectators will “ooh and ahh” when they see the egg! A white egg always elicits a big response – try an egg bag routine out and see!

Some people may soon figure out that it’s a hollow egg…but before they start guessing, say, “Look! It’s just a hollow egg! See? I just stuffed the black hanky into the hollow egg!”  (Notice that I said “hanky” and not “silk”! People don’t generally know what a silk is!)

Address the audience and say, “Now THIS is the part where you supposed to applaud!” Everyone will applaud loudly! Coax them on by applauding yourself and say, “Come on…I want to hear some yelling!” They will yell and laugh!

This is where you loosen everyone up and it puts the spectators on your side, so to speak! You’re obviously going for cheap applause but it makes everyone laugh!

Keep the fake egg out where in your left hand where everyone can see it and the black silk inside the egg. Announce how you ‘…hid the fake egg in my hand and I merely stuffed the hanky into it!’ Mime the actions as you say this line.

“O.K., I need someone from the audience to help me out with this next part!” Here try to get an elderly woman or a young girl or boy to help you out. Call her up and get the audience to applaud her. As she approaches, place the fake egg into your right hand so that it sits deep into it. Announce that you have something for her to use, to do the magic! Here is where you will perform Juan Tamiriz’s, Crossing the Gaze move!

Reach into your left coat pocket as if retrieving the wand, but the expression on your face indicates that it’s not there! Then look directly at the audience!

Secretly grasp the real egg from that pocket into your left hand (held deep in your left palm!) as your face changes to a look that the “something” is not there! Look to your left pocket and then immediately look over to your right pocket!  As soon as you look to the right, your right hand (with the fake egg) goes to your left, at the same time that your left hand comes out of your left coat pocket. Immediately pretend to put the fake egg that’s in your RH, into your LH! You actually do nothing…it’s a shuttle pass – don’t be afraid of this…it works EVERY time!

Your right hand next “darts” quickly into your inside left coat pocket with the fake egg. Leave the fake egg in that pocket as you bring out the mini-wand! Because of the shuttle pass, everyone will think that the egg in your left hand (the real egg!) is still the plastic egg with the silk stuffed in it! This switch works beautifully!

The Finale:
Hand the mini-wand to the spectator and say, “Be careful…this wand may be small but it’s very powerful! You know what they say, ‘…it’s not the size of the wand that counts…it’s how you use it!’ Isn’t that right sir?!” Here is where you point to some man in the audience… and then watch the laughter!

I’ve used the above line hundreds of times! Everyone laughs out loud! It really lightens the room!

Have your helper wave her magic wand over the egg (everyone still thinks it’s the fake egg!) and say, “Look! You did it!”

Now hold the real egg up where everyone can see the “fake hole” in the real egg. Trust me…even up close, the black paper hole looks like the real thing! Then peel the black paper off!

“Milk” this moment! Everyone will be shocked that you peeled away the hole with the silk in it!
Now go over to the glass and very deliberately break the egg into the glass! You are clean! DO NOT underestimate this classic! It is a powerhouse routine!

You can view ALL of Paul’s ebooks, all 21, at .. They are, undoubtedly, one of the best values in all of magic..  Many are now considered underground classics…


Draw Stickman…  got this from Paul too. You’ll like it…!/episode2


EZ TO DO CARD MIRACLES  –  A Review of Paul Lelekis’ (Second) Latest eBook

When I found out Paul had a new ebook on Lybrary I couldn’t wait to read it. Paul Lelekis, as many of you know, is one of the very best card technicians on the planet and a True Friend of both the Roadshow and yours truly.  Aside from being so skillful, Paul is both an excellent writer and shares invaluable advice based on years of real-world experiences. ( Aside from the many lectures and walk-arounds, Paul has spent literally thousands of nights as a restaurant performer..)

This latest, EZ To Do Card Miracles, is right up my alley.. Anything magical that’s also easy was written specifically with me in mind. In all fairness, not every effect is what I term ‘easy’. ‘Ghost Collectors’ and ‘You Must Be Lucky’ require a couple of manipulations that are easily within the scope of the average reader.

The other four effects are darn close to self-working.  In fact, ‘Make the Cards Match’ and ‘Translation’ are both of the Martin Garner variety that, when performed step by step, will work correctly even though we know not what we do.. Don’t you love it when the magician is as impressed as his audience!

Simon Aronson’s ‘Shuffle bored’ is the last of the six effects. This version is based on Simon’s 1980 version, with personal aspects added by Paul, along with explanations. This is one of my all-time favorite effects, on any level. The fact that it’s self-working is an added bonus.

Paul begins this ebook with a treatise on performing effects for folks, particularly in a restaurant setting, that is alone worth the price of the ebook. He is absolutely right on with his observations, and I will always remember Paul telling of how his tips went up exponentially as he began to ‘show off’ less and ‘show less’. Suddenly, his magic began to appear effortless and his audiences were more impressed by what they didn’t see than by what they did. Priceless.

Buy the ebook. Enjoy the effects. And you’ll be a fan.
POWERHOUSE ROUTINES  –  Paul’s Real Latest eBook

I try to keep up with every ebook Paul publishes, and lately he’s made it difficult. Not only does he wirte with style and swagger, but he writes faster than I can read! Jeez, it seems I just enjoyed his last ebook, EZ TO DO CARD MIRACLES, and now.. POWERHOUSE ROUTINES. Paul is an expert at both creating world class routines and sleights, and taking routines initiated by others to entirely new heights. PowerHouse Routines contains both.

‘Telekinetic Four Ace Reverse’ and ‘Find Your Own Card’ are Marlo ideas transformed to a hyper degree by Paul. Aside from the basic premise, everything about the handling is completely new to me. ‘Gravity’ and ‘Lelekis’Touch Switch’ are uniquely Paul. I particularly like the Touch Switch and can think of a half dozen effects I use regularly that will definitely benefit from this utility.

Last but certainly not least.. Paul has composed an intro worthy of the price of the ebook. The advice is sure and true. There are tips and advice here that will improve your performance regardless of your skill level. I read it, read all the effects.. and went back and re-read the intro. The handling tips are important.. but the performing advice is invaluable.

These are worker effects you will add to your repertoire immediately. These are effects that will make you impatient, hardly able to contain yourself until your next magic meeting. If you aren’t familiar with the library of work of Paul Lelekis, this is a great place to start.


Voyeur  –  A Card Gimmick

Bob Solari’s VOYEUR works like this…

You remove a deck from the case. Spread the deck face down on a table and ask the spectator to select a card. Once done, ask the spectator to place the card in the card case. Without any unusual moves or gestures, you can now pick up the card case, shake it gently, and immediately know the identity of the card inside. You can also show the card case from all sides…

First, gently shaking the card case has nothing to do with your reveal. Second, the card case itself does all the work.  As with most of Bob’s gimmicks and utilities, a great deal of delicate work goes into each one. Bob himself often creates these gimmicks one at a time, by hand, to assure each works with precision and professionalism.
Please don’t assume, as Bob puts it, that VOYEUR is simply “a hole in a box”..

These cases are made out of the standard Bicycle cases. Mine is blue and I’m assuming they also come in red, but don’t hold me to it.

When I first opened mine, I couldn’t wait to ‘discover’ the secret myself. So, rather than read the instructions, I opened the box, inspected the flaps inside and out, and slowly turned the box end over end looking for the tell-tale sign of a doctored case. I couldn’t see it.  I didn’t realize the way I was holding the box, the way almost anyone would hold the box, prevented me from ‘seeing’ the secret. Talking with my friend, Paul Lelekis, I found he experienced the same bafflement as I.. He too inspected the box top to bottom and couldn’t find the ‘secret’. We are two grizzly ‘ol performers, and I promise, if we can’t see it, your audience certainly won’t see it !

There are a couple of different effects provided with the gimmick. I immediate thought of a half dozen other possible uses. One of Bob’s suggestions has the spectator select a card as above, except the magician can put all the remaining cards in the case, and the spectator can then stick his card in the case at any location.. and the magician will still reveal the selected card.

This is one of those things that has many different uses, and not all are card related. Any object that can be placed inside a card box can be discovered, including various coins.

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, this is it.  Add a new level of effects to your performance. If this gimmick doesn’t get the creative juices flowing, may I suggest knitting ?


TRICKS WITHOUT NAMES –  Another Mathemagical Medley of Semi-Automatic Tricks  –   Werner Miller

Trick #6

Secretly have the AS on top of your deck and the backs of the bottom nine cards lettered as
shown (Fig. 1).

To perform, force the AS to a spectator without disturbing the bottom stock of the deck or flashing the lettered backs. The Goldin Force, e.g., fills the bill nicely: While you are holding the deck in your left hand, your left thumb riffles down its outer left corner until the spectator calls stop.

Open a break between the riffled and unriffled cards, release the riffled portion and let it roll over and off the left fingertips so that it lands on the fingers of the palm-up right hand. By closing the right fingers, cause the riffled packet to turn over and end up face down in dealing position, then lower the hand and, with your thumb, push the top card to the left and place it before the spectator, still face down.


Announce that the deck itself will reveal the name of the spectator’s card. Turn the deck over, and deal the bottom nine cards face up into three piles, singly and rotationally, from left to right. Discard the remainder of the deck.

Flip the third pile onto the second one, then the combined second pile onto the first pile (as in Trick #3). Spread the cards: The top three cards are face down and their backs are displaying a word, the value of a card (Fig. 2). Read it out aloud (“Ace…”), close the spread (“… of …”), turn
the cards over and spread them again: Now the top six cards are face down, and their backs are displaying another word, a suit (Fig. 3) – “… Spades! Obviously, your card is the Ace of Clubs.”

Ask the spectator to confirm this by turning over the selection.

Variations: Force the JD. Have the bottom twelve cards lettered D-J-O-I-A-N-A-C-D-M-K-S, and deal them similarly into three piles. Or: Force the KC. Have the bottom nine cards lettered C-K-BI-L-N-S-G-U, and deal them “zig/zag” style into three piles (Fig. 4a). Or: Force the QH. Have the
bottom eleven cards lettered H-Q-R-U-E-E-T-E-A-N-S, and deal them “zig/zag” style into three piles (Fig. 4b). Or: Force the 7C. Have the bottom ten cards lettered C-S-U-E-B-E-L-V-S-N, and deal them “zig/zag” style into four piles (Fig. 4c).  (To Be Continued.)


For more (and more elaborate) math-based magic by Werner Miller visit


A Thorough Review of 20 Magic Apps for Your Phone

You would think that magic, as a hobby and a profession, would have gone the way of the typewriter by now. After all, there’s no video scene you can’t create digitally these days, and audiences know perfectly well that any prop you can dream up can be manufactured.

Yet magic is alive and well. Magicians on YouTube rack up millions of views. Magic shows in Vegas regularly sell out. And every birthday, thousands of elementary-school boys (yes, usually boys) joyously open up magic kits, smitten with the idea of fooling the grownups. I was one of them. I performed magic shows at about 400 birthday parties during my teenage years — and went on to write “Magic for Dummies.”

It’s no surprise, then, that smartphones should become the latest frontier for illusions. App stores offer long lists of magic-trick apps. Sometimes, the trick happens on the phone’s screen — the app does the magic. Sometimes, the phone is part of the secret — the audience doesn’t even know that it’s involved in helping you perform.

Some tricks are free or cheap little throwaways — the equivalent of the fun, self-working, plastic beginner tricks that you get in magic kits. Others are unbelievably powerful effects designed for professional magicians, costing $50 or even $100, good enough to perform at corporate parties or on TV.

Thanks to Mel Kientz “Magician’s Life” Web Notes..


Chemistry Magic Show  –  A Blueprint

Would you consider putting on a magic show?  A chemistry teacher explains in detail what you need and how to perform an array of  ‘chemical magic’. This is a pdf that can be easily printed out for your convenience..


Chemistry and Chemical Magic  – PDF

Michael Lyth pointed this site out to me. It fits nicely with the other chemical links in this issue. Learn to change the color or liquids, as in one of the classics of magic.. .. and over 150 other chemical and chemical magic effects. V.F. Johnson’s book is a great read..


Science and Magic Materials — Library of Congress
Materials on Science, Magic and Mathematics

This link is the beginning of hours of interesting research. I’m not sure I can find an actual ‘home page’, as many categories at the Library of Congress cross and interact, making the ‘beginning’ nearly impossible to find. If you go to the HOME link, you’ll find the Harry Houdini link which is a gateway to a mere 4000 books belonging to the personal library of the famous conjuror donated to the Library.

From here, you can find page after page of mystery and magic… each leading to other books and collections. Many works can be viewed in PDF form or ‘ordered’ from the Library for research purposes.
The Library contains much more than books. You can view old posters, letterheads, letters, and pictures.. anything related to history.

DON’T go to this site unless you’re prepared to lose track of time. I’ve been in one tornado in my life. As my loved ones sat in a small closet, I stood in the closet doorway, unable to take my eyes away from the picture window in the living room. The driving rain was literally at a complete 90 degree angle to the ground. I was so captivated by what was transpiring outside I was more afraid to look away than I was of the tornado. That’s very similar to what happens to visitors to the Library of Congress. They are afraid to turn away. Even the knowledge they must climb out of bed in progressively fewer hours can’t make them put away the mouse and give in to the sandman.. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Penn and Teller walk among the many books of the Houdini Collection in the Library. A 3+ minute video…


James Riser DIY’s   ( Thanks to Michael Lyth for these next two links )

James knows what it takes to make magic props. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, let me quote:

“Upcoming e-publications will include making a take-up reel, making a new style of Vanishing Bird Cage, a new type of ball vase, rising cards, a new type of billiard ball stand, new work on the ball and tube, a drawer box, a razor blade stand, a coin shooter, a new type of Kuma Tube, a center control Cube A Libre, a timer for creating a few seconds delay, a simplex card punch, making a Kepplinger holdout, a gravity holdout, making dye tubes, etc. Lots of fun if there is enough interest to make it worthwhile.”

Many of these publications are priced at $5.00 each, which is more than fair. In addition there are a number of free items, and I know you guys like free….  When accessing the DIY section, just keep scrolling after the page opens..

Here is a freebee …. Making an Inexpensive Card Trimmer
Here is a freebee …. Making Typewriter style Key Inlays
Here is a freebee …. A way to soften coins
Here is a freebee …. Making a Coin Stack
Here is a freebee …. Making a Folding Coin
Here is a freebee ….Things to do with a rubber walnut
Here is a freebee …. Making an Inexpensive Leather Cylinder


DIY Magic Props –  Build Your Own Props With These Videos

If you are among the many magicians who are inclined to make plant stands, fix the kitchen cabinet, add shelves to the garage, and…. then these videos are right up your alley. Create your own magic props with these clear and concise videos to guide and inspire you.


DIY  –  Cards in a Bottle

How do you put a deck of cards in a bottle? (and I’m not talking a miniature deck).. Or maybe you’re curious about how they put a Rubik’s Cube in a bottle.. Probably the easiest of the three is how to put a tennis ball inside a bottle… a fully inflated tennis ball no less.

This Wiki explains with pictures how each of the above are accomplished. Even if you’re not planning on making one, this might be a good thing to know. .


More Cards in a Bottle…

Impossible Things in a Bottle – Playing Cards ( Youtube instruction video)

Kathy Brown’s Impossible Bottles —  A Deck of Playing Cards
This is the best of the videos. Kathy can put a whole deck of cards into a sealed card box inside a bottle in about one hour. Wow..

History of Bottlemaking and Cards in a Bottle for Sale..
Don’t have the time or patience to make your own bottle? Here’s the history of bottlemaking plus a complete line of cards in a bottle for sale..


Mind Magician –  Michael Daniels
Be baffled and entertained by our interactive mind magic

– Learn some great tricks to amaze and impress your friends
– Learn powerful techniques to improve your memory
– Learn how to perform amazing feats of mental calculation
– Learn about mentalism and mentalists
– Download totally free ebooks on mind magic and mentalism
– View great video performances
– Check out the latest news on magic and mentalism


Tom Mullica – The Greater Magic   (Parts 1 and 2)

The amazing Tom Mullica has entertained the world with his unique brand of magic since about 1970. Born in Waupun, Wisconsin in 1948, Tom knew by the age of five he wanted to be an entertainer, but he believed his success would come as a clown. By the age of 21 he was working in Colon, Michigan, building magic props and illusions and demonstrating magic tricks for Abbott’s Magic Co.

Eventually, Tom moved to Atlanta and opened a nightclub which also functioned as a magic club. Open for eleven years, perhaps the single most important moment was when Red Skelton visited and he and Tom quickly became friends..

Following Red’s advice, Tom modified his act to accompany with music, allowing him to perform for anyone, anywhere. Tom eventually worked in the Crazy Horse Saloon in Paris, appeared on David Letterman, World’s Greatest Magic, Penn & Teller’s Sin City, and Viva Variety.

Known for his brilliant manipulation of cigarettes, Tom’s videos are a wonder to watch…  23 min  21 min


Pop Haydn at the Magic Castle  –  30 minutes of Pure Magic

To quote from Wikipedia..  ( )

“Whit “Pop” Haydn (born July 19, 1949 as Whitney Wesley Hadden in Clarksville, Tennessee) is an American magician, the winner of seven “Magician of the Year” performing awards (for performances in showrooms at the Magic Castle) from the Magic Castle, the Hollywood clubhouse of the Academy of Magical Arts. He has been nominated by his fellow members for “Magician of the Year” in Close-Up, Parlor and Stage, Bar and Lecturer more than thirty times. In February 2006, he also became Vice-President of that organization, and served for four years in that capacity.”

“He has opened for Jerry Seinfeld, the Smothers Brothers, Loretta Lynn and others, and performed on cruise ships of many different lines, including Cunard Line’s Queen Elizabeth 2, and the Diamond Princess. Haydn has worked hotels and casinos including Caesars Tahoe, and was one of the first acts chosen in 1996 to open Caesar’s Magical Empire in Las Vegas.”

Pop is as good as anyone in the world in a close-up situation. Widely respected by all his peers, he is the perfect guy to watch to perfect your performance…


The History of Magic – Disappearances
Published on Oct 30, 2014

This is the story of how the magician has taken the scientific advantages and use them to conjure up a new ways to make things appear and disappear.
BBC History of Magic – Close-Up Magic (Full Video)
Published on Sep 7, 2014

On all form of magic, close up is the oldest, the simplest, and the purest. At its heart there is a trick that hardly changes for thousand of years.
History of Magic – Mind Reading/Mentalism
Published on Jan 18, 2013

History of magic – Mind Reading/Mentalism a documentary series by BBC about the history of magic –  The history behind mentalism commented by modern famous mentalists and many others. It goes back into the beginning of its history.


Xavier Perret – How to do the 4 Ace Trick

I always enjoy Xavier’s videos, and the 4 Ace Trick is no exception.. Check it out on Youtube…



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You can get your magic fix on Magic News every week. Don’t wait a month for the next Roadshow. Instead, go to Magic News for the latest, along with the more interesting going-ons in the world of magic. Honestly, no other site publishes the breadth of magic related stories and videos as Magic News.

Notorious Crooks: Who Was Erdnase? ( One of many stories you missed if not reading Magic News..)
By Paul Drexler for The Examiner…

Born in Connecticut in 1872, Andrews picked up an early interest in magic and card manipulation and became a professional gambler at 18. By 1900, he was one of the best card sharks in the country.

In 1902 a man calling himself S.W. Erdnase self-published “The Expert at the Card Table.” This 143-page book explained and demonstrated the “shuffles,” “shifts,” and sleight-of-hand techniques used by card sharks and magicians. The first edition sold poorly, and the author reduced the price to $1 per copy.

By 1903, Andrews was at the peak of his career, claiming an annual income of more than $20,000 (worth $600,000 today). But life as a hustler had taken its toll. He had developed serious digestive problems and a raging temper.

He took up with Bessie Boutin, a prostitute with a taste for luxury. They fought frequently over her drinking and his jealousy. In October 1904, Boutin disappeared in Denver, and Andrews left town with her jewelry. When her body was discovered, he was the main suspect in her death. Andrews was later linked to two other unsolved murders. Read the rest of the article at:



I market in other areas aside from magic. Every now and again I’ll toss something out there to see if it sticks. One of the areas I promote is background checks. There are so many companies that advertise ‘Free’ background checks.. and they are certainly NOT free. You go through several pages of nonsense, only to get to the page that informs you that for ” $16.95″ you can access your report. For the record, my site charges $4.95 for seven days of unlimited, comprehensive searches. You can perform a LOT of searches in 7 days… your boss, your co-workers, your love interest, your children’s friends.. if they are of age, and many more.

FREE NLP Training: How To Spot a Liar –  1.5 Hour Video
David Snyder

In this exciting FIRST EVER Adventure into the art and science of lie detection we’ll show The key processes you need to be aware of in order to catch someone in a lie. The primary non-verbal cues to look for that signal someone may be lying to you. The psycho-physiology of lying and why not knowing it could cost you friends and lovers. The 20 most common verbal patterns liars use when trying to fool you into believing them. Body language secrets that automatically cue you in when someone is most likely being deceptive with you.


Gary Halbert Copyrighting

Who the heck is (was) Gary Halbert? Gary left us a few years ago.. passed in his sleep, and in so doing created the most massive of holes in internet marketing. He was one of the true pioneers of using the internet as a tool to make money. Not just money.. but LOTS of money. I’m not promoting a ‘get ri ch quick’ scheme. What Gary did was taught a generation of marketers how to sell, how to market, how to attract customers, how to copyright, and how to make your website a better place through quality ad copy.

Gary published a monthly newsletter.. and charged out the wahzoo if you wanted to read it – And thousands of folks did.. at $95.00 per month. Some believed this to be highway robbery.. and others swore that, for the inside information they received, it was worth every penny.. and then some.

Being sort of an eccentric genius, Gary wrote amazing adcopy, but was lousy at organizing his newsletters and website. Now, thanks to fans and family, his newsletters have been organized, dated, and pdf’d into one gigantic file, about 1100+ pages.

“If you want to write high-converting ad copy then you simply need to study Gary Halbert – he was one of the greatest copywriters who ever lived. The thing is, his website is terribly organized. The content is amazing but all the newsletters are completely out of order. You’ll be reading one where he refers to the last newsletter and you’ll be like.. I haven’t read that one yet. So I did my best to organize it a bit. I did this for myself but then realized it would benefit everybody, so I’m posting the links here.”

For the most part, everything is pretty organized from 1986 (the year the newsletter started) to the 2000’s. All the misc. stuff at the bottom was taken directly off the website, but since there are no dates posted, is impossible to organize.

Note: Since some of the newsletters seem to be missing from the website (or just not indexed in Google) I uploaded the PDF here where you can read the missing pages. If you also hate reading 1,000 page .pdf documents, here are the links so you can read them online.   (1155 pages)
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“Sir Sean Connery paid my mortgage”.. Says retiring Magician..

“Sir Sean Connery paid my mortgage”.. Says retiring Magician..


(Picture: Tom Banks) Today is National Lookalike Day and PETER BARRON meets a man who has spent three decades earning a living as Sir Sean Connery

RELAXING in his cosy bungalow in a quiet County Durham cul-de-sac, Nick Richmond is in no doubt of the huge debt he owes Sir Sean Connery.

“He’s paid my mortgage, cleared my credit cards and taken me round the world,” says Nick. “Oh yes, I owe him an awful lot.”

At 67, and after more than 30 years of being a full-time Sean Connery lookalike, he has finally decided to hang up his white tux and his decommissioned Walther PPK pistol, and he’s learning what it’s like not being 007’s double.

“It feels strange but the time was right. Sean’s given me a wonderful life but the travelling was getting me down,” he says.

It all began in 1985 when the post-Bond Connery made a film called The Name of the Rose. It was the first time he’d dispensed with his toupee and grown a beard..  Read more.. (and Thanks to Michael Lyth for the link..)

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