“Sir Sean Connery paid my mortgage”.. Says retiring Magician..

“Sir Sean Connery paid my mortgage”.. Says retiring Magician..


(Picture: Tom Banks) Today is National Lookalike Day and PETER BARRON meets a man who has spent three decades earning a living as Sir Sean Connery

RELAXING in his cosy bungalow in a quiet County Durham cul-de-sac, Nick Richmond is in no doubt of the huge debt he owes Sir Sean Connery.

“He’s paid my mortgage, cleared my credit cards and taken me round the world,” says Nick. “Oh yes, I owe him an awful lot.”

At 67, and after more than 30 years of being a full-time Sean Connery lookalike, he has finally decided to hang up his white tux and his decommissioned Walther PPK pistol, and he’s learning what it’s like not being 007’s double.

“It feels strange but the time was right. Sean’s given me a wonderful life but the travelling was getting me down,” he says.

It all began in 1985 when the post-Bond Connery made a film called The Name of the Rose. It was the first time he’d dispensed with his toupee and grown a beard..  Read more.. (and Thanks to Michael Lyth for the link..)

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